1. The Death and its Voyage.




The departure of Heidi was a shock for the Northern Mountains. They roared their despair. The days and the nights roared the icy wind that scratched the faces. Blood marbled the flesh and the nose ran red.

The disease penetrated the Roshi’s body. Hiro did not hide his concern: he felt the cold of death slide in his hands when he touched his friend. The emptiness settled there more every day more and his thinness had no more weight.

The Messengers of the Death were close. Their smell was already touching the nostrils of the bones. They were soon going to knock on the door and the old man hear the sentence of the Universe : « Come… Now it is Your Time ! ».


The monastery was losing its Force. So everyone understood in his body what they had heard from the Master for so long: « You are in my Body and it is it who nourishes you, who sustains you and gives you the Life ».

They had heard it so often in his mouth!... but they had only grasped it with their minds.

The Master was not angry when he said so. It was rather an encouragement to be « them too » a body that gives life the Men of the Earth.

But it is easier to be nourished on the other than to try to feed yourself alone… so then to be able to support the Universe.

So the natural laziness is here and that is normal !… It is the habit of the ordinary man inscribed in his memories since time immemorial : the Heaven must always be there for him… and he takes it as he wants… and honors it as he wants !

No reproach to be made; laziness is the companion of the ordinary man as the wind is the companion of the air.


Sometimes the Master said: « You are sleeping!... Wake up! »… 

But they did not understand. Then the Master continued like this : « You cannot wake up using effort and coercion… »


And if they listened to the whispers of the old man to the end and did not close their ears following the meanders of their mind, they would hear : « Only the Force in You can put in vibration your natural vigilance… Nothing else! ».

And if they continued to pay an extreme attention to the murmurings that continued, they would hear : « How to awaken this Force that lies dormant in you ? »

And if their attention went into the words of the Master and followed the silences, their heart would hear: « Why have you put this Consciousness to sleep ? ».

And now these are the silences into which they enter, words were engraved in their heart and they knew them true because they came from nowhere. These are words that have no past : « Only this Force saves !... Do I have enough of Her in me to awaken yours? »


The Master was still a Master in the Bam… His knowledge of the Universe was not yet deep enough; because he would have known that Her Presence alone was enough to awaken this Force in whoever wanted to listen its murmur and its wind.

But they were with sleeping ones who took this Monastery as a refuge for their laziness... This the Master understood. So he had raised the bar very high to be admitted to this place… The requests filled boxes !... He chose his monks with extreme attention. 

So he did not understand that numbness could win them over and fill their bodies and their minds.


He trained them hard with the body; he told them : « Use your body to push out this turbulent mind that makes you run behind all the chimeras; dreams and fears! ».

They worked hard with their bodies and Hiro, the Master of Combat, pushed them to their deepest retrenchments and fears.


Then the Master told them in the meditation Dojo : « Abandon your body now!... Let it go ! »


They did it with force and rage… some of them shouted under the effort.

The Master told them : « Do not use effort!... Everything must come naturally, freely, like the stream that flows quietly between the grass of the meadow ».

Then they were relaxed and the Master noted with discouragement that when their tensions diminished, their vigilance also diminished and they began to sleep again. 

They knew only the force and suffering as support!


One evening, during the night-time meditation, they heard a snoring; a monk was sleeping! But this monk remained straight in his position of meditation. His stature remained perfect, with the chin tucked into the throat, the head pushing the Heaven and the knees leaning on the Earth.

Then the Master said: « It takes twenty five years to get this result! ».


The monk in charge of watching over the correct attitude of the postures was about to intervene.

The Roshi shrugged his shoulders. He beckoned him to remain seated. Why intervene again against the laziness of the mind when it attacks so hard this place of attention and inner silence?... 

Nothing happens by chance!...

The old man recognized this smile of the Devil that manages to creep in the most guarded corners and mocks… his way of showing that he is the strongest and directs man to his convenience… that he always wins!... because he holds them well in their reflexes to the well-being of the body that falls asleep in its comfort.

He told this incident to his son from before. The young White man listened to him with an attention that was not customary for him. Him, his habit is to have the ironic smile on the lips waiting to hear the stupidity of the century. But there, he paid a special attention to the words of the little old man sitting on his cushion in front of him. He understood his interrogation.


Then he gently said: « Those ones have forgotten that life is a fight… and that we are permanently in enemy territory… They have lost their vigilance ! ».


These words struck the Roshi with full force and his heart raced. Hiro who was also there, sitting on the right of the Master, a little behind, as the Tradition wants, received like a shock in his belly the panicked vibrations emanating from his old friend. The Master of Combat did not understand what was going on but he knew his friend was hit to death!

And then the unthinkable happened: the Master bowed to the young White and struck his forehead on the ground three times… The sign of recognition that one is in front of a True Master more powerful than oneself! 

The confirmation came by the wind that rose on the crests and gave its ice on the monastery.


Now that the Death was progressing in his body, the old man understood even better the words of his son from before. At that moment he had received a shock and the certainty that there was another Dimension that was not yet open to him, but that was the natural Dimension of his son. He knew that there was more powerful than him in front and he bowed as he should because the words are insipid for these moments of an unbearable intensity for the mind.


He understood that there was another Dimension for which having a body is a permanent danger of being attacked and destroyed.

He understood that in this Dimension, one is always in extreme vigilance, as the one who must cross a mined field.

He understood this extraordinary attention of The One who knows that he is always on enemy territory and looks at everything with an extreme vigilance.

He understood the permanent tension of his son and the suffering that stretched his body like a bow stiffened to the extreme because there was no place to rest! …

He understood that his son knew he was in constant danger because he was carrier of that Intelligence that the Earth wanted to kill in order to continue to exist according to its own movement.

He understood that the death is his son’s companion, a permanent presence.

He understood his son’s constant ironic smile… When the sudden Death is the only reality and the only certainty, nothing is serious!

He understood even more!… Much more…

The wind of the crests entered his head and the bones of the skull groaned.


But it is « now »… Now that Heidi is gone that he understands the deep meaning of the words of his son from before who had continued and launched these low sounds in the howling wind: « They do not know that they are dreaming! ».


And now, on his moist bed although the coldness is terrible and the icy wind enters everywhere and penetrates under the covers, he understood the hidden meaning of them and he grasped the sadness of his son from before and his son from now.


« My monks are in a dream!… That is their numbness!… That is the origin of their numbness! ».

And he understood that this dream, it is him who made it!


He has wanted to set the bar very high to enter this monastery. The training of the body and mind are of a rigor that makes the boldest shudder. The death is the only conclusion to weakness…

But they are in a « dream »… That of being extraordinary!… That of being special!… That of being in the certainty of joining the Buddha and his Nature!

And it was he who organized and validated everything!


It was him who killed his son from before… because he asked him to trust him… And this Young White was trying to love the men and help them… So, aware of his imperfections in the knowledge of the men, he had trusted him, his Father… And him, he continued to encourage him to help this Anne of Switzerland… While his son was telling him all the retreats of his consciousness and his body… But he continued and his death in the Bam was the normal consequence.


But the other even more serious consequence is that the Yam of his son of before lost confidence in the possibility of changing the Bam… He knew that the lie was permanent and that nothing could be changed now… And that it was impossible to trust… Even Him, the Master… The One who had saved him from the torrent… Because he had saved him so that he uses his Powers to help the Bam!… And he, the Master, did not know then that the Bam is a liar… So a thief!


Then his son from before came back because he had let himself be trapped by a dream of the Bam. Then he remained attached to the Bam. He had to come back! That is the karmic Rule of the reincarnation.

But he came back, not as a Yam who has a destination to use Bam and help him to live according to the Rules of the Universe, but as a Yam who comes to destroy the false relationship between Bam and Yam so that Bam can no longer continue his manipulation on his partner in the constitution of this Universe… And leave Bam alone… This will be his end.

And this Yam, this very special Yam!… He has the possibility to propel himself into the « Nothing »… And so the round of the incarnations ends…


And finally he understands in his body that it is the Bam pushed to the extreme that has the possibility of propelling himself into the Yam.

And that it is the extreme Yam who refuses to continue to participate in this Universe with this lying and thieving Bam, who propels himself into « Nothing ».

Then now he understands in his flesh the dream that is this monastery.

He understands the refusal of his son from now’s refusal to participate in it.

He understands the dream he had made for Heidi to draw his son from now through her.

He understands that the young woman was pushed to leave this place in which was made the alienating dream which was going to immobilize The One she loved.

He understands Heidi who now places her body in another space… and her spirit in his son of now.


Sweat comes out of his skin and wets the sheets. The monks around him in charged of watching over him, called Hiro who believed the last breath had come…


He remained three days in a state which seemed to them a coma. The monastery was preparing for the funeral and the monks collected the dead woods near the torrent for the pyre. 


Then, on the fourth day, he opened the eyes. He looked at them all, as if he was discovering them one by one. They were afraid of madness!

« You are really afraid of everything » he breathes ! 


They pricked up their ear and they perceived other words: « You only want security ! ».

Then the last breaths were: « And me I have helped you ! ».

They heard these murmurs. They did not understand. They were afraid.

Then, Hiro perceived in the bottom of his old friend’s eyes, this ironic flame that he knows so well; then he let out his breath which made a noise of forge.

- He is fine, he says !


The monks withdrew. They were going to bring the good news!

Only Hiro stayed with him.


The Master whispered to him:

- Go and get the very secret Book of my son from before.

- The one which has a golden leaf cover?… And which is hidden in the coffer of the wall…

- Yes… That one, continued the Roshi in a breath.


When Hiro returned, he caressed the golden book. The smooth metal carried its vibration in his arms. Nobility entered his heart.

Then he opened the book and the first leaf said in the color of blood:


« The Voyage in the Death »


Then below, in golden letters, it was inscribed:  


« Or the Dance in thirty-two movements »


Hiro looked at his old friend. A hope of life was in him and that was enough for him to be happy. All these days he had perceived, like the other monks that without the Master, this place was dead and empty. They had understood that no one was there to take his place. Tong had lowered the head. He now knew the extent of his pride in having thought himself « special »…


For the Master cook, the Healer and the Master of Combat, it was enough that the Master continues to be the Master and he asked for nothing else. He didn’t ask for anything more… that life continues in this aged and thin body!… That life remains still there for a while longer!… This Presence was their nourishment. They needed it to continue to discover « themselves ». It was this Force that provoked their Intelligence in their cells and allowed them to understand what was going on inside them. It is their Light. Without It, they do not have enough light in their consciousness.


So they ask for nothing but « Stay with us! … We pray you… ».

But they do not know that it is suffering for the body that remains.

They do not know that everything is decided in « indispensability »… and that it is not the body that decides.

They do not know that the game is cosmic… that the movement is spatial!… That the Decision is written in the Universe before their brain understands.

So they are here with their request in their eyes and in the heart. They are ready to do anything to carry, nourish and protect this body. They are ready to give everything!

The old man caressed the golden book. He now had to read it for the whole Universe and everyone will understand what he will be able to live because nothing can manipulate the man who chooses his ways. Nothing can oppose the basic structure but the structure itself which understands its imperfection and wants to stop with it.


Now he knows that only Bam can come out of Bam and he stops fighting.

He has to say and to be; only!

So he opened on the second leaf and he deciphered the words with his old eyes that did not want glasses. He wanted to be directly with the writings! So he put the letters in front of his eyes, almost against them, and he began.

He said the letters one by one and Hiro sat down by his side. He perceived that the whole Bam Universe sat down by his side and listened to him.


The Voyage in the Death.


The Master had brought back his son from his Hermitage beyond the crests.

He was worried and his wrinkled face had a few more folds that evening; they were in the Secret Room of the Monastery, dug into the wall. The torrent gave its rough roar in the hollow of the precipice.


The Roshi took his time. He examined his own heart. He wanted to give his son the traces of it.

- This is not a new mission for you, my son… but a favor I would like to render to an old friend who is close to death. 


The young man listened without his usual ironic smile as he perceived a gravity in the old man’s energy. It was not in the Roshi’s habits to carry such a concern.


- He is an old man who helped me a lot in my youth and he comes to ask for my help because he is worried about this voyage in the death which is now before him… So I would like you to agree to help him, he says.


This is an introduction that is not in the habits of the Master who commands the terrible and fearsome Shin Family. Normally, he orders and we obey… if of course one does not want to ask Saint Peter directly to open the door of Paradise without having passed the usual passage examination.


- So he has the jitters, I say, just to help him get out the sausage that is blocking his gullet…


Because it is clear that there is a not very fresh food behind these very asiat preambles…

For once, the old man who claims to be as a Father for me does not notice my incisive vocabulary and does not put me back in my role as a son who must respect his Father according to the millenary Traditions of all the countries of the world.

This shows his concern and I am starting to get seriously concerned about the problem he is going to serve on my pins. 


- He has more than the jitters, as you say it so well… It is much more honorable!… He is very preoccupied, says the Master gently. 

- Preoccupied by what?… He is going to pass away like everyone else one day or another, even if we are not in a hurry… So where is the problem? I say.


The Roshi is looking for the words and I am starting to tighten my buttocks because I feel something not ordinary coming… And as in this sacred Family of Fools, everything is already extraordinary, there is going to be a hell of a bid that I feel coming swiftly.


- That’s it… He is a very great spiritual man… Very great in his branch since he is recognized him as « A Holiness »… and who has intuitions these last times that he may have lost time and did not really look for the Truth of everything, its origin… as well as its consequences.

- So he is worried himself sick about his health and his new reincarnation… ? I say.


The Roshi still takes his time before following my words and throwing his own back. Not clear, that!


- More than that… He wonders if he has not been trapped all his life by the Great Tradition in which he is, says gently the Roshi.

- And, as « Holiness » he may have been a tape recorder for a bunch of guys who are going to hold him accountable at the end of their lives when they realize the scam… and so your buddy has the thermometer at zero because he is going to have to pay a funny bill for his future life.


The old man smiles in the tenderness of his heart as he visualizes his friend lying on his bed.


- He is bigger than that… He is not afraid for himself… He is afraid for the « others » because he always sought to help them and he cannot admit that maybe it was not the case…

- And if that is not the case, he would like to repair? I ask, astonished. 

- Yes, says the Master… He is strong enough for that… He has enough powers…

- But how he can do since he will be dead, I say by sweetening myself with a dry cake, you know?… those that break your teeth to the point that it makes the fortune of the local dentist who thanks us every day for continuing to make them by sending us melting chocolates.


I chew hard in order to show the old man of my « concern of now »… just to tell him to postpone « his own » because his little smile in the corner I am not sure I like it and I would like to enjoy a few more seconds before having to swallow the prune that he is preparing for me.


The Roshi closed the eyes and when he opened them there was a strange flame that penetrated in the young man in front of him who shivered.


- Come on!… Don’t beat around the bush… Throw the stuff! I say.

- There you go… You are going to be his Joker, says the old man.


The young White let the time to come. No need to rush in front of the big hassles that he feels arriving at supersonic speed.


- So you’re going to make this voyage into the death with him, says the old man in his most normal voice.

- Only that!… I say.

- Only that, confirms the Master with his smile of dear dad who gives a delicacy to his beloved son.


Silence filled the Secret Room and the two men let it take all the space it wanted. Neither of them had the desire to go deeper into the words leading them into a Dimension of pure Madness: a voyage in the death!


It is the son who took back the words and asked:

- And of course I am supposed to come back… And make my usual mess!

- Not quite, says the Master… You come back, that is clear… But the mess, you make it in the Space of the Death.

- Very easy! I say, with the half-smile of the guy who is certain that he has just heard the bullshit of the century and that it will be necessary to ask an emergency registration in a psychiatric hospital for the little old man in front of him him.


The Master smiles finely in his goatee that for once he has not twisted around his testicles.

- For you, it is easy, as you say… You are so little serious with life that you can also be with death.


The wind roared in the abyss and struck against the windows and the rock.

The young man let the sound slide around him and he smiled to it when it caressed his ears.


- So I accompany him in his problem? I say.

- And you help him to set up a new reincarnation of quality, says the old man.


The young White remains silent and says:

- So I help him to have a future that holds good for the Creation… And of course I come back intact from the voyage to have tea and cupcakes with you.

- You have understood everything… and how happy I am to have such an intelligent son!


Angel took one moment with his breaths. All in all, even if it means being crazy, the best thing is to be completely crazy!… And he who has hit so many stupid men in the ordinary life of the men, he can go and do the same thing on the other side. To hit hard these « deities » in charge of helping the man on earth and who bask in the sun, and to remind them of their obligations, he likes that.

- And where am I going? I ask.

- To Tibet, says the Roshi… Or at least, to Nepal since you know despite your ignorance that China…

- Besides, he is a Tibetan, your buddy!

- Yes, says the Master smiling.

- The worst!


The young man finished his cup and did not ask another; he was cogitating.

- How to do? he asked.


The Master smiles. He did not want to tell his son the truth to because he was afraid of his words. He had had an intense dream that told him that his son had the Force and the Power of this supreme challenge: to defeat the Death. And in that dream, there was all the power of the Energetic Being that is the entity of Bam that said that Man needs to know how to do and that his son could show it.

It was now more than twelve years that his son was with him. He had overcome so many obstacles of the ordinary life. He had succeeded so many missions!

The Roshi had known for so long since that he was superior to him and that he had to teach men again and again and again about the subtle relationships of Bam…

So he decided to ask his son. But he did not know very well if this request came from the Buddha or the Devil who would like to know the gaps in his system of alienation of the man in order to correct them and to perfect his control on the future of Humanity.

He did not know very well!… So he asked, and he wanted to hope that his son would be strong enough to perceive the danger and avoid it.


- I do not know, says the Master.


The young man looked at him and frowned.

- If you do not have the solution, it is because there is a large shit underneath, he gently says:

- I do not know if it is a « shit » as you say… But I know there is a sacred challenge there.

- A challenge « sacred »?


The old man smiles and he says to him:

- I do not know… So beware, my son.


The cup was empty of tea. The young man stood up. He was worried.

The Master watched his slim figure get lost in the shadow of the corridor carved into the rock and that led up to the Temple.

He did not know if he would ever see his son again.

He did not know if he was playing for the Buddha or for the Devil.

But the brave man always goes to see, and he decides!


So I arrive in Katmandou, with the plane. Beautiful reception of monks in dress and endless bows before the great magician who will help « His Holiness » to survive for the greater good of the lineage…

The only interest of their presence is that I do not waste time with the formalities and their famous visas at several rates… Direct the crèche of the Holiness.


The old man is more than old. An old man!

He has forgotten to lose weight, doing their accumulation practices that make you gain a hundred and forty kilos in a jiffy. So, as he is lying down, I pat his belly as a welcome kiss and I say to him:

- It’s not going well, eh uncle!

- Limit! He says to me smiling of my manners as his monks strike their forehead on the ground, shocked by my behavior with their « Holiness ».


He does not look so good, the old man. And I can feel all around him a whole shitty energy that disturbs his system.

From the smile he gives me during my examination, I can see that he knows in what kind of shit he is in… and whatever « His Holiness » he is, he needs foreign labour to give him some air, because it could be that all this rot comes from his buddies of whom he has cared so much about all his life.


Also to the constancy of his benevolent smile, I know that he appreciates my direct manner. He will know how to tell his monks to soft-pedal with me because I have capacities beyond appearance… and therefore that they do not stop at somewhat abrupt actions… and show me the respect attached to my Powers… and help me in all circumstances without trying to understand.

- We’ll start tonight, I say.

- Do you think I am in good shape? he asks me.

- Tomorrow will not be better than now, I say.

- Am I in such a serious state?

- It all depend on what you call serious, I say ?

- Am I going to pass to the other side quickly ? He sighs.

- Oh!… The form isn’t yet fully completed, I say… and at the rate of their pen, I think you still have a few days to languish in this earthly paradise, I say.

- Thank you, he says, smiling from the depths of his eyes…

We understood each other.

He calls an elderly monk and he speaks to him in the ear while looking at me. The other one nods with his almost shaved head and signals that he has understood.

He turns to the others and gives them the divine information that has just fallen into his ears. They make signs of understanding which are those of the monkey which accepts the gorilla’s proposals. 

At first questioning, the faces become more and more smiling.

In short the old man has worked things out with his monks and everything is bathed in the rancid butter of yak.


The old man, he has closed the eyes on this world. He is waiting for tonight.

He has understood the problem and he keeps his forces.


The monks install me in a wide and airy bedroom. One place bed as it should be in a monastery, and the electric kettle to prepare the tea at my convenience, because as for their, with the rancid butter of yak, it takes a stomach more hung than that of the mountaineers on the vertiginous walls of the Himalayas!


A little nap and then quick visit to the famous Stupa of Buddha Gates « something », you know how I do not remember the names !… which is not very far… And the whole accompanied by three monks who would go so far as to get on all fours to remove the dust in front of my shoes and who say so many things about me that everyone looks at me with the big eyes open max and that I feel the time from autographs coming!


Then a completely honorable dinner and I like this kind simple, direct and no-fuss food. I tell them and they are happy.

Besides, one of the particularities of the Tibetans, it is their smile. They have it in reflex on their face. When you come to them, they are not like those Westerners who frown with their eyes that already say before their language: « What is he coming here to bother us, that one ?! »… No, the Tibetans, it is the opposite. They look at you comeing with the happy smile of the one who is happy to share a moment with you.


So you understand immediately, intelligent as I know you, that I erase from my face my famous smile of the one ready to hear the last bullshit of the century, and I relax...

Here we are among serious people who love the life and the others.


It is thus in this disposition of mind and body that I show up the evening in the room of the Rinpoche… Since the guy it is a « reincarnation » of a great guy from before… Maybe I did not tell you!…

But informed as you are, you had already understood since you know that in the Tibetan Tradition, it is not possible to be « Holiness » without being the reincarnation of a great guy from before… And that one cannot be Rinpoche either if that is not the case!… So everything is linked and one piece of information leads also the others on the same train.

So, here are the last news if you had not yet put in service your intuitive intelligence that understands in the gaps between the words.


So I was telling you that I show up at the Rinpoche’s bedroom. These guys, they are never alone. Always a bunch of guys around to lick his toes, just to recover a little of his Force and his transcendental Knowledge and thus have a turbo to join the Buddha.


So I say direct to the Rinpoche that I need some air to work with him, which he also understands direct away by sending the monks waltzing down the corridor.

- What are we doing? he asks.

- I check your energy level and I charge you… First of all, tonight, I say.

- How should I position myself?

- You stay that way, uncle… I say… I am the one working tonight!


He lets himself be done and looks at me with these curious eyes that I know well… They are those of the one who meets me for the first time and who wonders if I am an intelligent who hides his game under bullshit… or if I am really stupid.

- My friend had warned me about your manners, he smiles, but I must say that I am nevertheless a little surprised by the extent of your contempt for propriety, he laughed leaving me his hands.


As I never respond to this kind of idle comments that are only there to waste the time and energy of the moment that passes, he sends me his best regards, just in case I would have forgotten him.

- What are you doing?

- I am testing you by the thumbs, I say…

- What does that mean ?

- I send the stuff by one thumb and I recover in the other.

- And then?

- Then?… It is up to my personal energetic system to understand why there is a difference between injection and recovery, I say, just to fill the time.

- So the result of the diagnosis will depend on who does it, he says as a guy who understands quickly.

- Exact, I say… It is « Why » I am the one the Roshi has put on your trace, I say.

- My old friend also warned me about your lack of humility, he says while a smile.

- That saves me from making the sin of false humility, I say, not at all dismayed by this type of argumentation that I know on the fingertips. Man is man and everywhere it is the same insipid litanies that they continue to believe as sublime expressions of their deranged intelligence.


He lets a moment pass because he is fine, the Rimpo… He has perceived that he entered in useless words between men of God.

So he returns to more essential.

- But why do you say « on my trace »?

- Because I have to follow your « trace » and never leave it… if I want to know « who » you are… and « where » you are, I say without laughing.


Now, he understands that I am serious and his eyes change. He must also feel my Force passing through him, and as a connoisseur of the Fundamental Energy, he must begin to wonder about the guy next to him who is holding his thumbs.

Besides he asks me a question that is not stupid:

- What should I call you ?

- As you want, I say laughing.

He remains for a moment in silence and he continues:

- My friend the Roshi told me that if I said « my son »… you would send a thump in my face and that the form you were talking about this afternoon would be filled out quickly…

- Well! The wrinkled not so-good-looking old man that you have as friend knows me a little bit… Then ?

- So, if I say « my friend », is that okay ?

- I’m not sure I’m anyone’s friend and even less his buddy, I say, dreaming… I am only buddy with God.


He quickly understands the guy.

- So it is very dangerous to be your friend, isn’t it ?

- Exact I say… I hit direct the liars and the incompetents.

- He who loves well, punishes well, he says.

- Stop your bullshits or I blow your last teeth, I say folding the eyes.


He prefers to be silent and so do I. I like mouths when they are closed… At least those of the guys !

But he lets himself do and does not produce any obstacle to my penetration.

I am astonished by the speed of the energy transfer. These guys, they are really not « anything » in fundamental energy !

I tell him… You know how honest I am in all circumstances…

So he smiles finely in his moustache that he does not have. At home, one is shaved fresh.

- We are not completely « Useless » on this Earth of Men as some would have you believe.


He is happy with his formula and I leave him with it. He has work to do tonight to digest the stuff that I send him.

He sometimes has wet coming in his eyes. 

-You!… Who are you to move me so deeply… and that I feel the Light of Guru Rinpoche in me?

- He is my buddy, I say.


Here!… There is now fear moving his energetic body… My last words have set in motion a whole mechanism of recoil and I feel that he is trying to direct my energy into him… No longer so confident, he is!… He is realizing that we are in a deadly game and that I am a confirmed killer. Would he have something essential to hide, the dear man ?

Maybe he is not as honest as the old man says, who would like to be my father. 


There is the wind rising and I listen to it in my quivering bones.