Thirteenth Movement.


To be the newborn.



The monk who had found Heidi tried to tell the others what he had felt of this meeting because for him, it was extraordinary in its effect to touch his whole way of seeing the ordinary life and everything of the daily life.

That also took away his desire to stay in the monastery that he found dull and without the savor of an intense life.

He felt the fresh air of the mountain and the valley filling his bones and his bones became wings to carry him beyond the clouds of doubt and heaviness.

But they listened to him with the ear open to something else: the Master’s succession occupied all the minds.


Heidi was far from them now. She was speaking to the heart. Now it is the mind that speaks and cogitates! Its noisiness covers the little voice of the heart and they have forgotten what has moved in their body when she placed her attention on them.


Such is the life ! Who occupies the space ?

And it is the space that always directs everything.


Now the space of their concern is the future of the Family. Besides, the young woman is for them a child playing with the destiny of men, as are the children who would believe themselves adults.

That’s what they thought of her, now that their mind was running the future as well the present to come.


Now they were like grocers who calculate the purchase price and the selling price to estimate the profits. They were looking for the most succulent benefit for them. They were looking for their future Master !


Even if they said in their words that the old Master’s choice will be the right one and will submit to it, they are seeking by themselves and thus they open the door to all the most perverse suggestions for their soul which will not have then the support to join the nature of Buddha because the way will not be known by the one who will say himself « in front ».

They are like children who think they are adults looking for a way that they do not know. So they will always choose according to their memory and their imperfect memory will lead them to the great precipice that swallows everything.


Heidi’s Force is on the monk and protects him. He knows it !

Back at the monastery, he is in a curious state, a state of a double view. He is there, and he is not there at the same time. He perceives the space, he feels the movements, he hears the words and the sentences, he understands them… but at the same time, he is outside the space that has no hold on him !

He is inside and he is outside at the same time !


He knows that it is the Force of the young woman he has retouched that protects him thus.

Also he can follow the disturbance of those who are with him and who stir up their mind and cause a frightening noise that hinders the mountains and even the wooden Buddha in the temple. When he goes to sit between the thighs of the statue, he feels it slowed down, like dead.

Then, he understands the importance of the man’s action in the Universe. He understands that the man has the power to modify the vibration of the space and to impose his will.

And this « will », he does not want it !

His whole body refuses the poison that circulates in the monastery.

It seems to him that each one has become crazy to run after a dream and promises of future that would be their present of tomorrow.

They are in the time that runs after the time !


The monk intimately understands the teachings of the Young White supported by Heidi. He now understands what he said about « the instant that understands ».

He wants to keep this possibility in him to seize « this instant » that understands. So he has to leave the monastery which now radiates a force that destroys this possibility of perception in the body.

So he goes to the Master and asks for an audience with a loud voice when he arrives in front of the steps of the pavilion as it should be in the Tradition. He has crossed the small garden with slow steps, looking for the imprint of the Earth’s force to support him. But he has not found it and it is worrying that he is announcing himself this way. 

He heard the Master throwing him to come to him.

He has climbed the stairs. The wind roared and lifted his dress.

He retained the door under the violence of the breath of the mountains.


Before the Master, he knelt down. He wanted to explain.

So the Master has said: « I know ».


They remained looking into each other’s eyes. Those of the Master were smiling at him. Those of the monk were losing their tension.

Then the Master added: « You do well ».


Then the old man reached out the hand and touched the forehead of the vigorous monk before him. He washed him from the monastery. He made him free of the place and of its memory; he made him free of « him », the Master.

Then he says: « Never look for the solution in the memory ».

The monk bowed the head to allow the Master’s hand to slide over his neck and wash him there too, because often it was hard and he had trouble moving the nape of the neck.


The Roshi added: « the solution is contained in the question… Look at the question ! … only « it »… and then you will be in « the instant that understands ».


Then he returned in him and the monk understood that his time had come to an end.


When he passed the gate of the palisade, he knew why Heidi had not turned around: they were forgotten in the instant !

Only existed then the sharp air of the rocky path ahead.

He would have liked to die right now and he knew that true death is that… only that !

So he moved forward with the death as companion and the lightness was in all the cells of his body that exulted with joy.


The Roshi perceived the heavy wooden posts close over the monk’s back. The wood was not happy to lose a source of nourishment !... The tree monks who pushed the doors also testified to their reproach. The departure of this one, who spoke so loudly of the kindnesses of Heidi since his return, was an insult to their maintenance in this place…They felt it like this : an insult !...Them who remained in the respect of the Tradition in order to watch over It and give it life in each of their breathing !


This monk was a deserter !

They said it to him in their eyes when he passed between the heavy doors that they have hardly opened for him. He did not deserve more !


The old man saw the scene behind his closed eyelids and he smiled.

« Man is not ready to change !... Always defending his reference box ! »

Then he heard in his heart the vibration of the monk’s footsteps who climbed the path leading to the crests. The salient rock sent back to him the joy of being free.

The Yam was exulting !


« Go, my friend !... Breathe the secret of the Liberty… You have understood in your body that the attention to the death awakes the Force of the Lucidity that is the kindness that the Yam gives to the Bam… The Earth will never be heavy for you again ! »


The time let its mark and the darkness came.

In the secret of the silence of his heart, the old man sighed :

« Me too I would like to resume this way of Liberty !... But I am old !... And I have this monastery hanging on my feet, like a picket that goes deep into the Earth that nourishes on it… So carry me on your back !... Make me touch again the air that washes everything in an instant ! »


He caressed with his parchment fingers the golden cover of the Book : « Voyage in the Death ».

He felt in it the same vibration that the steps of the monks.

Then he took back his bookmark and he continued the reading to accompany the monk on his walk to his new life which only opens when the death becomes our companion and that we love it.


The Voyage in the Death.


The night continues its dark in the Temple and the whole monastery sleeps.


    - And for the Father ? I ask Padma.

    - Ah !… For His Holiness ?

    - Yes… I have some concerns about his health, I say.

    - You can precise ?


The time accompanies me during the snoring of old monks who sleep the window open.

I let the Intelligence in me say the words which are appropriate.


Padma leaves me my time. He knows this rise of the Force in the Bam until the instant when everything is there; then the words are also there and it suffices to half-open the lips.

    - You have put the turbo to his possibilities of seeing and understanding, but I fear a little for his body which gasps in the effort, I say.


He also lets the time take possession of his movement and he says gently massaging his goatee.

    - There is what I have made him see… And there is what he says that he has seen.


Well then!… Here are words that are not empty; words of a Yam who speaks and acts.

    - You can precise ? I ask, the eyes half-closed.


He lets the breath take his belly. Then he says :

    - I was prepared for the resistances to the Intelligence of the Yam, but I must tell you that I am still surprised all the same, he says slowly.


He has the pain coming out of his throat.

    - What they have done of my Teachings and Practices leaves me speechless to express my dismay, he adds in the sadness of his heart.

    - That much ? I ask.


He needs chronological time.


    - I could see well from my perch, as you call it, all the erring ways of their practices… But I did not perceive how these erring ways have modified the body and the spirit.

    - Because you have no longer a body, I say.

    - Yes… I did not feel what resistance was being organized in the body and mind through all the Bam practices they put in place.

    - You are shocked ?

    - Yes, I am shocked, he admits… and I have the sadness of Yam developing in me.


I leave him in his time.                    


    - I knew well, when I lost the match with the « dialectics », those monks who were no longer looking for the Force of the first Intelligence, but only for means of action in order to organize their world, that the Yam was going to suffer a lot if it remained connected to the body of Bam.

    - It is for that you have left nothing behind you ?

   - Yes… I knew the suffering that would happen to me if I stayed and gave them a part of me… So I have taken everything back.

    - You have thus kept and maintained a pure Yam, haven’t you ?

    - Yes… It is thus that I have decided it, he says.


I leave him to his memory that returns.

Then I say, to relieve him a little:

    - And now that you come back to « the bath » of the Bam, its pollution enters the Yam and you suffer, don’t you ?

   - Yes… I have the sadness of the Yam inside me… This sadness that I have not known for over a thousand years!

    - Yes, you were « out »… Now you are « in », I say… So the transfer of energy is done between the two spaces.


He pulls his chin hair.

    - You can explain me the energetic mechanism ?… I feel this sadness in me and cannot control it… But I do not understand how that can be done.

    - It is through the third law in fundamental energy, I say.

    - You can explain to me ?


I look for the words that can be seized by a Yam without the body of Bam.

The sounds come and I let them go through my lips.

    - The transfer of energy is done through the interest and concern that one has for someone… a space that can be « someone »… or one can also say, which would be more accurate that « someone » is « a space ».


He takes the time to smooth his goatee.

   - You mean that my new interest to come back in action on the man, causes his penetration in me ?

-       Exact.


The goatee will glow by dint of being smoothed.

    - You say it with your words and your explanations… But I knew it more than a thousand years ago… So I have decided not to communicate anything more of me… But for a thousand years I have been wondering whether I have done the right thing because I have seen them so agitated… I had the impression that they were really looking.

    - And now, you are no longer sure ?

    - Yes… You know, this old Holiness from my direct filiation, the Nyingma… he has worked a great part of his life to try to put things in order to his monasteries and bring his monks back to coherent attitudes and practices according to what I had taught in the Earth of Tibet.

    - Yes ?

    - So, it was obvious to me, from the top of my perch as you say, than he was open to the Force that opens « everything » and allows to free everything.

    - You have forgotten without a body of Bam how the Man loves his security, I say.

    - Yes, it is that… The World he has built for himself in his body and mind is enormous… and this world resists in all the reflexes… He has a deformed look on everything !… Also, all that I have shown to this old man, was immediately recovered by these reflexes… He has not left the fluidity to the movement of the new discoveries.


I leave the time.


    - You did not realize how the practices and philosophies that were established after you, could block the possibilities « of seeing above », did you ?

    - Yes… It is that… I am frightened to see how this old man, who says he loves me, is in reflex of defense every time I open a new space of understanding for him.


I let him the time and I say:

    - They have built themselves a pretty valley of contentment and sensations.

    - Yes… I would not have said it like that, but that’s the way it is.

   - And to get them out of these programmed contentments and sensations, it is rather hard, I say with a smile.

    - I feel that you know well the problem, he whispers his head in the clouds.

    - The resistances to the deliverance are enormous, I say.


He takes his time and he asks:

    - But in fact, what deliverance do they want ?


Not stupid, the Padma !

    - You ask there a pretty question about which I have been stumbling upon for a long time, I recognize.

    - You broke your teeth on it ?

    - You bet !… I even had to have an armoured steel denture made, I laugh.


He lets the time take the time and he says :

    - Your laughter sounds false… It was so hard ?


The time is now for me.

   - Hard ? … Let’s say that the disillusion advances step by step… to a painful limit because the enthusiasm is destroyed.

    - Only the enthusiasm ?


Really not stupid, the Padma !

    - No, it is the Confidence that is destroyed, I say.

    - And after everything goes to the wind, doesn't it?


The time is back on my side.

    - I would not say so, I say… I would say that I become the « Wind » again and no longer care about the water that flows on the earth of the Men.

    - So you are leaving ?

    - Yes, I am leaving, I say.


The time is for him now…

   - Bloody bastard, he says… And you are trying to lure me into this shit basin that you, you want to leave !


I look at him a little sad. From the top of his perch, it has escaped from him a lot of data on the evolution of the man and his future.

    - You are wrong, I say.

    - Well, and why ?

    - I am helping you, on the contrary.

    - Is that so ?


I shrug the shoulders and I say :

    - If you want to stay on your perch, stay there !

    - And if I stay there ?

   - You know the answer, I say.


Here, he is annoyed, the Padma.

He knows well that in the Yam space, we cannot proceed to a modification of our energetic vibration; we need matter for this operation; and the matter is Bam.

It is besides the Force of Bam that knows well this obligation. Thus it can always attract Yam again in search of evolution.

And when the Yam retakes a Bam body, he is manipulable and exploitable.


    - So we team together, he asks ?


I shrug the shoulders.

    - You know, me, I don’t care… I say

    - Why ?

    - I did not let myself stuck in the Yam… I had understood his trap before.

    - You can tell me more ?

   - I have understood that the pleasure is the link between the Bam and the Yam and the major Principle of this Universe… Under my stupid looks of the guy concerned by nothing, I have always had a turbo in my ass and I did not waste my time to make me adore, I say.

    - Understood !… And me, I have looked for building and I remained in this concern.

    - No, more than that… You remained in the defense of your creation.

    - Whereas you, you did not look for building, did you ?

    - Not at all !


He massages his chin again stretching the moustache between his fingers.

    - So from the beginning, you knew that the dice were loaded, didn't you ? He asks.

    - Yes… I have tried to get out from the first breaths.

    - That didn't work ?

    - Almost !… A superb disease in the bronchial tubes… But a cretin of Grandpa, who had lost his only son at a young age, challenged himself to save me.

    - That works, I notice ?

    - Yes.

    - Why ?

    - Because the guy, he loved me… He had a benevolent eye on me… I was touched by it… Then the third law in energy has functioned full force and I could not make exit.


He resumes the time for him.

    - You mean that through this third law we become weaker ?

    - It is that… Exactly that !


He smoothes the hair that are exhausted to grow so long.

    - It is well what I had perceived, he says… One weakens and then one is no longer operational for an essential combat.

    - It is that… One is ready for an average combat, but not powerful enough for an essential combat, as you say it so well, I say.

     - It is that I had perceived before my departure, he says, dubious with the hair between the teeth.


I take back the time for me.

    - You can explain to me ? I ask.


He takes back the time for him.

    - What would it have happened to me if I had remained after the defeat of the dialectical combat before the King of Tibet ?

    - You should have taken care of the guys of your line who were starting to mess up because the attraction to the facility is too strong, I say.

    - Yes, it is that, he says astonished… You seem to know the subject well ?

    - More than you think… I can surprise you!

   - Hon hon, he says… We will see that later… So you know the answer to my question ?

    - Yes, I say… You must then deal with them; you are then weakened by the functioning of the third law… and you are bumped off by the Bön who are not jokers… serious guys !

    - Exactly… The Bön were going to defeat me if I remained preoccupied with my wandering flock in the new concepts developed by the « dialectical » monks.


I finish for him.

    - You are then in a polluted space, and if you try to clean it up, you weaken your Force and you get shriveled in an essential action… Here is the truth of the energetic functioning of this universe which is a mechanics.

   - Well seen !… So I could not make otherwise than to leave and leave nothing behind so that they couldn’t use my Force and weaken me in the Yam.

    - Except that you stayed in the Yam because you still believed that the two Forces composing this Universe can be dissociated and live separately, I say, a little joker.

    - Well seen, my brother !


I smile to the wind that rises in the night.

   - So don’t do the proud « my brother »… When you have understood that you get stuck, you must have had a contraction in the balls, I whisper.

    - More than a contraction « my brother »!

   - Thank goodness you now have the Holiness’s daughter to get you unstuck, I say, mixed.

    - Laugh well, my friend !… I would not like to be in your Bam skin… Your suffering sweats in all your pores.

    - You are wrong, my friend, I say.

    - Well, he answers… And why ?

    - It is not mine, I say finely in a moustache that I do not have.

    - Well then !

    - I am not stupid enough to take charge of penguins who want to stay in their valley of tears believing to build a paradise.

    - Well, you tell me so much ! … I am not obliged to believe you.

    - No, you are not obliged, I say… And if you believed me, I would be disappointed in you.


He takes the time and he says gently like a balm that one puts on the heart to appease the suffering.

    - I know the problem before you do.


I smile. He smiles.

Then he asks:

    - Banco for the partnership ?

   - Banco, I say !… We will try to make this World of dreams move… At least for our pleasure !

    - And leave nothing behind, right ?

    - Especially not !


Then he thinks for a moment and he asks again:

    - And so that we don’t get caught by the third law… How to do ?

    - It is simple, I say.

    - Ah well !

    - You don’t take care of it.


He massages his chin again.

     - But how to do ?

     - Don’t worry… The chick in preparation will show it to you.

     - It is true that I had a little forgotten that one, he says.

   - Stop lying !… You spend every second examining the movements of the Universe waiting for her.

    - I must recognize that your buddy « the Great Angel » he moves around like a real Devil !

     - Come on !… It is not « me of after » for nothing !… You don’t realize yet how I take breath away ?


He is laughing.

    - Only one certainty with you… It’s not boring !


And he bursts out laughing in the silence of the night.

Then he adds with a little smile in the eyes.

    - I retake my term of partnership.

    - Why ? 


He smiles finely.

    - There is a huge difference between us.

    - Ah yes !… Which one ?


He retakes his time. He wants the certainty to rise through his body so that he is not mistaken.


    - Me, I came into this world of the matter, that you call Bam, with the certainty of being able to help the men to grow… That I had the possibilities to change the World.

    - It is clear, I say… So what ?


He still lets the breaths take their time to nourish each cell of his body. He knows that the intuitive Intelligence is in each of them and he leaves them « their » time. That is the testimony of a « Great ». He always leaves the time and he gives the correct space to the movement.


    - You, when you came into the « matter », you knew already that the dice were loaded… That of modification there could not be.

    - Right, I say… So what ?


His goatee will shine like the shoes of the rich persons by dint of being smoothed.


    - You have participated in the World by obligation… because your bloody Grandpa has retained you in the matter…

   - Right… So what ?

   - So ? … You found yourself « obliged » to participate according to what you are, the Yam Intelligence… OBLIGED!


Not stupid the Padma !


    - You have breathed according to your Intelligence… because it is necessary to exist in a certain way… But you have taken the care to never create anything… in order not to be immobilized by your fruit.


He unrolls the thread of the World that passes through him.

    - You have helped them in their Bam… because it is necessary to go through the Bam to join Yam… Do not think I am asleep on my platform !… I listened well to your Teachings !… It is the Bam that propels itself in the Yam… Is that right ?


I confirm with the head. Then he continues on his momentum.


    - You have given them very powerful means to grow in their Bam and to be strong… Because it is necessary to be very strong in the Bam to decide to leave it and to enter Yam… Because the difference is enormous between the two spaces.

    - How about that !

   - But yes !… And it is the essential basis of all your Teachings: the Bam organizes itself, the Yam lets the Force organize. Everything.

    - How about that !… You have understood that from your perch ?

    - But yes… I am not as shivered from the meninx as you sometimes seem to imply, my brother !… Also maybe I could say it differently: the Bam accumulates, the Yam is the wind that moves everything but creates nothing.

    - Interesting !

   - But in my own language, perhaps a bit retarded for you, I would say: Bam seeks to exist personally, Yam does not know what it is to have a personal will.

     - Well seen, my brother !


He retakes air into his dusty lungs. For a long time, he has not spouted so much in a single stride. You have to understood him, the Padma. He has become asthmatic to hold his breath on his perch to manage to make believe that he is not there anymore while he continues to be there.


Then he retakes the thread of words he does not want to let go, for once he has a rather serious audience that is able to follow him in the wake.


    - So you have made them strong so that they understand the state of Bam and can decide to stop with this orientation to make move the matter… but knowing that the Time of this matter is finished and that it is now necessary to consider a departure from the boat.

    - Exact.

    - But they have not wanted to see the real state of their living space and they still continue to remain in the hope of a better world in the time to come.

    - Exact.

    - They have not wanted to see, despite all the means you have given them, that the time leads them to the end of the springboard and that the precipice is afterwards… so that the time is not the friend of the man.

    - Exact.

   - So they have accumulated in their Bam even more with the exceptional means that you have given them.

    - Exact.


He still leaves a little time for his bronchial tubes to retake their breath.


    - So they have not grasped that you were giving them the first means to leave the boat before the shipwreck…

    - Exact.

   - And those who felt it a little, have run away while shouting « to the madman »… « Danger ! »

    - Exact.


The time still retakes its rhythm.


    - While for me, the time was still with me, with us… the bodies on this Earth of the Men.

    - Interesting.

    - Also, me, I have sought and participated… to create.

    - Interesting.

    - So I stayed linked to the fruit that I made.

    - Interesting.

    - While you, you don’t make fruit… You are a « free man ».

    - Not stupid, your thing, I say.

    - But me, on this Earth of the Men, I have become a defender and a warrior of the Dignity… of the harmonious functioning of the Yam Intelligence in Bam…

    - Interesting.

    - I became a « magician » capable of transforming the vibrations of the matter so that this last one serves the Order of the Universe…

    - Interesting !


The time again.


    - And into final, I was an actor « to activate » a show… which is my place of life.

    - Interesting.

    - But you, you were a director of a show that does not belong to you… which is the antechamber to enter your life.


Really not stupid, the Padma !


   - So we developed differently, he adds with his slow voice that lets the words rise.

   - Ah!

  - Me, I have sought the meeting and the discovery with all the Superior Forces of Bam in order to be more and more operational for the vibratory transformations of the energy.

    - Interesting !

    - You, you have sought to show that these superior Forces are no longer aids to the man and that it is now necessary to look in another direction.

    - Well !… You would become intelligent « my brother » ?


The time again.


    - Here is where I was getting at !… We are different in our « energetic musculation » if I can employ a word that could be yours.

    - Ah well !

   - I have a very detailed knowledge of the processes of the internal workings of Bam in order to help Bam… You, you have an extraordinary knowledge of the working between Bam and Yam and how the control is done between the two.

    - Well !

    - So, in the « challenge » we are putting on the table to want to change the destiny of His Holiness… and that of making me return in action on Bam, so that I can modify my vibration in Yam… you are stronger and better trained than me… Here is where I was getting at.

    - So ?


He smoothes his hair and he adds in tranquility.


    - There is no partnership… You are the leader… and I follow… Because in this world we are going to try to change, you are man and me kid…

    - Ah !

   - Not for nothing that you came back as « Nothing » !… So don’t make too much the asshole with me as you perform in front of the men.

    - Ah !… How do I do with the men ?


He laughs:


   - You make them believe that you are the fool and the ignoramus of the neighbourhood… what am I saying !… That you are the cretin of the century and that you don’t take anything seriously !

    - Ah well !

    - While there is nobody more serious than you on this Earth of the Men and that not one of your breaths is not an arrow going directly into the target.


Really not completely blocked, the Padma.


    - So they don’t see you coming and you hit them at the time when they least expect you…

    - Ah well !

    - It is not for nothing that they gave you this nickname of « Silent Tracker ».

    - Ah well !

    - So you track… and me, I follow your trace.

    - Ah well !

    - And if you need a hand of a perfect energetic technician, just let me know and I’ll go to work.

    - Thank you, I say.


We understood each other.

The time is still taking its time and a curious question is rising in my head. I ask it to Padma because he is right now concerned by the subject.


   - In what state are you, if you stay in the Yam after having taken back everything to Bam ?

   - You don’t know ? is astonished Padma.

   - No… I was created from an indispensability.

   - So you do not have a previous life ?

   - No… I have discovered everything directly.

   - Shit ! says Padma… You have been « new » at every event… Not possible to rest on your memory… Not easy !

   - On the contrary… Easier than you think.

   - Ah yes ? is astonished the Guru.

   - That placed me in the indispensability to always stay with my Intelligence because I had no memory…

   - So, discovering each movement like a newborn, he laughs… Me with the hundreds of lives before, I look like a great-grandfather beside you!

   - I was able to have a look of child and I had fun discovering the manners of men.

   - You must have had laugh a lot !

  - Yes… I was remained always filled with wonder with all their inventions to manufacture their unhappiness whereas they say to want happiness.


He laughs:


    - It is just a play of words : what is unhappiness, what it is happiness ?… Me, I know their consciousness games… But you, you must have spent a lot of time to understand their language.

    - Yes… A lot of time like a stupid child…

    - Interesting, the situation of carrying the stupidity in oneself ? He continued to laugh.


I take time and I smile too :

   - That has allowed me to discover the existence of the energetic structures and to catalog the main ones.

   - It is true… No Major Yam before you had approached the reflex behaviors of the man according to this knowledge… But why were you interested in this kind of energetic working ?

   - Very simple. I realized that I was not an idiot. I also realized that the others were not stupid either… So there must be a virus somewhere.

    - So you have searched ?

    - Yes… I went into many different situations with different people and I have looked for the common denominator.

    - And you have found it ?

    - You always find if you really look, I say.


The Padma listened with an extreme attention.

    - You are a Master, he says, with a huge respect in his throat.

   - No… I am a worker, I say calmly… I have done my job without worrying about the scratches on my skin, on my heart, on my intelligence.


The silence reached Padma’s heart and he asked, almost timid :

    - So, what is your Job ?… What indispensability caused your « unique » creation ?

    - To show the exit door to the Major Yam prisoners of Bam.


Here, the Padma is touched at the heart. He begins to foresee a major problem concerning him directly.

    - You mean that Major Yam reincarnated in Bam may have been trapped by the Bam… and so they remain in prison in this space ?

    - Yes, it is that.

    - But why… But how ?

    - Through the sensations, I say gently.

    - Explains better.


I let the time give the right words.

    - What is the main support of Bam ?… The sensation… Bam is sensations and it is its thread of communication.

    - Ok, that I know.


I retake the time.

    - Any Major Yam can let himself be caught by the Bam’s sensations and follow their thread… So he ceases to be Yam and he becomes a Bam… only a little more intelligent than the others.

    - I follow…

    - Those will become one of those Spiritual Masters who flourish on this Earth.

   - I follow… partly… Because, why did they let themselves be caught by the sensations and all the mechanism that goes with it ?

   - Because they have a body, I say with slowness so that the words enter deep into his consciousness.

    - I do not understand.


I give him a little time to be impregnated the words.

   - The body is a creation of Bam and it functions on the sensations, I continue just as slowly, as we would speak to a child.

    - That I understand it… But not the link.

    - The link is the memory, I say very gently.

    - Shit ! he roars… Now I understand.


The time still passes its time. Then Padma says :

    - By taking the memory as support, they have lost the connection with the Force that is in the Intelligence of Yam…

    - And this Intelligence has become memory, I finish.


Padma nods. So I finish for him :

   - As the World is in evolution, when they return to the Earth of the Men, there exists many other new sensations and possibilities to play.

     - Yes… But they are not in their memory.

    - Yes… They do not have then the references in « the old »… And as they are no longer with the only Force of the Intelligence, they function according to the mechanisms of Bam that they tint with a hint of Yam intelligence.


The time again.

    - So, you mean that at the moment of the death, they cannot return to the Yam and that they remain hooked to the Bam for new reincarnations ?

    - It is that… They got caught by the dreams of Bam and they are then linked to them.


The silence again.

    - So, it was their call that caused your creation ?

    - It was more than a call… It was a cry of despair.


The silence again.

    - Their cry of suffering was so loud that a Major Yam could be created without past ?

    - Yes… And it is my main link with Bam.


The silence.

    - But you knew that the action was desperate at the time of your arrival !

    - Yes… But there was a joker in the operation.

    - A Joker ?

    - Yes… Bam !

    - I don’t understand anymore.


Silence again.

- The Bam has supported the request of the Major Yams prisoners in Bam… He said that many of them were ready to return to the Yam Intelligence because they understood the derangement of their actions… But the virus in them was so strong that they could not opposed it… So they have also asked for help.

    - It is thus the combination of the two that has caused in the Yam the creation of a new being without past ?

    - Yes.

    - You were then always like a stranger.

    - Yes… But it was my Force.


Padma was letting his heart go against mine. He tried to understand the extent of the problem of the Earth of the Men of now.

It is him who came back to my initial question.


   - Being alone in the Yam… without connection with Bam… it is the shortest way to get royally bored.

    - Well said, I am kidding… I had a little that feeling !