43. Only Action releases


Days aligned days and created weeks. Weeks aligned weeks and created months.


The winter froze the crests and the bodies.

The bodies hunched under the bite of the icy wind coming from the crests which sometimes disappeared in the cloud of the powder of snows on the flat, beyond the lace of the rocks.


The double dress of the monks was not enough to protect them. That carried them towards meditation in the power of the breath which heats the entrails. Hiro was a Master of this exercise in force and he led then the bodies with vigour. Also they approached him to get more warmth.

Hiro found thus his power near them and he was happy; he confided about it to the Master who smiles and who says simply: « It is well! »


The monks continued to listen to the teachings of Heidi, but they did not have anymore the flame of the summer. They were in winter and it is the time of the rest of the spirits which make the accounts.


Heidi and Tong felt alone in this place which was as a prolonged sleep .


However, this silence around her was rich in surprises. A languor which she did not know grew around her and she felt it penetrating in her, breath after breath, in a new tenderness. She thought several times that it seemed to come from another World and she had confidence in this delicacy which seemed to guide the movements of her spirit.


It also seemed to her in this curious silence which opened out her body and left her head at rest, that « his » Angel was there, very near! She did not see him, but he was there! … This soft certainty gave her a face full with happiness and Tong was questioned because they were now so alone both of them!


Then one night, whereas the wind froze the bodies in the beds and entered under the covers, she was very hot, as in full sun of summer. She let herself go to this caress of heat which penetrated her intimately and she had an orgasm. She transported the power of her pleasure of the body in her heart and sent this energy to her Angel from here which she felt so near, so close to her.


Attentive, in an extreme lucidity which did not seem to belong to this Dimension, she heard: « Go to the Secret Room and take the « Whirlwind » from the Silent Tracker ».

She is now certain! It is the voice of her Angel from here!



Then she goes out of her bed and covered her with a broad cover which falls to her feet.

The courtyard of the monks is empty. The door of the Temple half-opened. That of the Secret Room is open!


She lets herself guide. Her steps are fast and clear; no fear in her. All is open ahead and she goes directly to the corner of the library where the Books of the former son of the Master are.

The first volume is in front of her. She stretches out the arm to seize it.

A hand stops her hand. A soft, fine hand, a hand of a gentle man who does not exist in a body.


She quivers and this quivering gains each fiber of her body. She is not afraid; the hand still holds her hand and their fingers intertwine.


- I know that you are here, she says in a breath which did not seem to exist.


A breath touched her nape of the neck and she curved the neck to enable it to slip under the cover; it went down in the back and the quivering increased in her spinal column, her secret Tan Tien was activated and a pain raised there.


She sucked this pain in her back, as He had taught it to her. Heat gained her shoulders, radiated in her arms and the hot nape of the neck became burning. She had a new orgasm, standing up, leaning on the wood of the library.



« It is well » she heard against her ear… « Now you are ready to enter the action of the life and to modify it »



She did not know what that wanted to say, but Confidence was in her and she felt in all her body, the Force of her Angel.

He once again had just been given to her!


The hand left her hand. She remained the arm stretched out towards the book; she did not move; she knew that she must not move, but she did not know why. So she obeyed to this impulse which came in her from another « state ».



Then, her brain let go when the book « the Whirlwind » came in her held out hand! It was posed on her palm in the softness of the love which gives.


She remembered a sentence of « her » Angel one evening without moon with the soft wind slipping into the valley:

« There are those who give… There are those who take! »


She did not take; she did not close the hand on the book which rested in her palm. It is the invisible hand which took her fingers one by one and closed them again on the leather of the book.


Another invisible hand supported her wrist and relieved her of the least muscular effort. Thus she could be in the complete attention of the transfer of energy which occurred in her… by the hand… by the Book… by the Breath of the Invisible Being… and all that joined together in her body by the force which came from her secret Tan Tien and which now radiated everywhere.


« Go! » she heard in her ear.


She had the feeling that this Breath posed a kiss on the corner of her lips. She gently opened the mouth and the Breath entered.

It had a savor which she knew well; it is that of « her » Angel.


I knew well that you had not left!


It was a small laughter which answered her and she heard again: « Go ! »


She went up the steps dug in the rock. The door of the Secret Room hidden in the wood of the back of the statue of Buddha was closed again behind her, all alone.

The same magic operation was repeated for the door of the Temple.

The courtyard of the monks was always empty.


She reached the house of « her » Angel and lied on his bed; she held quite tight the Book against her heart.

She closed the eyes. Heat was transformed into Light and she saw Him, « her » Angel, with a transparent coat.

She fell asleep in this vision.


In the evening, she says to Tong :


- Read the « Whirling »… It is the first volume of the series of this so distant Angel which one calls « Silent Tracker. »


Tong looked at her interrogative.


- I have made the dream this night that my uncertainty of the moment will be destroyed by it and that I will be able to find another breath… Read, my friend!


She installed herself on the stool of the veranda and leant her back against the wooden wall. In front of her eyes the sunset deployed its impermanencies.


Tong slipped the fingers between the pages and opened in the first chapter; His raucous voice ran on the fibers of his throat and he felt the force of the words which left by his half-opened lips.


- It is magic, he says in a breath.

- Yes, it is magic confirmed the young woman in the same breath which links her to him.


He felt loved; not only by Heidi which took him as friend, but also by this « other » Angel, so far from them, whose body left one day in smoke on the wood on fire of the pyre.

This « other » Angel loves the men. He feels it in each vibration of the words.

Tears went up but did not pass his eyelids. Heidi did not like the squeamishnesses.


His voice fills up the silence of the night and the words were shelled.



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Beginning.



Well…well….well! …. How Paris is sad in the wind of this beginning of winter. I had left it Gaullist. I discover it socialist. It oozes its insipidness by all the pores of the walls… I raise the collar of my jacket and take longer strides; I am cold… Already nine years! …

Why I am again in my country? I let you the explanation with the worthy chief of our Family of Killers, Eh! Noble Killers! … Must not believe the malicious gossip! At the service of the Emperors and the Kings We are… to help them to manage with subtlety their internal problems by the margin… SHIN would like to mean « intense heart »!!!! It is our Name.


In short, it is what they tell at all the corners of the monastery when we are obliged to put the ear against the mouth of the old monks, just to heat it with this icy wind which goes down from the crests of the mountain and invades the corridors… But you are not obliged to believe them! … I say that to you while passing and running quickly in the drafts; just to let you in the know, because you do not know it yet, I hate little secrets and I always tell the truth, just to relieve my bladder when I am not killing somebody in order to release my liver filled with anger to be immobilized on this Earth of Idiots… You see again how I am intelligent to have understood the problem of humanity whereas I weigh just my twenty five spring years.


The Master looks at the young man deep in his heart. His eyes transpierce his eyes and his gleam slips into the cavity of the heart. The young man supports this look of fire without batting an eyelid, sitting cross-legged in front of him.

The Master made him return from the Hermitage of the mountain far above the monastery. The carrier pigeon had a red ring on the left leg. The message was clear: « Come back my son, I need you. »


The walk was hard one day in the steel of the icy wind of the crests that it was necessary to cut at each stride, the cheeks bleeding with its scratch. The door of the monastery opened in front of him, pushed by two monks braced against the heavy jamb of undressed wood.


Hiro, the Master cook, standing up in the middle of the alley examined the young man in front of him, seeking the faults of his body. It is him the monk healer of the bodies and he cares with each one of his breathings, his bulging eyes scanning each fiber.

He knows well those of this young White; it is him which has battled for weeks to withdraw the death of him when the Master found him dying in the hollow of the torrent.


Angel left him his time, without a word… He knows the development of the energy of the monk and does not make obstacle to his fluidity. Such is the rule of this so particular and unique monastery in the World which makes the fear only with its name, Shin.


Satisfied, the Mongolian monk stirred up his shaven cranium and says:

- The Master waits for you in the Secret Room.


Now he is in front of the supreme Master of this Noble Family of Killers, a cup of burning tea between the palms of his frozen hands. He waits, as he knows to do it; with an ironic smile stretching his thin lips, as the one quiet wait of the great stupidity which one will throw to him.


- I see that the hardness of the winds of the mountain did not make you lose your arrogance, sighed the Master by smiling him too, but with this stretching of the lips towards the cheeks which creates the gentleness on the face…


The Master continued his sigh in his belly and his long breathing provides the words which ran from his half-opened lips.


- And precisely you will need your pride so badly placed to solve a major difficulty of the Emperor of the French.


The young man frowned. No desire for returning in his country!


- Well, you understand quickly, smiles the old man… You will have to work on your emotions and to put an end with the exceptional formation that I give you… Whatever you like it or not!

- Hon… Hon… made Angel from the bottom of his throat.

- Therefore, you have understood it, you will work for your Emperor and to revive in your flesh the happiness to find again the country which gave you birth, continued the Master while stretching the smile towards his ears.


« It is clear that this old bloke takes the piss out of me » sighs himself the young man in the secrecy of his head.


- In short, you will meet a named professor Dupond whose some secret discoveries are found in Russia… what does neither pleased to the France… and nor to the Emperor because some people believe that it is Him the origin of these transmissions, taking into account his very good relations with this socialist country of which he is an enthusiastic admirer… Understood the problem? if I employ your incisive vocabulary of dog.

- Understood says the young man… Except one question, dear Master of this Family of Insanes… I kill who?

- What you want! smiles the old monk … The important thing is to make the Emperor going out of trouble.

- In short; I mess things up…

- Which will not change a lot of your natural habit, you will admit with me, my dear son, ended the Master.

The young man rose of his cushion in the flexible movement of his thighs which accompany the back. The Master follows each one of his movements. They are those of the tiger. He is happy with his son. But what a foul temper! They will never recognize that they like and respected each other from the deepest of their heart of Noble Men.


The old man looked at the back of the young man who slipped into the corridor dug in the rock and going up in the room of the Temple. He still saw this thin and vibrating back whereas the night entered the cave and that he breathed all alone in this room dissimulated in the middle of the mountain, with like only presence the noise of the torrent hitting the rocks of the chasm under the windows.


« Come back alive, my son… I need you to take care of the Family after my departure…. »


He knows that he sends his son in a world of sharks which have only their own interest like motivation.




Te! I said it well to you… This old block who believed to be my father is not able to be clear and fast. Always with twisted word games; a true asian the not beautiful old man with the goatee which slips between his cleft of the buttocks; just to keep warm the testicles during the long meditations of winter.


Me on the contrary, always of direct and I never hide you anything. I thus press on the bell of the gate with the copper plate « Professor Dupond », very relaxe as the sympathetic guy who does never harm and is never provocative. The perfect son-in-law for you Ladies. You will discover with me how you will appreciate me so much so that I will not know anymore what to choose with all these proposals.


- Yes, says a stentorian voice, kind of dog of the Pyrenees.

- Chief principal Superintendent Angel Bret, I whisper against the microphone of the stone pillar which looks to me true marble; it is that in the sixteenth at Paname, it is not done for mutts without medal.

- I open to you, Mister the Superintendent Chief… We did not await you so quickly! … and without letting know, adds the metal voice… just to let me know that my mother teacher did not make my education well.


The three principal monks managing the computers of the monastery rush at the door of the room of the Master who did not frown to this intrusion. He expected it.

For three days that his son had left the monastery he did not have news yet. They are now in front of him with these three monks white under the shock of information. His son still made stupidities… his own manner of being on top form!


- Master! says the oldest.

- Master! says the least old.


That of the middle does not say anything because he had received a bad blow at the training of the stick this morning and he could not move the lips anymore.


- Do not open the mouth at the same time, whispered the Master…

- Master, it is terrible information what we receive from France!

- The one which you say who will be our future Master has…

-… broken the jaw of the high leader of the government of the Emperor of the French who had honourable mission to receive him at the airport, says the second in only one breathing.


-… went the wrong way down an express in Paris at more than two hundred and forty! Settles down the first one who was not happy that one lets him speechless thus.

-… and he has caused forty accidents, almost howled the least old while finishing his breathing.

… And now the Police force is at Yoko because it is her jaguar which she had entrusted to him, said the second who took again the word to the other.


-… and now the Police force knows the address of our secret center in Paris! added the old one.

… But that is not all! … continued the old one: he has raised the skirt of an air hostess and in front of everyone on the aircraft has removed her pants …

-…. That he has put up for auction with all the passengers! finished the second


The third who could not open the mouth threw the eyes to the heaven, the hands tortured by the doubt as in the presence of the devil.


The Master looked at them gently, as would do it a quiet father who observes his children telling him their stories of the day. Then his lips half-opened and the monks retain their breathing and control the beats of their heart while waiting of these essential words which are about to leave this divine mouth of the one who directs their existence in this long and difficult way towards the Buddha and his perfection.


- And what does the air hostess say? asked the Master of his softest voice.


The monks closed the mouth and looked at themselves. They had not paid attention to this side of the problem and they recognized in their heart that they had been a little hasty in the vision of the video made by one of the passengers of the plane.


- And tell me more, continued the Roshi, of which colors are her pubic hair ?


The monks rolled the eyes in the orbits. He sighed.


- How you are inattentive with the details of the events! … And yet I keep on repeating you with each breathing that the Truth is always in the detail, the particular… not in the general who is the manufacture of the sick human brain dissociated from his unit with Creation!


The monks lowered the head, ashamed of their precipitation to jump on their emotions. They recognized that they remained under the shock of this scene of the naked buttocks of the young woman with Ange holding her firmly by the waist, curved on his thigh… whereas he agitated the red lace slipway in front of the face of the passengers, almost all Japanese, who howled with excitation in front of this new game presented by Japan Airlines in order to break the monotony of this long flight towards France and to satisfy their customers as well as possible of their waiting.


- And tell me more, my dear monks… This young and beautiful air hostess, of which origin is she? … Japanese or a Western woman in formation within the framework of the cultural exchanges between the countries… whispered the Master.

- Western, answered instantaneously the oldest.


The Master spent some moments in silence and they respected this long breathing which entered the deepest of the Knowledge of the Universe and was going to bring them the quintessence of the Truth to them.


- Then I can say to you, in spite of the little information that you carry, which is inadmissible and ashamed from you who have the responsibility of following the steps and the movements of « my » son in order to retranscribe his acts in the Secret Books of the Family for the teaching of the future generations… he says in only one breath in front of the shaven craniums which tried to be encrusted in the flagstone and to disappear under the shame which invaded their body and their brain…


… Thus I can tell you, dear monks, that this young woman must be Irish, with red hair like fire… As I know my son, he will have asked her whether she is a true red and she, disdainful, will have answered him that she provides this information only to her doctors or her lovers…


The monks followed each syllable to know the savor of it.


The Roshi continued.


- You know how my son hates uncertainties and is always very direct… Also he will have goosed her, checked the welcoming warmth of the place… slightly insisted with the reversal of the fingers with soft rotation of the wrist, as the nuns of this monastery know it so well and what makes them sigh at the time of the meditations of the evening in order to draw his attention and to invite him to push the door of their room… what of which you are all besides jealous because despite all your efforts you are not able to obtain the same fruit of these Ladies… But « my » son is not my son for nothing! … he cut short.


The Master took again his breath because it was in the same breathing that these words ran between his lips hardly just half-opened. The filled with wonder monks counted the seconds in their belly while following this splendid breathing of the Great Masters, that one calls « the Breath of the Cow ».


- Then I said to you, ashamed monks, that « my » son, in the kindness and the generosity of his heart, the one that you know so well, isn't it? gave to this impetuous Irish the possibility of testifying and of enjoying of all the force and the impulse of her dignified country… by presenting to the public the tepidity, the reception and the passion of her nobility… Moreover I am certain that after having satisfied the passengers, he finished his hard work by satisfying her, her, on the bed seats of the first classes and that she gently fell asleep against him during the remainder of the flight.


- It is that, says the oldest while letting out a small voice child from his large carcass.

- We had not observed these scenes thus,recognized the least old.


The dumb man typed his forehead against the pavement.


The Master continued with his soft voice correcting little incoherent children.


- Have you also noticed that my son travels in first class… and I am sure that all the theater which he made up thus was for the popular public of the plane which one calls « economic class »…

- Yes, recognized the oldest… It is thus Master.


The Roshi sighed once again and continued.


- You thus have not perceived in the secrecy of your spirits the Greatness of « my » son! … his commitment to always help the poorest and the less satisfied: the popular mass! … and what’s more he improves free the publicity of Japan Airlines always in research of new ideas to entice the clientele! … Moreover I will ask it once again some cash for this heavy work accomplished which will carry the attention of the World on it…


Then he hammered the ground with his stick.


- Have you a rather high Sight of the harmonious working of the Universe to understand the Greatness of the Action of « my son ».

- No, acknowledged the least old… Sorry Master! … We are not worthy to keep the Books of the Family up to date…


Silence made its noise in the room and the monks waited for a sanction from the Master, which they recognized like fair in the secrecy of their heart.


- Leave thus that, says the Roshi conciliatory… Tell me rather, now, some words on this French dignitary who cures his jaw in some hospital.


The oldest took some time in silent as it should be when the Master asks a question. That it is improper to throw an answer without the control of the breath of the heart and of the spirit! However the scenes were in front of his eyes because it is him which followed step by step the son of the Master as he get off the plane.


- Two police officers waited for him at the foot of the footbridge. The other passengers were surprised because they have imagined that your son was a bad person whereas they had so much appreciated him during the voyage in his plays with the air hostess.

- One took his luggage and the other pushed him in a black car with a large inscription « Police »…

- And they left quickly towards an isolated building, continued the least old.

- In a small living room the representative of the Emperor of the French waited for him, continued the elder.

- A dry and hard man, without smile, added the other. He did not even greet your son! Just a tilt of the head.

The dumb man followed the development of the words while looking up at the sky and with movements of his head. He controlled the veracity of information. It is him the most serious of the three. He always smiles in adversity!


- The man in striped black suit held out his new papers to your son, cards with the tricolor signs on them and in big letters marked « Police force ».

- As your son had the hands in the pockets of his deer jacket and that he did not make any movement to take the papers, the high dignitary threw them on a coffee table while raising the shoulders.

- Always also dry and distant without a smile, finished the youngest.

- Then he says while looking at your son right in the eyes, as a professor would do it with a little stupid pupil: « The president and France count on you! … know to behave well in this Country which accomodates you again ».

- Then he turned the heels and wanted to leave…

- Without saying goodbye and greeting your worthy son, rose up the elder.


A silence followed these words. The monks testified their disapproval by the closing of their lips.


- And how was my son? asked the Roshi with a soft voice the eyelids lowered on his eyes.


The monks knew this attitude of the Master. It is the one which he has before killing. They were afraid and retained their breathing. Then the oldest plucks up the courage to say:


- Nothing… He was calm, the hands in the pockets… with this curious ironic smile which one knows so well.

- he did not pronounce a word, said the young one.

- And then? asked the Roshi with his voice always so soft.

- It is at the time when the high dignitary turned the heels to go out of this small dark living room that the two legs of your son launched in lunge have knocked the two police officers on each side, at the height of the lower part of the ribes.

- They blew a raucous yell while bending double, specified the elder, as an expert of close combat.

- It is while the knees of your son grabbed them right in the face… continued the youngest.

- And that their nose burst… finished the oldest…

- And they fell on the ground and your worthy son accompanied them by the heel…

- it is really necessary to pose the feet on the ground from time to time… not always to have them in the air, explained the elder as an expert.

- And their rib cage made a curious broken wood noise.


Silence closed the perfectly accomplished action. Only the perfection of the gesture can produce this silence which is a manifestation of the Universe in its contentment.


- And then? asked the Master.

- It was just a matter of only two seconds! You know how your son is like the flash…

- The high dignitary swiveled round… says the oldest.

- Completely shocked by the scene of the two covered in blood police officers twisting with pain on the ground with a curious raucous noise in the chest… He remained like a motionless puppet, the swinging arms and the opened mouth, continued the youngest.

- And then?

- Your son made two steps towards him, always the hands in the pockets of his jacket…

- Then his right leg left like an arrow towards the honourable parts of the representative of the Emperor of the French…

- I do believe that this top civil servant should not be able anymore to honor with dignity a woman of quality before several months, deplored the oldest.


The dumb man nodded with vigour. He confirmed.


- Then you know how your son is a bit lazy. It is with the same leg that he has grabbed the jaw of the dignitary when he bent double.

- That has made a curious noise… confirmed the elder… and the servant of the Emperor has pushed a cry…

- That your son has stopped by knocking him at the temple with his heel… You know how he likes silence!


Curious silence between laughter and violence.


- And then? continued the Master.


The elder took again the control of the word.


- Your son has taken a hand out of his pocket to take the « papers » on the small table…

- Then he left… confirmed the elder.

- And he was lost in the corridors of the airport! … We could not follow him… deplored the young.

- It is only when he has made the connection with Yoko at the exit of the airport which we could take again the thread of his action…

- And the Emperor of the French asks for explanations… He has sent three telexes!

- I believe that he testifies to his dissatisfaction, says the elder.


The dumb man confirmed looking at the Sky.


The Master took some moments in silence. A few minutes shelled their silence in the room.

Hiro had slipped into the room during the explanations of the monks. As the etiquette says it, he had been installed without noise at two steps of the Master on his right side. His eyes launched flashes and his breathing of insane Mongolian bull ready to charge the tanks with his naked saber occupied the space and the monks were afraid.

They knew the outburst of the Master of Combat of the monastery! When this breathing was born in his chest and passed his throat with the half-opened lips, death was in front, very near!


The Master cut the paroxysm of the tension and says of his soft voice:


- Answer the Emperor of the French that I have with dignity honoured him by sending my best element, my own son, to find a solution at his problem… But « Him » he sends a servant without greatness and dignity to receive Him! …


The monks nodded; the words were engraved in their head.


- Then add that when this servant has for my son the respect that one carries to a dropping of dog, I invite him to better look at those which reign as master on the pavements of his « capital ».


The words continued to be engraved in the forehead of the monks.


- Continue while insisting of the kindness and the moderation of « my » son who has not killed them… what is not his habit… and I will so disavow him for this incomplete action if as Dignified Emperor he does not benefit from the first occasion to present his excuses to my son to which I will make the prayer to really accept them…

… and in contrary case I will ask my son to finish honorably this first action, to kill these three men and to complete by « You » who perhaps is not the suitable Emperor to represent this Worthy Country that France is… what a great part of the People could thank me.


The Master took some moments in silent, then he added always with his so soft voice.


- Of course, you ensure the Emperor the certainty that it is only a mistake… but the Dignified Shin Family that we are, accepts to act only for those which it respects and honors… and thus this clarification is indispensable for the continuation of our association.


Then the Roshi closed the eyes. The breathing of Hiro took again a calm rhythm. The three monks kneeling waited. They had the habit.


Whereas long minutes said their time, the Master opened again the lips and the sounds which slipped were these:


- Tell me now some words on these forty accidents… What a noble number! … How thus my son has proceeded to obtain this divine result so quickly?


The monks opened the mouth with the first sounds and closed it again gently while these last words made their way in the meanders of their brains.


- Yoko waited for him at the agreed place near to the airport… started the oldest.

… How she was beautiful! he continued… I remember her at the monastery five years ago… a small wild child scratching, bitting and kicking during the trainings like a wild mare… Now it is a twenty five years beauty, all in slenderness and delicacy… I must acknowledge that I was impressed, he says.

- It is true that in her black trousers tight-fitting her small nervous buttocks with the black leather jacket coming on her red sweater with turtleneck, she had style! added the least old.


The dumb man nodded and made some movements with his eyes to invite them to say more. They did not understand the message. Thus he made some gestures with his hands as if they meet and are discovered mutually.

It is the Master who understood the message.


- Tell me a little how was made the meeting with my son?


The oldest closed the eyelids on his eyes in order to be sure that the images seen will be those which he will transmit.


- She advanced towards him while smiling…

- Also a bit shy says the second… I have felt concern in her…

- Normal… cut the elder… When one meets the first time the future Master of the Family, with the terrible reputation which he leaves everywhere where he passes, one has rather the jitters… I know that! … I believe that a grain of rice would not have passed! … even while pushing extremely…


The dumb man was agitated and launched the head towards the sky with the eyes as well rolling in the orbits as testimony of the madness which entered his ears with these futile words which did not have anything to do in the message to give to the Dignified Master.


The elder seizes the message and broke the circle with his words which started to lock him up in his memories.


- He walked with suppleness towards her…

- With always his famous smile of the one who waits until one teaches him the silly thing of the century…

- I am Yoko… the girl of the chief of the Shin cell of France …

- I know, he says.

- My father awaits us for the ceremony of the tea, she corrected immediately.

- He held out the right hand which did not hold his luggage while pointing at the car behind her.

- She held out the keys… with pride, she says « It is my Jaguar ».

- He did not take the keys but slipped his hand by the slit of the jacket and caught with the palm of the hand the breast moulded by the fine fabric of the jumper, was outraged the oldest who knew Yoko teenager.

- She remained speechless completely threw… says the least old.

- Like a little girl surprised by the events…

- Then, he took the keys while moving back his hand, threw his bag behind the seats and he settled at the wheel….

- Yoko returned of her first surprised circumvented the car and wanted to get into passenger side…

- But he drove away brutally…

… Leaving Yoko suffocated on the pavement…

- « My handbag! » she shouted in reflex.


The dumb man moved the eyes and tried to say with his lips which half-opened on his wounds and blood ran on his chin. Then he mimicked with his hands, a finger on the temple and the other hand drawing the curvatures of hip of a woman.

The elder confirmed.


- It is not a good reflex of combatant… but of normal woman who has her handbag like reference…

- Not good that! says the least old.

- I am disappointed in her… says the one who knew her.


The dumb man confirmed the eyes above the clouds.

Then the elder took again the word.


- In the movement of our surprise, we have lost your son, he acknowledged the low head.


A silence entered in them and they could not any more know what to say to request an excuse from the Master in front of this unforgivable inattentiveness mistake, which could cause the death of the event which passes and which one is not able anymore to live in his intensity to take out from it the force of the Creation contained in it and thus to reach the very Source of the Life and finally to be released of the uncertainty which always fills up the brain of the ordinary man.


The dumb man confirmed and throw this time his look underneath the flagstones of the floor, as if he wanted to enter the deepest part of the ground and to be dissolved there…

… Whereas during all the time of their uncertainty the young Master played with death, speeding along at two hundred and forty facing the flow of the other cars and touched none of them.

It is them which caused their accident by bad reflexes… in which the future Master has « a little » pushed them!


- We have received the news of Yoko when the Police force came at her…

-… with the assistance of the number of the car ….says the youngest.


The dumb man raised the eyes heavenwards… Last idiot and obvious remark … To waste his time to open open doors… He did not agree!


- Thus, he has touched the left breast of Yoko then taken the expressway the other way round! … Interesting says the Master… Ah! I can recognize my son there. Always direct. He does not waste time in chattering.


The monks opened the eyes on a new reality which had escaped them.


The Master continued.


- He has immediately measured his saber against the saber of the other! … Ah, what a great Heart!


He took some moments in silent, then he sighed with satisfaction.


- Ah! … Immediately to check the state of the « Doors of the Heaven » of Yoko with the palm open on the side of her left breast… What Greatness! … Ah! here is one who does not waste time… Always working! … He, at least he knows why he is there and never forgets it… To check direct the quality of the woman with whom he will have « to work »! … And to surprise her! … Ah, to surprise her! … Which splendid son I have… I blessed the Gods and the succession of the Family will be well assured.


The Master took again a soft breathing and the following sounds hit the monks between the two eyes.


- Forty accidents… Forty wounds! … Hardly arrived in his Country! … What a perfection! The monster of the blandness will never gain with him! … To oblige them to collide! … What a test! …


The Master closed the eyes then without raising the eyelids, he sighed:


- Thank you my son, you give again a little life in this old body which is frozen in these wild regions to teach potato bags.


The monks knew it was time to withdraw their bodies of the room, at the smile which invaded the stature of the Master. He enjoyed in another Dimension that theirs and he had to be left in the Time of his satisfaction.



Heidi stopped the reading of Tong.


- I now know what I must do!


Tong looked at her, concern in his heart because she had leapt up from her stool.


- me also I must show the richness of my heart and its generosity…. I must measure my saber with the saber of the Master.


Tong felt the fear tensing his belly.

The young woman sat down again and the hands joined in front of her breasts, she says gently:


- Thank you, Ange so far, who gives me the dashes to my heart… Thus I will be able to wait for my own Angel with dignity when he takes again a body.


A small laughter answered her in her heart. It was the voice of « her » Angel. She deciphered the words which came up in her consciousness, one by one, a little astonished.


« You are courageous… But you are not yet ready to that! …

But however you must do it to know the taste of the failure and then to recognize it… Such is the normal advance of the one who wants to be released from all and to come in my Dimension while he still has a body… Then go… and show you are a Lioness of the Mountains of North! »