53. All is only one appearance


The monks in charge of the puters of the monastery rushed. They ran in the central courtyard, jostled at the gate of the small garden of the pavilion of the Master. They were frankly blocked at the door of the bedroom because they wanted to pass all three at the same time.


- Master! says the oldest.

- Master! says the least old.


The third started to be able to half-open his splited lips and to show the foam of his mouth. He could say « Mmmm… »


But the Master, in the kindness of his loving heart understood him and smiles to him, which carried the monk in the Dimension of the Buddha.


- Master! …. A Force can be introduced into our computers and change its data ! … begins again the oldest.

-… and to change the memories! … continues the youngest.

- The alarm is everywhere! Master… continues the old one.

- It is always « the Whirlwind » which is attacked! … Everything gets confused and changed! says the other.


The third would like to produce his comment… He poses his braced finger on the temple and carries the eyes to the Sky, sorry! … in the body of the Buddha in which the Master precipitated him with his smile of benevolence.


- I know, says the Master…


His soft, quiet voice… serene, alleviates the anguish of the three monks.


- You will have you to become used to these modifications on the writings of the « Whirlwind »… I believe that they will be multiple, he says, sitting on his seat of meditation, the right back, the eyes on the icy crest of the mountains.


The monks ventured an interrogation in their look.


- I carry out some experiments, he says.

- Will that have an influence on our work? asked the old one, worried.

- Yes, says the Master… You will have to record the new writing of the facts and the events which will be registered in the Universe of the Men.

… You also will have to follow the analysis which the Universe will do of these new Acts and to try to perceive the subtle modifications which that will cause on all the major movements of the Creation…

… A difficult work which will require a great attention…

- Be certain that we will do our best, says the Old one.


The two others lowered the shaved cranium as a sign of assent…



- It will be necessary to do more, says the Master… More than your « best » ! … And I trust you in this delicate attention.


The monks touched the ground with their forehead and should have withdrawn moving back as it should be in the Noble Tradition.

But they remained kneeling and the low forehead.

They had thus to say more and they did not know how to start.

Thus the Master helped them in his extreme compassion and he asked:


- What is there of so special?


The monks lifted the forehead. They had been understood by the Master. They were happy.


- It is Hiro, says the oldest…

- He is furious like a Mongol in front of the Russian tanks coming on his territory.


The dumb man was sorry not to be able to bring an essential information to the Master. He shook the head and rolled the eyes on the four sides. Thus he testified by his body to the absence of direction of his spirit.


- They arrived at Paris at the very famous Charles de Gaulle airport… You know Master, it was one of their great war leader…

- I know, says the Master….The one who said that all France resisted whereas all France… Come on! …. Said rather your problem.

- Then, all developed well… continues the old one…

- They have passed the passport control without problem, continued the young one…

- They have recovered their luggages, continues the old one…

- And it is at the Customs that everything took a turn for the worse !


The dumb man raised the eyes to the Sky… He did not understand!


- Your son was there to await them…

- He showed his Police force card to the Customs officers…

- He said to them that the three Asian people who arrived had secret documents hidden in their anus …

- Then it was the disaster!

- The customs officers rushed at them…

- They have been pushed in a very small office…

- They had to show their buttocks! …

- The customs officers have checked with lamps and devices.

- Hiro howled invective…

- They made him a report of « resistance ».

- The three others have also had a report…

- They did not have the clean and lawful bottom for the hygiene of international transports in plane…

- But fortunately your son came, said the young one.

he sorted out everything, said the old one…


- And they set out together… continues the young one…

- But Hiro wanted to break everything!

- Thus the police officers wanted to put him a kind of white blouse which they call a straitjacket.

- But fortunately that your son was there!

- He still has sorted out everything, confirmed the young one.


The dumb man did not know any more where to send his eyes… His understanding in front of the madness of the ordinary men escaped from his consciousness.


- Then, asked the Master?

- Your son made them leave the airport which is huge.

- A car awaited them, says the young one.

- They got into, said the old one…


The dumb man put a finger on his temple by looking at them… What idleness! What useless comments which retained the so invaluable time of the Master.


- And now, asked the Master?

- They are in the property of the Family near Paris… says the old one.

- It is there that Sophie is in security, with two guards and two women to take care of her, says the young one.

- Your son has made the presentations and the monks have taken possession of the body of Sophie.

- What means? asked the Master.

- They have laid her on a table…

-… comfortable with a pretty mattress, made clear the young one who had a soft spot for the young woman…

-… and they put the hands on her to check the level of her energy, continues the old one not happy to be cut permanently by youngest than him.

- And their conclusions, asked the Master?

- Vibratory State identical to that of vegetables, says the old one…

- Hiro forgot his fury… He did not understand how an intuitive Intelligence can be still in existence in a body so low in fundamental energy, says the young one.

- No, he did not say that! the old one was opposed… He has said that with such a so poor energy state the intuitive Intelligence is not active… Here what he said!


The dumb man nodded and confirmed.


- And then, asked the Master?

- Then? … The monks and Hiro have taken possession of their bedrooms…

- Large, ventilated, clear… says the young one.

-… with an integrated heating! … added the old one filled with wonder.

- Hiro has even said that he was not going to need his feet to keep warm his testicles during the night! the young one confirmed.


The dumb man, him, could not believe so such much comfort and he missed the word to express his amazement.


- And then, asked the Master?

- Then?


The three monks looked at themselves. There was no continuation…


- Yes, says the old one… Your son left with Yoko’s car.


The Master hid his fury behind his Asian smile




Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Continuation 9



My son,


… or I do not know any more very well if you are still « my » son!

Shame is on my face. What I say! It is in my body!

How can you receive my messengers in this ashamed way?


I do not know any more what to say, then I keep silent.


I send you my condolences for the death of your honor.


I do not know any more if I am your Father.



Well, the old grumpy man who is sticking his oar in when I am in full work! …

And with such comments for my worthy actions, I am confirmed that he is on the slope of pronounced senility.

Also as I do not have time to lose, I send him in return by carrier pigeon the small chicken that I communicate to you since I have promised you to hide nothing to you.


« Dear Master,


of this ashamed Family so much there are insanes inside.


I cannot accept your pointless comments which do nothing but testify to the degeneration of your cells of the brain, because for the Intuitive Intelligence, it beat it already ages ago because Intelligente as it is, it could not remain in such a senile body.


Thus with all the moderation which characterizes me, you will agree on it with me, I point out that time is not the friend of the man, what besides you give me a lot of hassle every day of holy day organized by the Buddha.


Then as I am in full grind after having burst the shit bag tied up too well in the « top secrets ! », I do not have time to lose because I must look on all the sides to get the exit of the mouse out of its burrow… Or of the rabbit, if you prefer because you like to exploit the words.


Then, what would it have occurred if I had received Hiro and your three monks in the Asian rules of propriety… the wellbeing of the luxury limousine, a Mercedes 600, whether you like it or not, that I have purposely rented for them at Hertz… the ceremony of the tea… the comfort of the rooms with heating integrated… the house of Master… the originality of the garden with his splendid trees and that so near to Paris…


So? … What would have become their determination for work? … with in add this jet lag which puts you tiredness in the body for days?


Then, as I said it to you, time is not the friend of the man and I have used an old proverb of lout of my Country: « Hatred holds right! ».


Thus I made them hate this Country from their entry and they are now at work because they do not intend to stay any longer in this region so badly blocked on the suitabilities minimum of respect for human…


Then instead of going to rest and to admire the perfection of the places and to ask me for news of my health, that you know very fragile, so much so that I must take a heap of precautions each day not to fall in curious diseases, with my herb tea before going to bed… although I know that for you the only disease which is lying in wait for me is the madness of pride…


Thus to get back to our sheeps which I did not lose because I am a good shepherd, I put them once again on my ewe named Sophie and they have connected the turbo because they could not make differently, seen the load of resentment and anger which they had in them and which had had well to be discharged somewhere.


Then in my benevolence of Father for their health, I gave them the ground of the immediate action, which they appreciated besides at its right value.


So, isn't it perfect work of Master and Father, that?


In your last love letter, you told me, that it is advisable for the Father to take care of the « equipment », of which I am not aware, according to you, in my role of son.


So what I did make? … if is not to take care of the equipment which you so nicely sent me and to put it under pressure straight to go to the Center of the Target…


This is not you who pointed out also to me the teaching of this dear friend of you, the Master of the Bow and the Arrow.


Then, what did I do of other which to follow these essential teachings that I received from you and from him?


Thank you thus to cease doubting of me.

I rather believe that you have doubts about you and do not know any more very well where you are in all the brothel which you permanently put in the body and the heart and the spirit of those of which you would be responsible.

Fortunately that « me » I have a good head on my shoulders and a body which can receive with dignity this Intuitive Intelligence without which we are a vegetable… and that I start to operate with Greatness your succession since the consciousness escapes to you more and more… What besides I understand perfect, considering your great age…


But it is necessary to know to take ones retirement and your hour may be approaches.


Your son… who does not need a Father. »


- Angel! says Yoko while rushing in the room of the puters… I have got news…


She settles in the armchair in front of me, a bundle of paper in the hand.


- At first, the newspapers… They stress on Sophie in priority… I believe that it is a « kindness » of the two journalists that you have invited to your operations. They have understood the bottom of your concern and they play on the emotional of the public by drawing the attention to the « terrible » life which her uncle made live to her to make her classify like weak mentally or emotionally… and the spoliation of part of her goods…


… Moreover, on this subject, the financial squad updated irregularities in the use of the benefit of the laboratory which returned to Sophie as owner… The uncle made placements for her of this money, according to the account books, but in the final operation, he slipped in other operations in the interest of the uncle and his dissimulated accounts…

…. And the notary did not make the recapitulation of the fortune of Sophie each year… He was satisfied with the first writings on the countable book of the lab and the tax declarations of Sophie on which she paid taxes on her profits …which in fact did not remain for her…

Moreover, he says to know nothing about the disappearance of the paintings of masters… and that he does not enter his functions to make the checking of their authenticity…


… Of course the notary comes now under fire with the investigating judge.


Thus the rabble takes fire and flame for the Sophie!


For the radio and the telly, they go to more serious and less emotional: the networks of women, the drug and the escapes of documents « Secrecy Defense ».


… There still full fires on the Uncle… He is now certain according to what Ahmed said, that his marriage with Sophie was already programmed and that consequently we cannot speak about handling, but of attempts of satisfaction of his future wife in order to balance her libido disturbed by the sudden death of her parents, which besides brought her a fifteen years psychoanalysis …


… The question remains outstanding since Sophie has disappeared and we cannot thus ask her the question.


… For the networks of drug and women, the discoveries and arrests continue… and a surprise: women in house « of formation » said that there were many of them who disappeared, and which that always occurred after the visit of four men who examined them and who for them were soldiers except the oldest who seemed to order and whom they recognized on photograph as being Professor Dupond…


… You speak about the bomb! … But the Professor and Ahmed do not want to say a word on the subject… They ask their lawyers…


… The investigating judge has programmed a confrontation between the two men and the five women…


… But it is quasi confirmed, because the Stup have said that they had received the order not to stop and annoy Ahmed by the Intelligence Services of the Armies… and that the Elysée has confirmed.


… The Army says being shocked of these insinuations and affirms to know nothing about these stories…


Here is thus one more actor in the play, she says smiling.


… Lastly, the network of drug was doubled by a network of clandestine immigration… They have discovered an underground hiding place in which about thirty men were waiting for their « papers »… The Police force went back quickly to the connection by the documents seized in the hiding place.


… One of the police officers of the « Stup » has had the intuition to show them a photograph of the Professor Dupond… There too, confirmation. They all have seen him, except the weakest ones and the sickliest ones… But the most vigorous and young people have been examined by him and three others who seemed soldiers, considering their haircut and their manner of being… After their visit, four of them have been called and we have never seen them again… But what has questioned the immigrants waiting for their documents, it is that they did not take their luggages…


The young man listened, like absent and Yoko was questioned because for her, all this rumpus in so little time constituted a success.


- Something’s wrong, Angel?

- Yes, all is well thus… The bag will continue to empty itself… It suffices to wait… All is well.

- But you are not content… I can see.


He smiles.


- Who is the mouse? … Nothing in all that gives me an indication… Or may be, all that gives me an indication, he says by detaching the words of his throat.

- The mouse?

- The rabbit if you prefer.

- This animal does not tell me more, she says while wrinkling the eyebrows.

- The one who has made start this case… He is not yet in all this unpacking… I do not feel him.

- I understand your question.

- Unless that not to feel him is the key, he says with even more slowness in his words.

- I can know?

- Not yet… Just a feeling in my body… he says… I will follow the trace.

- For that, I trust you, she laughs… And this evening, what do we do?


He left time to slip its time and its returned rain. Then he says, the chin in his hand, the eyes half-closed looking to the ceiling:


- It is necessary to leave time to Hiro and his monks to take more possession of the body of Sophie… I think that they need three days…

… For the official investigation, it is necessary also to leave it time to align the facts and to make of it a string which will become a cord to bind them.

… There is the watchdog of the Pyrenees of the Professor who knows a lot… You could may be pass the information to the two journalists so that they keep a small pill for him.

… Then let us spend the time… and let us go and eat in a restaurant of the area… I need to put my body in a popular space. I rest thus.

- You do not say all the truth, she whispers… You stay worried.

- Yes… Few questions which do not find a true answer.

- What?

- Why did one call upon our Family to regulate this problem?

- To have a new look and to pass beyond all the Police forces in dissension, she says… with in more the Army in the play.

- It is what the old fox who lords it at the Elysée says … But it is not true.

- Why?

- He has all the means at his disposal to regulate the case himself… Themselves… Because they are all together in a same trick and they know each other.

- So, she asks?

- All the more reason that there is a « Secrecy of State » below and they know it perfectly… at least the old man at the Elysée, the Army, Dupond and Ahmed… and perhaps even the Sophie…

- What means?

- That the networks of women, and drug and of immigrants, it is the façade…

- Then?

- Then? … Why do they need this façade? … It is that the true « Secrecy of State »… Why?


The young man lay on the floor on the central tatami and puts his hands up above his eyes, tensed arms. He made the divine mudra between his inches and the indexes and directed all his attention towards the void between them.

Then thoughts came, thoughts which were not his… and he says:


- We made us come to discover which the mouse is …

- I do not understand, she says.

- They know « everything » about this furbished… We do not teach them anything… We insert open doors with a facility so astonishing that it is not normal… Such a speed and such a good will everywhere!

- So?

- So? … They have a thorn in the foot… The one who has tipped the newspapers off on the escapes of secret documents in Russia… and they want this mole… For this reason they called upon us… Because what there is behind is a true shit and a bomb… Here is reason of our appearance.


The young man continued to pay his attention between his fingers and did not seek to control the movements of his brain because they were ordered by another « state » that his.


- And if this façade were not a façade… he says gently?

- What means ?

- If these networks and all this money constituted the logistics of the « Secrecy of State »… he says while shelling the words.

- You can specify?

- If the « Secrecy of State » needed these networks to exist? … Here is an interesting question…

… Then there would be a beginning of answer to one of the questions: why Ahmed knew himself so well protected that he took no care to dissimulate the documents… certain not to be never importuned…