59. End of the hope


Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind Continuation 15



Yoko arrived at breakfast, still looking bad and a pile of newspapers under the arm.


- Sophie makes the « headlines » of the newspapers, of the radios and telly, she makes while posing the pile on the coffee table of the living room.


A monk serves her a cup of tea and another approaches a chair near the table for her.


- Can you summarize, I ask, my cup of burning tea between the palms.

- Simple! … She has organized a press conference and she starts again everything from the beginning… The death of her parents… The sexual touchings of her uncle… and the confirmation of her old nanny whom she went to seek at the bottom of her Auvergne… The emotional sexual handling of her uncle who asked Ahmed « to mellow her »… what Ahmed hastened to confirm because thus he went partly out of the charge of procuring against her… Of the money stolen by her uncle who was not « a putting in security » like he says, but a personal use… what the financial Police force confirms… They have discovered two mistresses of the uncle who were kept with this money… thus there was no trace of these payments on the personal accounts of the uncle…

- Interesting, I say… She knows how to benefit from all the advantages that I gave her… A liar, liar and a half… Thus let’s see in the future.

- It is not finished on the financial side, says Yoko… The sale of the paintings was done by an underground organization which is a source for the fortunate collectors of the planet… The financial police force has gone up the network by the copies very well done… A lot of arrests… And it is obvious that this money was mainly used to supply cashes of organizations of extreme right-hand side, specialized in genetic researches and biology of the brain… Clandestine research centers!

- Interesting, I say… She defends herself well, the Sophie, in a so short time.

- She has put people on the field, I guaranteed it to you, said Yoko… She has not asked my team to drop her at her house. She has asked to be dropped at an agency of private detectives and of police protection… When she left the Agency at the beginning of the afternoon, she had with her also a lot of lawyers specialized in all the penal matters of the case….And it is this small army which arrived at her property… Useless to say to you that the uncle was quickly overflowed, him who took his nap quietly… And the Sophie reminded to him straight that he was at her home, and that she kicked him out while she was at it… Also, request to his dog of the Pyrenees as you call him to pack the luggages of his boss and his own at the same time… And the gorillas that she took along with her have activated the circulation so much so that the uncle and his dog found themselves on the pavement before realizing what was happening…

- And the press conference, I say ?

- Organized from the contact with the Agency of security and the arrival of lawyers… In the end of the afternoon in the living room of the property… To organize all that, an agency of « reception » was at work and the journalists were even entitled to have small cakes!

- What’s more, I say ?

- What’s more ? …. She said that she was not on the run but under the protection of the famous Chief Superintendent detached at the Elysée who dealt with the case at the request of the President of the Republic… You know ? … And how it is thus this famous Superintendent detached at the Elysée who had put her apart from the movement to allow him, to him! … not to her, to be able to follow the evolution of the actions of each one in order to light his lantern… Because for her! it is quite clear that she only wanted as quickly as possible to get in touch with the Examining Magistrates who dealt with the files in order to light « their » lantern… And which was not her surprise when she learnt that her uncle took for his advantage « the leaks » that she had herself organized, when she had realized the secret contacts that her uncle had with extreme-right-hand side movements … and also that she had surprised secrete ways of confidential documents out of the laboratory via one of the mistresses of her uncle who is also one of his private secretaries… Confirmation of the secretary who says not to know what there was in these packages which she had to give to a Mister who awaited her in a brewery of the Champs Elysées.

- Interesting, I say.

- Lastly, as there are divergence between her uncle and her on the origin of the « leaks », she has said that she can bring material proofs of the facts…

- Interesting, I say… And more ?

- That isn't enough like introduction for you ? she says, astonished and breathless because her lungs are not very well, considering the sadness which she has in the chest.


Hiro looked at her with an intensity that I know it to him well. He is the healer of the Monastery and he does not find her very well.

Then, compassionate as you know me, always concerned by my neighbour I ask her:


- And for you, my Beauty, how are you ?

- I think that one could better be, she blows with the tears which wet the eyes.

- You have made checks in your teams ?

- It is always the same most banal question: to seek the woman! she says without laughing.

- Yes ?

- My father had two Mistresses… I knew one of them, but I did not know that the other was so intimate with him… and she is in our team.

- Not the other ?

- It is a very normal French woman, she says.

- Normal ?

- Yes, a little thespian… that hangs around in the cultural evenings… My father liked this circle which gave him the impression to be more alive.

- And the other, not a Frenchwoman ?

- No, American… And the daughter of one of our team leaders over there.

- One of these team leaders who don't agree to have one day a Great White Master ? I ask.

- Exactly, she confirmed tired of all these words… She came here in additional training of combat near my father… Then she remained while being integrated into the group… I did not know their links.

- How have you discovered that ? …

- So simple… Love letters under the piles of shirts… How it is stupid!


The father took a hit in his daughter’s esteem and this did not make her laugh.


- I could one day see my father ? she asked the forehead on the edge of the bowl of tea, the eyes lost in the liquid.

- You know that « no »… I say, gently.

- Yes… I know… Rules! …


She remained a long moment motionless thus, then she asked:


- He will not suffer too much ?

- No, it will be fast, I say.

- Thank you.


Hiro attracted me in a corner of the living room.


- What are we doing with all this circus ?

- Nothing, I say…

- Ah! he answers.

- The circus will move for us and we will take the boat on the way, I say.

- Thus we wait ?

- Yes, and we continue, I confirm.


What I was waiting came the following day from the news of the morning. The Dupond professor was on the run! … and Sophie strutted about.

If Mrs Broussard has well done her work, she has tracked the uncle and I will be able to touch the center of my mission: to do the cleaning.


Thus I now have a little time in front of me and I will check the good quality of Sophie’s pubic hairs since she had proposed it to me so nicely… You remember ?


Then I take Yoko’s Jag.


- I go back to the center with you, she says while jumping on the passenger seat.


I would have preferred for her health that she still remains with the monks and drops for one moment the puters and all this shit around… Because to check the clearness of all the system, it is no picnic.


- I have the assistance of Gertrude, she says… She is specialist in data processing… that goes quickly with her, she answered to my interrogation.


Then, as she wanted to smile she informs me of the last gossip.


- You know… the soldier with moustache ?

- Yes, I say.

- And you remember the old woman who came to give him a strong hand in the story of the restaurant…

- Yes, I say.

- Well, they have appreciated so much each other in this exchange, that they have moved in together!

- She was not of the team ?

- No, she laughs… One « out »… You see how the meetings are surprising, she says while trying to hoodwink her sadness.

- Surprising, I say… and you my sweetheart! … You would not like to remain with us, just to calm your pain?


She let the rain continue to strike the body of the car. The tires make this so particular noise when the streets are wet. Paris is sad under the rain with people who run under their umbrella.


- No… I must clean in all the meanings of the word, she says blusteringly.

- Well, I say by putting my hand on her thigh which she accepts with a grateful caress.


One moment still slips. It is not easy to reach these small streets such as Mouftard.


- Pay attention to you, she says… I feel Sophie very dangerous … I do not know why ?

- I know, I say.


The rain is done fine.


- We arrive, I say.


We look at ourselves. We are not an ordinary couple. We do not need a kiss on the muzzle.

I tell her to pay attention to her. She tells me to pay attention to me.


I start in the night.


Now the sixteenth.

I need the « Police » card to reach Sophie’s crib. The gorillas track me.

The butler has changed. A swarthy man from the South of France… The Sophie seems to like what comes from Africa.


- I will see whether Madam is available, he says to me while installing me in the living room.

… Would Mister like to drink an alcohol ? … The hour is late and it is the moment to heat oneself a little, he says nice.


There is no provocation in him. He is attentive and he knows me through what the newspapers tell. He knows that I protected his mistress, then he would like to be good with me.


I decline the offer and settle in the armchair opposite the chimney which is lighted with a true wood fire.


I do not wait a lot and Sophie arrives, smart in a bright red suit which highlights the generosity of her breasts.


- What a happiness to see you at last! … I thought of you all the day and I can not thank you enough for all the help you have given me, she says while jumping at my neck, without concern of the butler who pokes the fire, just to check all the same if all goes well for his new mistress.

- I follow your adventures and I admire your performances, I say very socialite while standing up.

- Thanks to you! … Thanks to you and to the Force that you gave me, you and your monks, she says while pushing me towards the divan and settling beside me, the hip against mine.


Me, you know me. I do not waste time in words. Only action releases. Also I touch Sophie’s thighs. The butler has a quick look interested in my so direct manner to act. I have the feeling that he would take many advanced course with Sophie as guinea-pig…


Thus I go up quickly the hand towards the groin under her skirt.


- Rascal! She says.


That one has not understand anything yet!

I test the network of the liver which slips inside the thigh and touches the pubic bone. Come on! … For what does one take me ? … Always at work, I am.


Then, after the network of the liver, they are the Doors of Heaven that I check. These supports boobs with their reinforcement do not allow a sufficient dexterity. Then while going direct at the origin, I make pop open the thingy and the butler has not finished to control the fire.

The Doors of Heavens confirm me the radiation already perceived on the network of the liver. Nothing to do with this chick. All is in outside of her and she has not kept anything for her internal dimension. She has put everything on the field of the external combat.


I however try a last attempt of internal seduction.


- My monks are still here for a few days … Perhaps you could use them in order to go deeper in the knowledge of your emotional, I say.

- Oh! … How I would like! … But I have so many things to do… and a Judge has put me between the hands of a psychological group for I don’t really know what to check, she says.

- Well, I say… You are master of your life.

- I hope well! she says.


I then had a hand on her doors of Heavens when she pronounced these words. Violence and refusal were clear.


- Well, I say… I leave you… You are in good hand.

- Have you finished your mission, dear Superintendent, she says smiling while following me towards the door.

- Almost, I say.

- Then, I give you all my wishes of success… And once again, thank you, for all what you have done for me.


The more sorrowful of this separation was the butler who did not know any more how to relight the fire that he had extinguished.


It is not too late. I still have time to take an herbal tea with Mrs Broussard. These old women do not put their bones in bed before midnight.


- Hello, sonny, I precisely thought of you!

- I would have suspected it, I say, ambiguous.


She looks at me as one would do it of an Orang-outang.


- I wonder sometimes, how my dear friend the Roshi has made to understand you, my dear small.

- Oh… it is simple!

- How ?

- He has ceased saying « my dear small to me » after I have put my hand on his mouth in front of all the monks, I say with the smile of the cat famished in front of the mouse who laze in the sun, just to look after its rheumatisms.

- I see, she says… Then my dear little friend, you will take a new herbal tea for your liver.

- But I came exclusively for that, I say.


She recovered quickly the old woman!


- I will put a double dose, she says… I think that you need it.


Then we sip our herbal tea with true honey inside and in front of a true fire in the chimney.

She does not speak. Me either. Thus silence is not disturbed and I can follow the fifteen minutes by the clock which makes its sound, just for we do not forget that time is not the friend of the man.


- I would not like to be in your place, my boy, she says gently so much so that her breath did not disturb the flame.

- Me either, I say.

- I understand very well, she whispers half-heartedly.


The clock took again its time and continued its set of sounds. It could not make another thing!


Then me, you know me, always direct.

Then I ask her:


- The somersaults with the Roshi, it was good ?


She rejects on her dress the herbal tea mouthful which was about to pass from her mouth to her throat.

She does not say anything. She poses the cup on the small table beside her. She does not look at me. She calms her breathing.

Then she says very calm:


- I miss this time, my little… I would like to start again.


A point for her!


- The Roshi has well chosen, I say.

- I do not understand you anymore, sonny.


I let the fire struggle with the clock so that they decide which is the Master of Time.

Then I say:


- He has left his Force in you and I feel it well, I say. He was to really love you to leave part of him thus…

- Thank you, she says… We can hide you something, sonny ?

- I would like, I say.

- I would not like to be in your place, she says.


We are back to square one.

You see well that it is useless to move!


Then it is her who says:


- He is in a small property close to Paris… I put the address on this card for you.


I rise from the rocking chair. One would like to remain at this old woman!

She knows the effect that she has on me and she smiles.


- Pay attention to you, my small… The play will now become really dangerous.


As if the twenty guys in the refuse pit, that was just a preliminary.


Before I pass the door, she raises an idiot question:


- And for Kaki ?


I raise the shoulders and the rain swallows my silhouette which does not weigh heavy in the Universe


I take the heap and I drive towards the house where the monks await me for the following directives.


When I am on the ring road, an acute pain in the belly contracts me on the wheel and the image of Yoko is before my eyes.

« The arsehole! » I say in reflex.


My other reflexes are not appreciated by the users of the highway code and in particular of the ringroad where I am.

It is true that to take again the way in opposite direction with the accelerator on the floor, just to find an access road which will lead me to Paris, it is not made to prepare them to the voluptuous sleep with their shepherdess because it is two O’clock in the morning.


In short, all that to say to you that the Jag howls its nags and that when its pointed mug puts the nostril on the streets of Paname, there are people who breathe better on the ring road.


But as you know it, the Universe is a permanent compensation; also they are the small drunkards who return from the boozer who remains speechless in the middle of the roadway when I pass between their legs.

They remember direct the story of the alcoolo who received a remonstrance of his father. Have I told it to you, that one ? No ? … Then I repair…

The Jag can continue alone its howling, and it is better for it to be alone and not with me at the wheel, because it cannot read and does not know the meaning of the roadsigns. You know how me, I am serious in all circumstances and to follow the indications I will arrive too late.


Ah! Thus, the story of my alcoolo… Here it is:


There was thus a guy who drank too much every evening and his father reprimaned him about it. The major fulcrum for the father was to say that his son had to cross a bridge to come back home and that he ran the danger to fall into the river and to be carried away.

Then, as a caring son and respectful of the fears of his father, he drank less one evening, and proud of him, went back home.


But he fell into the river and it is a miracle that he is not lost for the men! … Fortunately that a fellow, having eaten nothing, who could not sleep had decided to go for a small walk on the bank, just to calm his tensions.


Then the father made again the reproach to his son: « I had said it well to you… You drink too much!… It is miracle that you are still in life »


Thus, to the surprise of everybody, it is the son who flied into a temper cross and turned against his father: « No, it is your fault, yours! »


Nobody understood this mood of the son. Then, as he was sobered up by the bathe in the icy water, he explained:


« Normally, when I arrive in front of the river I see three bridges… And I always take the one of the middle… Then, this evening, to follow your advice, I drink half of the habit and I see two bridges. I took the one of right-hand side and I fell into the water… It is your fault with your famous advices! »


The father has perhaps understood a little that before giving advices and wanting to change people, it would be necessary to examine a little more closely the details of their sensations and visions…


Moreover the guys who plaster all these boards should take a leaf out of his book… To make waste their time, they know a thing or two about ! …

Thus, me you know me ?…Always direct and at the shortest…

I thus arrive street Mouftard in a time that I have not calculated but I think that I can be satisfied with me… I jump of the cart without checking that all is well stopped, but intelligent as it is, it will well find a place to stop its impetus and to find a place where to be posed without bothering the others… The code of the main door jumps at the end of my fingers… And me, I jump at the end of my legs to climb the staircases as a squirrel which makes use of the banister like launching platform… The key of the flat is in my hand and the lock makes tilt… And in my impetus I shoot out in the room of meditation of the pad.

« The arsehole! » I say…


Because Yoko, has prepared herself perfectly well for the kaput ritual, you know the thing where you open the belly and you wait until all your intestines are well spread out in front of you, before asking your assistant to cut you the head with his saber.

But as she does not have an assistant, she has posed a firearm beside her.

And she is now at the stage to insert the knife in her belly whose point is already under the navel.


Thus, me, you know me ?… Quick as lightning and I dive and catch the two wrists which push the blade.


The Yoko pushes a cry. I do not know of what ? … Of pain because blood beads from her opened skin, or of the grip of my fingers of which she cannot release her hands.


In short, the knife goes flying at the end of the room and I give her a slap between the gums, just to bring her back to more consciousness and also to release my bladder and my liver at the same time of the anger which holds me the guts.


Come on! … You who follow me step by step… What would it have happened at the Yoko if I had wisely followed the road indications of those who are paid to make waste their time to people ? … From the first energetic law they are nourished each day… Thus with such a meal you do not think all the same that they will change! …. Then stop moaning because you nourish them still more… And if they make a cancer of the intestines, because for the heart it is impossible considering their rate of work, you do not precipitate to help them… The karma, you know ? … This stuff of cause and effect… Then each one makes his result and you do not worry for them. They will have the end which they have made.


Thus to say to you that I am in anger against all: the father, the mother, the son and the daughter… I leave you the Holy Spirit because as it does not exist, you cannot harm you a lot with it! …

And I take the Yoko in tears in my arms, because after the shock it is always the chaos.


She is shivering the small one. I make her run a burning bath, what is not great for her opening of the belly which runs blood, but it is superficial. She has had only time to cut the skin. The muscles behind are intact. Then that will put a little color in the bath, but it is necessary to stop her nervous shiver which can reach her meninges.


Thus I place a superb compress on her belly and plunge her in the bathtub.


She let me do. It is always the same scenario after having been in front of death. In front of we are an adult, after we become again a child.


Then I deal better with her wound. A beautiful scar to remember it for life… but nothing bad.

I give Mrs Broussard a bell to send me a doctor for the stitches.

In short, everything’s fine for Yoko.

And two hours later I hit the sack with her at side, just to check well her heartbeat with my hand catching in the palm her tit.


In the small hour, I prepare the breakfast and she arrives pale and not too proud of her.

I do not make her any remark.

I only say: « I need you ».

She listens to me in silence with her bowl of burning tea between the hands.

The smile returns timid as my words progressed.

Then she says: « thank you ».


It is time to go to prepare the field. I have asked the small old woman, a former girlfriend of the not beautiful old who claims to be a father to me a detailed plan of the property where the uncle of Sophie lives… Here is one who will soon have a visit.


It is also time to return towards Hiro and to put him in the know.


- Thus it is lost, he says.


He is not sad. He does not know this feeling. It is thus! …

Quite simply.


- No, not yet, I say… There is still some lucks to make cracking up the niece. Then you continue to charge her with your monks. She will have to take a definite decision which will engage her karma.


The shaven cranium stirs up in consent and he will tell the monks to put themselves in a state of charging.


Me? … I wait…

A piece of information will come from Broussard telling me the good moment of the attack.

If the monks make their job well today, all the day, compression will be so strong on Sophie that she will have need to discharge it.

It is the manner of releasing it which I wait.

Then, if the work of Hiro is strong enough, it will be perhaps for this evening… Or tomorrow.


It was tomorrow.


Then I make irruption at three O’clock in the morning in the pad of the uncle, after having overcome the security systems.


« Cuckoo! » I say by putting full fires and as I like the air, as I am at it I draw the curtains and opens large the window.

The most astonished, it is the Sophie who sleeps nacked with the uncle!


- You do not have the right to be there! …. She howls… It is not your mission!

- My mission ? … It is wide, you know tart! … To clarify this case and to give the whole to your President who is engaged in front of France, I say, pompous.


The one who is « out » it is the uncle. Too much for him!


But the Sophie she has character and to show her pubic hairs does not worry her. She does not draw the cover on her modest breasts.

It is the uncle who tries to recover a little of the covering, just to mask his corkscrew sex. That smells the cum in the pad and the fresh air makes good to my delicate nostrils.


- Outside! … continues to howl Sophie… It is an illegal intrusion.

- What is illegal, it is to lie to everybody, I say while taking the armchair in front of the bed and while putting my shoes not very clean on the covering. It became a practice on their premises: they push me to clean my pumps on their material!

- I did not lie… To anybody, she howls even more.

- Then, what did you do, I ask ?

- I defended myself, she continued in her yell…DE-FEND-ED! You hear well, bloody Superintendent!


Hey! … She loses her refined vocabulary of the small respectable middle-class woman.


Then I push a little more.


- And does to screw with your uncle belong to the « defense » ? I say.

- Of course! … What do you think that it has occurred since years… I defended myself!

- Hmmm, I say… Since you understood that to let touch your sex on his knees in front of the chimney was not enough of pleasure… And that if you also take his in hand, you increase the pressure, I finish on my impetus.

- E-XAC-TL-Y! she says while continuing on her yells.

- And moreover, you have discovered that raped can become raped and half and that you could control the impulses of your uncle, whereas it is him who thought to control yours.

- What harm can that do ! … One must defend oneself as one can! She says by finishing her snigger.

- Then you became the mistress of the play.

- E-XAC-TL-Y! whether you like it or not, Mister the Superintendent because you will never be able to prove anything… For everybody, I am the « victim ».


It is the uncle who opens the eyes. He does not look after his uncovered penis any more when he goes up the back against the post of the bed, just to approach the vertical, position which helps the understanding.


Sophie does not mask anything any more; she enjoys!

She pushes back the cover and the sheets towards me with an angry movement of the legs and opens the thighs.

She touches herself and looks at me full in the face. She wants to show me her pleasure to be naked, to be discovered, to have a theater for her action, to have finally a possibility of saying, of showing the secrecy of her desires and dashes…


At least, she can be shown as she is… And to enjoy it openly!


- You will never be able to prove anything, small poor cop who thinks to be a great killer of lie!


I smile, modest, and that unchains her still more.


- Yes… I know your questions… Then I give you the answer which makes me enjoy with pleasure so much so that I run all alone between my thighs… Yes! … It is me who has organized everything, made up everything… from the beginning until the end.

- Even Ahmed, I say.

- Of course! … Via my uncle… To be taken, to be handled, to be diminished! … What a foot whereas it is me the Boss!

- The drugs ?

- It is me too, she was proud… Small Ahmed! … He did not understand that it is me who made up his circuits… As the women… as the men… Me! … All alone!

- And your uncle, I say.

- Him! … He followed. He was the screen before me… Me! I remained well hidden behind, the eyes to the Sky and the heart of starry-eyed young girl.

- Thus the circuits of extreme-right-hand side, it is you too ?

- Of course! … And believe well that those ones have quickly understood the bottom of my dashes: to conquer the world by the biology and the cloning… And it is them who has organised secretly the networks of Ahmed who did not even realize that he received all on a plate.

- And your uncle, I repeat ?

- He dredged in the high realms the administrative supports, she says disdainfully, as one speaks about a gun dog which does an average work.

- And the end…The « leaks » ? …


She laughed to twist her bowels and she get up from the bed and made few steps of dance in front of me, the pubic hairs level with my nose.


- But there is no end, she laughed… Mister the Superintendent… How do you find my bottom of released woman ?

- It does not smell very nice, I say while giving a slap on her buttocks… Make your dance of the bottom for others, tart.

- And obscene with that! she says… And one more who cannot appreciate a strong woman! … But my dear, there is no end… There is only one modification of the actual state which had to be changed… It is true that you put a little brothel to me that I did not wait… But now all is returning in its right place.

- What ? I say…

- She sucks her finger very kid… Well there is an Ahmed too demanding and easy to replace… There are Russians to release because now other laboratories are assembled… and there is my uncle who it is time to make him take retirement.

- Then you have made up everything, I say… The paintings, the cash, the secretary mistress of the uncle…

- Of course… It is necessary to know to be the Master everywhere! … And I am the Master.

- And the uncle ?

- The poor! She says while looking back at him… He is on the run… and he will have an accident… I believe that today it will be his last ejaculation…


The uncle is « out ». He discovers his niece whom he thought to have formatted for him… And it is her who has formatted him!


- But « one » tried well to kill you, I say ?

- That was a wrong move decided by Secret Services which had the jitters of the discoveries on this subject.

- They feared that one knows the agreements between them and your uncle because at this time everybody thought that it was you the source of the leaks.

- But my dear, you have the intelligence below the average she laughed… It is well « Me » the origin of the leaks… But these misters had not seized yet that it was also « Me » the Master of the play… and not my uncle.

- And now everything went back to normal, I say.

- Yes… « One » has made them understand their error.

- And the President, I asked ?


She laughed.


- That one, he will not have understood anything from the beginning to the end! … She was pleased with herself.

-What means ?

- « One » has put a baby on his knees which he has discovered with « all the French »… and he was deprived of information so much so that he could not know any more « who » was the baby and « what » he was.

- His Police and Secrecy Services has not opened their files to him?

- But no! … They wanted him to take a tumble, she laughed.

- Why ?

- They do not want his re-election.


I rise and I say:


- All that is really well.

- Well! … What thus, she says with a small concern in the voice.

- But my mission… To inform the President who will give the message to French People… and to do the cleaning.

- But you can prove nothing, Mister the Superintendent Spe…

- I do not have to prove… I have to clean, I say.


Then, this time, she is really anxious…


- You are killer, aren’t you ?


By saying that, she comes close to a chest of drawers in which I would bet that there is a firearm in a perfect condition to crush the flies.


- I am a killer of the lie, I say… Men can choke themselves with their tricks, I do not put myself out for that.

- Ah! She says reassured on her physical health… But you can prove nothing.

- I said it to you… I do not have to prove, but to show…

And each one will make his judgment.


She frowns and her skin starts to present a grain of the one who is cold.

She goes towards the window to close it. She carburizes with kerosene.


- Too late, I say.

- Too late « what »?

- To close the window.


She turns pale.


- The clandestine recordings will be non-valid for the Justice, she howled… And I am influential.

- Not here, I say.

- Why ? more and more livid.

- Because all is on line on Internet… There is sophisticated material now… Cameras, recorder… and the whole « on line »… Eh yes, my beautiful Sophie… All has been on line since the beginning and million people are admiring your bottom.


She has fast reflexes.


- I will say that they are false! … That you have made up everything… That… You do not have witnesses!


You know the famous song of a French singer a little passed by Armenia… « They came… They are all there… She will die the Mama… »


Then I raise the bottom of my armchair and opens wide the door of the pad… They all are there with their pencils and their recorders… The flashes crackle.


Me, timid as you know it, I beat it… Moreover, it is very simple, nobody saw me, heard me… A true draft the guy who makes just his sixty kilos entirely wet… It is true that with the little brain which I have, I cannot make the weight!


I recover Yoko in the Jag… Three guys let us beat it in a van with a bloody equipment.


- All is in the box, she says satisfied.


She has taken again colors whereas the cold is terrible.

See as all is a question of the positioning of our spirit!


During the way back to street Mouftard she asks me:


- The first day you said that she emitted the vibration of the energy of the truth… Then I do not understand this reversal.

- Exact I say… But this vibration was NEVER repeated… Then I knew that this vibration was cloned…

- You can tell me more ?

- This Force of separation is able to copy the vibrations of the Forces of Creation… But it is not able to hold in time… Just an impulse which makes believe… But if one does not jump above like an « obviousness », she does not repeat itself… It is like a car which has enough gasoline to leave the garage, but which must find a pump quickly or it will conk out on the roadside.

- Yes… I understand now… It is by the attention that we give to the car that we give it the gasoline which it needs to carry on its road…

- Thus to never jump on « the obviousness » and to wait… If the impulse comes well from Creation, the vibration will be maintained.

- Thank you, she says… For all.


She finished the way the head pressed on my shoulder and I drive gently.

She finished against me in the bed.

Her scar of ten centimeters hurt her but she does not complain.

The doctor says that all was well.

I put Gertrude and the military moustache near her to take care.


I am already in the crests of the frozen mountains to slip on the ice and to share my breath with the barn owls.