52. Confidence is the Door


Heidi sat down on the cushion in front of the Master who waited for her… But this time he does not say « I know ».

There was gravity in her eyes in this small day which gave just its light over the crests.


- I would like to help Angel of before and Yoko to transform the energetic structure of Sophie, she says, with the words which ran from her throat, one after one in the knowledge of the importance of her willing and of her request.

- Why do you want to do this magic operation on the Writings?

- I do not know… I just feel the necessity in my heart.

- Do you believe that my son is not enough powerful to have obtained this result by himself ? he says, very serious.

- I do not know… I have not learn about the following Writings… But all this night, I touched the urgency to meet you this morning and to ask you for your assistance for that, she says, with the words which continued to run smoothly and without precipitation.

- Do you believe that he did not receive sufficient assistance of the small Japanese woman! he was ironical.


His irony did not push far its trace; the young woman felt that it was false and only one provocation for her.



- Do you believe that he does not have enough power to nourish her and to give her the Force which she needs to help him in his mission? he added.

- I believe that she is not strong enough, she says without emotion.

- Why do you believe that, he asked in a serious which astonished the young girl.

- I feel it thus… She raises sometimes questions, or a manner of formulating her words… which are not from the Dimension of your son of before… and even less of your son of now, she declares without fear of the terrible words which leave her throat.

- Is it all? he asked… You hide something behind your back.


Heidi smiles. She liked to be thus discovered when the total truth did not pass her lips and that the event obliged her to go at the bottom of her heart.


- I also believe that I am influenced by the Book of « the Child »… She has betrayed your son… She has not assisted him in the request that he has made her… She tried to harm him… She has lost into final his Confidence, which for me is the most important…

- So, he asks.

- So ? … If she had been touched enough by your son during this first meeting, in this mission « the Whirlwind », she would not have reacted thus in « the Child » and would have followed your son of before until the bottom of the Hell if he had asked her…

- Well considering, my daughter of the Mountains of the North… You know to face facts… Thus you tell me that Yoko will not be able to correctly plant her arrows in the target which is Sophie… and that the help which she will bring to my son will be insufficient…

- Yes, it is what I feel… and I would like to make that your son wins his challenge against this Force of the pleasure to do oneself harm… Here what I would like!


The Roshi took the time of long breathings; his eyes entered the body of this small member of the mountain opposite him. She impressed him by this so direct manner to tell the facts, those coming from outside, like also those from her heart.


« She is not afraid of the judgment of the others, he tells himself in the secrecy of his head… My son of now has well transformed her being, so timorous and timid before! »


Then he opened the mouth.


- You are right on Yoko… But how can you believe that my son of before could not win alone this challenge on Sophie?

- I do not know… I only feel that I must help him! she says while entering the secrecy of her heart in order to be certain not to invent the words which were posed between them.

- I can tell you that my son has won his mission in his country, says the old man while smiling.

- His mission! … That to find from where come the escapes of the documents and to get out of trouble the Emperor?

- Yes… A quite complicated case… That my son has disentangled with his usual vigour!

- He has also enclosed the totality of his mission? … That to make clean the ground behind him?

- Yes, he says by continuing his smile…

The young woman looked at the wood wall behind the head of the Master; there was there a knotty blackened by time. In the middle of this knotty, all was black. She concentrated on this small very black space and she brought it in her belly like « her » Angel had taught her.

First, it was a crispation of her stomach with a very strong contraction at the plexus… Then some heat came, releasing the tensions of her body.


Then the magic of the Universe acts. So often « her » Angel had said to her to rely on It and to wait for its action.

The hollow of the very black wood became gilded. In the center of this gold there was a point of white light, very sharp, almost unbearable to face. She entered this light.


« Her » angel was there, upright with his transparent cape. He smiled to her and he says to her « Come in me ».


She entered him, astonished by this new Dimension, so simple, so luminous, in which the emotion did not exist… in which the name even of « emotion » did not exist.

She sought the suffering in this place; there did not exist either… Then she understood the words that he had told her one day, in front of the reddish crests, whereas she was filled with wonder of all these colors and beauties of the nature: « There exists a Dimension where the name of Suffering does not exist… So how there would be somebody researching Happiness? »

Now she understood and received a shock.

She looked below her… There was the Roshi, sitting on his chair! … There was also « her » sitting on her cushion opposite the old man.


« You are in the first double, he says… From there you can observe the Earth of the men and enter in their heart… Then look at well! »


She looked at the scene under her… This assembly between the Master and her… She saw the black and red color in the heart of the Master. She saw his suffering hidden under the quiet smile.

She knew then that his son of before had lost his challenge with Sophie…

He had won his mission according to the men but he had lost in his pleasure to change the World.


The hand of his Angel from here cherished her nape of the neck and removed the tensions. Her heart burst of happiness.


She knew now that her visions and sensations of the night were not lies.


« You only miss the manner of understanding them, says her Angel in a caress of the breath on her head »


Then she closed the eyes because the light became blinding. When she opened them again, the knotty of the wood was again black.


Then she looked at the Master and says:


- Useless to hide your suffering, Master… He has lost.


He took the silence like witness… Then he says:


- Yes… He has won according to the men… but he lost according to God.

- What did it occur?


He carried his memory deep down.


- The opening of the memories went smoothly… She could see and understand by herself the emotional handling of which she was the object…

- Afterwards?


He smiles.


- Afterwards? … she fell asleep in this new peace of life… and did not go further in the knowledge of her basic structure… As many people, you know! he says sad.


The young woman was astonished by this answer.


- The « sight » of this alienation was not enough strong to change her ?

- She has all recovered in her old system of reference… like many others! … They take the thorn out and that is enough for them… To face the matter which makes it possible the thorn to enter, does not worry them… As many…

Then it is a lot of work and of effort for nothing… because the addressee of this releasing action is still the Force which has installed the structures in the human bodies… which are now all controlled by this energetic principle.


It is her who now needed silence to let the words of the Master make their effect in her brain.


- You want to say that there was a « time » for the man where this structure did not exist?


He became dreamy.


- Yes, that has existed… But no need to dream, my little girl of the mountains… We cannot go back to it and now, the energetic structure belongs to the genetic constitution of the matter from which the man is conceived, he says sad.


The young woman let silence enter and leave to its suitability. Her head did not function. Her heart either. Total Silence.

Her Angel often said to her: « From this Silence, all is created… and only this Silence loves ».


The Love for the Man inflated her breasts and she heard herself to say:


- How can we replay?


The Roshi thinks and says:


- To send him assistance.

- How?

- Assistance from here, he says slowly, leaving the vision to take form in front of him.

- Yes?

- To send him monks of this time who knew this method to open the memories by the Doors of Heaven.

- They know this technique because it was also applied to them?

- Yes, says the Master… There are still the three old men who heat their bones at the sun on the stone bench of the courtyard… There is also Hiro who has helped me to practice this energetic operation on my son of before…

- So! … We can set out again for a new adventure, she threw out.

- Yes, we can, he says, seduce by the enthusiasm of the small lioness of the mountains opposite him.

- It suffices to ask them, she declared without beating about the bush.

- Yes, it suffices! … he burst out of laughing.

- Then it is your work to convince them! she says with this authority which came to her from the Light in her…

- It is my work… he says while continuing to laugh.

- And you know that it is urgent! she says.

- Do not take me yet for completely senile, he says… Or I will end up believing that it is my son of before whom returns through you! ….


The young woman rose of a jump and reached the door.

She also had to be prepared and to make her own part of work.


- Thank you Master, she threw while passing the door.


She did not see that it is the old man who bowed while looking at the thin silhouette jumping the stairs and running in the small garden.



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Continuation 8



My son,


I wish to show you once again, if that proved to be necessary, the Greatness of my heart and the sincere interest that I testify for your happiness and the peace of your deepest being, the one you hide behind all your fawnings. Also in constant worry that I have for your happiness, I will never repeat it enough because you have an astonishing propensity to forget it, I would not like that you return to the monastery once more bitter of the misery of the World and of the blandness of the people who occupy it…


I know that for you the intimate communication with our deep being, which we call here « To see our original face, the one before our birth » is the essential of your life and your only interest. I must recognize on this subject the splendid radiation that my old friend the Master of the Bow and the Arrow has produced on you. You returned like a new man. I had tears in the eyes to look at you going down from the mountain and slipping between the vertiginous peaks of the crests so dangerous that even the chamois from here do not venture themselves there, because as opposed to what certain hunters believe, they are not insane and have a heart…


It is thus I believe to have met in one of them my maternal grandfather… He had as principal occupation to jump on all what moves, and in particular on the women… It was thus very normal that he came back in this World as an animal which jumps from peak to peak in order to see further than far, since he had not understood in his previous life what it is to be whiter than white… You know like this detergent! … Please look again at the depth of this maxim because I always have the impression that its essential escapes to you. Without wanting in no case to direct your spirit that I know to have a constant need for freedom, I really believe that this publicity agent was a great man in the knowledge of the World.


Therefore, where was I ? … You see how you would manage to make lose the wire of the logic to the man the best trained to follow the track in front of him. Must say on this subject that you are Master to follow the movement traced by the Universe in front of you, and it is for this reason we gave you this nickname of « Silent Tracker »…You will still ask me what this comment comes to do in this manner that you have to make lose the trace at the one the best trained? It is that you are « silent » my son… You push the others in their « foolishnesses » to use of one of your incisive words, which shows once more the overflowing attention that I have for you and to understand you! … Thus you push the others in their thoughts, their hopes, their imagination… You create a splendid cloud of smoke and we do not feel you to arrive, because you have slided in silence on the trace that you you have not lost sight, between the meanders of the emotions and sensations of the others that you have excited.


Thus you are a great silent and only you you know what you are doing!


But whether you like it or not, me too I know what you are doing and the senile old man that I am can follow your trace.


Also I understood well your « training » with new tools when you have taken Yoko’s car and driven it on the expressways at countercurrent.

You have tested your possibility with modern machines to push the others in their illusions. Because these ones did not know that we must look at the voids and not at the fulls. Like in the real reading! To know how to read is an Art that few people alas know. And even less train! … Ah! How they are captivated, how they are captured by the written words, by the black letters on the blank paper !… Sometimes they write in color and use a paper which they consider more delicate… But they remain in the same movement… They are in this prison where all is changed but in fact one does not change anything… Because they continue to be concentrated on the letters, on the « fulls »…


They do not know that the heart of the one who writes, his heart and his spirit, are contained in the « voids », in the white between the words and the lines.

They do not know that if they really wanted to read and to understand, they would not pay attention to the fulls of the letters and they would find their answer in the « voids » between them and this answer will come to burst in their heart and their intelligence.


They will have understood what the writer wants to say, they will have even understood and grasped the writer! …


But while paying attention only at the full of the letters, they receive like knowledge only the reactions of their own spirit under the provocation of the words. And they believed themselves intelligent! They meet only the obviousness of the one of their spirit!


And thus hardly arrived at the capital of the Country that you had left furious, what I say! In fury… you went to check if they could read the highway code.

But they were concentrated on the « fulls », on the cars and in particular yours which charged right in their muzzle.

You, you only looked at the voids between the cars and the infinite space that there was there to slip in it without noise.


My son, you fill me with wonder sometimes! … But as I said it to you, I would not like that your amazement dried up and that you return once more close to me with the fury in you… because I know that you will let it off steam on the monks during the trainings of combat… and it is very difficult to find good equipment now!

As son, you do not know the heavy responsibility of being the Father. I must keep my monks in good state and it is not with prolonged stays at the infirmary that they can progress in confidence « that to like death, it is to like the life. »


Then, you see that after a long detour I come back to the reason of my short note that I send to you by usual carrier pigeon, the one which goes direct to the goal and do not lounge around in some inns on the way…


And thus that you can trust me because I do not lose your trace, even under the impulses of your genius to mess it up…


Thus I said to you that extremely concerned of your mood and your pleasure, I have made the dream, perhaps a little idiotic, to send you assistance in order to pressurize the energy in the body of this beautiful a little milky child who bears the charming name of Sophie… Do you remember her? … It is this soft person who wanted to show you the nipples of her breasts so that you can take your small morning hot milk there…



In short, to go at the bottom of the subject because if the message is too heavy the pigeon will slow down its flight, knowing that you are in a heavy embarrassment with each one and that under your quiet airs you function at three hundred and twenties per hour, I would like to relieve you on the one hand of the intendance so that you can devote yourself to the essential, as it should be in the training of your role of future Master of the Family.


Therefore, I send you Hiro as support and three other valorous monks, real combatants against the lie.


I am certain that you will be able to welcome them in the worthy Capitale of your Country that you like so much, with the smile and the good mood that I know you.


I would take the liberty of one parenthese that I would not like to be an advice because I know your habit to step them over… Moreover « to step over » is the good word! … You know the fury of Hiro when a monk do not know to cut the raw fish with the knife following the grain of the flesh and the speed of the gesture giving this so delicious taste to the Sushis…

Then please, do not take him off in one of these Japanese restaurants which flower in Paris and which have the claim to serve these delicious pieces of raw fish… I know him enough to know that from a jump he « will step over » the counter and will cut the throat of with his own knife the low and terrible being who thus assassinates this so rare and delicate savor of the fish… and will continue the work in its perfection in order to serve you, you, the future Master of the Family, in the perfection.


So take care of him well as he cares so much of you and serves you in any circumstance.


One more note… It is the first time that these monks, and Hiro go in a country out of Asia… So do not take them along to the brothel. They would be shocked and would lose by that a part of their determination and force to prepare Sophie for you and her meeting with the memory of her cells… You will easily understand, you who have done the experiment, that accustomed to the so delicate grain of skin of the woman of Asia, as well as the suppleness of the flesh below, they… In short, you understand me, I am certain in the secrecy of my heart, even if you continue to do the idiot, who is one of your methods to smoke out the trace…


I thus await the pleasure of seeing you happy, my son, in the success of what you like the best: to provoke the meeting of a Being with his original Dignity… What besides sometimes has made me suppose that when you are Master of this Worthy Shin Family, you will change the sign and you will write « Marriage Bureau »… What gives me cold sweat during the burning nights of the torrid summer here.


I hold you in my arms of Grandmother because sometimes I prefer to change sex, because with you, we must always be on the alert… And I know how you are protective of the Woman!


Thus I make you a delicate juicy female kiss on the muzzle.

For the lips, we will see later… I must train…


With you, my son.