49. The Arrow always in the Center !


- Let us go further, says Heidi. This so far Angel will not leave us time to breathe and to count our breathings like old men with the days of their retirement…

… « Time is not the friend of the man! »… Do you remember what he always said to us when we took spiritual attitudes of those who have the feeling to have understood something… Do you remember?


- I remember that he said that Time leaves us time to file the events and their consequences in our memory, and then we are dead for the True Life… he says.

-… and we become tape recorders then, she continued… Do not let thus such essential sentences unfinished, my dear monk who always forgets half of « everything ».

- It is you who are too fast… It is what I was going to add after I begun again my breathing.

- Wrong ! she says ironical… Your breathing had lost its dash and was analyzing on itself.

- Let us say then that your remark reactivated my memory which was perhaps a little lethargic, Tong sighed.

- No! … You sleep, or you are in life… No intermediary and omission between the two…


- So, what do I do now?

- You read! … We lose too much time… He goes more quickly than us and we will be walked out on the side of the road like was Yoko… We have to understand quicker than him to be able to follow him, do you understand ?


- How can we be quicker than him? … There I do not understand anything! … It is not possible.

- Yes, it is possible! … You stay with his energy and you are then in advance on his words and actions which are only consequences of the movement and of the intelligence of this energy… Do you understand?

- No… But I know that you you understand and for the moment that is enough for me in all the brothel that I feel in me so much so that sometimes I do not know any more how I am called.

- Ah! … You forget yourself sometimes… You please me… Perhaps you have a chance not to be a being of second hand for life, she says while laughing… Go, now, read!



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Continuation 5




- Tell me, Yoko, what do you have on this Ahmed?


The young Japanese woman smiles.


- I knew that you were going to ask me this question she smiles… You know, it is a whole poem because we touch there to a great part of the handling that there is around Dupond.

- I listen to you, says Ange lying on the divan of the Room of the computers of the center. Yoko is sitting in front of a large console and plays with her mouse. Texts, figures, listings scroll and she looks at them quickly to have her memory back in activity.

- Then I will go to the essential of each data of our investigation and we will detail a particular fact if it holds your attention… Does that suit you, she asks ?

- Absolutely… I have the ears cleaned out.


She takes a time of concentration then starts.


- First, it is Sophie’s « boyfriend »… A little particular because he is also procurer and makes use of the Lady to make money with a little depraved guys… You know, those who like to enter a hotel bedroom whose door is not closed… and with a flashlight to eye up the Lady who has forgotten to pull the covers up and has the transparent bady-doll nightie level with the pubis… You see?

- Very well, I say… Continue.

- And then who passes the hand on the body of the lying Lady who does not awake, so much she has a deep sleep!

- I see…

- And then there are also the others who like to see the ladies hardly dressed going down the corridors of the hotel to complain to the hotel manager about a disturbance in the room… And if by listening to him with all the attention indispensable to his hard trade, the hotel manager touches her breasts and cherishes her buttocks while looking for a solution for the problem arising, and that the very worried lady does not have any reaction to this wandering hand in front of the cameras connected to a few privileged bedrooms which pay a very expensive price…

- I see…


- And if the Lady retains in a railway hotel a bedroom so cheap that the shower and the toilets are at the end of the corridor with a long corridor more than dark and that the latch of the toilets does not function well… What opens the door to all the uncertainties and the surprises when we are under the shower, if I can say the things thus…

- I see…

- And if it is a place where nobody is worried when the woman shouts so much so that it is preferable for her health that she smiles to the newcomer and does not precipitate on her clothing…

- I see.

- And if the newcomer, very astonished to find her there takes his shower with her and benefits from it to check the state of her sex by using his… What could be more natural all in all!

- I see.

- And if while leaving the Mister takes also the clothing of the lady, inadvertently… and that the lady must go back naked to her room at the end of the long corridor… Because there is a sign in the toilets saying that it is interdict to bring out the towels from this place… and that the lady obeys very well to the directives of management of the hotels which accommodate her.

- I see.

- And that even if she is certain to have left the door of her room open, she finds it locked… And that she has to go down two floors to go to the reception… whereas it starts to be noisy in the rooms and that resembles at very popular voices of foreign workers, and even immigrants…

- I see.

- And that the hotel manager keeps her hanging about the naked buttocks in the corridor because he does not find the double of the key of the bedroom…

- I see.

- And that he makes a remonstrance that she is not a released woman when she tries to hide her nipples with her arms… so much so that she believes to have to frankly place her hands on her head for well showing her freedom …

- I see.

- And that if the hotel manager puts the key on her head with her hands above and that thus she is in the perfect and noble attitude to go up the two floors and to go back to her bedroom.

- I see.

- And that if a meeting in a corridor pushes her against a corner and touches her under the eye of avid cameras… Her, remaining hands on the head not to lose once again her key… What could be more normal… We are in conviviality on this Earth of Men!

- I see.

- And that into final the Lady will have to pay her bedroom a very expensive price… An exorbitant price! …

- I see…

- And that she will have forgotten her cash and she must pay with a check on which her address is written…

- I see…


- I continue, asks Yoko the half-closed eyes.


- I believe that I have understood this side of the subject, says Angel… But tell me, why she has this Arab bull like buddy ?

- I knew that you were going to ask this other very interesting question…


Yoko smiled. She prepares her effects.


- Because he is his uncle’s friend.


She says that like a banality! … Me, I sit up straight on the divan and starts to be very attentive.


- Go deeper!

- Like all her buddies, they are choices of her uncle…

- Which wants to say that her uncle controls the process of sexual sensitivity of his niece.

- Exact…

- But why this choice of this procurer guy to control his niece? … He must have « the vice squad » on his tail!

- Exactly!

- Then? I say.


Yoko takes again a small time for her in order to explain well the continuation of their discoveries.


- First there is the procuring… Clearly! … The vice squad knows enough on him to send him to recuperate in any penitentiary.

…. But he is protected by the Police force of the Narcotics because he provides essential informations on the arrivals of drug in Paris and he has become a specialist in the circuits of the Middle-East.

- Thus there is a fight between the two Police forces?

- Well spotted ! she says…

- And who wins in this play?

- Well, it is where the things get complicated, as we would say it in this island of beauty… He is protected directly by the Professor Dupond, via his friend the President of the French Republic… For reasons of State… And as you know it very well, dear friend, in France the Reasons of State does not have to give its reasons to explain its choices… and the whole is shelved.


It is me who take a few moments to think while raising the hand as the pupils in the plays of courtyard which require a break.


- But as I know you in this Shin family, I guess that the problem has questioned you.

- I can even assure you that we dug the question… But enough! … No juice at the pump! … A trick well buckled between the Professor and the President.

- No! … You are not of those who let go….So give a little juice that you have obtained from the lemon.

- I like your terms, dear future Master of the Family… The lemon could be the Sophie’s fortune …

- Go on.

- She should one day receive the management accounts of the uncle, supposedly controlled by the Notary named by the Judge of the Tutelage.

- Supposedly ?

- The notary and the professor are very close friends… Bridge together every friday at the circle… Golf… And also the notary can benefit from cheap holidays by occupying certain properties that Sophie in certain paradisiac islands has, servants included… Under these conditions we can be rather interrogative on the quality of the controls.

… More especially as we have discovered certain bank accounts of the uncle in tax Havens, sometimes under assumed names… And the source of these sums remains obscure because it cannot be the result of the fruits of the Laboratory and his wages as a Chairman and Managing Director.

- Thus you want to say that if the Sophie requires accounts and makes them check by an independent specialized office, there would be surprises.

- It is that, says Yoko…

- And then, where is the problem around which you turn?


Yoko smiles.


- The problem? … But to ask accounts and to make them validate… thus clearly to take the management of her fortune in hands… Sophie needs to show that she is a reasonable, balanced girl … Because her fortune is important and implies a great number of people and also the State through the researches of the Laboratory of which she is the owner…

- OK, understood! I say… In state of mental and emotional weakness… and the whole caboodle which goes with and which can be interminable! … we will not be able to « decently » give her in hand such a responsibility… Whereas « even » the State is concerned… It means the « good » of everybody… And we go directly under tutelage… It is that?

- Exactly! … And as the legal tutelage before twenty and one years was assumed promptly and seriously by the uncle, under the rigorous control of the Notary having a splendid reputation near the Courts because he proceeds for them to several of these interventions… It will be the same system which will continue, because as you know it very well, the law is lazy and retains the easiest and the most direct to be released from a shitty file.

- Exactly… I know perfect!


I still take the time of a break.


- Thus the presence of this Ahmed who controls her sexual instincts and of submission is perfect for the uncle… I say.

- Who has already warned several times the police force of the harassments that his niece suffers… When men come to ring at the door of the property with a beautiful photograph of the lady in without equivocal clothes to claim some more pleasure… It would seem that it is Ahmed who organizes that via an Internet network.

- She is on a porn network ? I say.

- Exactly… Oh! … A small network for quite rich people who want very particular excitations …

- Particular ?

- Yes, something in the order of the passive submission.

- Not active ?

- No, not of violence… To get watched, to get touched… finally all the panoply of the middle-class woman who excites herself to get handled… Whereas on the other side she has enormous powers in money, in authority and in intelligence.

- A kind of energy compensation?

- Yes, like a balancing, says Yoko.

- And I think that the Police force’s file begins to be well filled, I say.

- It is completely that… We have also some videos of which we have made a montage for you… If you want!

- How have you proceed?

- We played the part of the customer.


I laugh.


- Thus she is well locked up.

- Yes, says Yoko… well locked up.

- You know why she is in this submission?

- I think that it is your job to discover it, my dear friend, she smiles.

- You believe that it has an importance for the business of the documents.

- I do not know, she says… But it is the only fault which we found in the entourage of the Dupond while waiting for your arrival.

- Tell me more… According to you, this Arab gorilla is he really dangerous?

- What do you feel yourself since you met him, she answers him tit for tat.

- For me he is nothing… A bragger… I would have had ten times the occasion to kill him so much there were faults in his defense system.

- Interesting, she makes… Because for the Police force he is very dangerous… And also he has the reputation to be a killer in the milieu which he sees frequently.

- I’ve got that, I say.


My son,



How you had already realized it, I am a great lazy! … Also I open the mouth only in front of the indispensable.

So why do you believe that I recalled you in my last so affectionate note your training with the Master of the Bow and the Arrow?

Do I have to come back once again on your mental casualness?


As it seems to me that is now indispensable, as you seem to analyze the facts provided by Yoko as an ordinary cop who puts the informations end to end to make a string of them, and that you forget the greatness of the exceptional training that you have received which puts above all the working of the intuitive intelligence, I have made retranscribe by my monks the paragraphs of the Books of the Family concerning you.


I wish you good reading and thanks you for returning to more clearness of the realities of the energetic life of the Being. You make me ashamed!


Extract of the Secret Books of the Shin Family.



The Master had sent the young White to complete his formation of the Bow and the Arrow from a dear friend specialist in this Noble Gesture.


Angel had pained three days to cross the mountains of the North; he met cold, snow and ice.


He has to join the proximity of one village with a terrible reputation. Held by brigands and robbers, the honest man did not have his place and has to skim the walls and to agree to be regularly stolen, if he did not want to lose the life on top of that.

But as the Master explained to him, the brigands kill seldom and only in indispensability. The young man was astonished by that and has confided in the Roshi who looked at him as we would do it of an insane or deformed animal.


- But… If they kill, there is nobody any more to rob! … A dead man does not earn money! He threw in the dust of the central courtyard of the monastery, so much he was outraged of this lack of intelligence of his son.

Then the Master took some moment in silent while walking gently. Angel followed him, as it should be, a step behind.


The Master was turned round and said:


- This essential teaching that you will receive from my friend will perhaps open you the doors of the Consciousness of the working of the Universe and you will return less stupid, because I must admit that sometimes some of your questions worry me.

- Why? required Angel the ingenuous face.

- Because I have sometimes the impression that you understand nothing to the essential teaching that are given you here… and that I lose my time with you! Says the Roshi slowly.

- And in what will a complement of practice of the archery increase my intelligence that you say so shortened? … I believe that I manage well in this discipline… and I show it to you every day by sticking my arrows between the line of the buttocks of the monks…

-… what makes the fury of Hiro, continued the Master in anger … because he spends his time operating their anus!

- They have the bottom so weak, says the young White while raising the shoulders.

- It is rather you who are an agitator of first! … Who said to you to take their buttocks for target?

- But… You! … says the young White.

- How « Me »! howls the Master.

- Well… You said to me that I have to discover the wind and to seek to be faster than it!

- And what the bottom of my monks comes to make in it, howled the old man.

- But they are always farting! … Thus I follow the wind and draws quicker than it… says Angel with his smile of child who is certain to say a transcendantale truth.


The Roshi closed the eyelids on his eyes. He remained motionless in the middle of the courtyard, facing this young White who was his son and who was laughing at him with a great happy smile.


- Well… Thus go to see my friend and I will appreciate your state when you are back.

Hiro has prepared you your bundle with your food and your cover for the voyage which will be hard… And I dare to hope that the roughness of the elements of the earth and of the air and of the water will bring you a little humility on your incommensurable pride.

- Good, Master, says Angel, a grin on his face smile stretching to the ears… But a question, Master?

- Yes?

- Who will be able to deal with dignity with the nuns in my absence?

- Go away immediately, vile provoking insect or I kill you right now, howled the Roshi.

- And me who wanted to show you as I have made progresses in the interest filled with compassion that I have for the others… Now! … After all the remonstrances that you made me! …

- Go away immediately… articulated the Master syllable after syllable.


The monks around were frozen. They awaited the outpouring of death. They had heard… Nobody up to this day had made fun also openly of the one who has in hand the destiny of the fearsome Shin Familly.


The young man turned tail and ran towards Hiro who awaited him with his stick and his bundle.

He also he had heard! … His eyes killed the young man on the spot… Two years already that he was with them and each day he asked why he has so much work to withdraw the death of his body when the Master discovered him dying in the hollow of the torrent.


The voyage was thus hard… But he liked this new freedom. He did not have any more this old grouch always wittering on his reproaches. Now he could piss quiet without hearing behind his back this weary voice to recall him that he dishonors the stones, the grass and the water of not bowing down before and to request of their benevolence the permission to discharge his bladder which seriously started to draw on his testicles.


Now he was in front of the old friend of his Master who asked after him.


- He remains every day identical to himself, says the young White by receiving the cup of tea in his united hands.

- What means ? Questioned the old man, astonished by this so lapidary answer and which was not appropriate for a disciple speaking about the Master.

- What means? … He is grumbling all the time!


The old Man lowered the eyelids on his eyes. He did not know if he were to burst of laughing or to take his stick and to break it on the head of this insolent young person.


The young White drank his tea quietly and looked around him, without the usual reserve of the Asian people.

The old man thought in the secrecy of his heart « That should not have been easy for my old friend… Two years to support this character… Ah! How my old friend is a true Master ».

Then he opened the lips and while smiling to the young man, he gave him the answer to his word:


- It is the role of the Master to always pull up again and to correct, he says gently… And what you say to me testifies once again to the greatness of my old friend.


Angel did not seize the opportunity as he had the habit of it. He was tired. The night arrived. He wished to lie down and to wait for the morning to begin his training.


The old man stood up and showed him to his room in which he found a plate with a cold meal.


- My maidservant will bring you tea in one moment… Rest this body well… Because you know it, we has the spirit of our body… Well see you tomorrow !

- At what time for the training tomorrow?

- Do not rush… Here, the training is very fluid and is made in total freedom at each moment, says the old man while smiling.


His steps slipped on the tatamis and Angel lay down, happy to feel under his body some other things that sharp stones with just a cover on him to make him forget a little the biting cold.


The morning, no old man. The maidservant tells him that he has things to do downtown.

Thus he walked in the garden. He admired the targets with their arrows planted such as stings, without weakness, with a regularity which testified to the Art of the gunner.


« A great archer, he thought ».


He had also appreciated the delicacy of the old man when he had a little hustled him with his answer concerning the Roshi. He had felt the fury in his body, then the laughter and finally this quiet explanation which showed his control of the feelings and the emotions. He liked this kind of man who could go right to the goal and the planted arrows said it to him.


In the Room of Work, he admired also the quality of the wooden bows.

He also concentrated on the methods of manufacture of the arrows and was astonished by the subtle manners to assemble them.

« An entire true Art, he says ».


He waited all the day for the old man and the maidservant says to him that he advised him to walk freely and to relax his body and to look at each thing straight in the face.


During one week, it was a repetition « to relax and to look at each thing straight in the face ».

Even when the old man was in the pavilion, he attended in his garden to deal with the flowers and to explain him the subtle art to open a rose without deflowering the petals… It is like a Noble Woman, he said.


The young White listened to him. He followed him everywhere… But never a teaching on the Art of the Bow and the Arrow.


However, each morning he could notice that the targets had changed place, that the arrows were new, always well centered and vigorous like stings sticking right to the goal.

He had never perceived the noise of the bow and the string! … Even while remaining a long time waked up during the night!


Then he opened up about his interrogation to the old man.


- Master… my Master sent me near you to improve my knowledge of the Archery… and for now a week that I am with you, you still have shown nothing of this Noble Art to me.


The old man took his time, sitting on his cushion of meditation opposite the young man.


- I do not believe that my old friend sent you towards me to improve « your knowledge of the Archery », he says gently… It is you in your consciousness which has organized his words according to your comprehension.

- I do not understand, says Angel, this time really interrogative and without irony.

- He said to you, my old friend… « Go to improve your Knowledge of the Bow and of the Arrow », completed the old man in a slow movement of his lips.

- But it is the same thing, says the young man… It is only one play on words!

- No, it is not the same… says the old man… Because the Bow is your body… and the Arrow is your spirit… And you must learn how to coordinate them with wisdom in a Target which is the ordinary life of the every day.

- What means? asked Angel this time very questioned.

- What means, my very young friend… that you must know to appreciate each situation like a « Target » and to know to choose your method of action which is « the Bow »… then to pass in action which is the « Arrow »…

Thus you strike the target which is the space of life with your Will and your Action is right and without fault…


Thus you are the strongest everywhere and you control the space… And the one who is Master of the Space is Master of each situation and can go without fear in any poison since he knows the antidote.


The young man took time to take in this teaching which however did not have anything exceptional for him. He had heard the same old story from the Roshi… Then where was the difference? … Because in his heart he knew that the Roshi did not make fun of him by sending him to his friend… There was an essential teaching and he felt resourceless because he did not perceive the fault. He was in front of a wall without weakness into which his comprehension could have been introduced.


- You are dumb, now, my young friend smiles the old man… but I understand you. There is not fault in « my Art » to introduce the thought and the reasoning… Then here you are resourceless ! …


The silence was long. The young man had his spirit without possibility of tension.


- Yes, I am without support, recognized Angel.

- I also notice that you are a serious boy under provoking appearances… You really seek to understand and to enter the Secrecies of the Universe.


The silence broke the words which wanted to go out of the young man. After he says gently.


- Life is not easy for me, acknowledged Angel… And if I do not find an exit door for the pain which is always in me with the disease of despair, it would be then useless that the Roshi saved my life while leaving me from the hole of frozen water of the torrent.

- Into which you had been introduced by yourself… said the old man gently, the eyes at the bottom of the heart of the young man.

- Of course ! … It was well necessary to make a decision and to end up with this pain always in the entrails to eat me… We cannot always flee!

- Yes, we cannot always flee… You are right my young friend… And you have also courage… And of consciousness and of honesty…


The young man became tense.


- Butter the others up! … No need of that for me… It is Clear! … Either I go out of this mess which holds my whole entrails like a hand of the Devil, or I go away from this Universe of idiots! … So let us not beat about the bush!

- But the « bush », it is you, continued the old man in peace.

- Do not understand.

- Which is your Target?


The young man remained without the word in his throat.

The old man left him his time.


- Shit! … it is « me » says Angel as in a dream.

- No, you are mistaken… It is not you… It is your suffering.

- Thus you want to say that I lie to myself to believe that I am on a « spiritual » way.

- Yes, you lie to yourself… You are not on a spiritual way… You are researching the stopping of your suffering.

- You want to say that by ignoring my target I do not give myself the means of touching « my problem ».

- It is that… You are not Master of the Space which is you… Then you play, again and again… But you never have the arrow which it is necessary…

-… because I do not have the Will of the Decision… continued Angel with words which left him like dream… Shit! … Now I understand what the Roshi always says to me: « What do you really want ! »


Silence made its slow movement in the room and the birds of the day occupied it.


- You start to understand… Only one beginning of the movement… But to know the Target then to choose the Bow and the Arrow is a great Art which improves each day.

- But you are a great Master! … Your arrows are perfect in the targets… emphasized the young White.

- I improve my method each day, says the old man.

- But your shooting is perfect! … If I can allow me to say it.


The old man smiles with the tenderness of the grandfather for his grandson and leant towards him.

The young man him also leant to place his ear against the mouth of the old man.


- I will tell you a great secrecy, pronounced the old man with an hardly audible voice.

- Yes, blew Angel, attentive to the least vibrations of the body blew in front of him which touched almost his chest.


The old man took again his breathing…

Then he articulated with slowness by detaching each syllable:


- I do not know to do Archery.


Angel throws all his body backwards in front of these words.


- But the arrows!

- I plant them with the hand each night, says the old man… It is an Art difficult to be so precise so that each one is mistaken.

- But why? Succeeds in saying Bret.

- Thus I have the respect of everybody and I can attend to what I like… the search of myself!

- You thus give you the Space for the Life which you like! … I understand now… And all the brigands around you do not dare to come because they are afraid of you!

- I do not leave space to them to their action !… the old man confirmed…


The young White broke also the words which wanted to come in reflex in his throat. The old man smiles to him.


- And for you, my young friend? …. How do you plant your arrows not to leave space to your suffering?


The young man remained a long time in silence, the eyes closed by his united eyelids because he did not want any more to hear and to see what was around ! The noise of his thoughts burst in his head which had difficulty to remain hung to the shoulders… A whole life unwound at high speed behind his forehead and his eyes were painful. He frowned, strongly… He wanted to drive out this pain which contracted him completely. His understanding was blocked.


He remained alone with his lies.

He saw himself in his arrogant claim to always flee always… always … always…


Nothing was calmed. He has to remain with himself and his suffering which started to say its name and to show its manipulator power … He saw a Demon seeking to be made believe that he is God.


He bowed in front of the old man. His face touched the tatami.


- Thank you, says gently Angel…


These are the last words that he pronounced before leaving him at the small day.

At this time, he sat down in front of the old man and took the burning cup of tea between his hands.

He drank quietly, the eyes half-closed. He looked at the body of the old man. Gilded light wrapped him. There was the same gleam in the eyes and he was certain that each night this Force slept in the body of the Man.


He stood up without a word.

His bundle awaited him, prepared by the maidservant.


He was hot during all the way of the return.



The young man remained more than one hour, motionless on the divan, the crossed-legs and the quite right back. Posture of perfect meditation, a posture of Lion only concentrated on the perfection of the breath in the belly and its accompaniment in the whole body.

The young Japanese woman remained in silence.

She admired the posture and settled in her armchair to enjoy fully this moment in which the future Master did not play a game.

« He is himself, attentive, right, without fault ! » she thought and her heart showed her then that she loved him.


Then first of all his breathing changed. It became higher in the lungs. Then his eyelids opened and the eyes renewed contact with the life around… Finally he moved the body and unfolded the legs.


Then he says for him: « Clear! … Who makes his own advertising ? …. and I must attack there! »


Yoko followed the course of his words and these words join thoughts which have already been in her head.


- All of them, I believe, she says.

- Yes, all of them! confirmed Bret…

- Sophie plays the women strong and released… she says.

- The uncle makes the man serious and honest in every respect… Angel continued.

… The same with the Notary, he continued.

- For Ahmed, I leave you the decision, she says… I never met him directly.

- He is dangerous only when we turn the back to him…From the front he is a coward, he says.

- So, what will we make with all this panoply?


Bret took a time to think. He threw some tracks in his head and he was attentive at the reactions of his body connected to the intuitive intelligence via all the cells.


They all plays « very seriously », he says and all is closed in unassailable appearances… But there is a fault and a weakness… Thus two possible actions.

- Can I share your thoughts? asked Yoko interrogative.

- No problem, he says while smiling…

- So, the fault?

- The information on the escapes of the « documents » did not come all alone to the newspapers, he says.

- Interesting, she confirmed… More especially as the information had sufficient information in support to be published and to circulate in the rabble which took flame…

- Thus there is « Somebody » not very content with « something » who wanted to mess things up, he said.

- And quite informed! … with proofs as support, she continued… Thus not anybody!

- Then this « Somebody » must be found, he says.


Yoko thinks one moment.


- It will be difficult… All is well locked in this case… The « vice squad » controlled by the « drug squad »… The « drug squad » capped by the Elysée « State Secret »… she says.

- Easier than you believe it, smiles Bret…

- Ah, yes!

- This « Somebody » awaits a shambles… To move something into a trap closed too well and obscure… So we make the shambles that he awaits… And this « Somebody » will show his face… and will come to help us.

- To make a shambles which is, I believe to have understood, your speciality, she laughed… But how?

- By the « weakness » about which I spoke to you.

- A little more, please! … Which is this weakness?

- No, WHO is this weakness, he begins again.

- Sophie? she says with intuition.

- Yes.

- Why?

- Because she has an energy structure of « Mother earth » and that « security » is an essential support of her development and leads the reflex of all her actions, he says.

- You are certain of her structure?


The young man raised the shoulders. She touched him!


-Sorry for this question, she says… I forgot one moment who you are… And I speak to you as in an ordinary discussion!

… Then you want to destabilize her… It is well that?

- And that will mess things up in the trap so well locked, he says… Then, we will well see how that will move and we will follow the movement.


- And how will you do?

- I will attack by Ahmed…

- But he is protected! …

- You have forgotten that I have a card of cop high level.

- So?

- So… find to me a cop from the « vice squad » who would like to make a little a shambles in the feathers of Ahmed and I « requisition » him for the job… Thus he is protected by an authority larger than his, more especially as I will have ordered the « State Secret » since I am detached at the Elysée.

- Thus he will let off steam his resentment by playing the idiots in front of his chiefs.

- You understand quickly, said Angel.

- With you it is rather advised if we do not want to remain on the roadside while shouting « My handbag », she laughed.

- And find to me also a hack and a photographer… Not obtrusive people! … Of those who can remain discrete in the background… But who do not lose anything and communicate everything.

- No problem… We have that in stock in our team.


- Then a last information: do you know when Ahmed he will make « play » the Sophie ?

- This evening… according to our last informations… In a hotel used by prostitutes close to the station of Austerlitz…

- Which kind of play this evening?

- Hotel open doors… With bed with three people, of which Ahmed… Then the others who get the wrong bedroom and who ask what this new play is and offer their assistance.

- I see… Only one woman and a lot of men… and how do you know that?

- Some one of us is one of the « customers ».

- How can I recognize him when I will sink in the heap?

- Easy, you know him already! she laughed.

- Ah yes!

- The old general of cavalry with the moustache… she chuckled… You know « we » never lose sight of you… The Roshi would not be content with this negligence! … and so by the way « we » can give you a hand, it will always be with great pleasure!


I laugh and suddenly a fulgurating idea crosses my brain…


- And the Lady… The one under the table of the restaurant.

- The same, smiles finely the Japanese woman in this so Asian smile… She has a good laugh in the team… To taste the future Master! … She is full of praise for the richness of your seed which has made disappear an allergy of the skin that she has been with since months and over which the doctors gave up.

- It is true that my load of trace elements is fabulous, I recognize in all humility!


Yoko is in stitches. A Japanese woman who really laughs, that is heard !

So the door of the room opens on an interrogative man.


- My father, says Yoko while standing up, suddenly very serious and very professional.

- Perfect, I say while going straight towards the small square and severe man with short cut stiff moustache… We will be able to devote us to the generosity and the delicacy of the ceremony of tea.


The man understands quickly. He bows in front of Bret, the hands united in front of his heart.


- It is an honor for me to receive in my house the son of the Master.


Angel also understands very quickly. He did not say « It is an honor for me to receive the future Master »!

Moreover there is lie behind his eyes and the decoders of the young man rang a bell.

Yoko also understands very quickly and goes away by posing a kiss on the cheek of her father.


- I organize everything for this evening, she says while leaving the room.


Her father frowns with his bushy eyebrows.


- I will explain you, very honourable chief of the group of the Family in France, I say.


Here he is partially reassured and he invites me with a broad gesture to pass before him.



Phew ! … We were going to miss him by a hair’s breath… It is necessary to continue and to follow him step by step without leaving a breathing space, says Heidi.