54. Never believe appearances


- Read, says Heidi.


Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family…

Whirlwind… Continuation 10



Three days to relax…


First my body and its training. Yoko knows a room with a true Master of Martial Arts. « A Japanese » she says in the pride of her race.


Then I will visit Sophie… She is with an astonishing good will, without too many questions which however must be in her nut of intellectual…

It is not good that all that turns all alone. We never know which juice will leave this pot.

So I will pop round and see her.


Lastly, but that I do not tell Yoko, because I did not commit myself to telling her all the truth, I will need the assistance of the very old friend of the Roshi, Mrs Broussard… Do you remember? … The one who supervises the Shin group in France without it knowing it… Because I have in the hands curious vibrations when I cross in the corridors Yoko’s dad, who plays the drafts and leaves the space to his daughter who programs everything under my impulse…

Do I have told you that the dad bears the pretty name of Kaki, in my usual careless mistake? … But by the way, does that do a difference to know it ? … Just to fill up still a little more your memory already so heavy.


That is my day… Like that you can go to do your shopping in all peace without believing that you have missed something of essential and that you will be leave out.


- He is worried, isn't it, Master, says Heidi sitting on the cushion in front of the Roshi ?

- Yes, he says… He is worried.

- But why? … All seems to develop extremely well.

- Too well, says the Master… Too well… and he is worried about that… He is wary of the too great facilities.

- Is it of that about which he speaks while saying « to labour the point »?

- Yes, he says… But… and the Master remained the suspended voice. He left his time to his thoughts to slip into his brain without him stopping them or continuing them or sorting them out… One of them will remain and that one will not come from the agitation of this Universe.

- But ? …

- But… he knows at the same time that he has pierced the bag at the place where it was not waited … Then there is an agitation which surprises them… But the basic essential remains the same one: the bag was to be burst and they expected it… It is that which my son feels…

- He has thus penetrated by a door where he was not awaited, hasn’t he ?

- Yes, it is the Art of the Silent Tracker… He arrives by a way which is not kept… and he surprises.


She asked and that surprised him.


- How has he discovered this « way »?

- He has not discovered… He knew only that was the door and he has charged in the opening.

- But how did he « know »?

- He did not know! … You do not grasp yet well the operation of the Intuitive Intelligence in the daily actions of the ordinary life, he says.


He let silence to take its space and she asked him again:


- So ?

- So ? … It is this logic of action which imposed itself to his analytical brain and he knew that this information came from the normal movement of the logic of the Universe and not from the movement of his brain…


She still raised a question which surprised him.


- Why ?

- Because he trains at each breathing his body to couple with this Intelligence of Yam and he caresses it, he breathes it… and it transmits its Intelligence to his very human analytical brain… Then he knows that what comes in his human brain is an impulse of this Intelligence… He relies on It… He relies on him… because he never separates from it !


She started to grasp the words of the Master.


- Even when he makes love, she asks ?

- Especially when he « makes love »! bursts of laughing the Master… The nuns from here have well understood it ! … How you remain sometimes still little girl !


The young woman kept silent. She felt that her interest for this modes of working of this Angel so far had made her going out of her extreme attention to this Silence.


- How it is easy to lose the Sight and the Contact, she sighed !

- Yes, says the Master… and you will grasp more and more how this place, this monastery, is extraordinary because it allows you to remain in this attention.

- Even when we do not agree with it ?

- Especially when we do not agree with it! the Master laughed.

- Why?

- My son gave you the answer yesterday… Have you understood his message.

- I do not see, she says.

- Then, try to find !


He left her her time and he used his breathings to look at the icy crests which gave fire to the Sky under the rays of the sun which this morning had come in all its clearness without cloud.


Hiro and his three monks impassioned themselves for this return in space and time… They lost the ice of their body and the heat of passion returned in their old bones.


They had taken possession of the small room behind the large room of the Temple. They remained day and night there. The monks served them. All the intendance was for them.

They left only for the toilets or when they needed to run in the courtyard to air and to stretch their legs remained a too long time in positon of meditation.


But they were happy! … They found the vigour of his son of before. They all had liked him passionately. They all had admired his impulses and his intuitions to find solutions for the problems of the Men… They had liked in particular his passion to always give a new impulse, to discover always further, never to be satisfied with obviousness… his passion to always push further, never satisfied with the first result…

With him they had discovered another manner of looking at and of committing themselves in the ordinary life…


They had liked to fight with him and especially to move so many false Masters in this thousand-year-old Asia, encumbered of all these false Masters who flowered everywhere, since the occident was interested in it…


Thus many new false flowers left the manure! … They are so beautiful that they mask the true flowers much more discrete… These ones do not make noise… These ones do not have shimmering colors to attract the butterflies… These ones are in black and white, quiet… These ones can live all alone and do not need the others to exist…

They only need the others to radiate their perfume in the World of the Men… and it is their only gap…

« But it is also their Greatness, the Master always said to them…because that obliges them not to remain alone and to be locked up on themselves… That obliges them « to love the others », he said… he said… he said… » and often while saying that, he stared at his son, as if he wanted to print this essential truth in each fiber of his body…

And they know that it is of that which his son of before died…He relied too much on the Master!


Now, they were in the happiness to find this combatant of the lie again, this enthusiasm to go deep to the bottom of the well and to discover what is inside… Then to bring it back, to modify it and to create thus a new form which will be a help for the Man for his chronological future since this future exists.


And now, they are on Sophie! … A small woman empties of everything! … Energy a bit lowbrow… An Intuitive Intelligence at rest… A body which can react only to aggressive sexual instincts… No delicacy in her reactions of satisfaction… She needs of powerful, of strong… of brutal disguised as intellectual…


It is not easy for them to charge her in fundamental energy. However, it is necessary. The pressure must increase in order to be able to open the doors of the Heaven and that she can see directly, herself, without the support of the sight and the comprehension of the others, without the assistance of products…

To see directly, herself, in full lucidity ! …

To see what is in her emotional memory because all the actions, sensations and emotions that she has suffered since her conception are registered in this first memory, the most superficial and it is possible to open this bag.


But for that a good basic energetic compression is needed and they have work in front of them!


They use the techniques of the Bronze Men who are one of the secrecies of the Shin Family…

First it is necessary to be strong yourself… So they make the first and the second Bronze Man.

Then it is necessary to know to radiate your force outside your body and to stroll in the space… So they make the third Bronze Man.

Lastly, it is necessary to be able to connect the energetic body of the person on whom you want to work, which is easy in its principle because this energetic body does not know time… But it is difficult in its execution because it is necessary to be able to enter its protective bubble and for this reason it is necessary to have the force of the fourth Bronze Man which knew to renew contact with its Pastille of Vitality…


Then finally, this energetic body should be convinced, when you could penetrate in its enclosure only because the projected new action will be a benefit for it… Because one cannot rape in fundamental energy… It is technically impossible! … So all can be done only with the agreement of the other.


The four monks are impassioned of this meeting with Sophie… Almost thirty years already! … And that will help her in her future reincarnation… Because she left her body under the action of a breast cancer…


The Master said: « That is normal for the woman who refuses to live the Generosity of Creation in her ordinary life »… Because that is true that she had refused to continue the discovery of herself thirty years ago… She was satisfied with the discoveries of the emotional handling without wanting to seek which are the bonds with her basic structure and how that one has allowed the handling to be exerted and to be even created… She did not seek to grow and Creation needs this determination to exert its Generosity on the Earth of the Men.


She has refused. She has smiled to the young future Master. She said that she was not in demand of « more », that she was well in this new wellbeing… and that she could employ her life for the wellbeing of the men and their future.

She has forgotten her initial commitment in order to find a body: to help Creation to be developed on the Earth, among the Men.


She sent each year a pretty card to the Master, during the new year in her country…

She was very touched by the physical death of Bret… She cried a lot.

She made couple with one of the researchers of her laboratory, a brilliant man and they developed together new tracks for modern Medicine.

She made family with three children and they made brilliant academic studies and have good jobs in the society of the men.

… and her body was destroyed by this cancer after her fifty years.


Now that she is in the intermediate space, with only her energetic body, she can understand where was her error, where was her escape… She can now understand that we come on the Earth of the Men to improve a destiny, to improve the life of the men in the direction of the Intelligence of Creation, not to follow that of the men when this one deviates from the Universe… Not to be locked up in the comfort of the emotional life which is a personal creation of human under the impulse of his basic energetic structure.


The young future Master always said « the worst is to be young person, beautiful, rich and in good health! ».


Then now that Sophie is in the intermediate space waiting for a new reincarnation, she can understand her resignation which has caused the rotting of her energy of generosity for the life… and this unemployed energy rots in her breast because it is there that this Force is located at the woman… And it is thus normal that the woman likes to decorate and show the breasts… That belonged to the harmonious movement of the Universe.


His son of now said to Heidi « Yes, death exists! … When we have lost the contact with our Original Perfection and our duty of action! … But then we do not know that we are dead because for the human space in which the body is, we are a Master of compassion and the gentleness and this being is swallowed by the great chasm of the Universal Love… and he will realize it only at the lifting of the veils of his spirit a few moments before his physical death. »


Then now, the monks contact her in this intermediate space and try to give her enthusiasm to replay her past, to register in her Book of Life another conclusion… And that will produce a different reincarnation which will not be the continuity of the former lived… but the continuity of the former lived again…

Because energetic death does not exist… There is only one rupture of the body, too tired, too old… and we return then to continue our work…


Then they explain to Sophie that she could return under conditions more favorable than to follow the old one which has finished so badly for her.


Heidi says in the slowness of the words which do not know what to say:


- I do not find again, Master…


The Master returned in her Dimension and left his son.

He brought back his eyes from the tear of the crests and their lights.


- He has said, by employing a sentence of his country among louts: « Hatred holds right ».

- You want to say that we need hatred to go out of trouble?

- No… the first movement is the love… but when the love is not there, the war is needed…

- Is it higher?

- Yes, it is higher in power of concentration, therefore of action.

- But if the love guides the steps? she says extremely intrigued by this message of the Master.

- To follow the Love, you need a true Great Master with you and it is difficult to find one, he smiles.

- Why that is needed? … We cannot arrive by ourself?

- Yes, but it is extremely rare… Like my son of before and my son of now… They have never needed a Master to guide them in the Essential of the Life… They need only a Master to guide them in the ordinary life… because they are a little stupid in this play of basic handling… Them, they are in a cosmic play of the life and of the death… and they do not understand well that « the others » care about other things… then it is necessary to learn to them…

- As for a child to look at each side before crossing the street?

- Yes, like that…


Heidi came again in the middle of her. She did not want to let any more escape the cosmic movement by her distractions with the details.


- Then you said that without a true Great Master in the way of Love, we are lost, she says.

- Yes, we are swallowed by the Large Chasm of the Universal Love which is the boastfulness of the Spiritual Masters like result of the possibilities of development of the man in this created Dimension.

- Why?

- Because this reference is deeply registered in the emotional memory of the man… and thus he stops with this comfort of life… Especially when there are a guru or priest or other who affirms to him that it is God…

- And it is difficult to go beyond?

- Very difficult! … Because these priests and gurus, from generations to generations, have distilled their lies and these lies became Truths for the culture in which they are… in which you are.


She understood.


- Is there a culture which escapes this lie?

- No, there does not exist one on the Earth of the Men, whatever their skin color, he says sad… It is for that the war is sometimes preferable to Love…

- Why?

- At war, you know that you are at war… You do not rest yourself, you do not sleep… You are vigilant in every moment… Not only in the exceptional moments of the life… but especially in all those of the ordinary life… Then you can, perhaps remain in life, but it is very difficult.

- Why?

- The culture in which you are, all impregnated with the lie which became a truth, is then against you…

But if you are in the way of the Universal Love, it is with you and develops all your actions. You are recognized… And how the human likes to be recognized! … and he needs it, completed the Master the sad face on words which seemed endless.


Heidi took again silence like guide. She did not let the thought take possession of her brain. The thought was there, but it did not follow anything. She used the crests of the icy mountain like aid.


Then she says:


- Your son of before was thus a rebel to be able to discover all alone each essential point of the Universe.

- Yes, he was a rebel, he says.

- And which is the structure which makes a rebel, she asks ?

- If it is a true rebel, he has the structure of the Expert.

- Which is?

- The Master teaches the men… The Expert teaches the Masters on the essential points of the Practice of the Liberation.

- A « true »?

- Is not a true rebel the one who is only at odds with a society, with a culture, says the Master… It is necessary to aim higher than that! … To go into the relation between Bam and Yam… and to enter the subtle relations between the two in order to understand how Bam uses Yam… and how also Yam needs Bam… It is necessary to go into these details…

- It is what your son of now wanted to explain to the monks, she asks.

- Of course and you have understood it! … Why do you ask this futile question ?

- Because it seemed to me that he went beyond Yam, she says.

- Yes… My son of before was Yam and Expert… My son of now is beyond Yam and he does not have a structure.

- Then he is Master of everything ?

- He is Master of Life and Death, says the old man by lowering the face. He did not want that she perceives the water which came in his eyes.


Heidi returned on the crest of the torn mountains. She did not lose the wire of the essential; also she asked:


- And for the details of the ordinary life… It is really necessary to take care of them!

- No, he says with the head. We do not need to take care of them because they are only material signs of the cosmic play…

- What means ?

- That there is a cosmic canvas in the play of the cause and the effects… This play produces the details of the ordinary life. When they are there, we take care of them… but we do not waste our time to consider them and to prepare them.

- They prepare all alone?

-Yes… They are only one expression of the consequence of the play.

- So?

- Belong to this play and the details will be secondary and will not surprise you…

- And I will take care of them ?

- And you will take care of them… Or at least it is this form of Intuitive Intelligence which will take care of them for you and you you will remain concentrated on It and its movement.

- It is that to live in double?


He took again his breath. The question of the young woman showed that she had only one light comprehension of the subject.


- It is that in its essence, confirmed the Master…

- But why is that so difficult?

- The man wants to program everything.

- He wants to direct everything, it is that?

- Yes… And for this reason he takes in reference his memories which are filled with his emotional connected to his structure.

- Then he is always with his past, Isn't it.

- Yes, he is always with the same old story.

- But why he does that, even if he knows the dangers of it?

- Because he is afraid of uncertainty, says the Master.

- Then he programs everything!

- Yes, because for him, to be in the hands of this Intelligence is to be deprived of his freedom… He believes himself in prison.


She needed of her own time.


- I do not understand, she says.

- Freedom is still an invention of this Force to the pleasure to do oneself harm and to handle Yam for Its own pleasure, says the Master with slow words which had difficulty to leave his throat.

- Then « Freedom » does not exist!

- Yes, it does not exist… When we are in this Intelligence of Yam, there is no choice and the very name of freedom does not exist.

- Then there is nobody researching the « liberation » says gently Heidi with words which returned in her heart, words which her Angel had blown in the hollow of her ear one evening without the moon.

… You want to say that the research of the « liberation » is a lie of this Force to do oneself harm ?

- Yes… But goes now to proclaim far and wide that in the World !… You will be killed instantaneously! … This lie of « freedom » is now « truth » and on it all the Masters and Priests who make receipt in the World lean.


She still used her time. The words of the Master engraved the blood in her bones.


- Thus « Freedom » is the last of the invented dreams?

- Yes… and the strongest… The most difficult to uproot… And my son of now had this Power.

- Why ?

- Because HE was this Force.


That she knew it in her heart.


- And if he does not return to communicate it on the earth of the men, she asked ?

- It is well where the problem is!


Yes, she knew that. She asked like only confirmation of her heart.


- The problem for who?

- For those who would like to get out of trouble…

Because for the others, all is very well thus: they are organized well in their world… But they do not know that they are sitting on a powder store… like all the proud imbeciles, says the Master in the calm of his voice which had difficulty to continue to live.


He did not hide any more the water which left his eyes.


The young woman ceased her movement of the tongue and the throat at rest let run the free air of the mountains.


She did not hear the last words of the old man. Perhaps that those were whispered only in the silence of his heart:


« It will be disaster for those who want to leave if the Door is not open before the Earth is destroyed! »



The Whirlwind… Continuation…



- There is news again, announces to me Yoko on my return of the training of combat.


My body is tired, but it is well… It has evacuated poison entered in it these last days. To make function in intensity the third fundamental energetic law, wastes are recovered… But it is the shortest means to enter the energetic body of the others and to test their capacities and to understand them. But when the shit is filtered, it always remains some on the sieve and it is necessary to know to make it disappear before it accumulates… Also I give all I have got and the schoolmaster remained impressed about it. He made come his most advanced pupils, but I laughed to follow their movings. I said to them what they had the intention to do… OK! I must recognize that with my character, I made fun a little of them and that they were not content. Also three of them have wanted to ignore the nice comments that I made them on their manner of announcing the blows and passed at the sincere attack directly.

It is also sincerely that I left them a souvenir of this extraordinary meeting with me, of a divine nature, you will agree about it with me…


The more concerned of all of them was the son of the Master who deals with the intendance of the dojo, in order to relieve his father who devotes himself exclusively to the harmonious development of his pupils in the peace of a spirit from which the commonplaces are excluded…

Thus I said to you that the more concerned of all of them was the son of the Master. In a sense I understand him well: to call three ambulances in one hour, that does not make very serious at the local hospital whose doctors have difficulty to understand what there is like « art » in Martial Arts!


In short, the Master who observed all that from his chair of Master agreed to give me the repartee initially to the saber, then to the saber and the stick and finally at the hand-to-hand combat…

With all the vicious techniques that I know and which are not in the handbook of the perfect combatant published in bookstore, he was somewhat surprised… But good as you know me, I have not pushed my advantage beyond massing his testicles in order to control that there was well a true specialist of the profession under the apron.


But he gave also all he has got and he helped me to empty this shit attached to me.


Also we left each other in very good terms and he made me the great honor to tell me that I had made him the great honor to have chosen his dojo to be again on form…


Of course he wanted some details on the curious and exceptional training that I had received and I let him know that I could not give him the address, because it is a place and a secret training for the commandos of the Japanese Secret services which do not exist as you know it.

Also it was difficult to give him an address which does not exist where men who do not exist train for a Service of the Emperor who does not exist.


As a perfect Japanese, trained in the tradition of the Samurais, he understood well the existence of what does not exist and smiles me with thanks.


-Words are also a help, he says… Thank you for this meeting on the Mountain… and my residence is opened to you forever, Mister who does not exist…


While I speak to you as a friend, since I have promised to you to hide nothing, the Yoko is impatient at the entry of the room of the putters and does not understand that I do not rush to receive the saliva of her words.


- Well, my sweet Japanese woman, I say… What is new in this brothel organized so well that of new there is only for us…

- I do not understand you all the time, she says astonished… It is however you who have made start all this brothel, as you say and now you do the one who drags along.

- I do not drag, sweet Yoko… I only say that the bag awaited only our arrival to be broach and that they are astonished only by the way in which I did it… For the remainder, I am in full consciousness that they distill us the infos that they had already planned in advance and that thus there are nothing new for them… There is only new for us.

- In short… I continue not to understand… But here are infos:

Firstly, confrontations between the Professor Dupond and the women, as well with the emigrated men is conclusive… But the Professor continues not to say any word on that. He asks only for his right « to be silent » like allows him the Law… Except to claim his lawyer vociferously.

- Lawyer who has the speciality to defend in penal and before the assizes important men of extreme right, I say, while putting my buttocks on the leather armchair.

- How do you know that?

- A logic for the one who knows the thread of the Universe woven by the man… Is quite simply enough to know to do the first energetic double and all is clear…

- The first double?

- Well, not important… What are the other news… while passing of course over the recent intervention of the Secret Defense of the Territory which was informed of this visit of men selected in hospitals of the Army to be back on form… before disappearing again out of circulation… and who now, under the extent of the popular anger, opens his files for the investigating judge.

- But how do you still know that?

- It is the logic of the bag, my Yoko… It is necessary to know to enter inside and to use the third law in fundamental energy and to filter…

So, what to say yet again: that it is then the External Intelligences and Documentations, in plain language the Secret Services, which have taken over from the DST out of the French territory and have found these men in a quite particular hospital because on the one hand it does not exist and on the other hand it is Russian… Must say that these brave immigrant men coming from the Maghreb to France to be warm in the small slippers provided by all the Social Helps of this country so comfortable for the lazy ones and the parasites… to end up in the coldness of the Russian forests, that must make them a shock which it is advisable to repair urgently so that their brain is not electrocuted, I say while I was at it by taking a lemonade in the refrigerator.

- Can we teach you something? Yoko says with fear in the eyes.

- You can always teach me something, I say… But my speciality, it is to teach to the others the harmonious movements of the Universe and to invite them to follow them, or else I would put to them an explosive lead shot in the anus to enter directly the intermediate space without requesting beforehand their passport from Saint Pierre.

- So I can continue…she asks fearful ?

- Of course, if you have another thing to say that this hospital which does not exist in Russia is connected to a laboratory even more special which has function to carry out genetic tests in situ… And as for that they need guys and ad hoc chicks and who are not looking too much on their future… the networks of Ahmed have had their utility, I say.

- Shit, she lets out… It is that the Great news of the day… In fact the services of the Army have spilt the beans…

- At the express request of the Emperor of the French who wants that all is clean and clear in his country before his re-election because he prepares it with this case.

- Made up the whole thing!

- No… dismounted the whole thing, I say nicely, the feet on the armchair in front…

- It is that all the infos… The Press is in explosion… To use the Russians to do the genetic operations which are not authorized in Europe… And the Professor is not ready to come out of the nick…


The young man laughs and is in stitches on his armchair…


- But no, my dear… It is the reverse! I say while putting my feet in the air, the back on the central tatami in order to relieve my legs.

- I do not understand, she makes almost nasty… She does not like that we let her speechless, the Jap… Must say that all the day at work behind her putters, whereas me I laze in a dojo to strut about… or I invite a lady under the table to check the extreme diameter of her mouth.


So I continue in my innate kindness because I would not like that the nice jap gets wrinkles too early.


- He will say that it is him at the origin of the escapes of information… When he has realized the hugeness which was being done with « his » discoveries! … Because him, in all honesty, he believed at the beginning that it was only one cultural exchange between two friendly Countries which had like final destiny to collaborate together for the good of humanity…

- And we will give him a medal ?

- Of course! … and it will be given to him by the Emperor of the French… because it is him who would have required of the Professor to organize these « leaks » which in fact have never existed… because the left and the right was going further than He, the Emperor, and he did not know any more very well who commanded this country… Thus in the very socialist concern which is his, he will have given the Power between the hands of the People… and it is this latter, by its vigorous impulse which « will have obliged » each one to finally tell « the truth », essential to the harmonious balance of human on earth which must remain in « Dignity », I say in only one breathing.


The Yoko is stunned…


- All the infos are there! … And you predict also the news!

- Of course… All that is in the logic of what was prepared for us.

- Thus everything was planned?

- Almost everything… Not that I was going to attack the professor by this way of the Sophie and to make so that he does not have a medal but a long-term lodging in a penitentiary to have despoiled his niece…

But you will see that there again there will be « arrangements » because he will return the money, the dear man… Because you should not believe! … It is to shelter them from the robbers that he took these goods under his elbow… considering all the emotional and sexual stupidities of his niece! … You will see that even the Judge of the Tutelages will propose congratulations for this dear man who has known in his supreme wisdom, to anticipate the future mistakes of his niece… For her own good … and for the one of the Fatherland because the entire People is concerned by the researchs of this laboratory specialized in the genetics, i.e. in the practical future of the Man… I continue in the same breathing.

- Then, why to call upon us, she asks.

- Very good question, I say… It has multiple answers… of which one is already to discover « the mouse » which has given information to the Press… We do not like to have a mole in these circuits of secret researches… Because if there is a leak once… why not twice… or more…

Thus to close the bolt is important for the future… and with all the brothel of the Police forces of this soft Country, it is better to call upon foreign labor… And you will notice that it is what the old father of the Elysium will say when my presence is coming under fire… what is not yet topical because they are all dealing with appearances and their consequences, not of the origin of the things.

- And the other reasons? she asks… There is concern in her voice, but I do the one who sleeps quiet with her without fear of being murdered.

- Ah! that is interesting… But I must still better dig the question before opening my heart frankly… But you will notice that « the mouse », it makes the sleeping one and does not show the end of its nose… Then a subsidiary question is this one: of which cat it is afraid?


Here, it is enough for the beautiful Yoko and now, I will go to the mother Broussard’s side, the great friend of the Roshi… But of course I do not say it to the dear Jap.


- I will buy a packet of ciggies, I say while being back on my legs… I return immediately.



- He is not content, says Heidi.

- Obvious that there are gas between him and the Japanese woman, says Tong.

- You understand why, she asks ?

- No, says the monk.

- Me either, she confessed.

- Ah! I am pleased to hear you! … At least we are two not to understand… I was so much accustomed to being alone on the boat of the imbeciles, says Tong ironic.


Heidi burst of laughing and posed a kiss on the cheek of her friend.


- But I must question the Master on this « first double »… Tomorrow morning I will go.