55. The Truth is never the one we believe


- Master, what is this practice of the « first double »?


He examined the young girl sitting opposite him. He looked at the crests of the frozen rocks. He put his breath in his belly.


She waited.

She knew that a question of this importance requires a checking of the quality of the person who asks it. An answer has a meaning only when it is understood, heard and digested.


Then, satisfied, the Master half-opened the lips.


- It is a transfer of our energy above ourself… And this mass of energy condenses in a form which looks like the physical body.

- It is for that it is called the double?

- Yes, for that, he confirmed.

- But the consciousness that we have in this double? …

From where does it come?

- The Consciousness of Bam, i.e. the ordinary consciousness, follows this energy and It has the possibility to see, to understand, but also to direct and to transform the world of the physical body because it is dissociated from its most material constraints… The possibilities of vision are thus increased.

- It is like to see ourself from above, she says.

- Yes… But you seem to know this state, he asks ironic.

- Yes… Your son of now has taken me in this double and I could see and understand.

- You are lucky, my daughter!

- Why?

- This technique is secret… and nobody apart from me knows it in this monastery.

- So why your son of before knows it, him?

- Because it is him who has taught it to me in his previous life, he says moved.


She remained one moment speechless.


- You want to say that your son of before is your son of now?

- Yes, he says, almost fearful of his words.

- But you also say that it is your son of before whom taught you this technique?

- Yes, he says.

- Thus he was more informed than you! she says suffocated.


He smiles.


- No… Not better informed than me… Greater than me, he says in the slowness of the words which had very few difficulty to come on the Earth of the Men… Nobody taught him… He discovered by himself because he had this knowledge in his own memory.

- The memory of Yam?

- Yes… He did not need to learn… He « knew ».


She thinks.


- Then, what was your role?

- To give him the field of adventure helping the opening of his memory, he says.

- You want to say that he did not know by himself what he knew ?

- Yes… We need the events of the life to cause this memory which opens then… All alone, Yam has the impression to be the idiot of the village who does not know anything.

- Is it for that which he says that he is the local idiot ? she asks.

- Yes.

- Is it for that also that he always says « I know »?

- Yes… And it is not claim… He does not know anything « before » but he discovers his own knowledge in the event.

- It is for that which he is so enthusiastic?

- Yes… He needs the event to discover himself…


She still had need of time which made its action on her.


- Then he is the first astonished by his action, by his words, by his reactions… Isn't it ? … It is what I feel of him at each one of his interventions.

- Yes… He is astonished by himself…

- It is for that which he is not pretentious, isn’t it ?

- Yes… But the others believe him full with pride because they cannot understand how a Major Yam functions on the Earth of the Men.


This new word ran up against her consciousness.


- A « Major » Yam ?

- Yes… Yam is a Space of Knowledge… There are the Great ones and the Small ones… The minors and the major ones… he says while smiling.


He has just opened one more door in the brain of this so attentive small woman… She will dig by herself and will return one day with a question which will not be empty words but a knot in the course of its personal knowledge.


- But how do we do this practice ?

- It is very easy, but it is at the same time very difficult, he says.

- I have the practice of this sentence, she laughs… Then let us go to the easiest… My Angel from here has always said to me that it is the most direct way.

- Yes, it is easy because it suffices to project our energy by the fontanelle, with several breathings… without forcing… quiet… Then this energy condenses itself and it takes the shape of the physical body… or almost.

- Then ?

- Then ? … If the attention is really in the formation of this double and forgets the usual mechanisms of the sensations, emotions… the consciousness enters this double from where we can observe and feel better all what occurs in the first physical world.

- You also said « to modify » she says.

- Yes, there is initially comprehension more subtle than in the consciousness captive in the basic energetic structure… On ourself but also on the others.


… Then, there is possibility from there, to modify reflex mechanisms of the basic structure, on ourself, but also on the others… and therefore it is a secret technique.


- Because we can act on the energetic working of the other ?

- Yes… We cannot operate on his consciousness, but on the practical mechanism of working which is related to the basic structure.

- Thus we can change the tools of working and handle him… it is that?


He gently laughs to feel the ethical concern of the young woman.


- Yes… But everything is a handling! … A discussion, a gesture… Everything transforms the Whole! … But there is the ordinary handling, that everyone practices with each one of his breathings… and there are those which are more subtle and which use the energetic wire straight.

- Straight ?


He took again the consciousness of his words and followed them.


- Yes… Handling is everywhere, at every moment…We handle the others; we handle ourself… but this action is indirect.

It goes through the filter of the « Preferences System » organized by the basic energetic structure which set up all the emotional references…

We thus follow naturally these preferences, and it is the ordinary life of almost everyone… Except for the one who wants to understand « who he really is » and is not satisfied with appearances…


She understood.


- So where is the danger?

- It is that in ordinary handling, if somebody wants to carry another beyond his usual behavior, i.e. beyond his energetic structure, all the emotional system will be excited… There will be research of the virus entered the system of reference… then analyze of this one and decision of acceptance or rejection.

- whereas if one passes in energy system… she begins…

- We change the tools of the « Reference System »… he continued…

- And there is no more the alarm bell of the emotional system…she finishes … It is that ?

- Yes… You have understood the system, confirmed the Master.

- Thus we can handle the other as we want.


She did not have a sufficient comprehension yet. So he insisted with his words.


- No… Within rather weak limits… Because the controls of the « Reference System » assembled by the basic energetic structure are more powerful and deeper that what you suppose… and the action is discovered one day before an essential modification is in place in the reflex behavior of the person.

- But if « we » know to practice these modifications in small doses… she says the forehead folded by her thoughts.

- « We » can push very far this handling, he confirmed…and lead to a fundamental transformation of the person.

- Thus this technique is very dangerous!

- That depends for who, he says while smiling.

- I do not understand, she acknowledged.


The Roshi took the time of the song of the birds like time to him.

Then he says:


- If I take again a formula of my son of before, he had the habit to use a sentence of his Country:

« There are those who want to see God; there are those who are satisfied with less than God »

- So ?

- So ? … Those who do not want to see God, do not want to see themselves either as they are… Because the first action of this double, it is to see… and first of all ourself…

- To see the others, it is a little bit more complicated and it is necessary to progress in the control of the practice…

- Thus for these, the practice does not have any interest.

- Yes, says the Master… Except for those who want to handle the others and there is a great number of famous « Spiritual Masters » who are satisfied with « less than God »!

- Then it is necessary to protect the technique from these people, isn't it ?

- Yes, these ones are really dangerous… There are « drivers of consciousness » in all civilizations who seek everywhere new possibilities of touching and of directing the consciousness of the others…

- Thus this practice is dangerous if it is between the hands of these ones!


The Roshi smiles finely.


- It is also very dangerous for the men « who do not want to see God » not to know this technique, he says.

- Why?

- Like that they will be always under the handling of the dominant Culture in which they are… And they will continue to be their slaves… « Normal » life for a lot… really a lot ! Says the Master.


She understood.


- And the others? … Those who want to see God, she asks.

- For these ones this practice will be a blessing… They will be able to see themselves such as they are… They will be able to act on them and to change the basic mechanisms organized by the energetic structure.

- But they will be able to also change the others!


The Master accentuated his smile. This small kid with her ethical concern made him laugh. She testified to an insufficiently deep comprehension of the mechanisms of the Universe.


- These ones know that no one is the guard of his brother… and before wanting to change the others, they will seek to change themselves not to always fall down in the same old story…

- They will not help the others?

- These ones know that it is not used for nothing to want to help the others if we cannot help ourself.


She took again her time because she was shocked by these words.


- It is contrary to the teachings of Buddha, she says… It is said that we should not want the Liberation if we could not release all the others before…

- Yes, it is the wish of some people, he says.

- And?

- If you go on this double, you realize that they lie…

- As I saw for you!

- Yes, as you saw for me when you asked to me whether my son of before had won the game… You knew that I made slip the truth towards another field that your concern.

- You thus knew what occurred for me?


He accentuated his smile, a little sad.


- When my son is there, I know it! … And when you vibrate, I also know it because it is in my energetic body that you vibrate… as I already said it to you!

- Then, why they lie by making this wish?

- Because it is not Bouddha who said it and required it… It is them who have assembled this system of reference to reinforce their own structure…

- Is it for that which they are so insipid ?

- Yes… But you enter then the dimension of the lies which lead the men because now these are truths and we already said that… Then let us not restart.


The Master left far. He was with his son of before, he was with his son of now…

He was with his monastery.

He was with his monks to which he had never taught this essential practice…


« Because the essence is not their principal subject of concern! »


She did not hear him… The words remained in his mouth and did not pass the lips.


She only heard:


- Come back later to be taught on the « difficult side » of the practice… I am tired. I become old.


The young woman carried the forehead on the tatami… then her feet slipped on the wood of the floor. She tried not to make any noise by closing again the door behind her.


She had this little old man in her heart and she liked him more and more each day.


« You had said it well to me, my Angel »


The sun made burst the ice of the crests which radiated fire.



Secrret BOOK of the SHIN family …

Wirlwind…continuation 11


- I was waiting for you, Young man… The Roshi informed me.

- How is his goatee today? I say.

- Of that, he also informed me, she laughed through her wrinkles.

- What thus didn't he tell you ? … That will save time to us, dear old very wrinkled apple, I say with the compassion of the young wolves for the old women who limp along.

- Of that also he informed me, she continued to smile… But I am all the same astonished a little, she says.

- Of what ? I say.

- But you are very slim! … We have the feeling that there is no flesh under the shirt…

- You are under the truth, dear Madam, I say.

- What means ?

- Not only under the shirt… But also under the skin, I say.

- And that makes you laugh, she is astonished.

- That made laugh one day and he said to me « Come here, you the underdeveloped Biafran ».

- And ?

- You know, me, I am always accommodating… Conciliation is my daily bread.

- And ? … she continued while closing the eyelids so finely that we did not know if she still saw something.

- Then I came and I did like Jules César.

- What means ? … she insists.

- I went there, I saw and I won !

- You take some freedoms with History, my little friend…But « him », the one who said « come » to you ?

- I do not know too much, I acknowledged… There was Pine Pon in the street, then races in… You know, me I am like the wind… I never stop.

- Thus you did not go to see him at the hospital.

- Why ? … To finish him off ?

- No… to excuse you, my dear little! … To keep in you all this anger is not good for the harmonious balance of your body which is a pure manifestation of Creation…Here, come and sit in this armchair under the veranda; you will be able to appreciate the roses and my garden in which I spend my days when I am not in front of the putters of control of the Family…

I prepare you an herbal tea for the liver.


The small old woman of sixty ten years, according to my forecasts that I put at the biddings, treats me like a kid. She had to see the drawing of the Secret Ensign of the Shin Family in the Room of the monastery dissimulated in the rock under the Temple… since she is the friend of the Roshi! …

To feel her vibrations, I find also those of the old asian man who has the claim to be my father. They had to do somersaults together, these two!… and with happiness since these vibrations continue their mixture. I will have to talk to him, to this old fogey, when I am back at the monastery, when he will come to tell me on the grain skin so harmonious of Asian females, of her odor so fine for the nostrils of the True Man, of her so delicate taste which he develops the desire of plunging the nose and the toungue again into it… He did not spit on the foreign food product, the old man! … I will ask him how he found her taste or if he took a crisis of urticaria…


Ah, yes… Where was I ? … She treats me like a kid a little jaunty, and I accept it very well because it is the drawing of the Family, engraved in the wall of the rock of the Secret Room: a joker kid, overlapping a furious tiger, a saber in a hand and a stick in the other… that, it is all me!


Then I do not cut her in her dashes and I sip her herbal tea in which she put honey from her garden to withdraw the bitterness from it. It is pretty good! … I know worse with the Hiro’s potions which don’t care about tastes as of his first clap than he took in his enthusiasm to honor his first captive Russian with dignity… Must say that he had charged her tank with the saber on his mad horse and that the part was hard, especially when he went into the abode the knife between the teeth.

Then after having stab to death like pigs the occupants, except the commander of the tank who proved to be a chick under her uniform of officer and her short hair… Then in the ardor of the reconquest of his Mongolian territory he also reconquered the body of the woman who shouted with pleasure and who, as thanks, spun him the clap because she did not wash every day after having shagged all the battalion.


I tell you that by the way, because to honor with dignity Hiro on his arrival in France, I made him the surprise to offer him a dagger of combat from the commandos of our troops of French elite, in good Swedish steel, and a blade able to cut the throat of a bull, just so that the Mongol does not feel too lonely in this foreign country because he could not make follow his weapons on the aircraft… I know how much he likes to sleep against these iron mistresses, as he calls them, these broad and long blades to make tremble the butchers of the corner.


See how I am nice and full with attention… Then do not believe too much the all wrinkled not beautiful who wants to be my father and who at the same time shags the shepherdess who sips her herbal tea beside me, while balancing herself in her rocking chair, on which there are loads of cushions, considering the osseous side of her hindquarters.


- I am very impressed by this so particular work on Sophie, she says in the peace of her flowers in front of us.

- Ah Well! I say.

- You take pains to do it, my boy.

- Ah Well!

- Yes, why all these efforts? … I do not understand ?

- Ah Well!

- Yes, my boy… Why ?

- Ah Well!

- You make fun of me, my boy, she says in the peace of her flowers of which odor continues to fill us.

- Ah Well! I say.

- Then I keep myself silent … It is quite preferable, she says irritated.

- Ah Well!


Tell me, you whom I speak as a friend, have I already put you in the picture about a Zen story…of the monk « Ah Well ! »

No ? … Then I repair the omission double quick because this story has opened large my teeth in my young age, because now you have well understood that in spite of my twenty five summers, I am already an old man in the universe the men.


Thus, here it is:


It was a very serious monk who practiced a very serious zazen, in his small temple in a city.

He always said « Ah well ! » And it is the nickname which the fellows gave him.


The only concern of his life, his interest and his attention, was the perfection of his zazen which, for him, was the support and the vehicle for touching Bouddha and to enjoy him. Then he did not waste his time with idle speeches, not like me! And he cut short with his « Ah well ! », which did not leave room to discussion, you will agree on it with me… and left the other in the loneliness of his verbiage.


Then a day, a young girl was pregnant of the son of the butcher of the district but she was afraid of telling it to her father, the baker, because the two tradesmen were not buddies.

Then she said that it is the monk the parent.

What a fuss in the district and the monk said « Ah Well! »


So she has said that it is the monk the progenitor.

What a fuss in the area and the monk has said « Ah well ! ».

Then the baby must really left one day, because you had already realized that he must clear off by the door where he entered…

Thus the father brought the baby to the monk and told him : « Since it is you the father, you have to take care of him…» and he left while leaving the baby in the arms of the monk who says « Ah Well! ».


The life of the monk changed because to give six feeding-bottles per day to the small famished, without counting that the Temple emptied from many believers who did not appreciate this curious manner of the monk to shag the young girls who came to pray the Buddha in the serenity of the holy place.

But the monk dealt with the child while continuing his regular and serious zazen.


Thus the months passed, in this new agreement between the monk and the child who did not bawl, who slept perfect and who ate as a tiger so much so that the monk ate less rice to buy more milk… and when people said to him that he got thinner, he answered « Ah Well! »


And then one day, the young girl consumed with remorse confessed everything to her father who arrived furious at the Temple and says to the monk:

- This child is not yours…

- « Ah Well! »…

- « So you must give him back to me »…

- « Ah Well! »


And the father left with the child in his arms while muttering that we could really not trust anybody.

The monk continued his zazen and the serious of his practice in all the acts of the daily life…


And when people said to him that he had been marvellous in this action to deal so well with this child, he answered « Ah Well! »

And when the believers came back in the Temple and apologize to have doubted about him, he answered « Ah Well! »


This monk became tall in front of the Buddha. He had understood from the beginning that we are always alone and that Time is not the Friend of the Noble Man.

He know how to use fully the working of the third law in fundamental energy… and the very recent discovery of modern science: radiate on you what you look at.



- Do I have to call you « Mr Ah Well! » asked the lady with an ironic smile?


I returned from the bees which appreciated the flowers.


- I would like to take another herbal tea, I say… A delight!

- You please me my young friend, she says… But it is not to the old she-monkeys that we learn how to make funny faces.

- Ah Well !

- The Roshi has also informed me of your manner of changing the field of action… Then I serve an herbal tea to you but do not pay me a compliment which are only lies, my dear small.

- Ah Well !

- Me too I have some decoders of lie working well in my body!

- Ah Well !

- Then if you told me why you came to make this visit to the small old woman who I am ?


When she returned with a new bowl of herbal tea, I opened my heart, because you realized well that I always open my heart with a facility which can only bring it sentimental tears.


- I do not like this shit bag which is emptied, I say.

- The one about which people speak everywhere, now ?

- Yes, I say.

- And what worries you ? … It is well you who have broached it… While attacking under an angle that I would not have planned, she says.

- You thus knew already the problem, don't you ?

- Yes… We worked several months on this problem of leaks of documents before calling upon you, my dear small.

- « We » ? … You or the team of Paris with Kaki as a chief.

- Kaki, she says with a smile which flowered… You know well that I am there only in supervision… Not in direct action… At least for this kind of investigation…

- I have well felt this work before my arrival, I say… Not only one preparation of the field for me.

- Exact, she says by softening her smile… I notice that the praises of the Roshi on you are not futile words.

- I have good decoders, I say.

- And what these decoders say ?

- That the center of Paris under the control of Khaki has a problem.

- Exact, my very dear… I would not have employed this word, but that joined my own analysis… But what else ?

- What else ? … I have the certainty that there are two orientations in this case, I say.

- Yes ? suddenly very interested.


I leave the bees to gather and I follow them in their manner of collecting the pollen in the pockets which they have on the rear legs.


- The first chapter, you know it… It is in all the newspapers.

- But the second, she asks the eyes almost closed while staring at her garden.

- It is me, I say.

- Tell me a little more, my dear small, she says with the same strange smile.

- We wanted to attract me in Paris.

- Even more, my dear ?

- To kill me, I say.


She stretched out the hand towards one of her roses and her palm stroked it.


- That is true, she says in the slowness of the words which come out from the depths… I have always had this intuition and I have advised my old friend against sending you here…

- I have felt the trap in my body in front of this senior official who received me at the airport… And which dictated my conduct.

- You felt that all was arranged in advance, didn’t you ? … I know this feeling well… My great friend the Roshi helped me well to put in life my decoders of the lie, she says while laughing… If one day I told you all the comic situations in which he made me go through… But come on! … It is not the concern of now.

- Ah Well ! I say.

- You make fun of the old grandmother who I am, she says in reproach.

- Ah! … You are also grandmother ?

- My boy… I am not as stupid as you seem to suppose it! … I made enough children in the previous lives for repeating this dream in this life…

- All depends on your dependence to the emotional memories, he says.

- About these emotional memories, we must also speak a little about those of Sophie, she says… But for the moment we are with this senior official who looks after his jaw fractured in a military hospital…

- I also made a gift to his testicles, just to give a little air to his wives who must have enough to put up with this pretentious, I say.

- You have thus hit him because of the fib of this case.

- A direct manner to get him understand that one should not take me too quickly for an idiot… The one who takes me for an imbecile, it is that he has known me for a long time. He, he was new and I have thus recalled him the minimum proprieties to my supposed intelligence.

- I see, she says… And Yoko ?

- As soon as I was in front of her, I felt the fear…She was very anxious…

- For that you tested her more in-depth by putting your hand on her Doors of Heaven… You do not waste time, my boy.

- Not only that… I have also introduced by her breast energy to accelerate the process of this fear so that it can be seen more quickly… It is really that « not to waste our time… not only to check… but always to accelerate the movement », I say.

- Thank you for the advice, Mister the future Master of the Family, she was ironical… But what else ?

- Then I felt death when she put the keys of her car in my hand…

- You have thus tested death while charging at two hundred and forty in opposite direction of the flow.

- Yes, I have to know about which death it was… Then I entered its flow to penetrate it and to know it.

- The Roshi always said to me that the Art of the Noble Assassination, is not death, but penetration, she shelled while returning in her memories… You go quickly, my boy.

- It is when I crossed the doorway of the apartment street Mouftard, that the certainty was there… Death was going to spout out from there! … and that was a trap made for me.

- But you fell asleep close to her all the same, she says.

- She is for me… but cut into two… The second side is her father and she is not against her father…

- Then she is a pivot, she says… For you, but also for her father.

- Yes… I must be very wary with her. To which side will she go over at the time of the final action ?

- You have thus two women on the arms, my young friend, she thinks… Not easy.

- Easier than you believe … For my health, I can handle it directly… I am not made in sugar and forewarned is forearmed…

- With you I would say that he is worth twenty, she smiles.


Silence took its time. Then the small curious old woman started again the words.


- So ?

- For Yoko, I must await the attack and prepare her.

- To prepare her ?

- Between what she supposes and the real observation of the facts, there is an enormous margin… and confronted with this margin, I do not know which her reactions will be.

- Which is this « margin » according to you, my friend ?

- When her father tries to kill me, I say.


She took silence for her and left it time to find the other words.


- You feel well, my friend… You know, even, if the Roshi is full of praise for you, even if he shouts you will be a marvellous future Master for the Family from the rooftops… this latter has its source in Asia and the Asian people, who are almost all the team leaders in the world, are not yet prepared to be directed by a White… Then, some of them considered that if an accident arrived to you, the interrogation would cease…

- And the father of Yoko belongs to these.

- Exactely… with in add an affiliation to the extreme Japanese right-hand side, she says half-heartedly

- And you supervise him narrowly, I say.

- All which is of narrower, she confirmed with a small laughter… He is not even aware of the narrowness of his space of action and decision!


I confirm.


- I had felt this control… and if the Roshi sent me a note by carrier pigeon asking me to be wary, it is that there is urgency.

- There is urgency, she confirmed… The attack against you will be in a few days…

- You can know more?

- No… He will not use his own team. Too dangerous… They are mercenaries, yearning for being recruited, who will come from former commandos of close combat from the parachutists… I cannot control… It will be thus an hand-to-hand attack… Not an execution of louts… They want a combat which makes them enjoy, she says…

- Just to check if I am as good as one says it, I laugh by extending my legs in front of me.


She took again silence for her and weighed up me with her anxious look.


- You know this technique of combat of the old Canada, at the time of the French and the English…when there were still all these wars between Indians, she says ?

- I believe that I will know, I say while laughing.


She settled comfortably in her rocking chair.


- So I tell you…

- It is in the zones full of water… the rivers, marshes… We circulate there in the canoe…

Thus, when a tribe meets a canoe with a man of another tribe there is a mortal play… in the water and with a knife.

Instead of killing him with an arrow, he is pushed in the water with his knife… Then there is one of the group who plunges with his own… And it is the combat to the death.

If the individual of the opposed group wins, there is then another who plunges and continues the combat… until the prisoner is the one who loses…

And he ends up losing by exhaustion because the others are may be ten, twenty…

But it is a play which « gives your chance »… they said.


She ceased her story and closed the eyes.


- And it is what they have in store for me, I was continuing to laugh ?

- Absolutely, my friend… Absolutely…


The old woman testified to her concern for me. I have the impression that I do not make the weight for her in this little game.


Then she returns to a consciousness of the ordinary:


- But why do you thus come to see me, my friend… and which is the aid which I can bring to you ?


Me, you know me, always direct to open my heart without reserve.


- It is Sophie, I say.

- Which problem?

- One will try to abduct her or even to kill her… It is in the logic of the shit bag… And I cannot be permanently with her to prevent that.

- And your monks?

- It is new… They were not awaited in the play… I can say that the Roshi has moved the pieces by his decision to send them…

- You cannot inform your monks of this danger ?

- No, because they will transfer the information in the energetic body of Sophie by charging her with their energy… The girl will have one more problem in the body and she has already enough like that… I must thus leave them in ignorance.

- And that they are devoted exclusively to the charging of Sophie… she continued.

- Yes… But I have offered a superb dagger to Hiro so that he does not feel all naked at the time of the attack…

With a strong and broad blade, he is a terror in close combat!

- Thus you want me to deal with the protection of the small Sophie, don't you ?

- Absolutely.

- Easy, she says.

- I will have suspected it, he says.

- Why, she says astonished ?

- You are well organized… and I have already detected several circuits of cameras in the property.

- How can you be certain that they are not monitoring circuits integrated to the group of Paris?

- I have checked on the puters street Mouftard… and there is no station of control in the shack, I say.


She stared at him with her strange eyes.


- We have always the feeling that you look in the air and that you lose your time in stupid things! … But you bear well your name of Silent Tracker… You fill with smoke a lot, my boy.


I do not confirm. I know myself and you know how I am discrete and never researching compliments.


- And then my body has detected waves between the house and the close property, I say… It is where the control unit of the cameras is.

- And? She asks, really very interested.

- Then… You know how I am curious!

- In short, you have visited this house… Haven’t you ?

- Of course… To find the desk of control was a play of child… with the transfer of the infos on another terminal… I even allow me to leave you a souvenir of my visit by disconnecting one of your lasers, just to draw your attention to your imperfections, I say.


Her eyes became even stranger. He knew that this small old woman was a frightening combatant.


- Thank you for your assistance to our continuing education, she says with an ironic smile … But you remove me a great weight from the shoulders, my boy… Since yesterday, I turn the problem in my cranium and all my team of specialists is on the spot to find the origin of this anomaly.


I smile like the good boy who I am.


- I hope that you will appreciate with its right value my kindness towards you… The Roshi told me so much good of you! … Then I did not want to handle you straight.

- To handle Me?


I take the idiot look that you start to know.


- Yes, to force you to act by the means of your cameras and data processing… I put you direct in the know to enter a collaboration full and whole in total confidence… I say.

- A total confidence ? … But my dear little boy, it is well the last silly thing which I could do… To give you a total confidence! … You are a prize manipulator… But I appreciate the information and the gesture… You want another herbal tea ?


The old woman returns with a smoking pot.


- I have made a new one… For your liver, my young friend… But tell me, to attack Sophie, they will have to know where she is… And this property is a well kept secrecy, she asks ?

- I have the intuition that its « secrecy » is not so well kept, I say.


She looked at him by the slit of her eyelids and she was surprised to think:

« Until where thus this curious boy knows the truth ? »


Because her old friend the Roshi had recommended her to tell him nothing!