51. Nothing is final


- Read… Thank you, says Heidi.


Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family…

Whirlwind… Continuation 7


- It goes fast, says Yoko at the breakfast…


She is lively. But I want true information which touch direct people. Also I question.


- What have you ask to the journalists?

- Nothing special… To make their job simply and to report what they have seen and heard, she answers.

- Thus no finishing off on this side?


She shells a small healthy laughter which makes pleasure to hear.

- On any side…Everything free! … I know how much you like the Free Truth… The Roshi said one day about you that you are an « insane of the Truth ».

- Yes, Life it is a Monastery, for me, I say.


She has a twinkle in her eyes.


- You can tell me more ?

- A monastery is open doors and windows… There are no secrecies… Each one can see and hear… And each one learns from it the consequences which he wants and progresses in his manner in the research of himself and his Liberation.

- It is what makes you so dangerous, she murmurs… Never anything of hidden! … Nobody in security! … With you we cannot lean on solid.

- It is that! … No security… Thus it is impossible to rest on your memory…

- And we must always keep this Presence in front of ourself like lantern, she continued.

- You are too mild! … Not a lantern! … A leading light! … Because life goes quickly and when the clouds accumulate it is necessary to know to keep the cape…


Yoko lets herself go on her armchair. She relaxes her body happy of this night close to the young man. They did not do anything of extraordinary. They remained one beside the other… and then the laws of the Universe made the remainder to transfer the energies.


- So, what do the newspapers of the morning relate, asks Bret.

- I do not know… The operation was too late to be part of the information of this morning… We will have the news by the evening paper… But there is the radio and the TV and it is where that flashes serious, she says.

- Roughly, you can summarize?


She spends some moment in silence and goes on.


- Three directions:


1.Ahmed and the « vice squad »… Fast work. They are already dismounting all the network and great haul… Not a lot of things on the « customers »… Sophie’s buddy was a gang leader of « women »… Several houses of training already on the list… They have found a ton of information in his residence and his strongbox. He kept everything… as if he knew him untouchable and had a large security behind!

Of course, an investigating Judge… But already attempts from the Elysée to propose to soft-pedal for « National interest ».


2.Ahmed and the « Drug Squad »… That is interesting! … The « Vice Squad » have explained to the investigating Judge that they knew a lot on the guy but they had the hands tied by the « Drug Squad »… You bet that the Judge, because it is a woman, has stepped direct into the breach… Then the « Drug Squad » try to get out of trouble by saying that it was not a true protection, but a wait of a prolongation of investigation on him because we supposed that he was not only an informer, but also a chief of network… Then they waited for more serious evidences to put him behind bars…

But it is where the things get complicated, because in his strongbox the « Vice Squad » have found the listing of several networks directed by the Mister and a list of the suppliers of funds… And it is where that becomes interesting for us, because one of them is the Professor Dupond … who has thus placed money in the circuit!


3. Thus we arrive to Dupond and the « Finances »… Not good for him!

These new information on his insertion in the networks of drug, added to the checking of the experts: all the paintings are false, without exception… Plus the statements of the hidden accounts… He is already in the office of the investigating Judge charged to follow this investigation…


Nothing on Sophie… Not yet, but it is too early.


The young man let his senses rove. He did not seek anything in particular. He let come.

All what he has just heard does not interest him. All of them will do their work and will give each other a hard time. That will fill out the newspapers and will occupy the rabble.

But for him, no interest…


What he feels, it is Ahmed like a « key »… Also he withdraws him out of the play.

He feels Sophie like another « key ». He thus withdraws her also out of the game of chess.


With these two main part disconnected, those who pull the strings behind will have to stand up and show themselves… When the small soldiers are lacking, the generals must step into the breach.


Even the Professor Dupond, it is a façade! … It is not him the genius of the family… It was his brother… Just an administrator!

And « one » has used him… Why? Here is an interesting question.



- Let us walk in the countryside, today, says the young man… The rain has ceased.

- But your investigation! is astonished Yoko.

- I do not have an investigation to carry out… I am not cop but assassin… And for the moment I do not feel my adversary…so, I relaxe.

- You wait until he shows his face, don't you?

- Exact… You know, the process is the same one everywhere and for everything… It is necessary to flush out the true leader of the puppets… As for ourself! … As for our suffering… It is necessary to place the arrows at the good place… and to wait for the reaction of the target.



She laughs, always happy to hear him to say because his words have a power which goes at the bottom of the entrails and stirs up. She does not know why… Perhaps is it the Power of the True Men… of the Masters.


- You want to say that life is a detective novel?

- Exactly! … and when we realize it and we understand it, we cease reading the books of the others and we open the Book of Our Life… And we trie to go deep inside to flush out the assassin… he says.

- You like this manner of looking at our life…I can see it at your enthusiasm, she says.


He raised the eyes to the sky.


- There is no other manner of living, for me… Anything else has an interest but this deep knowledge of what we are… What leads to the intimate knowledge of the Universe because we are only one piece of it and all of it is in us…

- Thus there is possibility of being Released? she says.


He smiles while lowering the eyes on her. She was beautiful with her black trouser on her buttocks of small goat of mountain and the red blouse very classy.


- That is still a word… To be released from « what »… Are you certain that there is a prison… Or this prison is the one we manufacture ourselves with our desires, our dreams, our feelings, our sensations… helped in that by our basic energetic structure.

- I see, she says.


He accentuated his smile.


- No, you do not see… Or then you would not ask this question.

- So?


He thought and took one moment of silence.


- So? … There is now Sophie… and with her I will continue my pleasure to discover.

- Do not understand…


He accentuated his inner smile which folded his eyes inserted in his deep sockets.


- Through her I will touch a basic structure of human, a very widespread structure… And I will try a double challenge.

- What means? she asks really interrogative.


He entered in him and put his breathing in his belly.

- Firstly, to manhandle the perverse grafting that the uncle has made on her structure to direct her emotional circuits.


She understood this first step and she helped him to perfect his thought.


- So much strongly that even her intelligence which she has however very developed is not able to control?


He laughs.


- Error for you… The force of the intelligence does not have any action when the emotional is moving…

- But why?

- Because the brain is cut of its reference marks when the wave of emotional is there… when it is of course about a groundswell.


She remained speechless one moment and her breathing becomes slower under the blouse. There he touched an important interrogation for her.


- We cannot control?

- No…


Then she needed still a little time. It was confirmed that the question was also a personal concern.


- But why?

- Because this analytical brain is fed by another Intelligence, that I call sometimes the Presence or the Force… It is steming from another Dimension that the one of the ordinary human. It is another type of vibration of energy… Some people call it sometimes « Intelligence of God ».

- So ?


He looked at her. Her attention became deep and the breath had difficulty to enter her ribs.


- So? … But the ordinary man is interested only by the consequences of the action of this Force on the brain which we could also call the reasoned or analytical intelligence.

- So ?


Her breathing misses. She perceives the point of the problem to come in her heart.


- When the emotional attack is strong, this analytical brain is cut from its bases… and we enter a complete trouble… That we do not even understand when the wave has passed.

- It is for that which you say « we cannot »

- Yes.

- Then we are lost!

- No.

- I do not understand any more!


He took again time so that her time can give again breath to her.


- It is a question of intensity of our choice of love, he says.

- You can explain?

- What do we like more? … This Intelligence of another Dimension which provides the accumulators to the reasoned intelligence… Or it is the reasoned intelligence that we develops because we like its performances and the effects which it is able to produce in the apparent development of humanity.


She stirs up the head and thus shows her comprehension which starts in a new direction.


- You want to say that if we like more this reasoned intelligence, we are not connected directly to the other intelligence which functions only in radiation?

- Exact… Completely that!


Then, encouraged, she continues:


- And that when the emotional groundswell arrives, we are nothing any more because this reasoned intelligence breaks.


He cut her rhythm because she went too quickly.


- Yes and no… You are right on the principle of working but you are wrong when you say that « we are nothing »… Yes, we are « the emotion » which has the intelligence of the radiant energy flux of which it is part… It is then the flow which orders all the actions and the reflexes… Some people say « To fall into the hand of the Devil ».


Then she took again the thread which is hers.


- But if I follow you well, we have a possibility of going out of trouble if we are connected directly to this Intelligence « of God », to employ your vocabulary… Because me I am Bouddhiste…

- The name is of little importance and in any case is a deformation of the Truth, he says.


Then the crucial question came on her lips.


- But how to be connected directly?

- It is difficult… It is to be as a lover who seeks his lover everywhere. He does not see her, but he knows that she is there! Then he seeks to discover in what she is hidden and he looks at each event like a possibility of being « her »…

Then by this extreme attention, he puts in activity in his body very particular « tools » which have this possibility of being connected to this so subtle Intelligence which is not a matter. Thus he finds her by this passion which never failed…


She stirred up the head again as the cow which eats twice.


- And he keeps her forever?


Ah! … She touches the edge of the truth… but it is difficult to enter this territory without becoming insane.


- Error and still dream of small girl… These are these tools developed inside our body which make the « connection » between our consciousness and this Force… Let us cease being attentive, researcher and impassioned… and the disconnection is there…

This Intelligence is not then any more capable to change the movement of the matter that we are and to make it vibrate according to its harmony… It remains only the memory as support… as alas the quasi totality of the Spiritual Masters in this World who have « perhaps » had a touch of this Intelligence, but they have captured it in their memory. They can speak about it with the others! … But they are not any more this Intelligence in vibration.


She comes back in her and followed her movement.


- It is that for you « the monastery of life », isn’t it ?

- It is that… All opened, to never keep anything… Thus the attention is always in the movement opposite you and not in your memory… « Relaxation and to look right » as said to me one day an old asiat who shook me a lot… he says.


Yoko kept silence. The young man remained in his Dimension, smiling, and the dumbness of the young woman suited him well.


But her brain required even more. Thus she took again the reasoned word.


- But the other « challenge » of which you spoke, it is what?


He returned in her dimension and he gave her what she asked.

- To update the virus installed by the uncle, it is easy. We will open her « memories » by activation of the « Doors of Heaven » of her body.

But that Sophie tackles this virus frankly when she knows it, it is more difficult… because she took practices which have constituted reference marks of which perhaps she will not want to separate any more because they would have become an « emotional security »… Like a kind of reference of stability… Even if that led to the destruction, that does not change anything to the problem. The need for security is such that we prefer the security of the death that the insecurity of the life…

- That it is the first challenge about which you spoke… And the second?

- It fits together with the first… The problem of Sophie will be to know to give up the emotional references of « security » provided by the virus of the uncle… But as she has an energetic basic structure which has a very important relationship to security and the recognition of the others, which is the supreme security in fundamental energy, it is not at all certain that she will go out of trouble.

- So ?

- So ? … I must find the means of disturbing the stability of her basic structure so that « new » can be born… A big work! … And there I do not know yet how I will do… That will depend on her reactions and her possibilities to support the variations with the emotional certainty.


Yoko recorded. She understood that. But there remained an interrogation on the motivations of the future Master of the Family…


- But why you will do all this work for her? … It is not in your mission.

- For my pleasure, I say.

- I do not understand…

- Each action on « the particular » has a reaction on the working of the Universe… You do not remember a sentence of your country, in the Zen World: « When a butterfly beats wing in Tokyo, there is a tidal wave in New York ».

- It is that your pleasure… To modify the Universe! says Yoko, tears in the eyes.

- It is quite simply a combat… There are energy flows which always function in alienation of the men… I always seek to reinforce and develop even more the energy flows which help the man to be released from all the alienations invented by himself…

- Such is your life, Isn't it?

- Such is my life and my Passion, I say.


She keeps silence on these words. Then she asks, like a confirmation.


- It is for that which you are « in our Family », isn’t it.

- Well considering! … It gives me work for my passion… I assassinate the lie.

- Then you love the men, she says.

- It is my weakness.


- You see that one cannot let him out of one breathing! … We believe him on holidays… and he is immediately off on a trip in another Dimension! Says Heidi while sitting up straight.

- But they are only complementary comments on what we know already, says the long monk.

- No! … He shows the basic essentials! … That is what everyone forgets… and in particular in this monastery!

- I do not follow you… I do not find anything exceptional in this discussion between Yoko and this Angel Bret.


- Firstly, it is not a discussion, rises the young woman up… He makes her enter gradually in the movement of an Intelligence so that she becomes impregnated with it and can follow him in this voyage… Because he needs her and then he takes care of her.

- But why does he need her? … He is enough great to manage all alone and he shows it to us at each turning of the way.

- No! … This « Intelligence » needs her… Because it is an intelligence, it is not a matter… and it is what he tells us at each turning of the way, if I employ your imperfect words… because there is no way… There is only one breathing of each moment and always renewed and new. There is no traced way and remember, that was always a leitmotiv in the mouth of my Angel from here… Do you remember? … I continue each day to hear his voice which hammered the words :

« There is no way. There is no past. There is no future. All is destroyed behind our heels. Nothing is built in front of ourself… There is just a breathing which discovers its action at each breath… » Do you remember ?

- Yes, I remember… But I find that you make an amalgam very dared between these two Angel… The Bret does not have the Dimension of Angel from here… It is more popular, he concludes by seeking his words in the memory from his repertory of words, with the slowness which sometimes makes of him a monk on which the young woman would like to break her stick.

- Ah yes! … A small Dimension! if I follow you well… But it is the basic essentials which he hurls at us on the corner of the ear without preventing us! … This Angel, it is permanently an action! … He never stops his blows; he is a perpetual combatant! …

- I do not follow you… Which essential teaching he distils to us in these some remarks with the young Japanese woman?


Heidi looks at him as it is now a long habit… like a retarded child who does not change, who is not perfectible, who stays always under the same lighting and who continues to have the same leading light to observe and see the events.

Tong is always touched by this look and he prefers to empty his look on the crest of the mountains because he knows that she is right, even if he does not understand why he always remains on the same fulcrums.


- Oh! … He tells us simple words! … So simple that they pass beside the ordinary understanding of the reasoned consciousness… He tells us quite simply that it is to waste our time to wait for the arrival of the Force of the Heaven in ourself, because this Force is always there and that these are only the tools to communicate with it which are not ready… Something of very simple and completely pain-killer, Isn't it my friend? she says ironic.


But she had the heart at level with the lips and the tears were not far from passing her eyes. Also she preferred to make them enter the bottom of her sockets and to pull on them the cover of her eyelids.


- I follow your words and my heart feels a truth in it, but my brain does not follow and I do not understand, says the long monk.

- I know well that you do not understand and you cannot understand, my friend, she says sad.

- But why I cannot understand?

- Because you seek with tools of the brain what is an expression of the heart… Both cannot communicate.

- Why? … I do not understand.

- Because they are not the same look.

- I continue to be lost in what you say.


She opened the eyes and looked at him. He saw fog inside.


-So, if we continue this sterile game of the words, I would simply say that the brain is connected to the memory to « understand » and to get a conclusion that will be the departure of the action ... and that the heart is « a seizure » of the moment and the action flows naturally from this « noticing » that has no reference as support ... she said ...

..... And into final, I would say, because that give pleasure to my heart that I have liked that you say « I feel »… Then may be one day you will put an end to this reflex to always seek « to understand ».

- I understand what you say… But I still do not seize in what these words of this Bret are so important because we know all that already.


She smiles sadly in front of his words.


- No, we do not know it… Not with our heart and our body… We know it with our intelligence, our accumulated memory …

You can refer to what was said to us by my Angel from here… You can remember, you can say again his words, and even organize again his sentences according to your own rhythm, which will make believe the others that you are a great Master… and who will make believe it to you also! … But in all that there is not « the instant which understands » and then all is only one repetition of the past and never nothing is new… Never!

- I start to grasp… he says… But where is the basic essentials about which you speak in all that!


The young woman closed the eyelids again and hid her distress below… She beat about the bush, like a dance with the words, so that he discovers by himself the reality of the words of this Angel so far and of the colossal aid which he is constituting for the Japanese woman… She would like to be there, in Paris… To be this Yoko and to feel the streak of this Force in her and to follow at each breathing the rise of this sap which stirs up the deepest of the entrails and which gives life.


- Oh! … He says quite simply that it is a waste of time to seek outside ourself… That all is in ourself… and that the only real and great work is to settle these tools which we have in ourself to find again this connection with this Intelligence… which then will make use of the body of which it has the need to act on the Earth of the Men because this body is matter… Quite simply!

- I do not see in what that is exceptional, he says… This kind of message, we have heard it so often!

- Oh! … nothing new? … Then I insert the nail more deeply! … He says to us that only « Passion » is able to put in activity these decoders that we have in our body.

- That, I understand it…


Anger went up in her voice.


- No, you do not understand it! … Because he also says that it is a form of attention to a « quite precise thing » which awakes these decoders… Not only to have a « passion »! … We can have a passion for many things… But these passions will not put in activity these tools… We need the Passion to discover « this Force », do you understand that, monk without heart and with an hypertrophied brain!


- Yes, I understand it, he answers.


Her anger swelled and the voice went up and frightened the monk.


- No, you do not understand it! … Because he says that this research is done in every moment and every events of the ordinary life, do you hear ?

- Yes, I hear that, he says, questioned by the vigour of the word of the young woman who flared up more and more.


She insisted and he was afraid.


- No, you do not hear! … Or you would not say thus! … He says that for each instant and each event, he looks only at the possibility to touch, to meet this Force which is his lover, do you get it ?


- Yes, I understand it.

- No, you do not understand it… Or, at least only with your head and not with your heart! she sighed.

- I do not follow you any more!


Heidi spent some time in silence and the birds entered the silence of the words. She wanted to close this sterile discussion. She wanted to close her heart to the suffering which entered her when her friend showed the closing of his heart. She will ask the Master which energy structure has Tong, because she does not find a main door in his wall of the brain which always seizes the power in reflex.

It is this thought which gave her the last words to put on the table of this meal of words.


- If you had one day the least fault in your consciousness to perceive the reality of the teaching of this so far Angel, you would cease instantaneously jumping on the analysis when the event is there.

- But then how I would live, how I would do?

- You would just close the door at this analysis… You would say « I do not want it » when it seeks to take possession of your brain… You will agree not to understand.

- And then, what will occur? … I will just be an ignorant stupid who looks at the winds and the clouds and is lost inside !

- No, you will not be that, she laughs at the vehemence of his friend.

- But why ?

- Because the void does not exist… Do you remember the teachings of my Angel from here, she laughs.

- So what ?

- So what ? this Force of life which is in the event will enter you and it will transform your body to push it in the action of « its » movement… Thus you become a new man.

- But why I cannot do it, whereas it is so easy according to you?

- For your security, she says sad.

- Do not understand ?

- Your memory in which your reasoned brain draws, is your security… Remember the teachings of my Angel from here… He always said: « The thought is never new because it is the decoder of the accumulated memory… It is thus always « the past » reheated! »

- Yes, I remember that… but I do not understand the bonds that you do.

- It is however clear, she sighs… You are afraid of a future which is not built by you! … Here where is the problem!

- That, I guess it during my nights without sleep, he acknowledged… But how to do ?

- To follow the movements of this so far Angel, she says.

- Why?

- Did I not say to you already that he works for « us »! … That « we » are in this story…

- Yes, you have told me that… But I do not grasp the bonds of action.

- He will make the action on Sophie… He will do the work of modification of the structure on Sophie… and the fruit will be registered in the Universe of the Men and « we » will be able to eat it and to be nourished with it, she says gently because these words are in the secrecy of her heart and she has difficulty to put them on the table whereas the wind of the inattentiveness still runs from the lips of her friend.

- Then, we will benefit from his action, he says.

- You are always too much in a hurry and you already jump at the conclusions, she thunders.

- So ?

- So ? … At first, the movement must develop… And we must thus help them!

- As we have done in the story about « the Child » with the woman who died.

- Yes

- But why you say « them »… It is this Angel who must be helped !

- No, it is « her » first, this Sophie…

- Why?

- Why? … But because if she does not succeed, it is a « defeat » which will be registered in the Universe of the Men… and the Force to humiliate our Dignity will grow even more! … Do you remember what my Angel from here said to us? … « There is always an addressee ».

- Yes, I believe that I start to understand.

- With your head… With your head, says Heidi…

Because you still do not understand that He needs her.

- No, that I do not get it.


Heidi let again the birds take possession of silence.


- You do not grasp that this Intelligence is not « matter » and that it needs the Men so that it can be done on the Earth of the Men… It is its brittleness, it is its weakness… it needs bodies to act…

- Yes, I understand that.

- With your head, my friend… with your head… Because then you would know why this so far Angel has finished with these words: « It is my weakness »…


The birds occupied space again. Tears slipped on the cheeks of the young woman; she half-opened the lips and their salt entered her mouth.

She was leant against the wood wall, weary, weary.

Tong did not understand this pain, these tears. He respected the silence and did not share it with the birds with his words without consistency.


Then without raising the curtain of her eyelids, sounds left her throat and he received them by his half-opened lips.

She spoke for her, to empty her brain of the suffering which would have liked to remain there.


« I am certain that he was killed because of this « weakness »…

… I am certain that the last Secret Book relating to him which has title « The One who has killed him » has a subtitle which says: « Until where Love can transform a Being? »