61. Without the Force, we are nothing


She was there, at the small day of the next morning.

The Roshi examined her body.

She felt the glimmer of the eyes to slip into her heart and to test it.

He was satisfied. She had restored her body and her spirit in a position to follow.

He perceived also a curious light in her heart and he had the feeling of the presence of his son of now… Her Angel…


Then he took again the words which he had stopped the day before, as a meeting which does not finish and is back to the place where it was left.


- No, it does not take « time ».


She came back her also to the old words which were not filed in her ordinary memory. She felt them to come from another universe, as if the Truth carried the Truth and that there was no beginning and no end.


- The Intelligence which allows you to understand is not that of « time » and of « accumulation » and even less of thinking, continued the Master.


She approved…

Dreams this turbulent night had already given her a beginning of answer. But she was wary of the dreams, as he had taught it to her, and she was happy to find a confirmation in his words.


- If you understand « now » it is that another intelligence is in action, beyond the body and the spirit, he says, almost in anger to have to repeat that!


She smiles.


- Sorry… I let my words leave alone because my brain needs them to survive… even if I know well that it is false…


Then she continued because her dreams of this night had to be brought up for consideration in the discussion which unrolled in front of her with these words and the annoyance of the Master of always having to repeat and repeat again.

She knew that this anger was not for her. It was the anger of the Master who is tired to repeat…


Then, she went to the essential of the teachings of her dreams and left the Roshi alone with his annoyance which entered his body.


- Then without this Force, one slips into the Great Chasm, as called it your son of now.


The Roshi was satisfied with the movement which he felt in the heart of the young woman. He continued.


- Then let us return to your body… You train it every day so that it is a receptacle for this Intelligence which can go over the wall of the lie…

- I train it to give place to this Force, haven't I ?

- Yes… It is exactly that! … You train it to let Space to this Force of Life able to destroy the lie, confirmed the vehement Master, the back right on his chair of meditation.

- And I do not waste my time « to improve it »! … Do I ?

- Yes, it is that… You do not waste your time to improve it, because it is not improvable in the sense that you would like because humanity dives each day more and more in the exploitation of the consequences of the original separation… Because now, it cannot go any more back in time! … It is a race to death that one cannot stop any more.


Heidi took again strength as words go by, words which caused her interest. It was those of her dreams and she had the body which groaned then with pleasure as a caress which guided her. She knew this languor which gives the awakening to all the senses. It is it which was when her Angel introduced her to the Art of the Love.

She followed the words of her dreams. They left her half-opened mouth which breathed in the song of the wind.


- Then we must find the means of leaving the boat before its collective shipwreck, mustn't we, she says ?

- Yes… and it is what my son of now came to do… To teach us how to do!


She smiles. That was her dream!

Now, she knew that it was her who must push the Master beyond his structure. That was also her dream!


- But it is you who have attacked him and pushed him to leave, she rose up…

- Yes… To attack him! … and I could not make differently, he says, stiff on his chair… But I did not push him « to leave »… But that you cannot understand it now… So let us remain on the provocation which is accessible for you.


She smiles ; she was not able to understand « to leave »? … The little old man will meet some surprises! … He does not know the power of her meetings with her Angel.

Then she pushed him by the door which he opened. She had seen in her dream that he must be taken by surprise.

He is not « Master » for nothing!


- Why this provocation ? she asked, very surprised little girl.

- Because if I did not teach him again the Rules of the Earth, his teaching would not have passed among the men because he would not have prepared the place to receive them…


Then she continued for him and he remained with the voice in suspense of his words which are withdrawn from his throat.


- Then he would have been killed from the first words pronounced out of this monastery which was his security and his training… she says.


She let time to take its time. The words were hustled and she tried not to follow them to leave the place to the Intuitive Intelligence.


Then she continued on the caress of her words from her dream.


- And me, you gave me to him like field of training ? she asks while articulating each syllable to be sure that he understood her own words which passed her lips.

- Yes… I gave you to him… Because you are a « Mother Heaven »… You like to love… You like to protect… You like to make grow…


He followed her now!


- I gave him my love as field of adventure, haven’t I ?

- Yes… Because your love was not perverted by spiritual trainings… You were virgin of theories which are like stakes which put in chains the man.


She smiles. That was also her dream.


- Like all the monks of this monastery ?

- Almost all of them, he says… Except Tong for example… He seeks… Thus he could be with you in this constant discovery of the life… Thus I gave him also to you.


Then she continued the caress of her dream. The old man had given so much to each one of his breathings!


- I start to seize the responsibility of the Master, she says, gratitude in the voice.

- You are still very far from the account, my daughter, he blows, the look on the cold crests.


The wind lost its coldness and the birds tried to give more voice, but they were still timid.


Heidi needed time. Her eyes of the heart were like the song of the birds: a timid awakening on a reality of the Universe.


- But if we return to the body, she asked ?

-Then, there is not to produce efforts of improvement… because we cannot improve it…

- There is not either to seek the meeting of the body and the spirit, Isn't it ?


The Roshi showed his astonishment at the clear-sightedness of the young woman.


- Yes… It is useless action in a space which is already on the slope of its destruction, he confirmed.

- Do you want to say that all these new techniques « of wellbeing of the body and the spirit and their reunification » are useless.

- They are more than useless! … They are a manifestation of polluted Bam to be maintained longer alive!


She still asked, pushing the perverse movement towards its chasm.


- But can that produce a salutary effect all the same ?

- No… That still reduces the place in the body for this Force able to change the consciousness and to go over the lie.


She insisted.


- But « they » feel well!

- Yes… They feel well… And it is really there the perverted knotty!


She smiles. That also was her dream.


- Why ?

- Because they testify to the obviousness of their comfort within the framework of their space of obviousness organized by polluted Bam, he howls ! … But my daughter! … How many time will it be necessary to point out to you these essential conditions of working of Bam: the obviousness of the conclusions in its obvious space!


A bird tried to give more voice. Heidi felt also hers to gain in importance and she was not astonished to hear the words which erupted from her throat as a song because they were in her dream:


- I think that you will still have many times to remind me of it, she says by looking at him while smiling…

- Why, he says furious ?


Then she played the part of the kid who prepares a surprise.


- But to enable you to exert your structure of Master, she says while laughing… Isn't it a structure which likes to repeat, to repeat and to repeat again… And to lose its temper, again and again… Isn't it, Master, she says while laughing.


The Roshi remained one moment speechless, then he burst of laughing.

His body lost stiffness and he leant again against the wood wall behind him.


- It is exactly that, he recognized…


He contemplated her, like a small child in front of a new discovery.


- Also, if I understand you well… I would have to thank you for your generous attention to support the action of my structure which could perhaps rust in the inaction ?

- Perhaps, she says while laughing.

- I thus appreciate at its true value your ridiculous questions that you always bring up for discussion and appreciate the overflowing love that you testify for me… he continued to laugh.


Silence gained in importance of benevolence between these two beings which tried to communicate with the heart.


Then silence was broken because it is also the role of silence to cease, again and again.


- That will not be easy for Sophie, says the Master in soft words which did not want to move the frozen air.

- I had this dream this night, she says… She has increased her refusal.

- Yes… She had the possibility of starting to make burst her structure and she confirms it on the contrary in her resistance… Her new reincarnation will not be easy.

- Worse than the one which would have occurred if we had not intervened ?


The Master felt the sorrow of the young woman to be intervened in this new life of Sophie.


- Yes, worse… Because she has confirmed her refusal to enter the movement liberator of Yam… Then she will be even more integrated in the logic of Bam and its obviousnesses entirely made up by the intellect and the emotional.

- Our test will thus have an aggravating conclusion on her destiny ? asked Heidi who felt a little guilty because it is her which had launched the request.


The Master put his gentleness in his words for her.


- Yes… But it is thus at each test, says the Master… It is won or lost! … Then do not worry for her… She has received much more than many others and if she has decided to shelve all that, it will be her karma of tomorrow.


She smiles. That she knew it in her heart, but it was good that her brain takes again the words and looks at them.


- Then if we intervene on somebody, we can worsen his life ? she asks to oblige its brain to look in the face and not to produce ridiculous emotional.


The Master understood her test and gave her assistance.


- Always… or the reverse… Each action is modifying. There is nothing free in the universe… And all is an action, a decision. Even to do nothing is an action, a decision…

But if we do not do anything, nothing will change and it will be the continuity of the old…

If we do, we can change the data of the present which will order the future… But this action can involve a worsening karma… Here is the play of the life and of the death of each moment.


But Heidi wanted to print in her brain a more final conclusion.


- But she had not asked anything! she says.

- She had not asked anything… But she accepted the proposal of modification… says the Master.

- But if we had not intervened ?

- She would have lived in the following life the refusal which she validated now… Ultimately, we save time to her, says the Master

- Because she will be found in living conditions which will cause her more in her future life ?

- Yes… It is that… Then she will be more quickly in a situation of life obliging her to make a decision.

- And if she confirms her refusal of the deliverance ?


The Roshi remained the voice closed and the words were not created in his belly.

Then he says with the slowness of the one who pronounces an upsetting truth.


- It is one of the major problems of this universe Bam: the refusal of the deliverance!

- So, what does it occur then ?


He still let the words come from further than him.


- Only the consequences of this refusal… We are always part of a flow in this universe… She will be in that of the refusal and it is not a bad place in this present world, he smiles.


Heidi was astonished at this smile which was born on the lips of the old man; this smile was sad.


- Why ?

- Because she will be always « against » all those who will propose or open a new door for the liberation of the man…

She will be very serious and vigorous in front of all these openings which seem so dangerous for the present World…

Then she will be recognized like reasonable and responsible person, which will suit very well for her structure of Mother Earth who needs to feel around itself the respect and the recognition of the others…


She understood the meaning of the words.


- She will thus reinforce the power of this structure in the collective energetic body of humanity ? asked Heidi.


The Master was astonished.


- I notice that you follow well! … Yes, she will reinforce the power of this structure and this structure will protect her still more, which will suit her very well.

- And into final ?

- She will be choked with her structure, like all the others… But she does not know it and she will never know it, says the Master.


There, she knows that one touches at the essential of the problem in this Universe.


- Why she will never know it ?

- Because for that, one needs another active Intelligence in the body and she will have refused this possibility…

It is the cat which bites its tail and which does not know that it is its tail… Such is the humor of the karmic law, he says while smiling.

- It is what we say by: « each one makes his prison »?

- Yes… If you take the problem overall… But it is more subtle than that in the operationality of the energy, says the Master.


Her dream had given her the answer in a caress without end.


- Because it is by the means of the structure that the choices are done, Isn't it ?

He was still surprised by the answer of the young woman.

He was even more surprised by his answer, an answer which would like to take again the power of the words. He then perceived the power of his structure of Master who wanted to always have the last word.


- Let us say « by the means of the satisfactions programmed by the structure » he says … That would be more operational in the order of the movement of the Universe.


Heidi followed the movement of the Roshi.


- Then, how to do ?

- There is only one exit door : to relativize each sensations and emotions… But it is difficult, says the Master.

- Why ?

- Because when you listen to me… you understand what I say by use of your analytical brain, he says.

- Yes ? Heidi smiles because these words there were also in her dream.

- But when the action occurs, you cannot make use of your brain which you now use by listening to me, he continued.

- Why ?

- Because in the action, when the provocation of the event is there, you cannot say: I will not follow the emotions, I will not follow my sensations… my thoughts… Or else you are already in cerebral control.

- Then ?

- Then, it must have initially existed in you a Force of another Dimension, that perhaps you will have perceived only once! and that you take refuge in it.


That she knew it and that was her concern of the every day and of the every moment since the departure of her Angel.

But she continued because these words were in her dream.


- How ?

- Very simple… You say to it: « I love you »

- Is it all ?

- It is the Magic of the Universe, says the tired old man… But it is not easy, he continued.


She knew how much that is not easy. But she continued the movement already registered in the Universe.


- Why ?

- Because many say: I love you, but it is not true.

- What is not true ?

- They do not like this Force… They do not like this Power of life… They like the consequences and the fruits of this Power… in order to better arrange their Bam…

- Then ?

- Then ? … They say : « I love you » to the better organized Bam and it is Bam which radiates on them because radiate on you what you look at, and that you know it.


She knew, and she says it.


- I know it, she says, very serious.


He laughs.


- Then we go back to square one as would say it my son of before with his incisive humor.


She had her Angel in front of her.


-From which the Carrier of the Force, she says.

- Yes… From which the Carrier of the Force… And it is on that my son of before has worked: that each one discovers this Force in him… But one cannot oblige to see the one who prefers being a blind man… Especially when the dominant culture which surrounds him validates this blindness.

- I understand in my body the reality of your words, Master.

- Then that is well.

- Thank you.


She rose. The old man curved each day more and more. She worried about him, and the night she often pricked up her ears to hear his call if he needed assistance.