47. Only the Force exists


- Read again the Silent Tracker in the Whirlwind, asks Heidi to the long monk.

- You are quite excited this morning, he says… Is it your meeting of yesterday evening with the Master who produces this effect?


He was anxious all the night. The laughters of the young woman remained in his ears and awoke his heart in an anguish which he did not know. That was not natural sounds for him, as sounds which came from another Dimension and he was afraid of her and the sounds that she carried.


- Yes, we worked well together and I am impatient of knowing how we were capable to change the Writings…

- What do you want to say? … Together?

- Yes, I want to know if we were capable to change the direction of the History.

- I do not understand, continued the long monk by balancing his head on both sides. For him, the absence of comprehension was intolerable and all his body contracted.

- I cannot explain you « everything », she says… Read and we will see what happens… and if that will change the course of the History.

- But what thus have changed?

- We have changed the hearts, she says gently.

- And how have you done? … I always do not understand anything!

- How we have done? … But quite simply by letting the hearts speak according to their original nature…

- Which means? Tong became impatient.

- Which means? … That we did not leave a place to the pride of the energy structure which could not make its work of destruction.

- Can you be more explicit! … I still do not understand…

- We were quite simply able to say « thank you », she smiles while looking at him right in the eyes.


The long monk felt this gentleness to run in his head and a curious savor came in his throat.


- You want to say that the absence of the pride of the structure has a savor?

- You sometimes follow me very well, she smiles… when you forget your head and renew contact with your body.


The long monk sought to install a silence between them because he needed time to pull himself together… But she did not leave him his time, impatient to know the new savor of the so painful Writings of yesterday.


- Read, she says … and thank you to do it.




Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Continuation 3



The young Japanese woman listens to the breathing of the future Master of the Family. She enters the breath and follows it with her own breathing. She discovers that her breath is half of his breath. Thus she remembers the teachings of the Roshi: « Push your breath in your belly and you will be a Queen ».

« He, he is thus a King! … and I feel it well thus » she whispers in the secrecy of her heart.


She pushes the wind of her throat deeper in her belly. The skin is tightened under the navel and raises Angel’s head. He fell asleep in this position.


She has massaged him a long time, astride on his back. His muscles were fine and hard like steel. It was difficult for her to enter inside without wounding him with her nails. But he says to her while laughing:


- Don’t be afraid! … I do not fear the scratches… and you have a touch which gives pleasure to my body!

- Even if I hurt you?

- Pain is mental… You know it well! … Then don’t be afraid of that.

- Even mental, we feel it well all the same! she laughs… I have never really understood this teaching… Me, when I am hurt, I am hurt! … she continues while laughing while pushing her fingers deep in the flesh of the young man.

- It is only a question of displacement of the vibration, he says… But do not pay attention to what I say to you… I am a little tired and that makes me stupid and proud… Continue to enter in me! … I like what occurs now in my body.

- What happens for you of so extraordinary, she asks astonished by this remark.

- There is kindness, he says.

- You can be a little more precise ?

- There is a Force which emerges from your hands which does not seek to handle me but to help me… You have kindness for me, Yoko.


She remains with these words during a long moment. These sounds resound in her body and her heart is filled with enthusiasm with each new movement of her hands. She feels that the young man opens to her and invites her to enter even more deeply. She feels that he attracts her in him and she likes this new movement unknown of her. It seems to her that she becomes « man » because he agrees to be « woman ». She feels strong with this new matter moving in her body and her spirit is filled with enthusiasm with this discovery to be « differently ».


When she wants to inform him of this discovery, he sleeps, gently, with this breathing so slow and so long that it astonishes the body which seizes it.


Then she continues to deal with his body. She turns it over and opens his coasts with her fingers, one after one, with slowness to grasp well the breathing of the organs below.


Perhaps one hour passed… Perhaps two! … She does not know. Her tiredness left. To touch this body gave her force!

Then, as if he seized in his sleep the movement of her body, he moved slowly, turned over, slipped against her and posed his head on her belly.


Her belly became hot, very hot, almost burning of this presence. She has the sensation that the breath of the young man slips his force in her, like a penetration of an infinite gentleness and slowness. She feels his presence in her. He penetrates her! … and she enjoys this contact without distance.


… Tong read more and more haltingly the words before his eyes. He was livid.


- What do you have? asked him Heidi anxious.

- I do not recognize any more the words, he says.

- Explain a little… It is now my turn not to understand.

- I often read the following text the day before… in order to be sure to make you a correct reading… You know, it is difficult for me to understand the words of the son of this moment of the Master… he tried to apologize by lowering the head in front of her astonished glance.

- Yes? … And then! …

- And then? … They are not any more the same words! … All is changed!

- What is changed, she asks anxious.

- He is now with the Japanese woman, in her bed… and she cherishes him!

- And then?

- Then? … In the text of yesterday that I read while you were with the Master, it was not that!

- What was it? she asks impatient!

- He was in this Parisian luxury hotel… He had his breakfast in a royal room with the waltz of the waiters around him… Then Yoko appeared… looking dreadful… It was obvious that she had not slept… She approached him, almost apprehensive. He looked at her with this smile which is his and which does not take anything with serious…

- And then… Go more quickly! … How you are slow!

- Then? … She freed in front of his table and held out the keys of her car to him… He did not take them… She put them down on the table…

…. She wanted to say something, but her words did not leave the throat… Then she cried!

- And then?

- Then? … He always did not say anything. He looked at her crying… It is a waiter which approached and presented a seat to her… « If Mister allows it, he says »… The son of the Master stared at Yoko with his always ironic eyes and he says: « No! ».

- And then?

- Then? … She turns pale. The waiter moved back and was apologizing…


The son of the Master stood up and left the room under the looks of everybody… the keys remained on the table.

- And then?

- Then? … Yoko took them again, sad. Then she leaved her too… A car awaited her outside. She made sign that « No »… and she went up in her Jaguar.

- And then?

- She cried…

- And him?

- He whistled in his room… Then some words left his lips: « One of less to look after! … Ah! that I like Paris for its lightness! … Holidays at last! »

- Then?

- Then? … He paid… An astronomical price! … You can believe me! … Then he asked a taxi to take him along in the hire company Hertz on the Champs Elysées… He chooses a metallic grey Porsche … I do not tell you the price! … I read again four times the passage to be certain to understand the numbers well.

… Here what I read and now! …. All is changed!

- Yes, all is changed! Thank you the Force of the Universe allowing to change the Writings! … Thank you! … Thank you!


She ran towards the small garden of the Master and entered vigorously his room.


- Thank you! … she throws in front of him.

- I know, he says.

- You always know « everything », she laughs.

- It is the role of the Master, he says.

- I would not like to be in your place, she laughed while kneeling in front of him.

- You are not in my place, he laughed too.


He was sitting on his seat of meditation, the back quite right.


- You waited for me? she asked while smiling.

- Yes… It was to be thus… when the body follows the present movement of the Universe…

- Can you tell me something on the « present » movement of the Universe.

- It is to recognize that « alone » one is not strong enough… That one needs the others…

- And how we recognized it?

- We can say « Thank you ».

- Thank you, she says while standing up swiftly… I need to continue the reading of your son of before.

- I know… Go my daughter!


She returned while running towards Tong which waited for her very anxious. He did not understand any more the exchanges of Heidi with the Master…


- Continue your reading, she says… What a wonder! … The hearts are hanged… Thus the bodies will be also changed and also the intelligences.

- Why the intelligences?

- But « my » Angel of now has thousand times said to you that we have the intelligence of the vibration of our body!


Tong moved the head… Then his voice goes up from the throat and he took again the reading of the new Writings.



Whirlwind… Continuation



During the night he went up towards her breasts and posed his lips on the naked point. His breathing continued its slow rhythm, deep, as a breath which opens out in all the body.


The young Japanese woman followed each movement of energy inside the body of the young man and she tried to enter with him this knowledge. She took care. He slept; but the tiredness was not in her. On the contrary, she felt full! … She did not know of what? … But she was full and that was a certainty in her body and her spirit did not contradict.

There was a power in her which made conceal this spirit which worried her so much so often, so much so that she did not feel anymore the Presence that the Master had awaked in her years before and who was her friend, her support, her hope and she took care of it with an extreme attention of each movement of the day and even of the night.


It is this increased tenfold Presence which she felt in her now and which held her waked up.

She felt it in her belly which is filled of it by the breath of the future Master… Then when her belly was full, he went up against her, breath after breath, as a body which does not move but which however changes place!


He went up grain of skin after grain of skin until her breasts whose point was tightening. However there was no excitation! … Just the point was tightening, as also her breasts inflated under the Force which was introduced in them.

She felt this Force to go up from her full belly and she perceived that the natural breath of the young man activated this power which radiated in her more and more powerfully.


One moment she was afraid and had silly ideas: « What I will make with him! »… « Where he will lead me! »… « But all my life will be hustled by this Force! »…


But there she then remembered the last words of the Master when she left the Monastery. That was the last meeting. He had invited her in his pavilion, which was rare and testified to a true friendship.

Sitting on his chair of meditation, the back upright, he looked at her in front of him, sitting on her cushion. He did not look at her: he scrutinized her! … He checked each fiber of her flesh to check the benefit of his training in this so particular place where we learn how to kill… but not only the body! … We also learn how to kill our ego, our fears, our dreams… We learn the way to find our original face, the one which we have before this new reincarnation. At this time the fears, the ego and the dreams did not exist. They came thereafter in the ordinary life of the man.

Also he scrutinized the fibers of her heart and she felt penetrated to the bones and to her marrow. It was as a laser beam which she felt moving in her and examining each one of her cells.


After a long time, he looked at her right in the eyes and the gleam which came from his eyes activated even more this Presence that she has felt in her since weeks.


The first time that she had felt this Presence was at the time of an intense training directly with the Master. He attacked her with a curved dagger. The attack came, fulgurating, directly towards her heart. She was against a wall because he had driven her back by small attacks which had obliged her to move back step after step. Now she was driven back! … she did not have any more space behind her! … and the mortal blow came fulgurating!


She knew she was dead; the eyes of the Master did not leave any dead end to the compassion. She accepted her death.

At this point this Presence in her was clear… A Force beyond the attack of the Master! … A Force capable to answer each request of the ordinary life, in the most trivial events…

Then she saw inside her this Force acting against the attack of the Master. Time did not have importance for Her and all was done in a wink.

She did not know what she did. The monks told it to her!

She folded under the blow, slipped under the blade, then revolved under the armpit of the Master and found herself behind him, all in security! … whereas the point of the blade entered the wood of the palisade behind her, where her heart was to be!


The Master turned over like the flash, the high blade. He looked at her. She was in front of him without fear. This Presence held her upright, out of the usual emotional system.


Then the Master lowered the blade and he smiles.


- It is well, he says … You seized it!


Then he remained one moment in silence in front of her and he says:


- It is difficult to perceive this Force of Life in oneself… But it is even more difficult to hold it in activity! … Then now your training will be to live with her with each breathing.


Thus her training continued with Hiro as Master of Combat.

And now, in the pavilion of the Master, he says to her gently.


- You can become intimate with this Presence which directs the life beyond the fears, the dreams, the hopes and the despairs… But « here » that is easy. All is done and organized to allow this Force to be perceived and lived. Here it is easy to go back between its hands…


He took again his breathing and he leant on the wood wall behind his back. Then he continued while penetrating more and more in her with his smouldering look; she perceived the fire at the bottom of these eyes which at every moment look at the essential of each thing of the everyday life. She had learned how to thus discover him during all these months and she liked this intensity of each moment.

Then he says:


- But in the everyday life of the ordinary life of the men, it is different. All is done in this life to deviate from this Presence and to take as support for the action the intellect, the emotions and all what goes with.

- I will pay great attention, she says.

- That will not make you get out of trouble, he smiles… All goes too quickly and the emotions like the thoughts which go with are like winks.

- So ?

- So ? … You have only « Confidence » as aid… A total confidence that the Force that you carry has the power to make you go out of each situation without you having « to make a decision »… But that is very hard not to make a decision…

- Why?

- Because the human always seeks his security… what is always in the « future ». ! … Then he seeks to organize his future according to his own reference marks, his fears, and even more pernicious, according to the dashes and satisfaction of his energy structure which is his first communication tool when already we lost the « sight » of our original face… The human has the pretentiousness to say « No, thank you! » when this Force proposes the action.

…. Then, it is not this Force in action, but all the mechanism assembled by the man on the basis of the energy structure and its satisfaction.

- I understand, she says.

- No, you do not understand! … You do not know yet the power of the mechanisms reflexes of this energy structure on which the orientations of an education, a culture and even more perverse, sensations and emotions recorded during the childhood developed… No, you cannot understand yet how the handling of the consciousness takes place! … Perhaps one day you will meet an « event » which will be enough powerful to awake your Force and its consciousness in this dimension of knowledge… I hope it for you…

- Me too, she says while smiling of contentment waiting for this meeting which she felt so near.

- Then while waiting for it, pay great attention to the « Confidence », in this Power in you… And the best means of remaining in this Confidence, is not to program your future.

- Easy! she says.

- No, it is not easy, laughs the Master… Because each one which could listen to this discussion would say: « Of course! … It is obvious! … Me either I do not program my future… »… But that is false! … In their decision not to program the future, it is not this Force which acts, but the one of the ordinary brain which believes and wants to be free of everything.

… To be with this Force is very difficult and requires an extraordinary attention and intelligence… It is for that those who are with It are so particular!


The Master continued to look at her a long time, then he tells her to retire, that all is accomplished for this stage… and that he does not know when will be the following movement… That will depend on her life.


She was five years in loneliness. Five years without support around her in Paris. She helped her father in the organization and the actions of the Shin Family…

She tried to remain with this Presence, this Force. Sometimes she felt it, often the nights without sleep. But she also felt how her present life did not give her the opportunity to nourish this Force in her. All was so insipid and came from a simple cerebral activity!


And then, now, there is this head which rests on her breast and which breathes gently… and this breath which fills her. She feels this Force in him. She now feels this Force in her. He communicates his Force to her! … And in the secrecy of her heart, she knows that was possible because she has agreed to serve him and to help him without any thought and interest for her.


She understands now, only now, what wants to say « to have confidence »!

She also understands now the perverse play of all those who refuse to be let penetrate by this Force, which says « No, thank you! »… but which however says being with It… Those ones handle words which invite and attract the others… But no Power! … Only sensations.


« Tomorrow may be you will leave for always, my close friend! »… These words run in her head, but that does not have importance. It is the brain which functions all alone!

Now she understands what the Master said to her: « Perhaps a day you will meet an event… »

This event is now there, on her breast, against her naked body. The event breathes gently and she shares this breath. That is her happiness.


- We arrived just on time, said Heidi… She was getting lost.

- I do not understand very well, says Tong, but I perceive very well the difference between the two movements… But I would have a question.

- Yes, asked Heidi…

- Why the young future Master did not seek to modify her and maltreated her… That he left to sleep at the hotel?

- Because there was no place for him in her life of now.

- You want to say the life of Yoko? He asks.

- Of course! … Then he could only provoke a so intense tear that was going to turn her over like a pancake…

- How for example?

- I am certain that he would have made her being jealous of an intimacy with Sophie, she answered while smiling…

- Why?

- Because that « not to be used » is the worst which can occur for a woman.

- You can explain?

- No, not now… I want to remain with « them » and to support them.

- But how? … That is so old!

- Once again! the young woman howls… How « time » is integrated in your sick brain! … You have already forgotten the modification we have just proceeded on the Writings!

- No, I did not forget, says Tong… But I do not see where that will carry out.

- But Tong… Each action influences the Universe of Humanity! … You forgot it too!

- How all that becomes complicated, he says!

- But, it is « now »!

- What is « now »?

- But this reading! … It is our « now »… and we can influence the Universe through it… They are the teaching of my Angel from here… Do you remember?

- Yes, I remember… But with you, it is as if these teachings took a different color and that I do not recognize them immediately.

- May be I go a little too fast for you?

- Yes, the long monk acknowledges… You are too fast! … But I follow you and I love you… I have confidence.


The young woman burst out of laughing and took him in her arms.