56. All is in the preparation


- So, what is the difficult side of the double, asked Heidi.

- You do not lose the wire of your concern, says the Master while laughing.


The new sun gave its fires to the ice of the crests. The sharp cold pushed towards the comfort of the double dress and the covers on the shoulders.

Wrapped up on his seat of meditation, the Roshi looked at the young woman while smiling. The vigor of the life pushed her body and her spirit.


- What is difficult is in fact the simplest, he says.

- It doesn’t surprise me, she says ironic… I start to have the practice of these contours in the Universe of the teachings.


He laughs.


- The wisdom comes thus into you, he says.

- May be the silly thing which leaves, she continued ironic… So, while going to the center of the target, as your son of before would say?


The Master spent some moment in silence and threw:


- He would say: easy !


… Initially, to know by heart the first two bronze men who are protections in order to give space to our life.

… Then, to play with the third bonze man who extrudes energy outside the body… Thus we make the space which we wish around ourself which will press on the body and will condition its reflexes.

… Still, to handle perfectly the fourth bronze man to be transported in space and to communicate with the energetic body of the others.

… Lastly, to use the recognition of the others to perceive our pastille of vitality.


… Then, afterwards, it is even easier : you use your pastille of vitality to make the centrifuge, which is the only technique in the world making it possible to separate the cells soaked with the stupidity of the men, from those which are still in relation to the fundamental energy of the origin… (by the way, I say to you, my dear daughter, that this technique of the centrifuge was taught to me by him)


… When you are at it you send the noble particles in the space above you… Then you mix with one of the Fundamental Forces of assistance to the man in the space of Major Bam … Then you come back and you blow firmly.


… But before blowing, you notice that the cells which return in your body are enriched and carry new information to the cells which remained blocked on the dry land… Then you can rely a little on your transformation when you notice how the enriched cells put a virus in the others which communicate it between them… Then you put an end to the disease of effort and you understand that it is just about being attentive and that the remainder is done all alone without you needing to make the feet in the air, nor to lengthen you the testicles so much so that your pretty feet can walk on them without raising the knees…


… Here what he would say in the first breathing, laughs the Master.


The young girl was red to have retained her breathing during the words of the Master.


Taken at the play of the words, she pushed the advantage:


- And in the second breathing, what would he say?


He laughs.


- Even easier !


… You benefit from this progressive transformation of your internal being, that I call your internal chemistry, to improve the harmony of your communication with Major Powers of Major Bam.

… Thus at first with the Master of Protection so that you have space for your own practice and that you are not always in a bit of a mess by the drafts which oblige you to find newspaper, if it is not bog-paper, to repair the breaches in the wall full with holes.

… Then, with the Master of the Dance who will teach you the correct attitude for the life according to the Intelligence of Major Bam, before this Bam is rotted with all the shit made by the man disturbed by the new existence of his energetic structure which has an existence only from the « time » when the man wanted to play his own game and no longer to follow the Primordial Intelligence.

… Still, with the wrathful Master of the Space, the one who gives air with the saber… and in this Family of nuts who is Shin, it is the principal connection with Creation because they have the claim to use this Power of the Universe to give again a second breath to fat Emperors who cannot move anymore, so much so that they are obliged to call upon the eunuchs to make gleam their wives because mushrooms are everywhere…


… Lastly, to make the kiss at the peaceful Master of Space so that he opens the door to this Silence which animates everything.

… Here what he would say, my son of before, he smiles breathless.


Heidi killed herself laughing.


- I hope that you have understood this essential teaching which is the preliminary, I would say the preparation, for this technique of the double, so easy.

- Easy! … she says while holding her ribs.

- Thus you can notice that this technique is within easy reach of the man in the street who drinks his juice aromatized with alcohol the morning before going to the grind, gulps down the plonk at table, and before dinner, cleans his gullet clogged by an aperitif and to finish, after the wine of the evening, tastes few glasses of « grappa » in front of the telly offering the last porn spectacle, said the Roshi in full breathing.


Heidi laughs and continues the play:


- And if this man is in a monastery, she asked finely.

- Then my son of before would say to you that it is worse because:


… At first we need a guy who still has tonicity in him before the monastery, with all its idiot techniques let him without means to continue at the same time that they put his testicles in his shoes so much so that he does not know any more where he must put the laces and what he must make gleam.

… Then, if the guy has still power in his kidneys, his brain must not be too much encumbered by his searches for extases and that he can face the truth and does not lose himself in puerile daydreams and hopes which are those of the little girls desperate for love, but who alas also rub off on the males who want to couple themselves with the Divine.


… Lastly, if he has succeeded in surmounting these obstacles which are the basic plays in these puerile places that are called monasteries which are ultimately only refuges for the lazies of the life, so much so that even if they understand that they waste there their time they do not have courage to go away, because to have room and board, without counting the recognition of the others, it is not nothing! … he will have to find a Master, or at least a driver of consciousness, not too idiot, who will have already understood by himself in which trap for energy he is and that if he remains in this basket with silly things, it is to try to help the others to go out of trouble and to make them avoid the vertiginous chasms which are in store for them while remaining between these blackened walls of the pleasure to do oneself harm…

… Thus nowhere to be found! … says the Master with the smile of a child who relieves his bladder after that the Schoolmaster retained him a too long time in the classroom.


Heidi was very serious and each word entered deep in her.


- I see, she says… All is very clear.

- Then I am extremely happy for you, overbids the Master while laughing.



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family…

Whirlwind… Continuation 12


Now, the Sophie! … You talk about a relaxing day!


- How are you? I say.

- Hon Hon, she says, lying on the divan opposite the chimney of the living room.

- Ah Ah, I say by taking the armchair beside her head pressed on the armrest.

- How do you want that I would be on form… with all that! she says showing the pile of newspapers and reviews on the coffee table in front of the chimney…


In front of, is a great word, a facility of language… Because I should say in front of the back of the monks sitting on the rug in front of the chimney. For them, in good Asians, mountain people and monks, fire is made to be heated and not to look at. The force of the shortage, it is that it obliges not to lose the essential…Then for the moment, they are side face; they heat their testicles… Then they will make buttocks side … And finally will use the embers for their meditation of the evening before going to bed when ashes are the queens… But may be they will stay longer to make appreciate the soft heat of the stones to their bones.


But the Sophie, she is lying on the sofa, at three meters of the chimney and there is between them the coffee table with the pile of papers. To be cut of the essential is easy. Suffices to have too much. Of everything… Then everything is false because the beauty of indispensability is not there any more.


- Hon Hon, I say again.


She has not said « Hi Hi » as the sick green mare in a book whose name cleared off my memory, because she is level with depression, the Sophie.


- They are nice with me, she says showing the four mowed roasting by the fire… And the two women and men of service are adorable, she says, tears in the eyes.

- But you are not far to be depressed, I say.

- No, it is at the door….and I think that without them, I would be admit in an hospital, she says.

- That one would choose « psychological » for you, seing the evolution of the literature of the newspapers, I say.

- Yes… Terrible! … I would be taken for the depraved of the family and the little girl from whom everyone profits!

- And who cannot say « no », I say.

- Yes… As if I had no consciousness and that I was easy to handle in all the directions… They have forgotten my loads of diplomas from the most prestigious schools of Europe and from USA… Shit!

- When the emotional is the master of the play, all your diplomas are like bog-paper, I say.

- But why that? … I have an intelligence above the average, and even very high and do not have a vegetable IQ!

- But for them, and the shrinks at the top, when your emotional takes the top of the basket, all your IQ is in the fridge.

- But it is a shame to treat people like that!

- No, it is not a shame, I say.

- Why ? She shouts while raising on the buttocks… so much so that the monks disturbed in the browned of their skin to roast turn the head.

- Because it is quite simply the truth… And it is for that you are there, I say in the peace of the flames which licked the ones with the others.

- What! … For you also I am disturbed! she howled.

- No… A person in trouble.

- I do not understand anything any more, she says… Why I am there? … You have abducted me? … I am kept locked ?

- The door is open… Ask that one pack your bags and I bring you back immediately at home… With a small formality.

- Which one ?

- Blindfolded… This place does not have to be known because it is of a total security… But for the remainder, you can sleep in your bed in two hours… No problem!

- And what will it happen to me then?

- The usual circuit… The Police force, the Judges, the Shrinks… The Experts of all kinds: for the accounts, for the laboratory, for the paintings, for the drug, for the women…

- But I have never touched drugs… nor prostitution…

- Come on! I say… It is like Casanova… He had never touched prostitution… He made love with women by pleasure, respect and esthetism… However he was in a circuit which made money on him… The women paid, but he did not know it… And when he knew it, he put stones in his pockets and threw himself in the Thames…

- You want to say that me too? …

- It is clear, your Ahmed made money on you… You are well in a circuit of prostitution…

- Ah…

- And as he made also trade of hash with the same guys, you are also connected with drug… whether you like it or not…

- Ah…

- And as your marriage was programmed, you were fully partner… Here how some people will appreciate the thing… And when these « some people » are Judges, there is a big problem behind…

- Ah!

- And this problem will take you along straight in a circuit of professional shrinks who will have to appreciate the gravity of your submission to your « curious » impulses.

And their conclusions which will not be favorable for you taking into account all the file which is already on you, will lead certain judges to pronounce a partial or total guardianship… until that you found clearer spirits of the reality of the behaviors, as they are governed in the society which is yours and to which you take part every day.

- Ah…

- What makes that you will be master neither of your goods, nor even of the direction of your laboratory.

- Ah…

- And your uncle will seem to be the only likely to assume the security of your future… in all the possibilities of your daily life.

- But I did not want to marry Ahmed! She says, white like SnowWhite leaving the bath.

- Go and say it! … For everybody, you cannot say « no ».

- But I have tried to withdraw me from all this circus when I have understood it… Even the one of the genetic tests on immigrants and women…

- Go and tell them! … Nobody will believe you…

- Ah…

- And moreover, you cannot say the truth… and you know it well.

- Why? She says even whiter than white so that I begin to understand the problem of the depth of the color.

- Because you will be killed straight… I say calmly.


The monks continued to roast themselves. They felt that I had the things under control. They didn’t worry. They knew my indirect manners to touch the truth of the things; a truth which besides does not exist because there is always another truth behind which comes to contradict it… Thus, with me, they know that the truth is quite relative and they do not wrinkle their buttocks because of those of the Sophie, even whiter than white.


- What do you want to say, she says? … while placing her bottom back on the cushions and the back so stiff that a broomstick, it is schmaltzy beside.


Then me, nice as you know me, always so attentive to the suffering of the other so much so that I go to no end of trouble to make it cease, I draw aside from the Sophie and I go to give a golden color to my buttocks in front of the flames, what the monks do not appreciate because I am in their way. But it is me the « chief » and they accept my importance, while praying in the deepest of their testicles that I clear off double-quick…


The Sophie has understood the distance that I put between us, and the discussion between friends takes a more serious turn… Since she wants to play the idiot with me… Sorry, the she-idiot! I do not want to remove the size of her noble sex… I let her know that I can be even more idiot than her…


So I close the eyes and look at the flight of the flies which do not exist… What between us is a good manner to be lost in the the infinite which is endless.


- And yes… You cannot tell them the truth… Or you will be wasted quickly made out of the dry land, I say.

- Ah?

- And yes, you cannot say « now » that you wanted to get rid of all these tricks with Ahmed and also of the illegal genetic tests… without counting the use of drugs to test the chemistry of the brain in situ…

- Ah!

- You cannot tell them your tries to go out of this crab basket, I continue.

- Ah?

- And yes, you cannot say that it is you the mouse.

- Sorry ? she says.

- The rabbit, if you prefer.

- Sorry ?

- The « leaks », it is you!


There, I tell you, whiter than that, you do not find!

Besides, Hiro who felt to come something not very catholic, sorry: not very Buddhist, came to the rescue and he takes the hand of the girl close to passing out; and presses on many points of acupuncture.

Colors return on Sophie’s cheeks and Hiro places a thick cushion behind her back so that she takes a good support which will not cut her breathing…

As regards the techniques of the body, Hiro, it is a first-class!


- I could not make differently, she says.

- I know.

- I was sticked on all the sides.

- I know.

- Then it was my manner of drawing the attention to all that.

- I know.

- I had the hope that something was going to move.

- I know.

- And You arrived!


Hey, she addresses me as « vous » now!


- I know, I say.

- And you looked at me differently… as ever nobody had looked at me.

- I know.

- You listened to me.

- I know.

- I had confidence.

- I know.

- And I am there now… and do not make fuss… I wait.

- I know.


Silence returns. I return towards Sophie who thanks me with a smile. Fire returns on the monks who thank me with a growl. Hiro returns at his place and I thank him with a smile that he has the courtesy to accept with a funny face while showing me his temple with a twisted finger on top in a look at Sophie.


- So… As you had courage, even with the margin, to make move things, I am there, they are there, I say showing the monks, to help you… It is the thanks of the Truth to the Truth, I say.


She does not understands anything but she agrees.


- So we are there to make you come back into a suitable state of consciousness for the psychological misters and to show them that your emotional problem bet it because you have exploded the virus.

- Ah…

- And you know well that the virus and the leader is your uncle…

- Yes… she says half-heartedly… It is what touches me the most in all that, while showing the newspapers on the table with a trembling hand.

- You have always believed him in assistance behind you, haven’t you ?

- Yes.

- Like an ultimate security.

- Yes.

- And now you discover that he exploited you thoroughly, don’t you ?

- Yes.

- So that is really well, I say.

- Really well ?

- Yes… You have now a turbo at the buttocks to go to see in you the virus which he has introduced… You are well a specialist in biology of the brain ?

- Yes.

- Thus the monks who are there are specialists in energetic biology… and they will practice the operation when you are ready.

- When ?

- That depends on you, I say.

- Why ?

- If you spend the time of the day turning round with your uncertainties, you lose each day most of the energy that they give you.

- Then ?

- Then, it is like the walking… It is simple. It suffices to put a foot in front of and to start again.

- Ah…

- Then, the first step is the opening of your emotional memories in order to check which virus your uncle has given you.

- Yes… I understand.

- Then let us not lose time in interrogations for a future which does not exist and which we do not know what it will be made.

- Understood, she says while being relaxed.


To have a way of action in front of her gives her hope again.

Not to carry the load of « her secrecy » anymore gives her the desire for continuing the way of the life.

She felt lonely with her secrecy… Now she has friends in the way which she has opened.


After this charming conversation, touching only the fringe of the essential, you have realized it, I put my ossicles in the Jag and I go back to street Mouftard.


Yoko awaits me behind the door and tells me simply « All what you had predicted is taking place! »


She doesn’t look well, the Jap… Concern in the air.


Also, as you know me, I see the funny side of everything since life is only one short visit and that we are not there to be bored stiff.


So I propose the restaurant to her and she is enthusiastic because I have the impression that the air of the shack weighs on her.


Interrogative and curious, like all the chicks, I report my day to her. She is delighted when I sing to her the beauty of the small branches covered with frost of the wood of Boulogne, the pleasure to run in the frozen paths, to finish by Sophie because she knows that I went there and it is thus useless to tell her lies.


Moreover on this subject, I tell her that I am a little anxious about the state of the young woman and I think that her presence near her would be salutary… her father or somebody of the team could supervise the puters of the Family.

She is ready for that when I add that I will me too have to move in the shack because the monks need me to open the memories of the kid.


- There is a free large bedroom under the roofs, she says, enthusiastic.

- And well, it is well up like that! … We return and we pack our bags.


It is necessary to keep milk when it is hot and not to leave her too much time to think.


Me, as you know it, I do not think…


Of course that if now I decide on only one field of action, the shack, it is by the largest of the chances!

And if I thus oblige to come in this single place the attackers, as much of me that of Sophie, it is absolutely not intentional, believe me on parole.


I have so much my head in the moon!