57. The lie is never where we think it is



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family…

Whirlwind… Continuation 13


- It is time to open Sophie’s emotional memories, I say to Hiro.

- But she is not yet ready, he answers, astonished by the request.

- Time is against us… The first experiment should be tried this morning… I will be with you for assistance and Yoko in support and also to help for translation.

- The young woman who takes care of us in this house is a very good interpreter and in more she is very charming, he retorts…

- I know… But I prefer to stay as a select group.

- That can you control, cann’t you? says Hiro who knows me well.

- Yes.

- Thus we are not here as much « between friends » as we could believe it, he asks.

- Let us say that I am wary of the ears and of the indiscreet eyes which could transfer the infos beyond these walls, I say.

- It is for that which you came with Yoko ?

- Partly, I confirm.

- And the other part ? he asks with this smile of the one who raises the question but who knows that the answer will not come.

- You will discover it very soon, my dear friend, I say.




Hiro frowns. « My dear friend! »… My goodness !… there is

something fishy going on! … When I am so polite with him, he has all the hairs which bristle waiting for the combat.


-We thus will have so quickly troubles, he says in answer?

- Very quickly, I believe, I say…

- For that which you are so in a hurry?

- Yes, I want to broach the bag in a first jet… We will see what will come and how will be the future.

- But for the moment, you want to provoke the future, don’t you ?

- I like the knowledge that you have of me, my dear friend!

- Your « dear friend » drew you from the death and has treated so often your bruised body that he knows you well.

- Then, do not lose our energy in words… and let us care about Sophie… and for the « surprises », you know well how I prepare the field… for never being surprised.

- On top of that, I sleep soundly in my bed at night, he says while laughing… Then, at work! … I will warn my monks.

- Me Sophie who is still sleeping, I say.


It is the Master who comes to tell Heidi to prepare herself for the play of the life and of the death which is held in the back room of the temple. Hiro and the three monks are already at work. They are in the fourth bronzeman and they have communication with Sophie’s energetic body.


- My son accelerates the movement, he says to the young woman… Come with us in energetic reinforcement and ask Tong to accompany you. You know better than me where he is in this moment, he smiles by throwing a glance in the room of the young woman.

- I am there in fifteen minutes, she answered, without concern of the growls which come from her bedroom. Tong does not like to be awaked in winter before the sun appears above the crests.


They are now seven in the back room of the Temple. The monks have brought tea, water and also small cakes. The fire brazier is in a corner for warm water. Everything is ready.


The Master gives his last directives to Heidi and Tong. They do not know the advanced Bronze Men.

They are here in energetic support. They have to produce a great quantity of energy and the Master will recover it and will transform it into a vibration likely to help the openings of Sophie’s memories.

When this vibration is ready, he will transmit it to Hiro and the monks who are in contact with the energetic body of the young woman.


Whirlwind… Continuation.


Sophie is lying on the work table, the four monks around her, Hiro heart side. They have the hands on the belly of the young woman to take the contact and to carry out a complementary charging.


I occupy the place beyond her head to control the fontanelle and the introductions of « disturbing Powers » by there.

Yoko is between Hiro and me for the translation and that her mouth can gently say the words to Sophie’s ear.


Hiro looks at the monks who confirm while nodding that all is correct.

I do the same. All is Ok fontanelle side.

Then he moves his hands on the side of the left breast of Sophie. The monk opposite him follows the movement.

They project energy on the Doors of the Heaven.

I control the transfer in all the body of the young woman by my hands on her fontanelle.


Sophie seems to sleep… She is alleviated, her body slackens.

I see her energy being diffused out of her, floating, light.


- I have the impression to be lifted, she says… That I do not feel any more the table.

- Do not pay attention to all that, says Hiro… Do not pay attention to all the material symptoms… Let go your consciousness in this lightness which you perceive in you and around you.

- Yes, yes she says… I become increasingly light and… I feel well… as in a protective cocoon.

- Then ask this protective cocoon to take you along in its own Dimension, says Hiro.

- Its own Dimension ? … I do not understand…

- Ask… Simply ask… Do not worry about the remainder…

- Yes, I ask, she says… But how ?

- In the secrecy of your heart, he says… Simply… ask simply and with sincerity… Because you want to really know what occurs in you… You really want! … Without sincerity nothing will occur because it is impossible to go beyond the will… Then, be simple and sincere… and testifies by yourself to what you really want.

- Yes… I want to really know all this shit which handles me, she says.

- Then ask this energy which wraps you to bring you in Its own Dimension.

- Yes, I ask… I ask.


-She resists, says Hiro… She wants to control everything by her head…

- Yes, says the oldest of the monks… She rejects part of the energy that we send to her.

- She is protected from us, says the young person.


Hiro shakes the head.


- She wants to hide something and she tries to control all according to her own decisions.

- She is a « Mother Earth » says the Master… This structure wants to control everything and to file in boxes well sorted beforehand… It is on that my son came across last time… She saw only what she wanted to really see … and it was not sufficient to change the base of her relation in the world… Insist!

- It is that we do, says Hiro!


Heidi and Tong were sweating. Water ran in their back.

The Master vibrated with all his fibers to recover their energy and to modify the vibration of it.


- Insist! he says! …the future of my son on this Earth of the Men depends of that… Let us cancel the previous defeat !


Whirlwind… Continuation


- I see myself very small, says Sophie… after the death of my parents… I am lost in an immense ocean of loneliness… I am in the house, alone… I am afraid.

- Look around you… Who is there ? asks Hiro.

- Despair… I am afraid… I do not feel any more protection around me.

- Let’s time go… What does it occur then?

- My uncle comes… There is in him a part of the same force that my father. I stretch out my arms towards him and he takes me against him… I am not any more afraid.

- And how is formed the new space around you ? …. How old are you ?

- More than five years… It is after the accident of my parents… My uncle comes to live at home… I am happy that he is here… He often takes me on his knees in the evening in front of the chimney… as my father did it.

- You like him, your uncle ?

- Yes, I like him… He gives me again the security which I need.

- Is there another security around you ?

- Yes, there is an old nanny… She likes me and cuddles me… She left a few years later… Her retirement… But I missed her a lot.

- Another love around you ?

- No… only her and my uncle.

- Then there is no problem that you can perceive?

- No, all is well… My uncle takes good care of me… I regret only the departure of my nurse.

- Thus you do not feel a virus or a perverse introduction in you ?

- No… All is well thus and I am happy… Sophie says.


- She flees, says Hiro… I feel the rejection of a part of our energy.

- Yes, she does not want to go beyond appearances, says the oldest monk.

- It is normal, says the Master… It is a structure « Mother earth » and she looks only at what is comfortable and turns the head in front of the other obviousnesses which will not satisfy her will of security.

- You want to say, Master… That this structure diverts the facts to retain only what favors it in its preoccupation for security, asked Heidi.

- Yes… It is that… These people oust all that could disturb their certainties on which their comfort of life is dependent…

- they are thus not children of Buddha, says a monk, scorning.

- Nor those of God, says the other.

- They are not children of the Truth, quite simply, sliced the Master.

- Yes, Master, says Tong.

- Then do not forget the objective of this meeting: to help my son to break the prison of this structure via Sophie…

- Yes, they said.

- We are not there for your own training, confirmed the Master… For that, we have time later…

- Yes, Master.

- For the moment, we do not have time for us… Then insist!

- Yes, Master.


Whirlwind… Continuation


- I see a dark mass which leaves my uncle and who enters me when he takes me on his knees the evening in front of the chimney, says Sophie…

… He speaks to me gently and says to me how much he likes me… But I feel this black mass and I am not at ease…

- What does this black mass with you, asks Hiro ?

- It penetrates me and I do not feel any more my body in the same way, she says.

- What happens to your body ?

- It becomes heavy and dark… And I have a lot of sadness in me… I also want to vomit.

- And then… What else does it happens ?

- Nothing, says Sophie… It is like that the evening… when I am on his knees…

- You accept that without reacting ?

- Yes… It is like that! … And my uncle likes me and protects me.

- Thus all goes well for you ?

- Yes, all goes well for me, says Sophie.


The oldest monk rushes outside the room and through the Temple. In the courtyard he vomits…

The monks observe him, interrogative. This old man does not have the reputation to have a fragile stomach… On the contrary! … He carries the nickname of the one who finishes the plates of the others!


- It is difficult, says Hiro… She is very strong to control the passages of energy.

- Yes, says a monk… A part of my energy returns. She refuses it.

- As for me, confirms the last one.


Hiro, as a perfect Master of Combat, does not know what is to move back. Then he pushes in her belly all the force which he recovers from the monks and from the Master who transforms the energy of Heidi and Tong. 


Whirlwind… Continuation


Sophie sits up suddenly on her bed and shouts:


- He touches me!

- He touches what, asks Hiro ?

- He has the hand under my skirts and he touches my sex! she howled… and tears ran fast on her cheeks.


Yoko dried them in a linen.


Hiro blew gently:


- Relax… Let pass the vision… and observe what that does in your body.

- He touches me the evening… I am afraid of that because I feel a black mass penetrating me… But I like also this attention for me… for my body…

- And ?

- Then I am afraid and I like at the same time! … I feel that like an attention for me and I like that one cares about me… I feel me in the two attractions, she says slowly…

- What means ?

- I feel the refusal and the acceptance together at the same time, she says.

- Then, that does it occur ?

- The pleasure takes gradually precedence over the refusal, she says slowly… And it is like that each evening and I am impatient of the meeting in front of the fire…

- And your body ?

- But it is my body which takes pleasure!

- Then, and your head ?

- It does not function… It accepts, she says…

- It does not resist ?

- No.

- And what else does it occur ? asks Hiro.

- Nothing.

- All is well thus ?

- Yes… I feel happy, she says.

- And the black mass ?

- I do not see it any more…

- And your body is well ?

- Yes, it is well.

- And your heart ?

- My heart ? she asks.

- Yes… Your personal will, if I can say thus, pronounced Hiro missing words.

- It is well, she says.

- It does not take umbrage at it ?

- No… It is like that… It is how my uncle likes me…

- Quite simply ?

- Quite simply, she confirmed.



The old monk returned, he says:


- What a shit in this energetic body! … And why do we help her ?

- It is obvious that she does not want to enter deeply the energetic reality of her body and her spirit, says the other.

- We cannot give to somebody what he does not want to take, says the following.

- Nor to take at somebody what he does not want to give says Tong because he had heard this sentence in the mouth of the young White from here.

- It is for my son, says the Master… It is for him… That the defeat is not repeated yet… For him! … Then if you like him a little, do not let these thoughts eat your energy and your time… Continue and insist!

- I am afraid that we are at the end of our possibilities, says Hiro.


The Master frowned. If the Master of Combat gives in, it is serious!


- Insist! he says.


Whirlwind… Continuation


Sophie cries.


- I see my nurse, she says.

- Yes ?

- She surprises us thus an evening of winter… We were earlier in front of the fire… She catches me like a fury and inults my uncle…

- And ?

- My uncle does not say anything. He is upright and very stiff. He closes himself like an oyster and looks at me with reproach.

- And ? I feel responsible for that…

- And ?

- My nurse carries me… In my bedroom, she asks me to tell her everything… That has lasted for three years and I am now more than eight years… My nurse cries… She left home the following day… I feel even more alone! … I am afraid of loneliness.

- Then ?

- It is terrible, she says while crying her eyes out… it is terrible!

- Why is this so terrible ?

- It is me who go on the knees of my uncle!

- And ?

- It is me who take his hand and puts it under my skirt!

- And ?

- No! she howled… No!

- No ?

- I do not want to see that! … Stop this « work » on me… I want to cease!


Sophie sits up straight suddenly on the table. She streams with tears and sweat.


I signal to Hiro not to insist.


Yoko helps her to put the feet on the floor… She accompanies her until her bedroom and her bed. She will prepare her an herbal tea to sleep.


Sophie did not have a glance for us. Her back is full with reproaches.


Hiro threw me a glance sorry not to have been able to push further.The three monks joined him to ask for my forgiveness.


- But it is really well like that, I say… More than I had hoped for it.


They look at me astonished.


- We are never all alone, I say… We will receive some aid, I confirm while laughing…


At least, we have succeeded in making move part of the wall… Now at the other!


While I am enthusiastic, I run in the garden and put my body in exercise.

Barechested in the coldness of the wet winter, I stream with sweat.

Hiro remains a long time behind the panes to look at me. He knows me well. He knows my manner of preparing me for the combat.

Then he will be vigilant for four because he has understood that the monks should not be disturbed.


Hiro and the three monks feel relief. They believed to have failed. Now they hear the words of the son of before of the Master and they are happy, not knowing why… but the satisfaction of the right effort and of the completed work runs in their bodies.


- « We are never alone! »… What does he want to say by that ? asked Heidi.

- That we are never alone, answered the Master.


He made fun of her and she preferred to smile and to help the monk who prepared the new tea.


She was exhausted. Tong too.

The Master advised them to reach the pavilion of his son and to rest.


When they left the back room of the Temple, Hiro says :


- Those two do not know yet which force is necessary to intervene on the energetic fabric of the Universe.

- Leave them their time, answered the Master… They discover!

- But they are pretentious of them, rose Hiro.

- Like all the beginners, the Master smiles.

- Ah! says Hiro.

- You did not remember any more you, fifty years ago ? the Master laughs… And how many times I had to hit you on your insane head which believed to have understood « everything ».

- But I had not had the chance to have a monastery like support, the Master of Combat protected himself !

- And me, says the Master with the calm of the true words ? … Am I not a monastery?


Hiro preferred to laugh under his shaven cranium. He was beaten by the words of the Master… but he was happy.

He felt the movement of the Universe changed by them. Now it was necessary to wait as the hunter lying in wait when he has set the dogs on the game.


He was at ease in this hunting. He was also happy to take again the action with the son of before of the Master. He had liked him passionately.



Whirlwind… Continuation. 


It was Yoko who opened widely the eyes when the military moustache rang at the property, with the strumpet who had tested the opening of her mouth under the table of the restaurant.

- We had both the same intuition, he says, stiff like his saber.

- Which one, asked Yoko, not very glad to be overwhelmed by the margin.

- That! he says by showing the bag of golf proudly that he maintains on his shoulder…

- Gifts for the monks of our Family who must be bored to death in this property without action.

- Then ? asked Yoko, the eyes narrowed with anger.

- Then ? … This is for you… Come and see, the monks, what we have thought for you, he throws while opening his bag on the table of the living room.

- Splendid! says Hiro while seizing the first saber.

- Absolutely adorable! says the second one while handling a knife with protections against the saber.

- Completely perfect, continued the third one while testing a leather truncheon on his shoulder.

- How that is splendid, concludes the last one while admiring the perfection of the work of the stars of throwing… Fine, the wire taking a hair into four… What a pleasure!

- And it is in your dreams that you found all that! asked Yoko fumming.

- I must acknowledge that I am a modest collector, says the hussar… and that the desire for showing part of my collection to true professional was so much important for me that I did not know how to make the introduction.

- And what was this introduction ? asked Yoko, the half-closed eyes.

- It is the dear Gertrude, he says while showing his partner who climbed me… The future Master made her a so strong impression that she did not want that he leaves before she could show him what else she can do with her mouth… You know, my dear Yoko, how she is inventive!

- I know, says the Jap less and less glad to examine Gertrude’s mouth merging mine with incorporate sucker and frantic agitation of the toungue.

- How it is good, she says taking again her breath!

- Some more, I say ? … For the tests, in order to be really serious, one should not be satisfied with the first data.


Yoko frowns more and more.


- I will prepare tea for everyone, she says.

- No, says the hussar… We are not stopping and we do not want to disturb… Aren’t we Gertrude ?

- Of course… Just one more second, she says by improving the sucker under the interested eye of the monks who were always opened with continuing training and with me, they know something of the subtle discoveries during our walkings in the countries of Asia to kill here, there…

- That will vibrate as soon as we detect the attack… Perhaps a few minutes before! … We cover the field around… We will await your signal to snipe at them with the silencer…


She slips a small case into the pocket of my trouser while seeking once again where this wonderful tool to make vibrate the ladies which I still hid is!


- Come on, Gertrude, do not importune yet more these people… throws the moustache.

- But no, says Hiro… What a splendid attention! … It is true that we feel a little narrowed here without our trainings for the body.

- That will enable us to produce still better energy for Sophie, says the second.

- Well, I do not retain you, says Yoko while moving towards the door.

- Well, I leave then also says Gertrude to me while releasing what her hand had succeeded in seizing… « Pay attention to you… About twenty… » she whispered to me in the ear with a broad movement of her tongue.


I accompany them back to the gate. Yoko is with me. Gertrude seizes the opportunity to intertwine me by the waist and rubs her hip against mines at each step.


Yoko accelerates the rhythm…


- Know that I appreciate highly your delicate attention, I say to the moustache.

- In my most intense dreams, I have always a very wrinkled old woman who gives me advices… and to follow them was always a success… he says, without smiling, really right like his saber.

- Good evening, says Yoko.

- Good bye everybody and good work in France, launches Gertrude while going passenger side in the Roover.


The young Japanese woman is in anger.


- I do not like disordered impulses! … We do not intervene in a so precise work as ours without asking as a preliminary if we can! … I will have to take some measurements when all that is finished… We cannot accept parasitic interventions… My father will not be content, she says.

- He is maybe not useful to speak about it to him now, I say, deadpan… He must have other things to worry about without charging him with that now, I say.

- Yes, you are right… Not now.


In the living room, the monks shared out weapons and chose the vest carryer which was the best suited for their size.

- We would say that they were done for us, was filled with wonder Hiro, with this so Asian smile that you always wonder if they made fun of you.


Then, when he joined me in the angle of the living room, far from the others, because I like loneliness, he murmured without almost stirring up the mouth:


- Is it for soon ?

- This evening, perhaps… About twenty… Professionals of the silent combat with blade.

- Like us, he says smiling.

- Like us, I say.


But Yoko is not at the end of her surprises.

A phone call of her father in the evening saying that he needs urgently with him, the two couples which deal with the house…


- Tomorrow it will be resolved, he says… They will be again there… Do not worry.

- But… Can you tell me more, asked Yoko ?

- No… Have a quiet evening together… Tomorrow morning I renew contact with you and I explain you all in detail.

- But is there a link with the mission of Angel here ? she insists, concerned.

- No, it is another case which is declared, he says.

- Which one ?

- A new one… I speak to you tomorrow about it, my Darling…

- Well, see you tomorrow.


The young woman does not feel well. Hiro has heard like us all. With his breathing which enters deeper his belly, he prepares for the combat… This night, sure!


He does not have a glance for me… Me, you know, how I am in the clouds.


- You are all messed up, my Darling, I say.

- I do not understand… Not in the practices of my father… He informs me of everything… And now, I have the plexus blocked and I feel a big shit around me… I am almost a little afraid, she says while laughing with a false sound…

- Take a good herbal tea this evening… Listen to your father… He said that tomorrow all is resolved… Thus trust him!

- Yes… I do not have an other choice… At least, there are the new toys for the monks… Look at them! … They are like children discovering new toys.

- And the Sophie, I say, just to change subject ?

- She sleeps… But the sleep is agitated and she pushes cries… I gave her an herbal tea… Do you believe that I must also put a sleeping pill in her cup of this evening?

- No… These filths empty the body of its energy and one is a vegetable after… That will disturb the work for tomorrow…

- You have hope for her ?

- Tomorrow will be a new day for all, I say.

- What wants to say, she asks interrogative ?

- That each day is new for all… always a renewal, I say, very teaching Master.


There is not a flame in my eye to show my lie. It is at that one knows a true liar… But a long training is needed!

And then, in spite of the overflowing love that we have between us, I have never promised you to teach you all what I can do, haven’t I.


Then, it is really not Yoko’s day.

After dinner, again her father on the phone :


- But, Dad… I cannot leave Angel all alone … He needs me for the translations with Sophie… You say that tomorrow all will be arranged and I will be again free ? … You really want that I come this evening ? … You cannot tell me more? … Not now…


She looks at me in a total distress. Me, you know me, to help the widow and the orphan, I am perfect. Also I do not move of a hair and I play the idiot, which is a usual attitude to me as a wrinkled old man of asiat with the goatee in the line of the buttocks would say it.


Without my support, what will she decide? … Because me I had said to her « that I needed her ».

So ? … What to choose ? … Here is the question of every moment of the life.


- OK ! Dad, I am coming… But I will have to be here for ten O’clock tomorrow… For the work with Sophie… No problem! … In one hour I am there… See you soon, Dad.


Me, I look at the darkness of the garden. I did not heard anything, completely absorbed in my contemplation. Hiro either, completely impregnated by the saber which he has chosen of which he improves the wire with the knife that I have offered to him… He has two hands… Terrible with these two weapons! … He trains to feel them in all the fibers of his body like a prolongation of himself.

Thus he did not understand anything!


Also Yoko finds facing her very astonished idiots when she announces that her father needs her immediately because a new very urgent case has just arrived on the terminals and it is necessary to deal with it… But that she will be there tomorrow morning at ten O’clock… and apologizes not to be able to prepare the breakfast.


- No problem, I say… It is necessary to know to answer the urgencies…

- I take the Jag, she says… You do not need it ?

- No… I do not move from here, I say, lolled on the divan.

- Well, I go, she says.

- See you tomorrow, I say.


She is astonished that I do not accompany her at the gate of the property and that we do not have the traditional snog.


I look at her leaving. I am not content. But each one made his choices at each breathing. She has not feel what I prepared for her!


- What a shame! says Hiro who understands for two.

- That will facilitate me the work for Sophie, I say… But it is not that which I wanted.

- Then, why you have not insisted ? … She would have done what you would have liked.

- I test… I test… I test… Because me left, what will they do all alone?

- Yes, I understand, he says… It is necessary for you to know the degree of confidence which you can give to each one.

- Yes… It is that.

- And why will that be simpler for Sophie?

- Because there will only have two targets: her and me.

- You ?

- Do not play the idiot with me, please, I say.

- It is true that the Master spoke to me a little before leaving the monastery, he says half-heartedly.

- The contrary would have astonished me, I say… The secrecies, they are always only for me!

- It is well necessary to test you, he smiles in a beard which he does not have.

- Thank you, I say.

- You’re welcome, he answers… Thus if I understand well, you do not have to undertake Yoko any more ?

- Yes… A problem for the father! … He did not know how to manage this presence near me at the time of the attack…

- Then he takes her out of the play.

- Yes… But the shock of the discovery will be less for her… and thus one more uncertainty on her reactions… and I will not be there to control them.

- You can ask for assistance the old woman who made the gifts to us, he says while showing the weapons spread out everywhere.

-You have felt her ?

- I have known her since a long time, he laughed.

- Really ?

- It is me who broke her for the Master, he continued to laugh.

-Really ?

- If you would have seen both of them! … They did not know by what end to take the problem!

- Really ?

- You know well that one can be perfect with the Heaven and be a little idiot with the Earth, he says.

- I know, I confirm.

- Then, him too!


He laughed until to twist his bowels. The monks questioned me with a look. I put my finger on the temple and I spin.

They know!