50. The art to open the bag


- We must follow him step by step… he seeks to hustle the trap of the hidden secrecies.


- So read my friend, says Heidi to Tong.



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Continuation 6



Sad rainy and cold evening in Paname.

What’s more in these shady hotels of the stations, the heating and the ventilation are not the main concerns. They wait for the customers to heat and to ventilate by themselves.


Two o’clock in the morning for a friendly visit, it is perfect!


The inspector is called Djeb… I make in the Arab in this mission!

The guy, he has the eyes which shine and he salivates already … He has a biting against Ahmed and I believe well that this one will not be out of trouble when the Djeb seizes his cock in his jaw of Berber.


Silence of the cars, four in total, with two vans behind at the corner of the street.


The hotel manager sleeps behind his video screens and awakes just to feel the chromium steel bracelets on his wrists with reversal against the kidneys. The very friendly hand of a cop fills his muzzle up because he had the funny reflex to want to shout.

Two men are already occupied to recover the videos of the evening on the desk.

It is disgusting! … that stings the ciggy, the beer and the spunk…


Two floors in silence, climbed in a beautiful tread of gymnastics. The two hacks follow the rhythm, four meters behind.

When the Djeb frowned of their presence, I said « They are not there! ».

That is enough for him and he smiles even more, imaginative of the curious trick that I organized.


No need to knock, since the door is open! … It was the starting point of the play of the evening…

But they are struck by the full fires of the lights and of the flashes which crackle…

Darkness is their world… Where they are accustomed to working! … then must understand them as they moo that we disturb their pupils who have not slept enough.


No need to shout « Police force… That nobody moves! »…

They still have not understod anything! … They believe in some more of the festival, organized by the charitable organization of the wrinkled buttocks… and the Sophie opens the arms in reflex to welcome us.


Then she sees me and closes them again quicker. Ah! What a splendid training that I received from the Roshi who has always repeated me that our arm had to be withdrawn even quicker than it was thrown! … The Sophie, she has an understanding of this powerful teaching and we can see that in her eyes which spout out of the sockets and the mouth which opens without leaving only one sound because there is already a major difficulty to make enter air in there.


The one who understands quickly, it is the Ahmed who plunges his hand under the pillow and charges right on the nearest cop, the knife pointed to the heart… But he must also reject the body of the Sophie whom he has across the testicles and that makes him lose dash to gain the sprint of the century… And look as they were convivial! … The harlot fell asleep while having the sex of the guy in the mouth! … What is a delicate manner to continue her feeding-bottle stopped too early by the mom who was to go shopping, you will agree on it with me.


Me, you know as I am… not in the least disturbing! … And silence, I adore! … Also my dart left all alone from my a little special bracelet on my right wrist… I always aim the eye. It is direct, it is serious! The guy is tetanized by the pain, astonished by the blood and by the matter which runs on his cheek… do not understand yet that he is one-eyed… but notices that space is narrowed and that there is a sudden eclipse which was not announced by the telly, which shows once again how the hacks do not make correctly their job!


Thus the Ahmed follows the usual way which makes him to remain idiot with his left hand on the eye on the same side… What gives the certain advantage to the inspector Djeb who picks him with a straight punch in the liver, doubled on the two sides of the low ribs which make a curious dry broken wood noise.


The team knows well the ropes… Another inspector passes direct to the Ahmed the bracelet of welcome in the world of the Cops, who besides in the tread has forgotten to hold his knife correctly when the dart entered his eye, according to the well-known principle that we cannot be concentrated at the same time on two concerns… and the aforesaid knife with its heavy and broad blade came to sink in his small naked foot… What makes him howl, because he has already in his memory what arrived at Jesus and he does not want to follow the same way… This is why the Djeb breaks his cheek direct by a double hook in the jaw since I have insisted so much on the « silence » and that the Jesus, they are his ancestor buddies who pushed him on the cross… Thus he killed two birds with one stone and he relieves his bladder like his karmic past.


They are five in the pad, plus the Sophie… The military moustache has gone away on the advices of Yoko.


These misters of the constabulary of the Vice Squad know their job. Clean, rapid, and serious. Each one inherits his steel bracelet, thus there is no jealousy and complaint.


The whole goes down naked in the vans which turn up. Nice as they are, and well educated, the constabulary deals with collecting their clothes and with searching the contiguous rooms that they retained at the hotel… Must not believe! … They are in this pad with a chick, but it is by inadvertency… Them they held a personal room! … That they pay besides a royal price because it was not planned in the fixed price of Ahmed, which make them grumble…


Thus I said to you that they were mistaken of pad and that dazed with tiredness under the enormous work of their post of Managing Director, they collapsed on the bed… And if they have gone down on the pubic hairs of the lady, it is by pure male reflex when their mouth was in contact with the female she-cat… Must not believe the malicious gossip!

Moreover they will bring an action for abuse, physical violence and rape!


Things are off to a bad start for the Ahmed! … And the Djeb laughs by pushing him in the van, the naked buttocks… I believe well that it is him who will be forgotten in the distribution of the clothes and who will catch a cold of bottom.


The flashes snap…


The Sophie?

I recover her, quickly made. I grab clothes which seems to me to be those of a woman, plus a jacket of man… I draw her by the arm, push her by the bottom, put the clothes between the arms.

I almost carry her on the back in the descent to the street… and throws her in a black limousine which has just arrived, everything in silence.

A guy at the wheel, Yoko behind… The silence of the night was not broken… Just a grumpy insomniac who opened the door of his pad to check this « small noise » that there was in the corridors.

I believe that it is the bottom of the Sophie who ran up against his teeth when I spin in front of him with the chick blocked on my shoulders and who has projected him in his pad and he has suddenly wondered what he made the bottom on the floor and he decided once again to go to consult his doctor because he was afraid to become sleepwalker.


Djeb pushes his people in the vans… Videos follow… and not only those of the evening… I think that this evening has been profitable to the cops of « Vice Squad » considering their delighted faces.


I get into the car beside the driver who starts right away with the same softness as his arrival.


- You will be soon in security, I say to Sophie dazed …


She makes « yes » with the head… because she is used to say « Yes » to the authority, even if she does not know why… A crucial point of her energetic structure of « mother earth »…


But question « security » she has just taken a bit of a battering! … and the Ahmed, and the uncle, they are sending flying far in her disturbed cranium.


But it is not finished for her… I must push the rupture of security further so that her structure is destabilized and that a little clearness returns in her sick brain.


Yoko helps her to put her very reduced clothes on… I made well to take on the way the large jacket of man…


Two O’clock thirty in the morning… Good timing!


Now direct to Sophie’s pad.


Two black cars are at the gate… Yoko has well organized.

« Some friends » I say to the Sophie astonished while leaving the car… A visit at your house in order to buckle a small bag and I take you along in a place where you will be in security.


- « Yes » she says…

- Made the code, I say in front of the pillar.


She does what she is told and I push her in the alley…


The three cars follow in silence to the steps of the private mansion.

New code… and we enter a hall which lights instantaneously, with the Professor standing firmly in top of the monumental staircase.


What does the characteristic of the situation, it is the firearm which he holds in the hand and he looks to know to make use of it… One nine millimeter approximately and it is not made for the starry-eyed girls.


- I will explain you, my uncle rushes Sophie.

- Nothing to explain, I say… You, the Professor, lower your artillery… You are in the presence of the Police force which investigate in the residence of your niece.

- But it is not the legal time for a particular residence… and you did not announce your serious suspicions and functions. Also I am entitled to regard you as robbers and to use of my weapon on you, he says without being losing countenance…


Moreover his finger turns white on the trigger.


- Police force of the frauds, throws the first of the three who enter. They have their firearm in hand because they understood directly the situation.

- Financial Police force, announces proudly the mentor of the second car, with him also two colleagues.

- And me, I am the Chief Superintendent detached at the Elysée I say calmly by shelling each word…


The Professor is thrown and the finger relaxes on the trigger. He is wondering whether it is bacon or blood sausage because he has a Breton origin, which as you know it, cultured as you are, is the first producer of pigs of France… what provokes on this Celtic Earth so stamp of old culture, a terrible pollution because it is necessary well to spread out their shit somewhere… What also makes that it is the fatherland of origin of a certain guy of extreme right because according to the karmic law, we produce what we are… But you also knew that!


Then, in the Olympic stride which characterizes me, I continue and drive the uncle back a little more.


- And then, it is not a « police raid »… We are invited by « Madam », by showing Sophie completely in the moon with her jacket of man like coat, to come to check certain states of her Goods… I finish… Also we are not held with particular hours to which you made reference.


He understands quickly the uncle and his firearm lowers the muzzle for the satisfaction of the cops with me because they have more the habit of the opposite situation and their finger is a bit timid on the trigger…Thus everyone it is nice and everyone it is content.


I continue on my impetus because I have not passed the finishing line yet.


- And tell also your dog of the Pyrenees hidden behind the hanging to release the toy fly agaric which he has in hand, I say, always nice as you know me.


Yoko comes to support Sophie who has difficulty to remain on her legs…


- Show me your bedroom, she asks with all the Asian kindness which ensures you that if you do not answer the question immediately you will have the throat cut and will test the quality of the taste of your blood.


The uncle puts his revolver back in its holster and drews aside to let the passage to his niece and Yoko.

He has a sudden hiccup while bending double and I believe well that the Jap made him known her disapproval on his behavior by sending him an atemi of the elbow right in the plexus… Unless of course than it is a sudden crisis of his liver too abused by the grub of pig that he gulps down and you know well, cultured as I know you, that it is for this reason it was forbidden in the Moslem countries which had enough to have a permanent runs.


Moreover the guy forgets to keep the hand closed on the grip of the firearm which falls on the red carpet so well covered with fleece that it made no noise… even during his fulgurating descent of the staircases after that the soft and tender Jap gave him a harmonious blow of shoe… what propelled direct the fly-killer between my legs.


Kindness of the Jap, just to tell me that if I need it I can help myself.


What made the most noise, it is the detonator on the pavement of the dog of the Pyrenees when one of my accompanying posed to him the tube of his gun between the lips, while pushing a little in the mouth so much so that some teeth rang a bell… and that the two others offered to him the traditional chrome steel bracelets of welcome, which establishes the link between all the Police forces of the entire World.


But the uncle recovers quickly.


- Could you finally explain me?

- The Master paintings, I say…


There, he frowns and that grows pale hard under his cheeks. He understands quickly, the uncle. And also he knows to defend himself in reflex… what is the greatness of true liars, as you know it so well, don’t you!


- But come on, each one knows that my brother was an important collector and that he has put a part of his fortune in these paintings that you can admire all around you!

- Except they are false, I say quiet…

- It is false! howls the Uncle.


It is the Sophie who turns round to the cry of her uncle and looks at him with eyes of the cod which does not find the oil of the frying to its taste and would like again to turn back in its frozen sea…



- No, I say… I know nothing in painting… But I have very good decoders in the body… And when I came the last time, they rang a bell when I passed in front of each one of these splendid works exposed in the entry and the small contiguous living room…


The uncle tries to confuse the issue as any self-respecting very good liar. Perhaps that he wants to come to the rescue of his niece who continues to miss air and who would like to turn over in her basin.


- But, you say that you know nothing! … How can you invent similar things!


I turn round towards the fellows who are glad to take again the operations in hand according to their habits and the handbook of the perfect police officer that they have on their bedside table, so much so that their shepherdess must make short-circuit the electricity so that they makes them cracking, them, who wait the whole holy day that their gun returns in the pad.


- These « Misters » of the Services of the Frauds are on the other hand large specialists in this question, I say… They will thus check these works of Art bought at a high price by your brother with the certificates of veracity of the largest experts of the world… And if there is a dissension, we will ask these « experts » to tell us if the work which they now have under the eyes is well the one which they assessed… I continue really nice… so much so that blood continues to clear off the face of the uncle who becomes whiter than white… You know like this famous detergent.


The police officer chief of the Frauds begins to speak and it is clear that when he speaks he does not stop easily. Then attention to the teeth of the uncle which are likely to be immobilized for a certain time, which could give him a sudden phlebitis.


- I can already say to you that the two main works of Fragonard which we have on each side, are forgeries, he announces, with a quiet voice which said already all of the excitation that will provide him the visit of the shack.


A silence followed. The uncle did not have any more a voice.

Sophie was pale and does not hold any more on her legs.

The Police force of the Frauds enjoyed the silence.


- So, I say… it will be necessary to explain where has gone the money of these splendid works of Masters… I say in the tenderness of the silence which I did not want to cut…

- But! … succeeds in saying the uncle atrophied of his blood.


Then I continue on my impetus quickly made, because when the whitest than white becomes really white, there is urgency and I do not want to have to blow in the mug of this coal merchant to give him life again which does a runner…


- Then you will have to say where this money left… this money of your niece whom you manage the fortune so conscientiously… And these Misters of the financial Squad will have questions to ask to you… Mainly also about the few bank accounts dissimulated in tax shelters…


He worries me, the uncle, with his two arms to support him at the banister. Come on! … He will not make us an infarct, sometimes!


- I do not have any dissimulated account! he howled.

- Yoko, you will provide to these Misters the listing, I say with the smile of the guy who does not want to shock against deeper a retarded person who believes in what he says, as any self-respecting true liars, or else they would not be true and protected by the Flow of the lie which, as you know it, is a speciality of the shitty Flow that there is on the Earth of the Men, that some people call the Devil in your countries… and as you know it so well, since it was repeated to you since you are in age to have a rather agile understanding, the Devil is a liar because that allows him to rob… But I do not insist! … I am convinced that you understand me perfect…


The assistance is there and follows my tread perfect.


- Here is the envelope with the informations, says our driver…


He holds it out to the one who directs the group of the Finance who drools with pleasure, so much so that it is disgusting because he cannot close correctly the mouth since the story where his mom tore off his dummy when he was ten years old and put it between the mandibles of the new kid who had just arrived in the family, according to the divine principle that you know, it is well necessary to leave by where we entered.


- Go, I say to Yoko which pushes the Sophie who has dificulty to remain on her legs.


It is three o’clock… It is time to go to bed!


The two journalists at the entry did not lose only one word. The flash crackles now that I finished and that I turn tail.


The driver accompanies me and we await Yoko and Sophie.

The driver precipitates to relieve the Jap of the heavy bag.

I benefit from it to slip under the wheel… I like to drive in the deserted streets by night.


Yoko settles beside me… « I like to be beside you, she says »


The driver remains near Sophie who falls asleep on his shoulder. His arm surrounds the shoulders of the woman… His hanging hand rests on the almost naked breast.

I am certain that it is only to test her decoders on her Doors of Heaven!

Or to keep her warm, because the small one is frozen even with the heating which I pushed thoroughly… So much so that Yoko undoes her shirt… And you know as I am! … Always at work! … Then what could be more normal that my hand slips into the broad neckline and does a little ventilation on the moist skin of the Lady.


Well… Now the play is launched. I have opened the circle of silence. Juice will leave from it… Just to wait… Not too much! … Sure that tomorrow, the movement will be already changed.