58. Which Truth really exists?



Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family…

Whirlwind… Continuation 14


It was two hours in the morning when the transmitter vibrated.

Hiro was kitted out, the monks too. They locked the door of their bedroom behind me and slipped like black shades by the window into the garden like snakes.


I went to post myself close to Sophie, at two meters of the bed.


They entered without noise. They had a key. Then six of them climbed the staircase towards the bedroom under the roofs.

Only one for Sophie; it is true that she is not a danger. The killer pushed the door, and his black silhouette cut out one moment against the window which gave a little of the moon.

Ten others were posted in front of the door of the monks, the unsheathed knife.


They awaited the order of attack of those who were in charge of controlling me… It is true that I am the biggest piece!


Me also, I wait… It is necessary that Sophie has a shock… Thus that requires some risks… I see the blade of the dagger shining in the hand of the man, a slim longiligne… He awaits and pricks up his ear to grasp the noises on the floor above coming from the room which will be the click for the attack.


- Shit, a trap! one howled above!


It is true that I conceive their surprise to find a bolster and a cover instead of me…


But for the gus, above Sophie, he grasps only the noise which must be the detonator of his action. He raises the arm to stab the body below him.


- Cuckoo! I say while putting full fires in the hut with the electronic order.


He is in immediate riposte, the knife high. My dart takes him at the right eye… since he holds the knife in this hand which goes up in reflex towards the eye which has a problem… Thus he releases the knife which falls on Sophie and… In short, I have already told you the scenario and I will not start again.

… Because all this mess that I make up, it is for the Sophie!


She wakes up with a start, remains idiot in front of this tall guy very black above her with the hand on the mouth which runs blood…

But the guy, it is a combatant… If his first reflex was not a success, he recovers quickly and grabs the knife on the chest of the girl and puts the blade against her throat.


- Put away your weapons or I stab her to death!


His voice is the one of a combatant of the shade, bass and low. I was lucky, it could not be better to make the shock on Sophie.


- In any case, you really came to kill her, I say, very socialite while approaching him.

- Not too near, he says!… Drop your belt knives or I bleed her to death direct.

- Of course, I say… If that pleases you and can reassure you.


I unhook the belt carrying the two rear daggers and the two others in front, as well as stars of jet… The heavy equipment falls on the floor.

His mouth is bleeding and blood runs on the Sophie’s face.

Perfect all that!


Then, with a broad gesture, I show the girl and the second dart starts from my bracelet of the wrist propelled by a gas cartridge.

I aimed at the throat. That made a funny of noise, but especially matters which arrive direct on the face of the young woman who starts to shout like a nuts.


In the same movement, I reached the man and I turn over his blade against his heart which feels sick to swallow a few centimetres of steel… and the whole goes direct on Sophie who does not know any more of what to protect herself, of the blood, of the body on her, of her nightmares…


Then, it is time to press on the button of the transmitter and some noises of stoppers are heard outside.


- Hey, they are cracking open a bottle of champagne, I say, very socialite this evening.


It is true that I am socialite, distant…


I let the Sophie to manage her killer who is already dead but which pisses of the eye and the throat…


I pass the door and observe what occurs downstair.


All of them went down double-quick from my bedroom and the whole gather in the living room.


When the detonator of the attack left the storey, those in front of the door of the monks have wanted to surprise them, but the door was locked. They thought that was a normal practice and they have rushed to force open it.

Imagine the surprise when they noticed that the pad was empty.


Then, not idiots, they have guessed the trap and four of them plunged by the open window because the garden seemed to them a safer place … They did not run very far. I had then pressed on the order and the rifles with telescopic sight with silencer did the work.


Also the others, less idiots, passed again by the door and they have met in the living room the buddies who went down the staircases four to four because they seemed in a hurry.


At this point in time Hiro and his three monks entered by the main door and served them tea soaked with the blood of their blades. Each one chooses the seasoning which he wants, you will agree on it with me… what could be more normal in that?


Like me who takes the position while putting the bottom on guardrail of the mezzanine and who admires the carousel below.


Those which try to beat it outside are received by a champagne cork.

Then there only remains to them to face these four monks who are very happy to revive the legs because the long nights are not for them, like the evenings near the fire.


The most terrible is the Mongol with his shaven cranium which shone under the full fires that I have organized.


I do not put a waltz because I do not have the gear under the hand, but I beg you to believe that the show is worth going out of your way to see it.


They are four against one, but they do not make up the weight. Combatants commando are not Ninjas… No flexibility, not of instantaneous modification of rhythm… They thus put the inches with their blood which spurts…


Except one!

That one, I have noticed him straight… A stocky, small, muscular… That one is not a commando, but a Ninja.


I observe him. He has the reflexes and movements which are those of the Shin Family!

He was about to cut the throat of one of the monks with his saber and it is Hiro who saved the setting to him by blocking the blade in extremis with his dagger.


- You let me that one, I say from the top of my perch.


The man understood…He withdraws from the play of massacre.

Each one lets him settle in an angle of the living room. He takes again his breath. He takes again his will.


I leave him his time. It is him who says that he is ready while rising, the saber in hand. His knives are around his waist and on the shoulders.


Silence was done in the room. The four monks kneel. Three silhouettes come in the living room and draw the bodies outside.


We are now between friends! …

Even the Sophie who succeeded in withdrawing the body of the one who liked her so much and who leans on the casing of her room before slipping on the wall because her legs do not carry her any more.


I descend the steps. I remove the bracelets of darts from my wrists. I do not have any weapon.


The Ninja frowns… at least I have the impression of it because with the hood leaving only the slit of the lips and the eyes, not easy to describe you the facial expression of the guy… Then excuse me and to leave you a little in the lurch!


The monks worry.

Hiro smiles with his entire shaven cranium. He knows me. One day he said to a guy, who believed to be a great samurai…

« If one day you see the son of the Master without weapon, relaxed and smiling to come nicely towards you… an advice!


- Which one, asked the man, aggressive ?

- Turn tail then and to run even more quickly gives up your weapons on the ground.


The other laughed. Then the monk says to him:


- One day, you will see! »


One day he does not see anything… He dashed and he had died before finishing his movement.


It is still Hiro which grumbled:


- What do I do of the body, now ?


Moreover with the mouth which he does, it is this question that he is asking : « Not me who will sponge all this blood… We will await tomorrow the people in service ». He, he is already in his bed and finds that I take airs!


While I talk to you as a friend, the other arrives with his saber pointed in the middle of the body, ready for the pike or for the cut.

Me, you know me, not contrary for a penny! … Then I leave him his time.


Then the other attacks in cut, rapid and pretended in pike with half-way for a gap in the belly.

Me, you know me, never where I am awaited. Then I jump and all passes below.

But I release my legs while I was at it and a shoe makes a loving meeting with his chin, whereas the other using this generous fulcrum that is his shoulder, propels me in vertical spin and I find myself behind the guy whose low ribs crack with my two blows in demon fist to tell him « cuckoo! »


Hiro is astonished by my manner of acting; He knows me more direct. But I want the felow alive.

Then, a small reversal on the back leg at the point of order of the kidneys, just to fold him into two, what facilitates largely the recovery of the saber so that he is not wounded, see how I am thoughtful towards his health… and finally, to finish, a good judo catch home improved for a final immobilization.


And of course, the climax of the evening, it is the pulling out of the hood.


- But it is a friend of my uncle, howled Sophie!

- Kaki! the three monks said together.

- Of course, says Hiro sententious.

- Kill me, dog of White, says Kaki full of hate with a whistling breathing… what I understand perfect because with two low ribs broken, it is not easy to invite the air in the trunk.

- Too much honor for you, I say calmly by tightening more my catch.


Hiro called. Two guys entered, them also in combat suit. Hiro showed them Kaki.

I leave him to them, easy.


- Cleaning! says a monk.


You know as one is conscientious in monasteries… One lets nothing lying around.


- Tomorrow, says Hiro.

- But that will stink, says the third monk!

- Then cleans, says Hiro.


He rose and approached me. He checked that all was well. I indicate him Sophie, whiter than white.


- It is the aid you waited, he asks in his moustache that he does not have.

- Partly, I say.

- And the other, it is for when ? … anxious to know if he will be able to benefit from his bed tonight.

- I believe tomorrow morning, I say.

- Ah! He says, reassured.


Then he goes up on the floor, casts a glance at Sophie’s bedroom and calls the monks.


- Emergency cleaning, here.

- I do not want to set foot in this bedroom again, she howled!


I look at the monks. The youngest makes me sign that he agrees to devote himself to take her with him.

Hiro looks up… To sleep with a woman in the bedroom! … He will choose another pad, the house has many others.


The breakfast is filled with the silence of each one. The mandibles mix cereals and drink yoghourt and finish with the fruits… The whole in an icy silence just heated by the burning tea.

See how I can be poet, when I force myself a little!


It is the moment chosen by Yoko to make her appearance, with two hours in advance on the program.

She doesn’t look very well as Sophie.


A monk brings her a cup and serves her the welcome tea. She draws a chair at the table of silence which she breaks while saying:


- I am very worried, Angel.

- Really ? I say.

- My father put me in front of the puters yesterday evening to control all the messages which were going to arrive urgently with this new very urgent case, she says.

- Really ?

- But nothing arrived…Only the usual intendance without interest, she continued.

- Really ?

- But my father did not return this morning, she says with even more anguish in the chest.

- Really ?

- And then, although he wanted to hide it to me, I saw well that he left with his bag of combat… His combat suit and his weapons are always ready inside.

- Really ?

- I am very anxious, Angel.

- Why, I say ?

- But because nothing has occurred, she howled … You do not understand my anguish!

- It is not like here, says the Sophie!

- What ? starts the Jap.

- Here, it happens things, said the young woman who seized this pretext to liberate the vapors which have accumulated in her since yesterday… So much so that it seems to want to burst by all the pores.

- I do not understand, asks Yoko even more anxious.

- One has wanted to kill me, says Sophie, in this satisfaction of the one who learns the news to the others.

- What! Yoko stiffens.

- Oh! They were much more than twenty… With black suits, knives… There was one of them who was about to cut my throat… Without Angel, I would be dead!


Yoko looks at me thrown into a panic. She understands quickly the kid.


Me, you know me, I raise the eyes to the Heaven; I am so timid in front of the compliments.

Thus I benefit from it to ask my great buddy God if he wants that I serve him another cup of black tea. And as he spends a certain time to answer me, considering that he is surely discharging his bladder at this hour, I remain in the clouds while the Sophie tells the bullfight of yesterday evening.


Seen under the angle of the woman, it is juicy and with uncertainties in the relation of the facts… So much so that the three monkswide open their eyes, because they do not have the feeling to have been there… and they end up preferring to burst of laughing about the sketches of the Sophie who is in full female representation.


I break camp and Hiro follows me close to the French doors opening on the garden.


- The programs today ?

- We continue with the Sophie… But before, I wait for the effects of the following surprise.

- What ?


I make a sign towards the pile of newspapers that Yoko has posed on the coffee table of the living room.


Then it is the howl of Yoko which brings us back to the kitchen table. The jap leapt up and her chair felt flat; she is rolled on the floor holding her belly and she howls, the dribble on the lips and the vomit which appears in the mouth.


- But ? Says Sophie by looking at her, the eyes widening with surprise.

- Where were you in your story, I ask by approaching.

- It is at the time when I said that I knew this man that you fought… That he came several times at home and that he is a friend of my uncle…

- It is all ?

- It is when I said that it is called Kaki that she leapt up !

- Normal, I say very calm, like the guy who lords it at the Elysée when a journalist asks him a vicious question.

- Why ?

- It is her Father, I say in the tenderness of the words which do not care about Yoko twisting on the tiling…


A thoughtful monk put a floorcloth under her head. It is him who took on the cleaning yesterday evening and he does not want to break once again the back on all fours…


Me, discrete as I am, you know me, I go back to the contemplation of the garden one normal day of winter…

Hiro, more serious than me, did not take the trouble to break his contemplation.


- That moves a little bit, he lets out between his thick Mongol lips whom has the habit to paste a layer of grease on the mug that it is sometimes disgusting.

- Not enough yet, I say… To still wait… You do not want some exercises of training in the garden before the meeting ?

- Perfect! … The air here becomes hardly respirable, he says.


It is true that if the Yoko continues to leave her guts on the tiling, the Sophie enters new comprehensions of « her problem ». To learn that the father of Yoko is at the same time the buddy of his uncle and even the boss of the Shin Family in Paris, opens new horizons to her on the extent of the handling. New cards are on the table.


Then, in good cerebral intellectual, she does not give a damn about her friend who twists on the floor.


She posed her buttocks on the divan and she ruminates her thoughts, the eyes closed while eating the nails.


In front of her the pile of newspapers of the day brought by Yoko. I moved them one moment ago to highlight the headlines… « Dupond Case… »


Suffice to wait! … You see well that sometimes time is the friend of the man!


- Be prepared, says the Roshi to Heidi and Tong… A new meeting arrives.


In the back room of the Temple, the three monks and Hiro were already in posture. Heidi and Tong settle at each side of the Master and pushed in their belly.




- The bastard! Says Sophie.

- Yes ? I say like the guy who does not understand what one talk to him.

- My uncle! She howls.

- Yes… What is there of so new ?

- But he says that it is him who is at the origin of the leaks, she howled.

- Yes ?

- He also says that he did not embezzle my money, but put it in security, taking into account my inconsistent behavior!

- Yes ?

- And he also says that he put money in the circuit of Ahmed for better controlling this curious association that I made with him… He was very anxious for me!

- Yes ?

- But for everyone I am the one who has organized everything, the networks, drug, women… All with Ahmed!

- Yes ?

- And they say that I am « on the run »…

- Yes ?

- But it is terrible!

- Ah! I say changing of language.

- I have everything against me!

- Ah! … What is new in all that, I ask.

- But « all »! she says suffocated.

- For you… Only for you who do not want to face the truth … For us, all is clear since the beginning… Thus ask Yoko how I explained to her which would be the defense of your uncle.


The young Japanese woman returns on the surface and nods. She is settled now in one of the armchairs opposite the divan.


- Had Angel already predicted everything, Sophie asks ?

- Yes, whispers the jap which does not have a lot of breath.

- So, Sophie asks ?

- So it is of your decision to always continue to make the idiot who does not understand anything to that we do with you here… or to go at the bottom of the subject.

- And what that will bring me to go « at the bottom of the subject » as you say.

- To know exactly the mechanisms which were installed in your energetic body to handle you as suits him and to recover the totality of your fortune… What would be already if you were dead last night… It is well him who is your direct heir, Isn't it?

- Yes, she whispers in front of the space which increased in front of her, so much so that despair shows its face.

- Then, the cards are in your hands, I say.

- And which would be the aim of a new meeting of the memories, she asks while thinking a lot.

- To see how the contacts and relational satisfactions with your uncle have developed reflexes of behavior, strong enough so that your uncle can push your action in the circuits which suited him, I say, quiet…


She did not look at me. She only looked at herself… She was not frankly disposed to it.


- And in the practice of the future life, what else that will bring to me, she asks, as a true businesswoman who weighs the data.

- To know how one can handle your reflexes and your « obvious » decisions which are not so obvious that you could believe it and that you will make less and less obvious…

- And in the squabble which awaits me outside ?

- A liar, liar and a half… I say, neither good nor bad.


Hiro makes me signs of monkey from the French window. The other monks are also astounded of the course of the thought and of the intimate energy of the young woman… What to do with such a behavior ? … One cannot rap the will!


Sophie continues to weigh the pros and cons.

So it is me who make the decision.


- Yoko, go and pack her bag!


The jap stands up, happy that I still speak to her.

Then I say to Sophie.


- I bring you back home.

- But… I am ready, she rebels… I want it this new meeting!

- No, you are not ready… And what you want, it is only one arrangement of the shit which you have created, because it is too much for you, I say… Then I drive you at home and go to have an explanation with your uncle.

- But… I will get killed, she howled!

- But no, I say… All that they are only airs, I say while laughing.

- Airs ?

- Of course! … You are in cahoots with your uncle more narrowly than you say it, I say very quiet… You will find an arrangement with him.

- I do not understand!

- Me I do… and it is the main thing!

- But…

- I already saved you the life twice, I say.

- Two times ?

- Yes, the first while making burst this shit basin in which you are.

- But it was your work within the framework of your mission!

- Oh well! … You said ? … Within the framework of which mission, I asked so quiet that Hiro was put in alarm.

- Nothing, she says biting her lips… They are only reflex words, she says… And the second ?

- This night… I say… You remember ?

- And now, she recovers quickly ?

- When I propose to you to save your life a third time while going to put outside all the shit that you have in you, you make the businesswoman…

- But!

- You are not really concerned with your life… Only arrangements.

- But!

- Do not play too much the idiot because I have the hand rather fast for the stupids.

- What ?

- Hey, small intellectual… How your Ahmed knew the restaurant where we were ?

- But!

- And it is clear « that one » pushed him to come to do his circus.

- But why ? … I do not understand anything!

- So that I deal with him… One presented him to me on a plate… It is well you who went to the toilets and who rang your uncle who sent him to mess things, Isn't it?


The most astonished, it is Yoko who returns with Sophie’s luggage.

Sophie, her, carburizes with the kerosene and seeks an exit.


The exit, I find it for her.

The two couples who deal with the crib arrive.


- Do not cut the engine… You bring back Madam at home, I say by taking the lady by the wrist and pushing her through the door.


One of the guards takes the Sophie’s luggage.


- Bandaged eyes ? he asks to Yoko who agrees without a word.

- Phew! Some fresh air, I say.


Hiro approaches and whispers to my ear.


- It was that your last surprise?

- No, I say… But let us not waste a so subtle energy for an idiot who does not want to go out of the basket for crabs… I need air…

- We will see tomorrow, he says sententious, the cranium wrinkled with concern.

- Tomorrow will be another day, I say, in the noble and nonconcerned attitude of the Great Master.

- I hope that your bladder is well, requests the Mongol… You know how you can be fragile on this subject…



- But why does he act thus ? asks Heidi

- We were all ready, confirmed Tong.


Hiro look at them scornfully.


- But because he is Major Yam, says the Master.

- But… Tong started again.

- He has decoders which are not the logic of Bam and of its reasoned brain which does nothing but to accumulate information to make a whole.

- He is a True Man, says Hiro with his gutturale voice.


The two young people are aside of the group. It is clear that their comprehension is mainly intellectual and that they do not know a lot of thing of the vibrations of Yam in action.


In his kindness the Master added for them:


- His brain is connected to Yam, not to Bam… He has seized the vibrations of Yam which perceived that Time for this new action was not accomplished… Then he has followed this Intelligence able to seize all the subtleties of a situation in Bam and he has acted in this direction.

- Without thinking! asked Tong.

- Especially without thinking! Hiro grumbled


The two young people are again aside of the reality which develops here, in this Temple…

Tong does not understand anything.

Heidi seizes a reality in her body but she notices with anguish that her brain is unable to follow this reality and to block it in its reference marks.

She receives like a snap full in the face the words of the Master: « You are a Mother Heaven »… She also has her reflexes in the security!

There, she begins another training of life! … She has her reflexes in the security!… i.e. in the coordination of the past with the present to make a future of it…


- So, what to do now ? She heard herself to ask.

- To go on, says Hiro, categorical.

- To go on what ? asked Tong.


Hiro looked at the ceiling and preferred to concentrate on his breathing.


It is the Master who in his kindness gave the answer.


- It is now that Sophie is the most in need to be charged in fundamental energy… She will be alone in the space of Bam…


Tong lowered the head. Heidi frowned. They were not content with them. They perceived their limits of comprehension… only sensitive and related to their narrowed intelligence of Bam. They did not have the reflexes of the speed of the action.


The Master understood their distress and he says to them gently:


- Here, you are in a privileged place… You are protected… You do not know what to be in front of death in Bam is.

- You do not know what the storm is, Hiro completed.


The Master let the silence come which he cut:


- Then… go on and leave to my son the care of the choice of the action!


Whirlwind… Continuation


A woman away and one still at home. Not looking well Yoko with eyes of beaten dog which requires emergency assistance.


- I do not understand, she says.

- You understand very well, I say, cooperative.

- I did not believe that he was going to pass in act.

- It is only one question of circumstances… You know the power of the space which presses on the energetic system and directs his action, I say.

- But how that could have happened ?

- By the meeting between two men and two problems, I say.

- Dupond and my Father?

- Yes… Two spines in the foot and possibility of joining them together in the same man.

- You ?

- Me, I say, not in the least pretentious.

- You go into more details ?

- Once upon a time… I start as the stories for children… two men of extreme right-hand side who meet in one of these curious meetings, a little secret, that they have the practice to program to hear one another to sing the qualities of the pure race and the benefit on Earth if it could seize the power.


… Then one of them, Dupond has a big problem, because he has started to assemble a practical system to seek the possibilities of determining the reconstitution of this pure race and in addition the manufacture of its slaves…


…. For that he needs two ends of chains joined together between his hands… One is to provide in good livestock for the laboratory tests… The other is to be able to exert more or less freely these known as-tests …


… Then for the first end, he finds Ahmed and he invests in his business, with also the assistance of his group which gives facilities and protections to the provider of cattle…


… And for the other end, there is another extremist, but this one is from the left, which is not mean to benefit from the infos and places at the disposal of the Professor the laboratories and the workmen…


… All bathes in oil… Until the day when the ends of chain become a little too demanding and go even until supposing to be able to continue by themselves and to do without the professor, who by himself does not have anything brilliant, but who has known with his team to constitute several diagrams of work…


- Which could evolve and improve without them, continued Yoko who understood quickly.

- Exactly my beauty, I say… Then the Dupond and those with him have decided to cut these two ends…

- But it is not easy because many people are implicated, directly and indirectly and one does not know by which end to take the problem, she continued… Then one has thought of the Shin Family whose boss in Paris was one of their supporter, Asia side.

- Exactly, I say… You go quickly, little girl of Asia.

- I recover quickly, she confirmed…I had been well trained by the Roshi for that, she succeeds to smiles.

- Then it will be called upon « Assassins of State » and thus we enter the dance, if I can allow me this word game, I say… But the Boss of this group of Assassins in Paris has a particular claim as a payment.

- He has a particular problem: the refusal to have one day a Westerner as Master… Like some other team leaders…

- I know, says Yoko, stiff and proud to have the force to peel the problem with me without anything to hide.

- There is also another particular problem on the other side, Dupond side…

- Who took so much in the till of his niece that he would like to get rid of her at the same time and to become the heir.

- Here are the data… Exact on all the line, my Beauty… But how to do.

- If I can allow myself to express an interrogation which has always kept running through my head since months, she says…

- Please, I say…

- It is to make the idiot and the incompetent to find a solution with the problem…

- And to oblige the Big Boss who occupies the place of honour at the Elysée to expressly ask « the best » of the Shin Family… and some people have blown in the ear of the Roshi that it was me, I say… As if he did not know it already without one needing to make him the text! … I continue, not pretentious at all.

- It is that which has bothered me in this file, said Yoko… Why this defeat and incompetence of our group to find a solution…All was clear and I knew where to strike and empty the bag…

- Yes, but your Dad always moderated the action by saying that Times were not yet there and that he felt that there’s something in the wind… And as it is him the boss of the team, each one must follow his intuition… and especially his adored daughter… I say.

- Exactly that, she confirmed with a small smile so timid that one did not know very well if that were a grin.

- Then « one » had to explain to the Emperor of the French in which shit « one » was…

- And it is there that HE has discovered the things so hidden whereas all his secret services were informed and lowered modestly the eyes while believing that « everything » was protected by « him », via the long string of high-ranking persons implicated in the Dupond project.


… Then the guy Emperor discovered that he had a big spine in the foot and that he could not rely on his own police services which hid to him so much and which in add gave each other a hard time.


… Then on the advices of his friend Dupond, he called upon the big boss of the Shin Family so that one sends him somebody to clean…


- And Dad has strongly insisted that it is you, she says, not very well in her tennis shoes.

- Then to launch the waltz, there is the case of the « leaks » which have put France in agitation and the Emperor who has promised to do everything to have the light on that…

- Yes, it is that… Obvious, says Yoko… But where has the problem gone out of control ?

- Because of me, I say without claim. One requests a killer from the Family… A killer, it is done to kill. Then the first target, Ahmed is presented to him.

- To kill him… Not to dismount his networks, isn’t it ?

- Yes… Because there were the substitutes already planned to lead…

- Then ?

- Then one gives me my first target as on a plate and I attack by this fault… but by doubling Dupond side and that has messed things between the niece and the professor…

- Why have you done that ?

- Because I felt that Sophie was a key… Then I put the brothel around to see which door opened this key…

- And it has opened Dupond side, hasn't it ?

- And it is there that you were really wary when you could notice how it was easy to broach the bag…

- And that the team of Paris had returned the sponge so easily! …Yes, my Beauty.


In short, I am not obliged to tell her « everything », you will agree on it with me. To each his truth.


- And now? she says.

- We wait, I say.

- Why ?

- I have not completed the work… I came to clean the ground and to leave everything clean for the Emperor… I still have a lot on my plate.

- And Sophie?

- She will call for help!

- You will go there ?

- Of course!

- Why ? … You have seen the weakness of this woman in front of the Truth.

- For my pleasure, I say.


She remains one moment curled up in her armchair, the legs folded up in her arms and the chin on the knees. Then without looking at me, she asks:


- And me… What do I do ?

- You do the Great… You stand upright… And you have work in front of you.

- Which one ? always without looking at me.

- To do the cleaning of the group of Paris and to find the viruses.

- You give me the responsibility of the group, she is astonished while lifting the head!

- Yes… And the Roshi will confirm you.

- Thank you, she says.


Hiro listened, concerned while examining her.

He saw as me the faults in the energetic body of the young Japanese woman who made the brave woman above her means.