46. To kill the Obviousness


Heidi asked Tong to continue his reading of the Silent Tracker, since that was the name of the son of before of the Master.

She needed this support to continue to enter her more deeply; she felt the presence of this Angel Bret to hustle the fibers of her heart.


- Read quickly, she asked.

- Why thus? … We read the other Book of the « Silent Tracker and the child » calmly… almost to peel each word to seize its savor!

- The savor of the Whirlwind is the movement and its speed. There is a reason for this name « that they gave »… We must follow this name and also enter the whirlwind us too.

- And what’s more will that bring us, asked the long monk ?… You know, to read these Writings, it is not very easy for me… It is full of curious words and the forms of the word of this Angel Bret are not familiar, he pled.

- It does not matter… The movement of the whirlwind will suffice by itself to attract us in its center.

- And…?

- And? … the essence will be in us and we will vibrate of this Knowledge… Because that is a « Knowledge »! … Not a « story ».

… Hey, tell me! … Do you believe that this Angel of so far carries in these Books the nickname of « Silent Tracker » for nothing! … Here, in this monastery, nothing is by chance… Everything has a sense!

… So, please, read quickly and lose this habit to try to understand with your head before your lips say the words that your eyes have seen…


The long monk settled on his stool and she took place in front of him. They had taken the habit to be on the two sides of the bed of Angel of now. They continued thus, taking Him as witness and support for this meditation which is this reading of the Secret Books of the Family.


Heidi encouraged Tong with a long smile.


- Go, my friend… she says.




Secret BOOK of the SHIN Family …

Whirlwind… Continuation 2


I have pushed Sophie in a taxi. She clung to my hand and attracted it towards her heavy breasts, a little milky. The low-necked blouse gave the measurement of her desire. She had made jump two other buttons. Pretty black lace! … But you will learn to know me better and you will want me for son-in-law: I am not easy to handle by the sex. The curious Master of this monastery of mad people took care well of this side of my education! Insensitive I am with this kind of energy thus proposed!

Although I understand her dash very well! Of course! A guy like me, one does not want any more to let him leave. One retains him by all the ends!


- So see you tomorrow, at four O’clock, she says resigned while getting into the car of the guy who claims to be a Parisian taxi.

- It is with your uncle I have an appointment, I say.

- It is the same thing she answers me tit for tat while leaning frankly her bust, just to let me know better what I lose.


I join my drill, at least Yoko’s Jag and I go towards her, i.e. street Mouftard.

One hour in the morning! May be I will not be well welcome! … But never mind! I am at work and the emotional of the others are not my daily food. In plain language, I make fun about it like my first somersault with a chubby nun between two statues of Buddha and also on the head of the principal one which recovered her sighs… But I do not continue on this impetus because I would be obliged to describe you too many things, as for example Hiro’s mouth when he saw straight the buttocks of the young girl!… He remained idiot to know such a bulky abundance of a black Indian ink and overflowing on all the sides… In short, and other details also that do not really concerned you… I had besides to put an end quickly to their ceremony of reproaches, of all these guys around me! A terrible inadmissible rowdiness in a place such in charge of divine tenderness, you will easily recognize it with me. Then, as for the children, it is necessary to immediately change the subject of their attention to shut them up. In this supreme attention to their distress, I have thus jumped again on another nun who made a circle with them around the statue and shagging her direct with sending of the pants on the shaven head of Hiro like new headgear…

But what made them be silent, were the very sincere and spontaneous chuckles of the young girl… These were not reproaches!


Into final, it was all the same a prize bawling out with this Roshi who says to want to be as a father for me!


I talk to you thus quiet while driving the Jag towards the residence of Yoko and of his father, which is also the place of command of the Shin Family in Paname.


Fourth floor. Light filters through the curtains. A place not too far for the drill. I close carefully the doors as a tubby carrying about the gear which is not his. Then, my bag on the shoulder I press on the bell. The door opens instantaneously. I really had the feeling to be observed! Confirmation!


I take my time to climb the stairs up. It is necessary to leave them time to admire me behind their video screens ! … Guys like me so sympathetic for the pleasures of the others, one does not make any more! … Besides it is what the Roshi explained to me again not so long ago, with fury filling the pores so much that it streamed between his cleft of the buttocks and than he had to use his goatee like floorcloth urgently. It is incredible as he remained supple, considering how old he is! … And me, you begin to know me! I make him the compliment straight… In short, instead of in being happy, he was about to be strangled with his hairs and I had to intervene urgently by hiting him direct on the plexus, so that he has the reflex to reject again this indigestible dinner.

Lying on the floor, vomiting and the eyes full with tears, he only said me: « Guy like you, one does not make any more! »

You see that I hide you nothing!



My son,



I allow myself to intervene in your diatribe. Still one mor! … But in spite of my old age, because for you to be around fifty is to be an old fogey having already a foot and half in the grave and on the slope of mental senility, which besides you make me understand at each turn of our meetings, that however I seek to lead so friendly…


In short, to still employ one of your incisive words which do not have the subtlety and the softness of the consonances of our soft countries of Asia so nourished with thousand-year-old cultures… “In short”, I must still intervene to put back in state the truth, although you already know, in spite of your very young age of wild horse, that truth is quite relative, which sometimes shows me that you can retain my essential teachings, that of which I am very grateful to you, because sometimes I have really the impression to waste my time with the « cretin » you are…


But as you said it to me, being « cretin », it is to be close to God, which explains also why you are « so much buddy with Him », while taking your own boastfulnesses, that of which I very often doubt, considering the rate of your « stupidities », still your own word out of the delicacy of our Asian words, which shows you once again as I know to listen to you and to learn from you, and that even I would have the hope that you can do the same with my so essential teachings and of what I show you at every second of my ordinary life, because believe me, it is not a rest to have always « you » beside « me » all the holy day created by the compassionate Buddha….


…. Thus to go back to what causes my interruption in your monolog, it is precisely that it is a monolog and that you do not say the facts according to the others but only according to your own relativity… It is true that I have also taught you that one is always alone! … Anyway!


… Thus you forget to say to those who make you the honor to listen to you and to read you, how you ran behind this young nun… and that in the Temple!

…. How she shouted while calling out for Help! because you were like a big cat to bite her nape of the neck to oblige her to bend double, which allowed you to pass the hand under her skirts and to grab directly her intimacy…


… How you reversed the oil lamps offered to the Buddha.

… How you climbed on the head of the main statue because this young person was looking for having refuge there, on this so honoured Buddha! And I am not certain that HE appreciated to be thus climbed with this young woman sitting on his shoulders and her naked legs enclosing his neck.


… I am even less certain of his satisfaction when you, you also climbed the statue and that you jumped on the nun, pushing her ahead, her belly blocked on the shaven cranium of the Buddha… and you to possess her in this position of doggy-fashion !


And it is thus the monks and Hiro attracted by the yells of the young woman found both of you !!! … How do you believe that they could react to this sad spectacle!

… All the more, it should well be recognized, the nun had ceased yelling and calling out for help. Curious sighs which she emitted between her half-opened lips, the closed eyes…


… In short, the worst, was not yet there! … But it is when you relate the remonstrances of Hiro which pushed you to jump on another nun running to the spectacle, to break his voice… It is quite true that you broke his timbre because he was unable to say anything in front of the ashamed spectacle that you presented to him! …


… But above all! And it is the main thing as well as the essential, these are my ears which were broken by these two nuns who showed a wild jealousy between them … because you shagged the second without finishing the first! … What tactlessness, my son!


So that the truth is said and naked, it is that which I wanted to underline for those who make you the honor read you and to listen to you.


My son, it is not my teaching!

My teaching is always to completely finish what we do before jumping on another action. Here is my teaching!

Shame was on my face in front of these furious two ladies. I did not have words to excuse you!


I thank you for taking good note of it once more, before meeting this dear Yoko which impatiently awaits you behind the armor-plated door and who staid up for you until this late hour.


My son, please be worthy !


Yoko opens the door before my hand seizes the knocker.

She receives me with all the delicacy of Asia, a splendid smile on the lips, the almond-shaped eyes underlined by a fine line of the brush, the chignon quite drawn on the nape of the neck, and the whole in a very dark blue kimono supported by a golden belt.

In plain language, if her body could be a grenade, I died straightaway!


- I dare to hope that the evening was pleasant and rich in pleasures for you, Dear future Master of our Noble Family, she said with her soft voice of asiat which know to distil the poison.

- I have worked, I say posing my bag on the red bench of the entry.

- Then what can I do for the rest of the warrior, she answers.

- To give me your breast like pillow, I say.

- I do not know if my father will appreciate your request, she whispers while frowning all the same.


She has a good sense of repartee but I surprise her.


- Your father is may be sleeping now in this so late hour? I asked.

- Indeed, she says astonished by the question.

- Then we cannot ask his opinion, I say.

- Indeed, she answers with the smile which increases because she likes these battle games.

- Then the crucial question remains posed, I say.

- Ah, which one?

- Are you a big girl or a kid of second hand who must grant permissions to dad?


She looks at me differently. She is not any more one adversary, but an interrogative woman who is surprised by the way the events develop.

Her brain works at supersonic speed because she has forgotten to be stupid. Well what wants to say this displacement of the meeting. Nothing of what she had planned develops as she had imagined.


- You are very powerful, dear Mister Bret… You can move the field of action and not to take the one that is proposed to you…

- Hon… Hon… I say.

- But me also I received some essential teachings from the Master on the refusal to accept the field of combat of the other… Then I will not follow you in the « request » which implies that I could have an attraction towards you, my Dear !

- You are quite right, little girl adored by her father… One never should enter the cage of the tiger and cherish its moustache… I recognize another teaching of the Roshi there, I say.

- Do you want to say that you find me insipid, she asks with a small pout?

- No, only tiring for the tired warrior.

- And what the warrior makes then, she asks by accentuating her pout.

- He goes away, I say.


The bag returns on my shoulder and I passed the door before her mouth is closed again.


- But you need us for your mission, she says, whereas I am already on the stage.

- No, I say without looking back… I do not need of dad!

- But…

- Here the keys of your car, I say throwing them to her over my shoulder.


I go down the staircase quickly.

I close my ears to her call by my first name: « Angel! … Your place is ready here! »

I close my heart to the concern which emerges from her.

I close my spirit to what is going to happen now.

But I am fed up to always work with people who look at their navel and its satisfaction. I prefer being alone.

I am tired of kids !


Outside the weather is cold wet. A taxi hangs about. I unearth it:


- Hotel Meurice, street of Rivoli.

- Well! … Your Eminence, you do not hold your dogs with sausages.


I am not looking backwards. No need to know that the alarm bell has functioned quickly street Mouftard. A car follows in silence and a second man walking on the pavement behind me has just gone up in it.

And « Small Father » who will howl that I use the money of the Family for sleeping in the best Parisian luxury hotel of Paname!


Heidi sighed.


- That a shame, she says… What a suffering!

- Yes, says Tong, in silent with the words read, what a suffering!

- That could have been differently and everything would be fully accomplished.

- Yes, says Tong… Why is it thus? … What suffering for her, this young Japanese woman filled with good will for him.

- Yes, says Heidi… Why is she thus? … What suffering for him, this young man filled with good will for her.

- Sorry, started the long monk who stiffens on his stool so that he became even longer with the neck which tried to join the sky and to escape from the words of the young woman.


Heidi smiles, a little sadness on her face.


- I think that you still go on in the movement of Bam and its defense, she says gently.

- I do not understand your words, he says… It is however clear that she waited for him, that she did not have words of reproaches for him, the Jaguar, the Police force! … And he also touched her breasts! …

- Yes! says gently the young girl.

- She welcomes him with the Japanese smile and delicacy…

- Yes! says Heidi.

- And him, he attacks straight with a proposal to have sex, the monk took offense.

- Yes! she says.

- So I do not understand your remark!

- I understand that, she says.

- Me, I do not understand, he repeated, stubborn on his own words.

- That does not do anything, she says.

- So you refuse to tell me why you are in conflict with me?

- I am not in conflict with you… It is you who are in conflict with the Yam of this so far Angel.

- I still do not understand what you want to say.


She smiles in the sadness of her heart.


- It is precisely the difference between Yam and Bam… Bam does not understand Yam, but Yam understands well Bam.

- What means ?

- What means ? … That Bam does not know the prison in which it locks itself up, but Yam knows this prison and tries to make it going out of there.


Tong was offended by Heidi’s words.


- And how this man makes this young Yoko going out of her prison? … I do not see any help from him, but rather a provocation.

- Yes, it is a provocation because there is no other means of action against Bam in order to make it going out of itself… It needs a shock which destabilizes its certainties which are so strong securities for it that it is convinced by it in the depth of its fibers of the brain.


Tong remained on his impetus and did not understand the help of the young woman.


- Then, how he thus did to provoke this transformation you are talking about! … I see only aggression in his words!

- He placed her on the body, she says gently.

- I do not understand.


She sighed and she says, as one would speak with a little retarded child.


- She had prepared her spirit to this meeting… All was ready in her head. Then he guided the load of her energy on the body… she says even more gently.

- And what does that produces! … I still do not understand.


Heidi raised the eyes to the Heaven.


- That produced an emptying of energy of the brain and a transfer on the fibers of the body in order to make it vibrate differently… Here what that produces! … And I am astonished by your resistance to this comprehension. You thus no longer remember all the teachings of the Angel from here which has spent so much time with you to move your spirit from its reference marks in which you got always bogged down.


Tong put his long neck in his shoulders and that produced a curve in his back which arched.

Heidi suffered from the contracting of his friend.


- Would you have the kindness to excuse me? She asks

- Why?

- Because I have forgotten one of the essential teaching of my Angel from here.

- I do not understand, says the monk.

- He always said to me: « Why to reproach! … Each one has the intelligence of his internal chemistry… Then if you are able to change this chemistry at the other, raises the problem… If it is not the case, do not disturb him because he will be weakened even more in his dignity and will be even less capable to change one day »

- You want to say that I am not able to transform me?

- No, I say that « me » I am not able to transform you!

- Then you keep silent, it is that?

- Yes, it is that… I keep silent… and I smile, she says while rising.


He looked at her pained. A separation was between them. He could not stand it.


- I need the assistance of the Master, she says.


He looked at her leaving the small garden and joining the one of the pavilion of the Master through the low door of the stone wall.


- Master, I need of assistance.

- I know, my daughter of the mountains of the North.

- Then if you know everything, you also know that I use the Books of Angel Bret as support for my transformation.

- I know that, my daughter of the Mountains, he smiles… And these Books have this destination… Even if I would have appreciated that you ask me for permission before… But it is also the Force of my son in you who pushes you to act thus…

- Thus all is well, she smiles while sitting down in front of him.

- All is well thus he confirmed while carrying his back against the wood wall of the veranda.


They looked at each other thus a long time which gave the place to the birds of the torrent to fill the silence with their strident cries.


- I feel in me all the suffering of this Angel Bret after the meeting with Yoko behind the door of the apartment street Mouftard.

- I know, he says … She has also disappointed me.

- He is always at work! … He thus never ceases?

- No, he cannot.

- Why?

- Because it is his natural nature to be Yam.

- Then it is a normal breathing for him… like my Angel from here?

- Yes… But that goes beyond that, he says while smiling.

- Beyond what?

- It is not only one question of breathing because that is only one consequence on the body.


She remained interrogative and she did not understand these words.


- Then, what is the origin of this breathing?

- It is an « Intelligence ».

- The one of Yam?

- Yes, the one of Yam which can provoke the body which is Bam in any case.


Now she understood.


- Thus it is Yam which obliges Bam to vibrate in a certain manner under the impulse of this so particular Intelligence.

- Yes.

- Then Yam suffers when it cannot carry the movement of Bam?

- Yes.

- And it is this suffering which I feel in my body when I am with this so far Angel who does not succeed in changing the movement of Bam of Yoko.

- Yes, it is that confirms the Master.


She needed some breathings.


- This suffering of Yam is the one of the failure, isn’t it ?

- It is exactly that… It is the suffering of the failure of Yam on this Earth of Bam.


The young woman took the long movements of the clouds tearing the crests of the mountains as reference marks to her breathing. The Master left her time and did not change anything of the movement of the winds in Heidi.


« You also work very strongly in you, my daughter of the Mountains of the North! … But pay attention to the chasm which swallows all the hopes…

At least, it is me who have to pay attention to that for you! … Because you, in your impetus to join my son, you do not see the danger… You are the wild horse at a gallop! …

I have to be the rider far from you before it is my son who becomes the rider on you ».


- I would like to transform « his » suffering, she says suddenly.


The Roshi started. He had not felt her breathing and her words coming. They touched him direct and entered his belly and he now feels them to develop in his heart and to produce their effects.


« You are really very strong, my daughter… You become very strong! … Is it the Force of my son in you who transforms you thus! … That you become this combatant of the instant which throws his blow in a non-perceptible wink! … The one which touches without preventing… The one which enters by the open door without one having time to pose the latch! … You impress me, my daughter of the North! … And I must recognize that you have just entered in me and that I did not see this blow coming! … »


That made him going back to a very long time, to the time when he formed this young White to become the future Master of the Family, because that was to be thus! … Only beings of exception are the Masters of the Shin Family whose name makes tremble the Emperors.


In the Temple, he had pushed Ange Bret to his limits of combatant. Nothing to teach him… Except to know to kill the « Master »…

Then he had provoked him with the words… but the young man always kept this ironic smile of the one ready to hear the last stupidity of the century…


Then he had attacked him with the spear… the young White had seized the iron blocked under his armpit and he had pushed the Master out of the Temple under the horrified eye of the monks in the courtyard who were the witnesses of this sacrilegious act to reverse the Master in the water basin in the middle of the courtyard…


Then he had taken the saber to carve him in pieces… and the saber came in the hand of Angel which made use of it to prick his buttocks and the monks laughed in front of the jumps of the Master…


Then he used his hands, his feet, all his body to kill his son… The combat was hard.


The Master attracted with each step his son in the Temple; they thus left the courtyard and in the half-light found in the Temple, the blows became mortals.

The Master attacked. The young White just parries and dodges.

The Roshi increased the intensity of his attacks… but the young White remained also smiling and impassive in front of the kicks of the Master… who did not know any more how to make to oblige him to kill him.


Then he made a jump in the courtyard and seized a nun. The combat knife on her throat, he made run the blood. He looked at Angel with insane eyes. The young White approached them. The Master opened larger the wound on the neck of the young woman who did not breathe for fear of worsening the opening of her flesh… The monks around were solidified by the horror.


Angel Bret did not have any more his ironic smile on his lips. His eyes were slits, the thin lips. The Master tried to enter the slits and to touch the eyes with his force to still provoke him!

Silence is established and nobody breathed.

The Roshi did not feel the attack of the young man coming. It was a flash and the knife flew around him and entered the flesh of his throat.


Angel was now on him, the Master on the ground, the knife against the throat. Then the young man pressed on the blade which entered the flesh between two cartilages. The breathing of the Master whistled.


It is at this point the old man smiles by looking at his son in the eyes.

He did not seek to draw aside the blade of his neck.


He says simply: « Now, I have taught you everything ! »


The young White quivers in all his body which relaxed.

He helped the old man to stand up and brushed his dress full with the dust of the courtyard.

He gave the knife back between the hands of the Master.


Then he turned the back and gained the torrent. He was sad.


Hiro took care of the young woman who thereafter prided herself in having been chosen by the Master to teach the essential to his son; she showed her swollen scar of the neck in testimony of her importance.


Heidi had just had the same lightning gesture of attack as this Angel, his son of the past and the Master was very impressed by it.


- What do you want to do, he asks gently?

- We will replay the meeting, she says without any fear.


The Master smiles in his heart. This young lioness of the mountains knew thus the secrecies of the energy. To replay its blows! … and to change the writing of the Universe.


- For that it is necessary to be very strong, he says.

- I know! … It is necessary to be stronger than what occurred… Thus it is this new writing which will be recorded in the Books of the Life.

- How do you know that with such a certainty ?

- It is your son from here, « my » Angel from here which said it to me.

- Then he had to tell you that the error is not allowed because the Universe will destroy the weak one and will give to the rich person.

- Yes, he said that to me: « It will be given to the rich person and it will be taken back to the poor », she confirmed with the ardor of the young wild horse charging in the breach of the wall in front of it.


The Roshi remained one moment in silence in his soul and his heart, then he asked:


- How do you see the thing, how do you see the actors… Who will you choose as actors?


She burst of laughing and looked at him in the eyes. This flame went right in the heart of the old man who had warmth in all the bones of his body. That was a very long time that he did not know this heat which announces the contentment of the heart and of the body to the immediate intense action which could not be repeated: lost or gained!


- I am Yoko, she says slowly, her look always concentrated in the heart of the old man in front of her… You will be your son of before, this Angel of before.


The Master inclined his head; his manner of saying « yes ».


- And how it will start? he asked concerned.

- We restart at the first word of Yoko, quite simply.

- Quite simply!

- Yes, quite simply, she confirmed.

- And what will be this word which will make restart the movement in Yam and strong enough to cancel the writing of Bam?


Heidi did not take any time to think and to weigh her words. She was sure of her. She felt « her » Angel from here in all the fibers of her body.


- She will say… she says! : « You are really the future Master of the Family… You take « everything »! »

- Then he will answer… He answers, he says: « Then you are not any more a little girl to understand that! »

- I knew that when you touched the side of my left breast, she says.

- I knew that when I could enter so easily by your Doors of the Heaven, he says.

- I awaited you for a long time, she says.

- I am in dire need of rest since a long time, he says.

- Could my breast as pillow suit you?

- I am heavy when I sleep, he says.

- I am strong when I am penetrated by Yam.

Angel closed the door gently and posed his bag on the bench of the entry.


- You get bored here?, he asks

- Yes, often… Always the same old story… The same stories to solved, those of the ordinary men who are not very inventive, she sighed.

- And your father?

- I am a little anxious for him, she says… I am certain that you will be able to help me.

- He has the pain of the Power in him, Isn't it.

- Yes.

- We can perceived it as soon as we go through this door… He would like to be more important and powerful in the hierarchy of the Family, isn't it.

- Yes… and thank you to understand so quickly.

- I am the Master and I take everything.

- I know and I like this grip thus, she says.

- Why?

- Because it does not leave me any more a choice and my spirit can rest.

- So I will rest on you… and you will rest on me… Thus all will be well.

- Yes, thus all will be well! … Give me your jacket and put this dressing gown of my country on, you will be more comfortable… Here are also your interior slippers… Do not pay attention, I will clean everything after…

- Yes, he says by letting his tiredness dropping on the floor.

- Come, I have prepared you your room here… It is the largest and the calmest… You know, here, it is Paris! … The noise is everywhere… even if it is not heard.

He followed her. Like a recall of the memory he says simply.


- Your Jag does not have a scratch.

- I know… It cannot be differently!

- You know why?

- Yes, I know… You had to complete an old rupture to enter fully this new present in your country.

- Ah! you also know that… It is the Roshi who explained to you?

- The Roshi never explains anything on you, you know it! … It is necessary to guess everything.

- Yes, I know…

- Here it is your bed… On which side do you want me to settle.

- I am always on the left side of the woman… Thus I can awake her in the morning according to the rules of the Universe.

- Yes I know… The Roshi gave me teachings on that… But they always remained in theory… Nobody capable to follow the rate of my movement!

- You know, we are always alone.

- I know… But tell me… In your tiredness I feel also the presence of a woman… It is Sophie Dupond ?

- Yes, a kid which functions with her intelligence, he says.

- But she has an intelligence very recognized in the world of Science!

- She is related to her basic structure which is handled by her uncle… It is that my tiredness to seek a main door in this closed world which is hers.

- She is conscious of your research.

- No, she enjoys to be listened and understood… But into final she brings everything to her sex and her contentment.

- On that you will have some surprises, she says while laughing… You know, « we » worked on her to prepare your arrival.

- Well, let us leave these surprises for later… Is the bathroom there?

- Yes, you will find all what you need there.

- Thank you.

- Tell me if I must awake you early tomorrow or if you have your time.

- I have an appointment with the uncle at 2 p.m..

- It is well… I have time to take care of you.

- Thank you.


The Master looked at Heidi with amazement. They had thrown these words; she had followed in the movement without hesitation. The young woman was serious, very serious. She was Yoko. She was more than the small Japanese woman. She was the one who tried to help this Angel of so far!


« You forgot yourself completely, small woman of the Mountains of the North… and by this selflessness you become a Great Lady in the Universe »


But he does not say it to her. He let filter only two slits of his eyes.

He also was in the body of his son of before and there were joy and suffering mixed in him.


- I think that we can now let them rest quiet, he says.

- Yes, I also believe, she confirmed… I feel the Time which was achieved.

- They do not need us anymore.

- Yes, the tear is repaired, I feel it in all the fibers of my body.

- It is well thus… We worked well together, my daughter… Now it is time that you relax.

- Yes, I feel that too.

- Sleep quiet… I take care of you.

- Thank you.


She left the pavilion of the Master while slipping gently on the wood parquet floor. It is the first time that her feet cherish the wood of the Master and she took pleasure with this sensation.

The Roshi smiles to look at her making this discovery. Until now, this pavilion was not her friend. Now she discovers it differently. But what the Master likes, it is that she discovers it by her body, by her feet.


She had not left for a few minutes that the three monks charged to follow the movements of the Family in the Order of the Universe rushed on the veranda.


- Master! says the oldest… Our computers panic…

There is as an introduction into our circuits which change the data and information, says the least old.


The third one who always had the closed lips and who could eat only soups with a straw twisted the hands.


- Master… The writings change! completed the oldest.

- Master… It is in relation to the data exit of your first son assassinated.

- I know, says the Master.


The Master « knew »! … They were not thus any responsibility in this modification of the writings!


- And what changes in the writings, asks the Master.

- It is in the « Whirlwind »… Your son is not going to sleep in this Parisian luxury hotel any more… says the oldest.

- But go to bed with Yoko… continued the least old.

- Without the permission of her father, continued the old one who did not admit that we let him speechless like that !


The Master thinks one moment quietly then says:


- It is well… The Family will save money! … I had been outraged by the importance of the bill of this establishment!

- But the « continuation », asked the old one.

- Which « continuation », asked the Master.

- But tomorrow morning… There was Yoko who arrived at the hotel when he had his breakfast there… And she asked for his « Forgiveness »… continued the old one.

- And she asked him to take again possession of her car… finished the young person.

- Well… says the Master… She will serve his breakfast in her room… He will not have a reproach to make her… And his car will be in its right place to continue its work with my son… and this beautiful Yoko will be pleased to take part in this work… Where thus is the problem, my dear monks?


They remained dumb and the oldest dared to say:


- Nothing, Master… There is no problem.


They were withdrawn slowly, bowing as it should be when one is in front of the Master.

They drew the door on them.


The Master did not smile. He was concerned.

With the young woman he had changed writings in the Universe… but until where will go the transformation? … And until where this young mountain person is able to go to the assistance of his son of before to join his son of now?