62. Yam and Bam need each other


She was there, at the small day of the next morning.

The words of the previous day engraved in the Universe are in front of her eyes. She continuous their reading.


- Then, the body ? … she comes back on the subject.

- Then ? … It is thus. One day it is sunny, one day it is cold, one day the wind howls, one day you are on form, one day you cannot get out of your bed…


He mimics the wind which passes between the branches of the tree and which does not look at the effect it produces on the leaves.


- And you do not make a fuss of it…she finishes while laughing.


She laughs with him and put her long black hair moving with great blows of the head like the furious bull.


- Then, what can I do ?


He smiles finely, sure of his effect because he likes to causes her thus.


- My son of before gave you the answer, he says… Seek!


She plays the play which he opens for her and as a good actress who has learned to know the director, she puts her finger in the mouth and exposes it to the wind, the face concerned.


The old man laughs to see her so wrongfully interrogative. Then, to perfect the play, he adds:


- And always remember that he is lazy: he opens the mouth only by indispensability.

- Like you, she says.


Heidi kept the silence of the words. The birds occupied always a little more space.


Then she started as you would do it when a mosquito surprised you without warning and invites itself in your neck.


- The monk « Oh well! »

- Yes, the monk « Oh well! » the Master confirmed.


Then she plays the good pupil who knows her lesson well.


- But to be the monk « Oh well! » you should have touched « something » before! … To know what to look at and to breathe, he says.


He liked her manner of being alive and of saying what the essential wants.


- I notice with great pleasure that my son of now has known to put seeds in your body, he said.


She made the proud on her cushion while looking in the air to check that the birds turned well around her.

He confirmed:


- Yes, it is necessary to have touched something before… Or else we will be a second hand man who will repeat the same old story that the old people who told him that…


She stopped him and laughed:


- And that he has believed! ….


The old man agreed and he continued his role of Master that Heidi presented to him on a plate.


- Because the man likes to think that there is a security somewhere… Thus he is ready to believe and to follow each one who will makes him a suitable proposal which will be validated by the obviousnesses linked to his energetic basic structure, he says.


Heidi followed the words of the Master and her heart opened her knowledge.

The words of her Angel gain always more in importance and she discovered them with each breathing in a new dimension, under another light.


- Then, if he has not seen and touched « something else » he left for the same roundabout, she asked ?


He smiles.


- Yes… And it is there that the Carrier of the Force intervenes…he started.

- And it is where your son of before intervenes, she says.


He agreed.


- Yes… The techniques of the opening of memories were a great hope for my son of before, says the Master, caring about his words which had difficulty to come from his belly and to go by the breath… He had in front of his eyes his two sons!


She perceived his suffering and his breathing which had difficulty to enter the belly and to push it.

Also she asked gently to accompany him in his liberation:


- Why ?

- Because the Carriers of the Force are increasingly rare one this Earth of the Men which leaves to them less and less space of action …


He had difficulty to breathe.


- Soon, we will ask God, coming on Earth if he has Diploma giving him the Right To Exert his Force and to formulate his teaching! He laughed…


His breath touched the belly which inflated.


- What lack of sensitivity not to recognize when we are in front of the Force which Save!


Yes, what lack off sensitivity! And it is well there that the big problem of the men is. Their decoders of the lie are castrated, step by step, breath after breath, word after word by this manipulator Force which now direct the space and their education.


Then this Force protects itself!… And the most unquestionable means is to impoverish this sensitivity of the body in front of the lies.


The child knows it, this sensitivity; he can say « It is not true! »… By dint of explanations and of remonstrances, we place our attention in another thing… and energy goes where the attention is!


Then gradually, it is the declines of this possibility of liberation which the man has in him at his birth.

And then he does not know any more to recognize the lies.

And then, which is even more serious, he does not know any more to recognize what is true!


These words run in the heart of the old man and flow in the body of the young woman opposite him for which he has concern.


- Then, he thought of the techniques of the memories, asked Heidi ?

- Yes… It is a manner of jumping over the wall of the lies, i.e of our prison, and of seeing directly the reality of the actions of the men on ourself and the conditioning which has followed… Because if we do not believe in what we see directly without drug and intermediary, What and Who to believe ?


Yes? … Who to believe if what we discover by ourself is not believed!

Then it will still be necessary to return towards one of those who say to carry the Truth of the Universe and to bow in front of them, because they will have a tradition behind them which is one of the origins of the first lie… And thus the loop is always started again because there will always be a tradition which rises and which will take the power.


- Thus your son of before had a great hope in these discoveries which we make by ourself, hadn’t he ?


She believed to make a pleasure to the old man while saying these words, but the old man in front of her became sad.


- Yes… But he was still as a child with the Men… He had too much Heaven in him! … Then he did not know that the Man is more attached to his security than to the Truth…


She understood. She could continue for him, but it is him which took again the breath of the words said because he needed to empty his bag.


- Man knows how to arrange himself with the relative truths… but he does not know how to support the insecurity.


The old man needed the silence of the words to renew intimate contact with him.

To leave him time to his new words, she says gently:


- My Angel said that the man prefers the certainty of death than the insecurity of life, she recalls.


The Roshi went slowly out of his vision of previous times.


- Yes… My son of before was still a child! … He believed that each one was like him: to jump on the True Life and to get ourself fill of the Truth which nourishes each fiber of the body in an endless happiness.


She let him take again his breath and paid attention so that hers does not disturb him. She pushed gently in her belly with the slowness of the cow which ruminates.


Then he continued to empty his bag.


- He did not know yet… No! He wanted to continue to believe that the Man wants to go out of the emotional prison that he has built himself… He wanted to believe that! … Because without that, why to remain on the earth to help the men? … and to wait for a being who maybe « will want to jump »… but that will still be a lie when that one is driven back against his wall: to jump in the unknown of his memory or to return in the security of the field which he covered before and that he has learned to better know ?


Heidi took the time that the Master left before him. She understood that the choice at the decisive time will be directed towards security.


Then she says sadly:


- And that one becomes a spiritual master, because he knows better than the others these dangerous territories, doesn’t he ?


The Roshi still left time to take its time… He saw despair in the eyes of his son after the defeat of his attempts.


- Yes… why to remain when this flame is out ?


Heidi helped him with her words.


- Then he set up these techniques ?

- No, they already existed on the earth of the men… The Chinese Emperors used them when it was necessary to take an important decision for the Empire.

- He has improved them ?

- Yes… In order not to use any drug and any magic… That the person can be in normal state of clearness.


She was surprised of this answer because she had heard of these techniques which can cause a great disturbance on the spirit which is not prepared to receive them and especially of the gap that there will be between the vision and the reality of the ordinary life.


- But how he has done ?

- Simple… He knew, in his knowledge of Major Yam, that the energetic body of the man has been changing since a hundred years… It is now the points of communication which are the most important… Then he used them, and above all those each side of the breasts and the neck.


Heidi slows the old man. She knew that the words leaving him were suffering. Then she sought to relieve him.


- Your son of now told me words about this transformation of the energetic system of the man… Before, it was those of the faith which were the most important ? she asked.

- Yes… But it is modified according to the karmic law of cause to effects, said the Master.

- Why ?


The question was important and it asked the Master to return in its breath of Silence.


Then he says:


- There is a systematic compensation in the Universe. Nothing can definitively take the power. Then, when something is created, its controller is created at the same time, in a germ, which will wait its hour to develop if the space is there for that…


She followed that.


- And in the logic of this movement ?

- In this logic ? … When the man become so polluted Bam in separation with the normal movement of Creation, to use too much the Forces of the Faith to alienate the Man and not to make him grow has that was the initial promise, there has been the automatic development of the points able to control those of the faith, i.e those of the communication… with the others and with ourself… Thus the man changes according to the law of Cause and Effect.


The young woman still took time like support to the breath to allow the old man to recover.

She supervised the tiredness of the old man who had kindness to take care of her, whereas despair emanated from all the fibers of his body.


- My Angel said that the current spiritual methods are obsolete … I have learned this word from him, she says very proud!

- Yes, they are ineffective because they make uses of the Faith like support… But the man likes the security of the past so much! says the Master.


The birds took again the right of the space. They have liked both to hear their efforts for the life.


- But he has failed! she says sadly.

- Yes, he has failed, said the Master… However he has put all his enthusiasm to fill with enthusiasm the men to touch and to live their Original Perfection!

- Against what did he come across ?

- On the energetic structure… This structure defines the obviousnesses of satisfaction, of pleasure and of comfort, as you know it already…

- Yes.

- They have thus brought back everything to these obviousnesses of satisfaction and have been settled in the obviousness of their space of initial obviousness … without wanting to touch the structure which had set up this system of references…


He had difficulty to continue.


- And when the system of references is validated by the greatest number, the organized Religions like the « medical » professionals of our modern sciences, they have found there the support to say « I am not asking for the remainder ».

- It is what your son of before says when he speaks of those which say: « No, Thank you! »


He raised the eyes towards her. This expression of his son made re-appear a deep suffering. Heidi was upset to awake it with her words which seemed so harmless to her.


- Yes, it is an expression which develops more and more these times, says the old man.

- Why ?


He needed to go again in the Silence which animates everything to touch the suffering of this Dimension and to say it in front of the men.


- Because these words causes and wound the Dignity of Yam… and Bam is nourished by the suffering caused on Yam…


Her eyes said that she did not perceive that in her body.


Then he added:


- Look at well those who employ these words: they breathe satisfaction and certainty… They are nourished via the first law in fundamental energy.


She continued her interrogation.


- But why these words are so suffering for Dignity ?


He closed the eyes on him and he says gently.


- Because there are only two words! … And that these two words leave the breath in breathing out, like a splashing of balls of gun… Say these words and check in you.


Heidi repeated these words, repeated them, repeated them under all the intonations… Then water ran on her frozen cheeks.


- What violence there is in them! she suffocated.

- Yes… And when so many efforts to show, to make see, to make feel, to fill with enthusiasm are needed… i.e. to open all the vulnerabilities of our being because without that we are insensitive… these two only words thrown in the breathing out is of a colossal violence and deeply wounds the enthusiasm of the True Life. They lock the door at the communication… And these ones, who say them, are nourished of this pain and are happy because they seek to make suffer and it is their pleasure.


He needed to take again his breath to finish:


- They closed the door at what is the most beautiful and the most alive in the energetic body of the man of now: his capacity for communication.


Then he finished:


- These ones are killers! … But how they are so glad to kill! … Sad karma…


Heidi understood the suffering of the Master through the one of Yam. They have both the same hope to make live the man in his Dignity.


- Then, it is the end of the combat, isn't it, she asked.

- Yes, it is the end of the communication between Yam and Bam…

… But Bam pronounces these words only when it has received from Yam what it wanted… Never before!


She questioned:


- It locks the door only when it is served and organizes its new space of life with what was given to it ?

- No, with what it has stolen… said the Master

- Stolen ?


She was surprised of these words. Then the Master sought his own words in order to be able to communicate with her heart.


- Why Yam helps Bam ? … Because Bam says to Yam that it wants to return to the original vibrations of Major Bam, which existed before separation…

- Yes, I understand that, she says.

- But when Bam says « No, Thank you! » it shows then that it did not intend to make live this Dimension… It is a misuse… It is the rob of the assistance which Yam could have given!


Then she understands and continues to relieve him from his words.


- And Bam continues its life and makes use of the fruits given by Yam like support, isn't it, she says ?


He agreed.


- Yes… It is at this time that Yam can say to Bam: « Ah! you say finally your true name: robber! »

- But it did not know it before ?


He let his breath return.


- Yes… It knew it… Because that is the state of current Bam… Liar and robber… But there is always a hope because the two Forces are in the body of the Human… There is always the hope that in extreme limits a transformation will be done.

- Then Yam goes until the extreme ?

- It must go until the extreme! shelled the Master with strong words leaving his throat... He must!

- But why can't it stop before ? asked Heidi.

- But because it needs the matter of Major Bam! …

You did not understand it yet ? says the Master in anger once again.


These words are a revelation for the young woman.


- Then it is an exchange! she says.

- It is an exchange « now », he says.

- Now ?

- Yes, because now, the space given to Yam in Bam is so restricted that Yam should almost beseech Bam to be kind enough to give it a little matter to live ! Eructated the Roshi…


He still needed the wind in him to continue.


- Now, what’s the world coming to ? … God would have to beseech to be served on the earth of the men and thanks them! … Moreover…


He took the silence of the valley with him.

It is her who restarted him:


- Moreover ?


Then he returned in front of her. His eyes carried the pain of the humiliated Universe.


- Moreover there is a sentence which spreads everywhere, in all the traditions, says the Master, dreamer.


She stretched her heart towards him, but once again he had left.


Then she gently brought him back with her breath :


- Which one ?


He put back his eyes in her eyes.


- This sentence says: « Earth uses Heaven has it wants it and in the manner that it wants it… It also thanks it as it wants it »…


Then he continued in another breath:


- It is the sentence of many of these Spiritual Masters who burgeon everywhere! he says, still the dreamer look lost over the crests… And then, these words reinsures each one… They have not any responsibility in the future of the Universe!… God is everywhere and he « must » give « everything » and if something does not develop well, it is of his responsibility.

The Father is there and he must ensure the harmonious future of each one who is concerned only to find a comfortable place in this actual state of the Universe.


She understood.


- Then, it is the Earth which dominates ?

- Yes, it is it which dominates now and gives its instructions, the Master confirmed.


Then he left again. She did not know any more if she has to bring him back.

She tried a last effort.


- Then ? she asked in a hardly perceptible breath.


It was as a dream which is broken and his eyes told the reproach.

But he whispered, because he is the Master and the Master must go to the end of himself for those who follow him… Such is the Order of Creation… Or then he must cease being the Master and he will have to then destroy his structure to be released of his obligations.


The Roshi continued to be the Master for her. Then these words left his throat and she had to lean to collect them.


- Then… There is the arrival of my son of now… To show us how to never be reincarnated in the World of the Men became insane.


It was time for her to leave... The old man was to remain with him and his two sons.


He did not see her bowing and leaving while slipping gently on the wood of the floor.


His eyes were elsewhere.