63. The Last of the Yam


The morning of the following day came with its coldness. Heidi found the old man wrapped up well in a warm cover which covered him from the neck to the kidneys, sitting on his seat of meditation. He must be so for a long time because the candle in front of him was still lit.


The words freely ran from the Great Book of the Universe; the page was open; it suffices to follow the words.


Then she says:


- Therefore, to leave ?


These words gave the movement in action and the Master seemed to awake from a long sleep.


- Yes, firstly from the World of the Men who are now lost in their own creation… Then still after…


His voice had difficulty to say the words.


- After ?

- There is even further that this Universe made up of Yam and Bam… There is further, he says with slow words, the eyes over the crests.

- There is ? … says Heidi pushing him to release the words of his heart.

- There is « Nothing »… and still beyond…

- And beyond ?

- There is the original « Chaos », he says…


He was tired. His eyes closed on him.


She has to come back later.

Heidi bowed and left with small steps, without noise.


- Stay, he says.


She came again on her cushion. He did not say anything.

She respected the silence and the breathing of the old man.


It is him who says: « You also come because you want to know more about this Combat in the Universe, don't you ? »


- Yes, she says… My night was intense… I notice that I do not control sufficiently the internal data of this combat.


The Roshi entered the breathing in his belly… The words must leave from there, not from the head crammed full with the explanations filed …


- It is necessary to know that at the beginning this universe is made up of two Forces, he says… One of them is the primordial Intelligence which one calls Yam… The other is the primordial matter which one calls Bam…


He took new breathings to continue in the secrecy of the Knowledge of the Universe, and not through his own knowledge.


- You do not have yet enough depth of Sight to understand why these two Forces are together… and which is the detonator of their mutual creation… because we are there in a Space created, he says…


He sighed:


- Also you must accept the confidence in what I say to you which is simply: two Powers make this Universe… Yam and Bam.


He let the birds open the gullet and few timid sounds occupied a little space.


- These two Powers are dependent to create… To create everything! … Yam which is Intelligence, and thus Instantaneous Knowledge, acts on Bam which is matter… And thus the Universe is activated and acts according to the Fundamental Order.

- That I know it, says Heidi.


He took again his rough breath.


- You also know that this Ordinance was broken when Bam succeeds in being separated of this Order, he says.


She agreed.


- Yes… There was gradually an independence of its own intelligence, for then finding the practical means of the rupture which were the separation of the sexes, she says … Your son of now has shown me all that.


He smiles. That saved time to him and he could go to the essential.


- Then, you know that the intelligence of Bam has started to act on Bam… more than the Intelligence of Yam ?

- Yes, I know that.


He looked at her astonished.


- Then why do you ask me this question ? …. Because the answer is obvious when you know the cards which are on the table… he says interrogative.

- Because I do not understand why Yam has continued to help Bam which made its personal play contrary to the Order and the Intelligence of Creation… she says.


He took time to mature these words in his heart of Master.


- Ah! … It is there the dead end in your comprehension, he says surprised.

- Yes.

- I believed that my son had introduced you to this other Great Secrecy of the Universe, he says, astonished.

- If he had done it…then I have not understood it, she says.


The Roshi took again his major breathings and kept the eyes closed … Then he says:


- The original detonator for the creation of this Universe is the pleasure, he says with slow words which were engraved in the forehead of the young woman.


The burn of these words made her start.


- You want to say that the « Pleasure » is registered in the totality of this universe ? she says suffocated.


He agreed


- Yes.


The young woman did not have any more a fulcrum and her heart got carried away.


- But I believed that the pleasure was only in Bam and that it is it the « Devil »!


He smiles.


- No… The pleasure is the common denominator between Yam and Bam.


She asked in the gravity of her heart that the brain could not follow:


- And it is the bond between the two ?


He sighed.


- Yes… It is the bond… You have a witty remark… You know, it is like certain foreign glues with two components…


She cut him, attentive not to break this thread of the knowledge which was constituted in her heart.


- Yes, I understand… Then the two Powers have the same destination, she says: pleasure! … And why ?

- We are never alone, says the Master… You know it well!


She thinks and the birds tried to take space, but the weather was so cold!


- Yes, I know that… You want to say that there is « a recuperator » of this energy produced by the pleasure in this universe ? she asked, astonished by the words which passed her lips because it did not seem to her that it is her which speaks.


It is him now who is astonished by her.


- Yes… But you do not have a body able yet to collect radiations of this « other » Universe… Then let us remain with your question, says the Master.


Time saved time and made it possible for the young woman to take again the control of her reasoned brain of which she needed now to follow the words of the Master.


- I believe to hold a beginning of track and I will follow it, she says… The Pleasure like common point between Yam and Bam!

- Yes, says the Master.

- Then they are both in the search of « their » pleasure, aren’t they ?

- You understand extremely well, he says.


She needed still more time.


- But Bam can be dissociated from Yam with its own intelligence which it develops more and more… But Yam can develop nothing by itself because it is not matter… Isn't it ?

- Yes.

- Then it needs the matter of Bam to act and « to enjoy », she continued on her impetus.

- Yes.


Again silence was the companion of her reflection.


- Then it pushes Bam to make « it » enjoy! doesn't it ?

- Yes.


This confirmation of the Master opened the doors of her comprehension.


- But Bam resists… and is enjoyed even more of this suffering which it causes to Yam.

- Yes.


Now she was certain of her and of her dreams and of her visions and of… well!


- Thus Bam is enjoyed twice… By its own intelligence to create on its own will… and by the suffering of Yam.

- Yes.


Heidi took time to calm her breath which ran up against her ribs under the heavy double dresses.


Then she asked:


- But why Bam continues to need Yam, since its personal play is running smoothly and always in evolution.

- Because it is the impulse of Yam which makes it possible for Bam to be put moving, he says.

- Here, I do not understand any more.


The old man spent sometimes in silent in order to find the right words for the young woman.


- It is a question of vibration… That of Yam is fine and light… That of Bam is heavy.

- So ?

- So it is necessary that it is Yam which launches the first impulse so that the energy of Bam can move rather quickly to create a work of quality.

- You want to say that all alone Bam would be heavy and stagnate low ?

- Yes, it is that, confirmed the Master… Without the starting impulse by Yam, Bam will turn in round in its own horizontal system and will not be able to create « another thing » that within the framework of its basic references.


The words followed their rate in her brain and she says:

- It is what occurs for many current discoveries, Isn't it?

- Yes… They extend the field of knowledge in the same stage… but they do not change of stage, he confirmed.


Then, she still needed chronological time.

- Therefore, without Yam, Bam stagnates ?


He confirmed.


- Yes… And Bam knows it… Then it always makes the promise to Yam that one day! … when it is ready! … it will return in the original movement where it was the matter making it possible to Yam to work and act… A promise in the future… Always and always further pushed back… he says sadly.


The breathing of Heidi called upon time as a witness.


- And therefore you said that Yam is obliged to give and to give and to give again until the extreme limit in the hope that this promise is held, she asked.

- Yes… And it was the hope of my son of before and his engagement.

- Until his death!

- Yes… Until he gave completely himself, said the Master.

- Then he was killed!

- No… He let himself be killed, says the Master in sadness…

- I do not understand ?


He returned in the rhythm of the so remote past in his memory.


- He did not have any more hope… He had pushed until the extreme limits this interrogation: « which are the limits of the love to change a being ? »

- I knew it well! … I even said it to Tong! she shouted.

- What ?

- That this sentence would be the subtitle of the Book which carries the title « The one who has killed him »

- It is that, he says, astonished by the perspicacity of the young woman.


The Master did not have any more sounds leaving his belly. The young woman did not feel satisfied.

Also she asked:


- Which structure had « the one who has killed him »?

- Tantric, he says… The most difficult…

- Why ?

- It is the one who can lie more to Yam.

- Why ?

- It is an almost perfect reproduction of Yam… A copy by polluted Bam… Since you know now that it is this polluted Bam which is the creator of the structures, he says.


She thinks.


- Thus an almost perfect copy which can give the hope to Yam that this being will accept to replay the original play ? she asked.


He agreed.


- More than to play it… It has also exceptional capacities of perception and of action, he says.

- Thus it can be an extraordinary partner, she says.

- Yes, he confirmed… Exceptional!


Heidi continued to return in her heart and she says:


- It is for that Major Yam invests so much for the people having this structure ?

- Yes… If this structure can burst… and enter again in harmony with Major Yam in the matter of original Major Bam…. polluted Bam has a bomb which bursts in it and all the mechanism of formation of the structures can be damaged, confirmed the Master.


She took again the rhythm of her thought which jostle together in her head.


- And it is where we touch once more the « Combat in this Universe » ? ….she asks.


She had finally finished the loop which has run in her head since such a long time… Even from the time of her brother.


It is also the heart relieved which she heard the Master:


- Yes… It is great part of the essential combat between Bam and Yam… he confirmed… But Bam defended very well!

- How ?

- It prevents this being from giving again the Force to Yam, that Yam communicates to it, says the Master.

- Then, there is never of return ?

- No… And at a moment, Yam must cease giving because this Force is not its and it has the duty to respect it and not to pour it in the brook.


Heidi awakened more and more.


- It is what occurred with this woman ?

- Yes… My son had to cease… But in fact, she forced him to cease.

- How ?

- By requiring always more assistance « to act for Yam »… but while making so to never return the fruit to Yam… with a regularity and a constant which could only cause the rupture, he says… because it is then obvious that this attitude is voluntary.


Heidi returned in her.


- It is like that these copies of Yam practice ?


The Master took also time to say, because this question was too general.


- Yes… They never make a decision by themselves… They force a decision and then they say they are victims… and ask for repairs.

- And which repair has she demanded ?

- She has kept a lot of money that he had entrusted to her while waiting for an other action which awaited him.

- She did not want to give it back to him… She has stolen! Heidi took offence at it.

- Not for her! … It is not a theft… It is a compensation of her time which she gave to Yam… She made besides wrote by her mother…

- Ah! … In more she has a mother who controls her!

- Yes… Who controls her and who wrote her love letters when she was teenager… Then she made wrote by her to my son that « He has really no Heaven and no heart in him not to understand that « her » daughter needs « his » money to make « her » work »…


Heidi kicked up a fuss on her cushion.


- But they is odious!

- But no! … Normal for a Bam! … A perfect answer! …

- Perfect ?


The Roshi laughs to see her so agitated.


- A Bam is a robber… and to rob one needs first to be a liar… You should know that! …


Then it is her which finished:

- Thus it is an answer of confirmation of their Bam structure which defended against Yam!

- Yes.


She took again the peace of her breath.

- This Yam which could change them!


He laughs again:

- But they do not want to be changed… Have you understod well the combat of my son with Sophie ?… The most powerful is the structure… more powerful than the Love.


She agreed. 

- My Angel said that he often had the Devil in front of him and that the Devil laughed… He said to him that my Angel was the strongest… that he could subjugate him, him, the Devil, when my Angel advanced…

But that him, the Devil, he subjugated the men because he held them well by the reflexes of satisfaction of their structure… And that into final, it is always him which wins!


And he finished in a sigh.

- Then all is well thus… Each one is in his right place for the karmic play … She could not make differently.

- Why ?


The Roshi continued his smile.


- She could not enter the Dimension of my son because she was a copy… And that she believed herself higher than him… It is the fate of the high level copies… They believed they are stronger than the Master who has revealed them to themselves… Normal! … And nothing extraordinary in that!


Heidi let the words slip into her heart which became painful. 

- Then, she has killed him!

- But no… Not her! …

- Not her ?

- These structures of so good copy of Yam are very serious, very clean, very serene facing the others… They never understand what happens! … make the idiots in front of the events! …

… and they remain in their serenity which fills with wonder…

- They push then the others to do what they would like ? asks Heidi.

- They do not even need to push… They are so serious and serene! … They attract the compassion… and the other makes « without being asked »…


He looked at her, not content.

- But you have already received the teachings which detail the energetic possibilities to lead the other to do, whereas we are the director of the action.


She agreed.

- And your son was killed!

- No… He let himself being killed.

- But why ?

- He had given so much to this woman… Because for such a structure it is necessary to give to three hundred and fifty percent to cause a tear in its system of reference…

Then he was tired and he has lost the hope to change Bam… He has no longer believe in this possibility.


He remained with the breathing suspended and he continued:

- He had perceived the limits of the opening of the memories and he lost the hope… You have felt with Sophie ?


She recognized that what he said was the deep truth of the man and his deep refusal to the delivery.

- Then he has let do ?

- Yes… He has let do and has not defended himself… It is so easy to accuse a Major Yam!

- Why ?

- Because he must take enormous risks to change a structure… He must engage the other in operations shocks to split the wall of protection… See the tests of my son with Sophie, whereas she has a basic structure.

- Then ?

- Then ?… For the others, he is an insane… An insane of God… an insane of the Truth… but an insane all the same…

- And the other is so serious, isn't he!

- And so humble! … he confirmed… A whole play running smoothly in Bam.

- And recognized like true by everyone, isn't it?


Heidi carried his sorrow. She wanted to now empty the sorrow in the heart of the old man; then she pushed him to empty the bag.

- Where did the action occur ?

- But in the most protected country of the world!

- Which one ?

- But Switzerland! …. There, she could receive all the supports to justify her refusal and her action… She is so serious and he is so insane! …

- And was this woman old ?

- No… Around thirty five years… It was a hope for him.

- And she bears a name ?

- Anne.


The old man had tears which came to him, but he did not want to make known them to the young girl. His son of before was in front of him, with his sorrow and his suffering!

- And it is me who has pushed him to continue!


Heidi did not follow any more.

- It was like Sophie… He had one day the feeling of Major Yam in her… Then nothing ever… But on the contrary attitudes of Bam repeated thousand times… Then he was wary.

- Then, she says ?

- He wanted to cease the work with her.

- And it is you who pushed him to continue ?

- Yes… The challenge was huge… To modify a Yam copied!

- And ?

- He went too far… Because he relied on me!


The eyes filled with what the ordinary man calls tears; but they are only one sensitivity of the heart.


Heidi returned towards him.

- And what does she do now ?

- But… Energetic therapist! … It is obvious! … She must use all the possibilities that my son had developed in her, he says astonished by the question.

- And which kind of therapist, she asks ?

- Oh!…. She has « discovered again » the great secrecy of the Universe, he started to laugh.

- What means ?

- But « Happiness in the meeting of the Heart, the Spirit and the Body »!… Perfect Bam!


Heidi burst of laughing and could not retain her tears. She was in stitches!

The mountain gave repartee to her and thundered in the crests whose one side of ice slipped…


The noise was prodigious and the unchained elements gave the measurement of the laughter of the young woman and of the old man.


The walls of the monastery vibrated.