Relativity of the perception



«There, the Bronze 3 Man intervenes to make comprehensible to you, to make you feel that it is not as obvious as that appears to you. However, you are well obliged to start from your obviousnesses, your current certainties. If not you are obliged to return in a system of rules, of obligations where someone else says to you how you must dance. You will found, then, the old system of coercion.

You must start from what you are, from your obviousnesses, but by having the full perception that they are relative. Thus, by this presence at your relativity, paying attention to your relativity, you implement and enliven this internal force called Presence, this double look, this double intelligence.


The passage between the bronze men one-two and three-four, it is the attention to the relativity of your perception. As long as you do not have this capacity to relativize, it is not worthwhile to approach the third and fourth man of bronze because you will not have the necessary sensitivity to be able to perceive the very subtle indications that are given to you in the body, in the spirit by this Presence by drawing your attention to what is not right, directing your look towards something else.


If you are certain of you, you are very pretentious. Thus, the third and fourth bronze man will be a pretty chocolate cake enabling you to transport you in the space, to communicate with the others, with a lot of things, to have a lot of perceptions and sensations. You will reach real energy powers, except that there will be no deep and essential transformation, the one which will bring to the Liberation. It is well the problem of a lot of those who think they are advanced, who handles energy well, but very curiously, there is no transformation in their life. The peace of the heart does not settle. They are in the usual confusion. They are in the usual difficulties.


They have never relativized their look. They have never carried an uncertainty on their perception. They have never carried a concern on their manner of seeing and of decoding the world. The worst are those who are, at the beginning, advanced and supposedly very spiritual. They have at the beginning spontaneous dashes that they regard as right because it is a dash towards the Heaven. No! There is nothing right. A dash towards the Heaven testifies only to one mechanism of internal chemistry. But which is its destination. Is it to build a new coercion or to go towards a Liberation? The more you will work with me, the more I will attract, continuously, your attention that there is a means, a tool. But with, one can alienate as much as release. It is not because one has a tool between the hands that one is somebody of extraordinary. What does one do with? » Christian