Without respiration... life... action...




Terrestrial existence begins with one breathing in and finishes with a breathing out. The first practice proposed in this interior walking is the respiration.

The two respirations described (in walking1 respiration) aim:

* for the first to stimulate the organism and to give it the force of the breath.

* for the second to relax the entire stimulated body.

They permit the one as the other to enter the world of the energetic respiration.


It is a meeting with ourself: by observation, there is conscious perception of what is, of how the body breathes: with fluidity? with resistance? By the means of Gentleness, blockages can be released and allow to recover trapped energy. One can already exert an absence of «autoritary will», of research of sporty result, by starting from how the body is, to allow it to enlarge its space with gentleness.


This so simple practice, basic practice, contains everything! It leads us to find again our original respiration, it means our respiration with the Heaven and not with our emotional system.



« Life is the slowness to breathe

step by step, my daughter »

Tiger Man 4



To know how to breathe


« To know how to breathe it is not a small matter. It is very difficult. One needs space to breathe. Besides, there are the usual expressions: I do not manage to breathe, it misses me space, it misses me air. In fact, the body expresses a reality. It is very difficult to breathe because space is needed. It is very difficult to have space because it is necessary to be in conflict with all what limits. One must dare to say : « I do not want it any more». Then, if it is more or less still rather easy to say it to the others, that one does not want anymore of their overflowing emotional, of their peripheral emotional, but, it is much more difficult to say it to oneself, that one does not want either anymore of ones own peripheral emotional, that one does not want anymore of ones overflowing emotional.


And as long as you are inside the Grid and that it is the Grid which acts directly on your energy system, you cannot perceive that it is yourself which limits your respiration and you will reproach the others. You will ask them to do space for you and you will be at war against them, in reproach against them. It is true that the others limit your space, but you also, you limit yours, continuously, by all your system of emotion, by your dreams, by your desires, your impulses, by all what you refuse and all that you accept. In fact, by all the system of attraction and repulsion.

I often say : one should not be attentive to the peripheral emotional because in any case, it will always exist, whether one does in a direction or in the other. Then, there are a lot of people who always understand that the peripheral emotional this is the others and that the action which one will do will dissatisfy some people and satisfy other people, and that whatever the action that one does to them, there will be dissatisfied people and content people. Then, one arms oneself for this peace to do what one estimates what should be done, and no matter what the emotions of the others are. But that is only one very narrow view, which misses depth.

When I speak about the peripheral emotional, I especially speak about emotional which is created inside you when you do not satisfy anymore your desires, that you do not satisfy anymore your dreams, that the action which will be developped will not satisfy you as you would like that you would be. It is that your peripheral emotional. It is very difficult to be able to breathe because space is needed. The prison is not only the others, it is also and especially oneself. It is much more difficult to be released from oneself than to be released from the others.


This is the Bronze Man 1&2, which will make space, which will organize your dance floor, make so that you have a dance floor to then allow the Bronze Man 3&4 to learn you how to dance. But to learn how to dance, one needs initially a dance floor. And it is not a question of going to dance if you are asthmatic, if you do not have respiration.

Respiration and space go together.

That cannot be dissociated.» Christian



«It is like respiration. You have it dilated or on the contrary very compressed. You feel a belt around you or on the contrary something which is very broad. It is to pay attention to the making of this belt or to its removal which is your freedom. It is this attention and this intention to breathe fully. Not only one intention in the sense where: “I decide, I have interest”. It is, really, an internal impulse: “I want to exist fully. I do not let myself involve in all these systems which narrow the space

This decision not to let itself be involved anymore is very important and you will understand it when you will know the mechanism of alienation of the grid which leads you to manage you inside a space already closed, a prison. The liberation leads you to perceive how space is opening and is closing.

When you are in this deep intention, this deep and complete enthusiasm to want to breathe fully, you realize that it happens extraordinary things inside your body. There is a so new internal chemistry which settles that you could not imagine before. If this internal chemistry has started to develop inside your cells by the release of all the memories, i.e. by the presence of the Creation inside you, you realize that it happens something beyond you, of really higher than you because there is this same force inside you that you perceive coming from the outside of you but of a much more important power. There, you really return in the true walking of your liberation because you return in the mechanism of the triangulation with the universe.

Previously, you are always in a dual mechanism: there is me and the others, me and me, always two on earth. But, all this work, emerges in a natural triangulation which settles naturally: there is me, the universe, me.

And all what develops inside you, who goes out of your cells, finds its communication with the same Origin, the same force which is beyond your body, i.e. beyond the trap of your body.

It runs, then, in your body, in all your fibers, a colossal force. To speak about enthusiasm, at this moment, is insufficient. It is a power, a force of action which circulates in your body and allows you to act, to radiate on earth. There still, you realize in a even more powerful way that if, at the beginning, your research is for yourself because you are unhappy, as you are in this movement, this vibration, you realize that is always about to like the others, to take part with the earth, to take part with all that carries the same body as you. And to take part with you in this body.» Christian



« Each breathing cannot be done again. When we have this very clear physical perception, we pay attention to each one of our breathings with the very powerful and final intention that each breathing is noble.» Christian





"...he trains at each breathing his body to couple with this Intelligence of Yam and he caresses it, he breathes it… and it transmits its Intelligence to his very human analytical brain… Then he knows that what comes in his human brain is an impulse of this Intelligence… He relies on It… He relies on him… because he never separates from it!"

Tiger Man 54