BM 1 & BM 2 :

Dance floor....intimacy with ourself....



« If quite simply you said to this force of liberation of all the system of the space (which is called Bronze Man in Direct Way) if you call it with all your heart while saying to it « I love you. I need help », instantaneously it will be there. But there is the incapacity for the human, the ordinary man, to say really « I love you. I love you ». You can hear, when a human says: I love you: « Please, love me. Love me ».


But if he has the capacity to say «I love you», there is no problem. He has the capacity to pass through all the walls, above all the walls. There is no dimension which can resist to him. But this technique is for the normal human. One says to him simply: « Listen. Look at. Do and observe you». The person realizes that this first Bronze Man does a fantastic effect with her space, that she can finally breathe, that she feels relaxed, that she draws aside the walls.

Why? Because this technique is alive. This technique is, itself, this Force of liberation of the space. Except that before, one could apprehend it only in term of petition, of worship, of prayer of obligation. While there, physically, that occurs thus in the body. And it is something of extraordinary. It is not at all secondary like a spare wheel. This is something of crucial because one realizes that the spare wheel, in fact, was much more important than the four wheels already on the car. One noticed that all occurs in the body and is done starting from the body and that all can be made up starting from the body without the setting in account of theory, of religion, of esoteric, spiritual explanation. It is a true revolution.


The first Bronze Man is thus a phenomenal revolution.

… Except that one has taken the film by the end instead of taking it by the beginning. In fact, it is the reasoned brain which has always imagined that a film must be seen from the beginning to go to a conclusion which is called the end. It is it which does a linear organization of the thought and of information. In reality, all is spatial. Into final, the end is also the beginning. The lower part: the top....Thus it is not the end of a system. Starting from this so-called end one can all redo. And if you look at that well, if you look at this splendid chemical operation which settles inside the body, you will feel a freedom of expression, a freedom of movement. It will be phenomenal. You will have a colossal Presence inside you. And all of a sudden, they are coats, skimpy clothing which go away….

And starting from the body, one can reconstitute everything. Starting from the body one can all relearn.


Why starting from the body can one all relearn?


The main structure, this main axis, that there is inside the body and that you feel very physically, belongs to the bronze man,…. it belongs to all the dimension of the universe since this main axis is the direct relationship between the man and the Heaven...The perineum is the starting point of this main axis.


Thus, that you would be a beginner or an advanced one, when you do the first Bronze Man… you are fully with this Force of the Heaven which cleans the dance floor, which eliminates all that comes to encumber it, which eliminates all that is not essential.


That can goes, then, for the Bronze Man number two which is something of a little more luminous, of less condensed, of a little lighter. But it is always this Force of a lighter Bronze Man 1. I could say less united to the Earth and a little bit more engaged in the Heaven.


The whole Heaven is there in the first Bronze Man, the whole intention of the Heaven so that you find back your intimacy with yourself, that you find back the dance floor the most widened, that you find the desire for dancing, the most spectacular and the lightest, all, is already contained inside.


Then the one who makes these practices with inattentiveness, as if it was only one story of mechanics, will see that it works in any case, but he will not take an essential nourishment. The meal will be given entirely to him but he will pick at on the table, in the dishes, small things which he likes and will let perhaps, and surely, the main thing. Because that, that is a true nourishment. It is the nourishment of the Heaven. » Christian


"I say well, the BM1 which is the first of the essential techniques that I have created, more exactly, the first of the very simple techniques that I have created, is an absolutely exacte reproduction, inside the body, of the inner chemistry which develops when this liberatory Force of the space goes out of each one of your cells and is put in vibration in your entire body."recording