« The heart is the center of control to spread your will in you and in the space. » Christian





"This reasoning brain is full of fears and of prejudices. Normal that it is reluctant with this transformation! It is up to the other intelligence to take command of the operation of life in each event. How is it going to do this? Not by reason, which is under the control of all the patterns of the past. It can only do it through the heart. It is the heart, this love without limit for this beauty of life that you perceive inside you, for this original perfection, which will make the decision. Then something extraordinary will happen: you do not make the decision for yourself, but for this

Force of Life, so that it can radiate on Earth.

One has forgotten oneself! Incredible!"

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« In this way your new dance floor will constitute itself, and on it, this Perfection that is inside you will love to dance.

This Perfection IS YOU!

But you will then need the bronze man 1 & 2 to « develop » your Original Look.»

Let us make it plain! Without them you have NO chance of returning to the dimension of this Original Look, save for a few flashes of “lucidity” from time to time. That could be enough to make you believe that « you are evolving », but never to be settled safely in this new Dimension.

Why? Because it is a Dimension of the Heart and you have no heart …save for yourself.

What does that mean, « to have a heart only for yourself »? You are not capable of feeling the suffering of the other in your body. You reduce all your assessments to theories which anaesthetize the suffering of the Dignity to be maltreated and you put everything into the analyses and the references of the « small box » in which you are.

Only the HEART is capable of getting you out of this box.»

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« The heart does not need to be enriched,

it only needs to be always in movement, and the movement, it is the event. » Christian




« It is not enough to be capable to release more force, more energy and knowledges from the cells of the body: it is also necessary at the same time to develop a big heart for humanity to use them well; and I often shiver by taking knowledge of what some people do with these « new powers » and of the lie that they develop in their simple search for authority, for safety and recognition…

Often I say to them:

« but, do you have heart ? …

Do you not see the suffering which is around you? … Are you deaf or blind men to be worried only about your small personal interest! »

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