Loop - vertical axis 



« So, this loop is very very very important because it is a circuit which only works in three circumstances. Firstly in the belly of the mother, then at the time of the death all the energies came back inside this circulation and some of them are eliminated by the Heaven and some others by the Earth or when it is practiced true meditations which are not invented by the intellect nor by mental speculations.

You see, it is something very important because we are going to make live again consciously a circulation which for the ordinary man, for the man of the street does never realize il all his life, and we are going to make pass again energy in this circulation, in this loop, and from this loop, there will be a magnificent regularization of the energy system and then a passage, a transmission of energy in the essential points of the body, in the organs etc...» recording



The loop « provides the means of generating and of directing the energy in quantity much larger than that usually available without causing a pressure on the heart. It increases the circulation and the production of the lymphocytes without affecting the blood pressure contrary to the race or of the exercises of Western aerobics, for example.» walking 8



 Reinforcement of the loop



« There is a means to improve one’s connections between the Tan Tien and the main points of the high loop: a sucking ordred by the Tan Tien. It is like a computer shortcut; it spares you a long procedure of setting up and moreover it opens reinforced energetic possibilities.»






Vertical axis



“Now, while pressing in the bowl but in rather flexible manner, you do micro movements, in front, behind, on the right, on the side until you feel that there is an axis, like the stick, a broomstick. Even a tiny bit. You will feel that there is an axis inside the body and you can feel it while sending, while pressing energy in the bowl. It is the pressure of energy in the bowl which will enable you to perceive this axis, this broomstick, this stick. Everyone has this axis contrary to the belt which is just in potentiality. There, the axis is always in activation. There are people who perceive it while others never perceive it. In this axis principal energies pass which are diffused in certain organs. If you have a clear perception of this axis, one will then be able to work on the methods of diffusion of the energy in the other organs. That wants to say that one will really control the energy of the body to obtain results, particular effects.



When you start to feel this channel this stick, a little, you make it turn clockwise starting from the belly, starting from your attention, of your expiry. You make it turn in the direction of the sun, quietly, gently. So, your breathing has two actions: on the one hand you press in the bowl and on the other hand you slightly make turn. That does like a draft. Your breathing turns and the movement of rotation enables you to perceive it still more strongly, much more clearly.



Thus, while making turn your axis and while pushing in the bowl, you realize that energy that there is in the bowl quietly goes up in the axis which develops more, and at the same time radiates on the whole body. You find yourself in a state of more peace and of cheerfulness, of calm.



It is a very simple technique. But on this level, it has very a great power. You can thus return in control of your energy system in all the situations of the life, when you are sitting in your car, on a seat etc. without having to go in extraordinary situations like now. By this pressure in your belly and this rotation of the central axis, you tranquillize all your energy system, you calm down. Moreover, you can have heat, light. It is the first approach which you can make towards the Heaven since to invite the Heaven in you, it is necessary nevertheless that there is space. The authentification is the form of peace and cheerfulness inside you. It is not a question of power, of physical feelings. Feel that it is an appointment with you. A beginning of appointment with you.


It is the simplest technique that you can set up. But done under these conditions, it has a power, a very strong effect.”Christian






« Then, she knew what it was necessary to do. To suck the fire and leave the heat gain the spine. Then from there, she must ascend the heat in her head, at the top of the skull then make it descend between the two eyebrows. From there it was easy and amusing.

The hot liquid passed in her tongue with a funny taste, then she felt it in her throat.

He said to her that it was necessary that she brings it in her belly. Always.»

Tiger Man 10