BM3 & BM4 :


Dance....Art of living...



« The dance is not a play, it is an action. It is the art of living.

When one can touch this dimension of the rider of the event, this art of living has taken all its dimension, its obviousness. I do not even speak about explanation, about comprehension, about lucidity. I say: its obviousness. It is very difficult and very rare to go back in this obviousness

where silence dances.


There is no difference between the dance floor and the dancer.

There is no difference between the dancer and silence.

There is no difference between what we are and the event.


There, one really begins, the first steps of adult. Previously one was a child who decides to play more or less on the right, on the left, on top , on lower part… A child who is always making choices, which is always being worried, dealing with what is worthy or not, with what is just or not. They are always children who do that. However, they are children who look like adults, very serious. And yet they are only children. Children who spend much time to discuss to want to understand what is right and what is not. It is, still, plays of children.


That’s it. There is anything else to do only to exist...

to breathe and to dance.»



"But for the moment, it should be understood and that you can perceive in your intimacy, that the BM3 & BM4 it is nourishment, it is flesh, it is a body, it is carcass, it is blood in which passes very freely and completely, I could almost say fully, this Force which in the enthusiasm of acting, in the enthusiasm of dancing, makes imaginative to discover your dance". Recording