The senses are the tools to feel, to perceive in the body....It has a sensation, it is natural, it is physical...and it is beautiful....

The refusal of the sensation, or, on the contrary to grasp it to develop it, to increase it, make to get lost in the opposition which settles securities or in the dilution in our little personal space. The reality pleasant or unpleasant is no longer perceived such as it IS....The appreciation, the judgment are there....

Thus one can very simply welcome the sensation, taste it, savour it and continue to dance without seizure with the fluid movement which goes on....



« The problem is not the pleasure, the sensation. The problem it is the orientation that you will give to this pleasure and this sensation. Do not make this error very common at the beginning where many people say: « This is bad the sensation. This is bad the pleasure ». It is as if you cut the hand because with this hand you have stolen. But your hand can do another thing that to steal. You can do splendid things with your hand. And when you cut it when it has done bad things, you do an idiotic work, colossally idiotic....Pay attention and fully accepts your sensations and your pleasures. And even, enjoyed and feel deeply, be happy of that because you will be able, thus, to perceive that in the final analysis, you are still alive.....» Christian

« Without Tenderness all your bearing points are based on the sensation for the excitement. There is a mental, physical excitement to have. Without Tenderness, all the work on the body, with the sensuality and the sexuality will be based on the obtaining of a sensation for the recognition of a reference that one has already. Only Tenderness has the capacity to make you jump beyond the most basic and even the most evolved references. Because you are no longer researching kind of excitement or of bearing points » Recording


«....the sensation is not a danger but on the contrary a richness because you live.

One often asks me what the death is. You died when you do not perceive any more the coldness of the winter, the rain on the skin, the sun on body etc. It is not worthwhile to play the dead-alive in this life. While perceiving although that the feeling is the normal relation with the world, one is held very normally and one lives very normally with that and one develops even all the phenomenon of the sensation.

But it is then the movement of the sensation and the type of love which will develop and the type of addressee who will develop starting from the sensation which imports. It is where all work is, a very large but completely enthralling work.» Tantrism 5



"They had never perceived and felt that when the body is “for oneself”, it is prisoner of the sensations, perceptions, visions… and all what can be produced by the Force which leads to be separated of the natural movement of Creation.

They had never perceived the contentment, the joy, the enthusiasm of the body when it has forgotten itself and gives itself fully to the movement." Tiger Man 19