"The BODY is the KEY"


A body which functions again under the impulse of the intuitive intelligence for the Creation...


It is it which is the space to prepare to build a « New Home » (walking New Home), to build the dance floor, where we can again dance with Dignity, in its dimension, with the original intention, and no longer be submitted to the emotional vibrations that the grid settles.



« Then, one cannot lean on the reasoned brain since it stems from the Grid and that it acts like disturber, it cannot thus enter this dimension. On the other hand, the body can return there because it is born from this dimension. And it is something very important because the owner of the body is the Heaven, it is the Creation. The Grid is only a tenant. But, it is a tenant since such a long time that it ended up believing to be the owner and even ended up making beleive the body that it is the owner and that the body owes it something. But, it is only a tenant. Then, all the work of the Direct Way is to bring back the body to its true owner. It is for that, that arrived at a given moment, one is obliged to pay great attention to the body, one looks after the body and one no longer cares about the spirit. The spirit is only part of the body. Then, one can base oneself only on the body. But, the body has also this possibility of being entirely submitted to the vibrations of the Grid and of believing that its system of comfort is right.» Christian



«...the first contact is with this fat, not beautiful body. And one has sometimes difficuties if one looks at the external side to be convinced that behind this not beautiful side, there is this LIGHT.» Christian






« - Because you see, my friend, if it is this Force which impassions you, you will serve It and you will be a body for It… But if it is your liberation or worse your simple comfort which interests you, you will consume this Force and you will ask it to serve your aspirations. Thus you will have a body for you… do you understand ?


They had never perceived and felt that when the body is “for oneself”, it is prisoner of the sensations, perceptions, visions… and all what can be produced by the Force which leads to be separated of the natural movement of Creation.

They had never perceived the contentment, the joy, the enthusiasm of the body when it has forgotten itself and gives itself fully to the movement.»

Tiger Man 19 



"He felt so good on the way back, full with confidence and without fear !

Only his body showed its heaviness and its reserve to advance against the wind cutting the face with its frozen blades.


He maintained this absence of fear in front of the Roshi and Hiro.

But his body received at the same time a tiredness that he had not perceived, because this body had also another habit : the one to respect the orders and not to call them into question. And this body, out of its usual reference marks which are its securities, was tense and anxious.

He knew then that the body can be the worst of his enemies.


And came in his heart this sentence that the young woman always repeated to them:


« Be very attentive to your body… It can be your best friend, like your worst enemy »


In front of their flabbergasted looks, she had one day added:


« Never believe it! »


They had not understood.


Now, him, the young monk understood with his body what that wanted to say. He understood at the same time that it is not possible for the brain to understand this sentence.

Only the body pushed at the extreme has this possibility.


And he knew then that the body can be his best friend and he cried in this new meeting with himself." Tiger Man 75