« So in each of our cells there is this STRENGTH OF LIFE.

But the Intelligence and the Goodness of Bam have also provided our body with some working “tools” for our daily lives.

These are the senses.

You know the usual senses linked to sight, sound, touch… but consciousness is also a sense; it is the decoder of the intelligence. Thought is also one; it decodes the memory.

The senses are thus the working tools of this Strength in every one of our cells. What a marvel of Creation! It has created just as much the “reserve” of energy as well as the working tool." walking 3 


It is the whole body which perceives what is happening here, right now....a SPACE of SENSUALITY is created and enlarges....


Senses do not work independently of one another.....everything is linked...

everything is connected....for example without smell, a food does not have the same taste....You can try to eat while pinching your nose, everything looks insipid. Then you breathe out slowly while eating a food, few seconds are enough to find it tasty: just time that smells rise to develop the flavour.

The thought, which is also a sense, acts in a sudden way to bring an attractive or repulsive sensation regarding a picture, a food, a noise, a contact, a smell...


"For them the body was only one vehicle for their conscience to discover themselves, to go in the search of themselves.

They did not know that the thought is a “sense”, the decoder of the memory. They did not know that the conscience is also a “sense”, the decoder of the intelligence." Tiger Man 19