Tan Tien - Perineum - Belly



Tan Tien



The Tan Tien is the center of the vital energy,

to find it seems complicated:



 In fact, it is very simple, by following :



walking 2



« Lastly, you will put in SAFETY the center of your energy body, the TAN TIEN, this small ball of ping pong placed at three fingers under the navel and a few centimeters in interior.

Then, ALL will start from there. But so that the movement becomes reflex, it is necessary to reassure this small ball of vital energy which has already taken so much blows that it is wary when it is a question of putting the muzzle outside. Thus it is to you in an act of WILL to show that you arrange the house and supervise the environment.

Because this small ball of energy is the representation and a condensation of another enormous ball which is the Vital Energy. It is the small one which will lead you to the big one. It is as a child whom one has in his arms and on which it is necessary to blow to heat it. There is always an ember ready to return to the Source. It is enough TO WANT. The remainder is done easily because the small ball knows the ways to join the Source, the Big one.» walking 8






« THOUGH YOU MAKE, everything goes from a point of support in the belly, three fingers below the navel. This space is called the TAN TIEN. It is necessary so, firstly to be connected with this strength stored there.

Imagine a small zone large like a ping pong ball (for some people it will be a tennis ball: take what you have!) three fingers below the navel. We will highlight this ball so that the things become concrete.


1.When lying down on the back, support frankly the edge of the hand onto this zone after a small inhaling. Release while expiring.

After several inhaling of this type you feel a sensitive point under the skin. This is the Tan Tien…

Continue to breathe without the pressure of the hand and observe through the force of your attention the presence of a small heavy ball.

Now you will make move the ball into your belly. In breathing in you will imagine that the ball is raised and will force against the muscles of the belly. Make several times in order to feel the movement well.

Then, you make the same thing but you will drop the ball towards the ground while breathing out. You notice there is a reaction of the muscles towards the spine.

It is possible to use of these two points localized ahead and behind of the Tan Tien in advanced techniques of energy work, but for the moment that is important for you only to be familiarized with this small ball of concentrated energy that you have in the belly. Later, you will also have to feel it in the position upright if you want to be able to use it in your daily life.» walking 4 





«You need a generator of energy we call Tan Tien (TT), to use a very well known word.

You must contact this generator in your belly. Almost three fingerbreadths below your navel. Push your breathing towards your belly. Guide your breath like a hand, which is trying to catch a small ball of a few centimeters in diameter. Do not force it. Above all, do not imagine it. Do not look for the perfection of the feeling. If you really want to live, this intention will make your energy system vibrate. You will feel this ball. A start is enough. Work with it. The rest will follow by itself.» walking 9 



"When the head of the one who accompanied the Master has rolled on the shoulder of HIRO, this last one has blocked it from his chin in a soft gesture. The hood has slipped on the face.

A woman!

All of a sudden they have forgotten their preparation to be pressed on the carrier leg, to block the tan tien in a pincers, to make the non-carrier leg empty, to push the breath in the HARA. To be ready at the instant of the order. To be ready before the order, sensitive to the vibrations of the carrier air of the wills of HIRO. Such is the teaching of one’s presence at the present, here, in this secret monastery."

Tiger Man 9




The perineum is like the plughole of a washbasin: if it is open, the water flows out. The closing of the perineum allows the energy to stay in the bowl, and so, can be used.



« Thereafter, you will increase the delicacy of perception and you will observe that there is a very precise zone which directs the whole operation: the perineum. This space, which is almost like a spot of 1 cm2 at the most, between the root of the opening of the vagina and the anus. To perceive it well, you can massage it gently with a finger or a soft cloth. You will then perceive, through the sensation produced, that it is only a very limited zone.

For the moment, you only have an overall perception of it. The lower part ascends by force with the breathing out. You help it through a contraction of the buttocks and of the sex. Later on, this will only be a contraction of the perineum, which is the Door of Life and of Death. The work on this spot is essential for all those who want to be something else than a cloud carried by the draughts of life.» walking 1 





« When you have the capacity to bring your respiration in your belly, it is, already, the first essential step. There is no longer of this clavicular respiration, very high in the lungs, but that you have made it descend in your belly, what the Japanese call Hara and that one finds in martial arts, dances etc. You realize for example, that a Black dances starting from the belly, and with the belly. And all his force is there, and it is the Earth in displacement. One is mobilizing your force of the Earth, your force of human, your force of humanity so that it is extracted from the prison which it has, itself, constituted. But, for the moment, it does not know it, it only observes that it is in prison. There is a constraint on it and it is very awkward and alienating. She would like to be release from it.


The force in your belly is the first essential step. It is not worthwhile going further, if there, nothing happens. The Bronze Man 1 & 2 has like nickname: the roaring lion. Perhaps have you seen a donkey letting out its yell ? Perhaps have you seen how it has an enormous compression in its belly and how it lets out its Hee-haw starting from the belly. The lion, it is identical. It roars starting from the belly and it is that which makes its enormous force. 


And when you are pushing starting from the apparent Tan Tien against this belt, you are mobilizing something excessively important, you are mobilizing your force for the life, you are letting out your own yell, your own roaring. This will, this action to push in your belly produces automatically a calm cerebral. You can notice it now: if you were worried, as you push, the calm cerebral intervenes automatically without you being obliged to go to make the calm inside your brain. Without you being obliged. Without you being obliged to make a direct intervention on your brain, telling you that you must calm down yourself, remain quiet, not to worry you. Notice that while pushing in your belly, you have this physical, mechanical possibility to tranquillize the whole of your cerebral system. Besides, for those which treat, it is excessively important to notice this operation because when the head is agitated, it is not worthwhile to work on the head. It is necessary to work on the front of the person while placing our hands on this belly and by increasing the compression in the belly. One perceives physically how all the brain is drained and goes in this belly.

If you pay attention to what is occurring for you, now, whereas you are pushing against your belt while I speak to you, because you are practicing, like me, you realize that complementary mechanisms are added. There is not only cerebral tranquilization, there is also an increase in your desire to do and to act.

It is that the miracle of this belly, of this Tan Tien. It has the possibility of recovering the whole of energies which circulate in your body and of transforming them into nourishment. It has the possibility of taking all the poisons which circulate in your body because it has been driven back to swallow them, because a pressure, a coercion were done on you, no matter, it has the possibility of transforming to let ones yell. Notice it.

We are yet only with at the very beginning, but we are already being able to touch a very evolved transformation: transformation of negative into positive, of what is poisoned in feeder substance. It is the same matter but it is only the intention which makes that it is a poison or a nourishment.


The external side of the practice, the external side of the bronze men is the perception of the intention, the intimacy with the perception, its comprehension, its engagement regarding the intention. One is already speaking of that. One touches it, already, in the first movement of the practice. The installation of the belt around the belly by the pressure of the apparent Tan Tien on this belt, by the pressure on what the coercion does on you. You are already in the most secret mechanism of the universe: the transformation of negative into positive.


Practice with this intention and this Presence, this consciousness of what is occurring. That will allow the development of this Presence.

Do not be one of these so-called practising ones who think of the football game seen on television two hours before.


Be this roaring lion, this being who wants to let out his yell, his dimension, his space. To be no longer the slave of coercions, to be no longer a leaf submitted to all the winds, nor a pebble submitted to all the waves.

That starts from the belly.

Take all your time. Really all your time.


When your belly is strong, powerful, you can have an excitation of sensuality, of sexuality. But do not carry a special attention to it. But do not prevent from it either.» Christian



"One very cold, almost frozen morning. But the sun said that it was going to appear behind the summits. Then he waited for it, quietly sitting cross-legged on the wood of the veranda. He was wrapped up in his pelisses and he folded back the hood on his skull.

He waited. Gently. Simply sitting. He put the breath in his belly and the belly made breathe the whole body."

Tiger Man 15