« It is where the work of the direct way really starts, it means realizing an aqualung around oneself to be able to live inside a polluted ocean. This aqualung is a vibratory system that one installs around oneself so that this vibratory system can, under other conditions and with other intentions, exert its influence on your energetic system and produce a new inner chemistry, a new look on the world, a new system of action on the world. There, one is really in something of splendid since it is always the same thing. It is the tool which manufactures a space and the space returns on the tool. The tool, it is you. It is you who have been able to install an energetic caisson around you so that this energetic caisson can, then, have an action on you and lead your movement in another manner that the space of the grid does it on you. It is the basis of the bronze men: the creation of this aqualung of protection so that the polluted ocean does not come too much on you, then the increase of the internal pressure of this aqualung, of this energetic envelope which has another intention that the one of the LAM, which has dissociated itself from BAM, which has the intention of BAM again, again the original intention of the Creation so that all this intention can be exerted on your energetic system and bring you to another type of look, another type of perception, another type of action.» Christian







« It is where intervenes the Direct Way and the work because when one realizes that one is really in the mouth of the devil we wonders what we can do since it is a question of space around ourself which in any case presses. All that we hear, all that we perceive, the vibrations, noises etc belong to the reptilian, and that presses on us. We can install around us an aqualung as when we plunge in the sea. Thus, we are protected from the polluted ocean and we can live there. At the beginning, the bronze men are aqualungs. It is what makes it possible to develop inside this polluted space because one perceived that there is a problem.

At the beginning, this aqualung is a protection then it becomes a concrete space around ourself which it also, as any space having a dynamic side, will come to press on the energy system that we are and to lead us towards other perceptions, to another internal chemistry and a look of the world different from the one that we would have if one were only submitted to the pressures of the grid. Look at the beauty of the thing. This protection that we give ourself there, becomes then the help which will also print on our energy system this dimension of Dignity.» Christian


" To go out of the Grid ? It is impossible, you are in it ! As long as you have a body, you are inside. But to make your aqualung around you,that makes that you can breathe in another manner, dance in another manner, be silent in another manner, inside the Grid, that, it is possible. And it is that I teach you. And when this bubble around you is sufficiently luminous, it is sufficiently powerful, that you have created it and that it acts also on you, since all is a space in passive and in active, then, when it is enough luminous and big enough, inside the Grid, well, it will be recognized by the Creation which will nourish it directly and there, everything becomes easy...But before, you must work...even after, but it is no longer the same dimension, not anymore because we are no longer alone." Recording