« The third bronze man is related to the internal master of the dance, i.e. the force of the universe coming to control and to be opposed to the attractions of ones sensations. The problem is not that you do such or such activity, that you have such or such action, but it is to know if you will be spontaneously seduced. What is there in you which can and will function without your system of consciousness and lucidity to attract you in a manner of acting, a manner of dancing ?

In other words, I could summarize all the work on the level of spiritual quality by the very intimate knowledge of ones possibilities of seduction. The action of seduction is instantaneous. When you find yourself in a situation which seduces you, which attracts you, the energy transmission is instantaneous and immediately you will be involved in the movement. You will be involved in the space made by this movement, then, all that will be going on, will seem to you going without saying. Thus, you need a help to perceive the moment when the seduction intervenes, like a snap of the fingers. It is only at this time that one can say: “Stop! I do not make one more step in the direction. I stop or I move back. But, I look at which is the intention of the movement which attracts me, there. Which is the intention which will make a form of movement in which I will return and create a space and will live with.»....


When you approach the third bronze man, it is truly with this attention on the possibilities and the tools that you have inside you allowing you to perceive and be perfectly lucid of the spontaneous system of attraction which has been set up by your software registered in your computer and your memories and which by dint of the habit likes to be enjoying in a certain manner.”

The third and fourth bronze man puts again in activity and develops in a very important way the set of tools and decoders which you already have inside your energy matter allowing you to detect which the attraction that you have with certain phenomena, certain sensations, is. Which is the system which can be able to seduce you so deeply that you will throw you inside without reflection, as something that’s goes without saying because it is so much printed in your memories and in the oldness of your current life like those of before, that it is obvious, for you, to be like that and to act like that and that you find there a form of very deep pleasure as well as a form of recognition to yourself. It is in this kind of space where you can tell yourself: “But, I am well there! ”. It should be looked at which the intention of this space in which you are, is and what this space does in the world, with the others and with all the Creation. » Christian


« You are only in form of attraction or form of repulsion towards certain means of action, with certain energy flows. And it is in this cosmic fair that you intervene. You are automatically the actor and the victim. Not only your own victim but in fact you are the tennis ball that you send and that the other returns too. It is the total cosmic fair.


You, in your action you only have to look at: what you like.

And at this moment you give yourself the means of your love.»





« ......This attitude to do oneself harm will no longer be working. But it is an enormous attraction for all the reasoning brain to go in it because the reasoning brain believes to control it very well whereas it is controlled by this structure. It believes to control the lie with the life because this lie reduces space, and the space reduced is easier to control and easier to handle. It believes to order its space whereas, it is mastered by the space itself. It believes to master the lie but it is the lie which masters it. The lie is the direct word of the grid.» flight 5