Force to do oneself harm




There exists a force to do harm, a force to do oneself harm which wants so much that one looks after it, which is so noisy, that it prevents the spirit from becoming serious again, that it diverts our look from our Perfection and involves us in the forgetting of why we have been created. It conducts us into violence to be nourish of it.

cf. Flight. 5 



«“One cannot oblige a being to do good if his pleasure is to do evil”

Thus HIRO returned to himself the dream of the night come after the race close to the brook which went down from the mountain.

He had tossed and turned all night. Beset by the images of the past.

“It is the son of the ROSHI!”

That, he had understood it immediately. This young body radiated a force which made his hackles rise. It was the Force of the Truth. Definitely. He knew it so well to have met it so often near the ROSHI, this very great Master of the Truth. It was like a naked saber. He was liked because he cut the lie and that one guessed that this lie there was his demon. But one was upset with him of this possibility there. One was upset with him of the cut which did good. That one knew to be one’s good!


Because one liked the lie and to do evil. This pleasure there was the one of the man who seeks to take his power on the others. On the life. Quite simply. And then, it is easy to do evil. It produces an immediate satisfaction by the movement of the wound at the other. There is immediate satisfaction of his force.

“Quite small, this force!”

HIRO had not say “petty” anymore since years. The ROSHI has cured in him this manner of looking at the World. This one there is never the one that one believes. ” It is only the kind of look that you carry on it " the Master said to him.

Then HIRO tried to modify his breathing according to the instructions of the Master. He tried. He was able to do it. But one day he had a grudge against the Master to be there. To exist. The ROSHI looked at him in his effort. The ROSHI then kept a silence of The One who cannot make more some other way than not to intervene anymore.

However HIRO believed to see at the bottom of the eyes of the Master that the origin was not there. That he deluded himself. But it was necessary that he discovers it himself and that took time.


But what offended him, this is to feel that the Master, the ROSHI, his old companion, continued his road as if his sufferings at him were non-existent. He was not concerned with him!

The Master continued the movement of his Practice. HIRO, suddenly, was excluded from it. He did not find that fair.

He took him time, much of time, to realize that the old Master could not make another way without perverting the Truth. It is him HIRO who left the true movement.

Because there is truth and there is false.

He took a long time to discover it. Years of suffering and interrogation to know that there is a right position. Only one.

“It is the one of the Religious Spirit”, my friend, told him the ROSHI when he spoke the evening in summer on the bench of the veranda of the pavilion of the Master.

He did not understand. Then the Master said to him that the religious spirit is only the ordinary spirit which becomes serious.

But that he did not understand it either. It has taken time, much of time.

And he has a grudge against him when he has understood.

Because he has then seen that what prevented the ordinary spirit from being serious, it was quite simply the pleasure of doing evil…. And to do evil to oneself!

Then he knew that he was the only and single person in charge of his isolation.»

Tiger Man 13





« And you see, my friend… The humor of the situation is that this Force to do harm does not exist in oneself… It is only the movement of your actions which deviate from the reason for which you have a body… And it is thus that all is linked! … And that you cannot examine each thing like an analyst, separating each thing from the Whole… You can only be in your everyday life with an extreme Flame of attention… And this Flame of attention is by itself the Force of the Creation in you.»

Tiger Man 19




To be serious again....


"So pay attention to your body. That will develop the Primordial Intelligence which is integrated to each one of your cells and your Consciousness can mature.


Without that, it will only be one more intellectual game … a new manner to masturbate more intimately… but your testicles, that you can besides put in feminine, will be in a grandiose delight which will make you believe that you are in a liberating spiritual Way.


Pay a great attention to that. It is essentiel so that the energy is freed from the cells of your body and is channelled in order to make your spirit « serious »…

… very naturally and without effort to cease being this playful monkey which runs after its dreams of kid." ECK.0 Essence