The body is made of 80% of water ....


The vibration produced by the sound and the rubbing on this bowl, puts in vibration the water which it contains.

The movement of the particles is modified, the water seems to « boil », this action is not produced by heat, but by vibration.


The body, also, vibrates to all the sounds, to all the events in which it is , and these pressures, vibrations on it and in it, change it, and modify it.



Space presses permanently on the body and makes it act. Without the mastery of the space, it is this one which guides the movement of the body.


« According to the means there will be a kind of vibration, which will be put in action since vibration has like origine an intention.»


« It is that an energetic flow.

It is also a space of action. The means being put in vibration on itself, according to the intention which it has inside it, automatically creates a movement which determines a space. Ultimately, an energetic flow is as much donor as receiver. It is as much an action as space. There is a vibration, which makes that this object is there. But each time you use it you put in vibratory increase all the space, which is constituted from there.» Fundamental knowledges 5




« The vibratory system which will be put in action will be absolutely proportional to the intention that you have to heal from the mobilization that the Grid makes on you to orientate and to direct your space.» Christian