« It is a loving step of the child for his environment,


… he will be himself put spontaneously in emotional states which correspond to the emotional method, to the emotional sense of the environment in which he is to say « you see, I make like you, I am like you, I am one of you ».


I will take another example to you so that you perceive even better this very precise phenomenon: When you are invited to friends for a few days, you do with their rules. If they get up at eight o’clock in the morning, you will not say, « ah me, I want my breakfast at six o’clock thirty »; you do with their mechanism, it is natural and it is normal; Moreover, if you like them, you will seek to understand their mechanism, you will accompany them in the movement, do you understand? It is the loving working of the first energetic law, you will accompany them in the movement, and it is that which is something of terrible, because it is the loving working, it is the working in the Dignity of the first energy law which will allow the handling of the being by his environment and the creation of the emotional energy object.


Do you perceive the importance of all that? You like this environment, you thus will make like it. The child will make like the adults and he will start to be well brought up and to be recognized like well brought up when, spontaneously, from himself, he will create the emotional object while withdrawing himself from the simple, normal, natural basic fact. He will thus be recognized by the environment, according to the quality of the emotional object that he will create according to the modes of creation and of the movement of the environment in which he is. And there, it is this second trap.


By this second perversion, he has gone in the field of the recognition. The environment will recognize him from the moment when he will perfectly renew and reconstitute the emotional facts, the emotional energetic object according to the parental and family conditions, or generally, of his environment.

And thus, without realizing it, to be recognized, to belong to the family, the group, the child goes by himself, and set up inside him, the emotional system which is a directing object, a directing wire of the family and it is thus, that one can say « hey , him, he is really of that family ». Thus the family recognizes also her kid regarding the creation of this emotional object.

This creation will be done inside him, he will even be able to be sick, to transform continuously his physical and emotional system, all his natural momentum for life, to take part in the environment in which he is, to be recognized by him…


By this preoccupation for a recognition he will be handled and he will be handled on the best of him because he came to love the world, he came to take part in the world, and thus it is normal that he starts to take part in what exists there, and to live according to the movement which is there, of his parental environment, his home environment and without realizing it, he will continuously disturb all his system of the observation, all his intuitive intelligence. Thus the child, from very radiant at the beginning, will gradually die out, and become a social object, a family object. He is trapped by the phenomenon of the recognition, because if at a given time, he perceives that he is in a false way, that he is in a system of false emotional creation, and that he starts to look at differently, to observe differently, that is to say to develop this Presence, then the environment will be pernickety, because it will perceive that there is another rule of the game which settles inside his space, and if the gap becomes too important, the environment will say to the child: « you are no longer my son, I do not recognize you any more » what will be intolerable for the child, because he came to take part in an environment, he came to be in love with the life, and he cannot conceive that one can say to him « I do not recognize you anymore, I do not love you » and that will be terrible for him and in the emotional weakness in which he is, he will give up his look, he will give up his observation…


To continue to be recognized, and to continue to be well recognized, it is necessary to be a creator of the energy object which is the emotional base of the family… he will add some, he will show that he can even do better than the others!!!! The small one of the man goes systematically by this phase, but will he be able to escape from the difficulty? Will he be able to put an end to this perverse situation of the recognition which systematically leads to the reconstitution of the energetic object, to the reconstitution of the emotional object? It is very difficult because in the example that I take to you, there is an action of the outside on the child, but that does not occur only at the outside but also inside the child, who gradually, conducts and makes an image of him, makes a system of emotional conducts. He does his own road map of his energetic circuit and thus, in finality, the danger and the adversary to the Dignity, it is the recognition that the child will have of him… Do you understand the importance of that? …


...« Thus let this presence be done, and observe, rather look at, since to observe can want to say that there is the observer on a side and the observed on the other…look at you in the events, look at you acting, look at you nourishing you from the others and look at you when the others are nourished from you, and thus look at all the emotional system which is set up…And by this extraordinary attention at the events of the life, but an attention which is flexible, relaxed, you will have the possibility physically of noting, this presence of the recognition and physically you will note that you always seek to be recognized and that all this system of recognition is the one which leads your method of action in your nourishment. If you perceive well the presence of this will to be recognized, then if you stay in the relaxation, if you stay in the relaxation of your look, a colossal humor of yourself for yourself will develop. Do not change anything with the things. The things, the events are there to learn you, the liberation is done by knowledge, there is neither good, nor evil, there is quite simply action with all the conduction of the cause and the effect which develops from there; … but there, if you want to release yourself from this chain of cause and effect, of this karmic chain, it is necessary that you understand the causes which lead to the present effects of your actions,… you understand?

It is necessary that you understand that, it is necessary that you perceive physically how you act exclusively with illusory energy objects, quite simply made by the emotional system, by the sensitive system…

It is difficult to explain, but if you live that with great attention, you will perceive happiness in your body, you will perceive it physically, because happiness is biological, it is not a mental handling, and when you are in this look which is a movement of the flux of Dignity, there will be this joy… let you run in this joy, continue to look at…» Christian

«But to reach this situation of humor, this state of humor for yourself, you must firstly look at with much attention the action of the outside on you, it means the recognition that you wait for the others, and that will effectively pose a problem of conflict, because if you in your research, you will not be in conflict with the others, the others will be in conflict with you, because they will not recognize you anymore and they will say « you are not anymore part of us» « you are not anymore part of the family »


Look at the things quietly, without judging, but know that the self liberation goes through the complete destruction of the phenomenon of the recognition installed by the man, in immediate consequence of the first energetic law.»Recording


«You must notice that things are thus, and it is where the state of the Presence is very, very important, because you have already perceived that this Presence leads to a pleasure and a contentment, an interior joy, because this Presence, it is the movement of the flux of Dignity, of the original flux inside the man, and this movement leads to a spontaneous joy.

Then without understanding too well what occurs, remain with this joy, remain with this observation, do not look for being recognized anymore, do not take part anymore in an environment according to its recognition, but only according to what you find of what is just and good to make.

Never mind if the others applaud, or criticize, you will not have to be attentive as much at the applause as to the thanks anymore, since both are always related to the research of the recognition. You will make the things as they will have to be made, even if it is imperfect, that does matter… because you will be present in this imperfection, and you will understand gradually, all the mechanism.» Christian