« Not to be recognized anymore is relatively acceptable for your energetic system… but the reproach « to give up » his brothers are on the other hand with much difficulty bearable. Why?

When you open your deep memories, you perceive that you came in the world to take part. If all of a sudden an intern structure of the humanity, which is called the family, the couple or something else of more general says to you that you do not like it anymore, you feel as a stab in the back because your initial engagement is to love the men and to take part in their life.

When one makes you this reproach you feel self-guilty, because it is oneself which we make feel guilty. It is never the outside which makes feel guilty because it does not have this energetic capacity.» Christian



« This notion of recognition is paramount because as from the moment, one said to you « I do not recognize you anymore, go you away! you are not from us, you are not from our family », there is an immense culpability which is installed inside you.


Then how is born this culpability?


It is born quite simply because the flux of Dignity is there, to love, is there to give, is there to assist, to take part…. and all of a sudden, there is somebody in the world of the flux of pleasure who says: « I do not recognize you any more, you are not one of us» …. thus that you do not take part and this is an enormous pain which installs inside the body and the heart, because one cannot support that the world does not love us,…. since one is there to love it, one is there to bring happiness to it, ..... and all of a sudden, it is other thing which occurs;


And you see, the culpability it is you who create it to you, it is not the other which creates it to you. The other does nothing but use the mechanism that you put inside you, by this perverse connection between the love of flux of Dignity and this recognition of flux of pleasure.

Therefore to work on the culpability is an endless operation. One asks the other not to come to make us feel guilty… but why wouldn't he do it? … Since it is yourself who have constituted the tool inside you, to be made guilty.


The starting point of this culpability, it is you, it is this connection between the flux of Dignity and the flux of pleasure. Thus you see, you cannot put an end to the culpability by some methods that it is, without having broken this bond between the flux of Dignity and the flux of pleasure, and the surest means, the most fragile link for destroying this perverse chain, this slip knot which strangles you, it is the recognition, because you cannot destroy your love-participation to the life, or then you will be narrowed and become dry, bitter.


You are there to take part, so take part, give you to the world, roll you with it…. but on the other hand, while remaining in this Presence, while remaining in this attention to the event, you can perceive the things such as they are and you must not let yourself catch by the phenomenon of the recognition, and I say, of the recognition into positive, like of the recognition into negative;

The rejection of the other makes you feel unhappy.... but it is exactly the same mechanism which involves attraction, and understand that this association of attraction/repulsion is exactly the same spring. When you perceive that with your body and your spirit, you are neither attracted, nor rejected any more by the things. You practice according to the methods of your conscience, of your perception such as it is, and you do not occupy yourself any more if the others thunder or applaud.


Thus when the culpability occurs, also look at it with much humor and relaxation, because it is not the other which makes you feel the culpability, it is yourself which put inside you this perverse system, and as long as there will not be dissociation between the flux of pleasure and the flux of Dignity, there will be always the guilt…. always!


… Because you will not automatically feel guilty regarding the other. … all what is said for the others is also inside you, and you will thus feel guilt regarding you, and you will also feel guilty towards the flux of Dignity by estimating that you do not put it sufficiently in action, that you are not sufficiently subjected to Its dimension,… thus this guilt will accompany you constantly, it is as a pain which comes back in a repetitive way.


Then agrees to live with for the moment, look at it with humor, let it act with its suitability, follow its movements as you follow the wave which passes on a rock, but be not worried, especially be not worried, I repeat, be not worried, because it is there where intervenes the third energetic law and the last one...» Christian