Laziness, it is to wait....for that it happens all alone...without moving our bottom...! It is to take the petrol at the other since the contact with the source is lost, it is to make fully play for us the first energy law...: to be nourish from the movement of the other, . It is apparently quicker, but source of suffering. The non-vigilant contentement, the contentement which slows down the movement, leads to the laziness. It is the numbness. The dream settles. The laziness lets run and lose the time...




« But it is easier to be nourished from the other that to try to be nourish all then being capable to support the Universe.

So the natural laziness is here and that is normal ! … It is the habit of the ordinary man registered in his memories from time immemorial : the Heaven must always be there for him...and he takes it as he wanted it...and honors it as he wanted it !

Not any reproach to emit ; laziness is the companion of the ordinary man like the wind is the companion of the air.»

Tiger Man 65