Impartial Way



« The result is always the same: to touch the essence of the being. To be free of everything, to touch this Impartial Way which liberates from everything. When we touch this Impartial Way, we do no longer care about all the others which are proposed on the popular market of the reptilian, in the everyday life. In fact, all what is proposed by the everyday life is of a huge resource and the destination of all this work, of this teaching, is not to make a being who separates himself from the world, who separates himself from the life or the others. On the contrary, it is to make so that the being understands that he is here to take part fully to the world while becoming an ordinary man, in the ordinary life, it means a father of family, a mother of family, a child, a very ordinary lover. A very ordinary person is someone who has found again his Origin and who is no longer trapped by all the emotional mess, someone who is no longer this leaf pushed by the wind in all directions, someone who is no longer a pebble rolled by all the waves. It is that an ordinary person, a very normal person: someone who is no longer submitted to all his emotional game which brings suffering, harms towards himself and towards the others etc. Here it is an ordinary being in the ordinary life, it means in the everyday life.» Christian



"That means that on the Direct Way, « TO BE » is practicing this Impartial Way which frees from everything. And what is this Impartial Way? You will not find it in books, theories and even less in your analytical and reasoning brain linked to your reptilian brain centered on the five basic securities.

To lead your liberating action, it is enough to have this knowledge of yourself and of creation through the opening of your memories. Then TO BE this Strength of life in movement. 


....On the Direct Way, this Impartial Way which goes directly to the target and does not beat about the bush, you do not run away. You look straight at the event. You are not afraid of it. You accept the conflict if your comprehension and the action which follows are not pleasant. You are TRUE. Very simply TRUE and natural. Because perhaps you can believe that it is « natural » to say « yes » while all your body and your intelligence say « no » to you. The TRUE Human does not know Time. The moment is here."walking 15 




« It is here in the Inner Circle of Knowledge that you can really understand what the Impartial way of the activity is. When you are in this Impartial Way, you remain in this alignment, and it is your life, this alignemnt, at each time you go far from it, you do not feel well at all. You stay in this alignement and then, if there is succes, it is good and if there is no succes, it is also good.

If there is illness, it is good, if there is good health, it is also good. If there is welcoming of the others, it is good, if there is refusal, it is also good. Everything is good. Because you are setting, you are enliving exclusively this Perfection and what is organized around now, is organized all alone, without you. » Christian