« It is by the doubt that the grid comes in, without the doubt, it cannot penetrate,

it is for that I have said «confidence is the door.» Christian



« In the external circle of knowledge, teaching precedes the noticing, at least at the beginning. But in the internal circle it is the perception and noticing which prevail. And teaching only serves to untie the subtle knots which could put an obstacle or a slowdown at the perception, at this way of walking on the Gentle, at this way of walking on the soft mattress of the void. And because there a contradiction, a kind of opposition between this perception which is from the intuitive intelligence, which is from the flow of Creation, with the reasonned intelligence which is attached to the flux of pleasure, the reasoned intelligence will continuously puts obstacles to the movement of Dignity. It will put obstacles, and always try to put a doubt on the perceptions on the spontaneous momentum to go and do something. It is why it is indispensable to have an excessively precise teaching which goes with so that the reasoned intelligence can understand what is happening and at this moment, it will stop putting obstacles, doubts. What is more, there will be a very significant strengthening of the Presence inside oneself.» Christian





 « Man does not know anymore that the gift of oneself is the door of happiness…

You, you start to rediscover it and it is good.

She did not know what he wanted to say, but it does good to her.

It was warmth in the belly which radiated higher, near her heavy breasts.

- Thus the poison of the doubt leaves the body and the body can work

in the softness of living, he says.»

 Tiger Man 5