“What is compassion ? It is something of very simple. It is not worthwhile to make the trainings for compassion... Compassion is very simple: see how you, you suffer, see as it is difficult for you to leave something. Thus, for the other, it is also difficult....

Therefore, compassion is naturally born when one perceives how much it is difficult for oneself and that one recognizes that for the other it is also difficult….


….Then, do not forget it when you come to settle. Do not be individuals who seek a small place. There, there is a collective which helps you and which carries you. If I do this small fireworks it is because you are in group. Otherwise, I do not do that. I try to show you how one can assemble and create a collective force, which makes an energetic caisson where each one will radiate on the others. Thus your practice will have much more force, even without me, only you together because you help yourselves the ones the others. Even if the others can be very suffering, nevertheless your attention to want to leave this suffering and to find a solution enables you to put in vibration this force of the universe, which is a force of healing and you help not only yourself but also the others, beside you. So, pay always attention to the space and to this manner of placing you. Know to help and put you beside the one that you feel in difficulty at this time. Compassion it is that. It is not worthwhile to make great theories. Compassion is to perceive as it is so difficult for oneself and to accept and to recognize that it is also really difficult for the other. Then, one brings a little attention to him and as energy goes where attention is, one gives him this support. It is for that I always advise these small meetings. It is much stronger than to do the practice alone because you will perceive, when you come much deeper in your knowledge of life and of yourself, that you came on the earth to take part with love in matter to participate, and the participation starts now. That starts already with the manner of placing yourselves, to do so that you do not settle before a small one etc Pay attention to that and you will see that this simple attention opens already the heart.» Christian