« Direct Way is a way for the courageous one....» Christian



« Then, courage to do, it is not courage to say: « me, I am courageous, if somebody comes to attack me, I am not afraid », it is not this courage, it is the courage of the will, of the desire, of the enthusiasm to do something, to take part, to create. And when one analyzes the difficulties which one will encounter if one wants to create something, and well, all the brain and all the friends around say: « come on, it is too much risked, remains rather quiet ». Therefore, one cannot be in the Direct Way if one is not courageous and if you open the first page of my French website, I say: « I call the courageous ones...» Christian



...Courage to face the Truth..........

...Courage to defend Dignity.......

...Courage to do what should be done.......





« I turn up the morning after breakfast to operate on the Rimpo.

His face fresher than yesterday evening, smiles to me with his so gentle eyes.

This morning he threw his fears and his questionings out. He is courageous. He is one of those who always try not to encumber the way. He is making of space.»

Tiger Man 66