« Jealousy is a very interesting subject for the psychiatrist. We look by all the means to oppose to the jealousy to transform it. But finally, we realize that one cannot cancel it and one does not understand why.

There is a lot of people who say that they are not jealous. It is true as long as there is nothing of essential for them to defend. Everything changes in the contrary case.


In fundamental energy, the jealousy is a very precise vibration registered inside each cell of the body. Therefore, there is no morality and it is not worthwhile to do reproaches.


Which is its formation on the coding of the particles of the being?

It is necessary to come back at the time when the being has been created. At the beginning, the beings turn around the Source like young children who remain close to the house.

Then, there are some of them who go further and who bring back a different nourishment. When they are back, one feels them much stronger. These one have always something to tell and to show: the fruit of their voyage. The Source has more satisfaction to receive this nourishment. It has a reaction which involves a vibration very largely higher than the one which was emitted when the small children who turn around the house come to give the fruit of their activities.


Also there is inside the system of the initial code of Creation, on each one of the particles, a feeling which later will be called jealousy.

Therefore, one cannot prevent oneself from being jealous since it is registered inside the genetic code of humanity.


However, there are beings who are not jealous. It is quite simply that their creation was before this event. Those who have been created after have all this coding in their particles.

In other words, it is necessary to approach the second law in fundamental energy, i.e. the creation of the energy object. There is a vibratory system, i.e. a quality of space in which the fact fits and in which it exists. This vibratory system will transform the energy fact into emotional object.


For the jealousy, the vibratory system is already coded in each cell of the particles of your body. There are certain religious texts which say that God is a jealous Master. At the Greek ones, Artemis, the wife of Zeus, was very jealous. She pursued all the mistresses and all the adventures of her husband Zeus, who was a womanizer, external side, but deeply noble internal side. His mobilization and his action were to help the most children to live.

It is not at all worthwhile to come to oppose to the jealousy, to do of it this psychological disease, this emotional disease etc because this form of vibration is registered inside the coding of the Dignity, of the Perfection.

It is the emotional system, then, instituted by the reptilian world, by the grid which makes this overflowing emotional, which contracts you the belly…


What can we do? It is completely useless to go back in the energy system to see how one can withdraw oneself from jealousy. On the other hand, it is possible to look at which the emotional mechanism which puts in amplification this basic vibration is. One does it by the opening of the emotional memories. But, if one wants to go in the royal way, the one which releases from everything, by the deep memories, it is necessary to go back to this perception of the initial working of the Source. There, if one looks at well, one realizes that the Source does not make any difference of friendship and of love, of gentleness, between the beings. It is only a more important vibration of the Source when the quantum of energy which comes back is more important. In fact, it is the being, external side, which looking at the vibration of the Source, has itself decided that the Source preferred better beings to the others and he has started to make a fuss of it. But, this fuss has installed a vibratory system inside him. He has coded it.


Thus, when one has the possibility of perceiving that the Source has never made any difference among beings, on beings and between beings that she has created, that it was themselves which, through their personal thoughts, have drawn the conclusions which have, then, printed the space of creation of their species, the vibratory system does not play anymore.


If you look yourself as a human jealous of the other beings, you think that the others are better understood, that they have had what was owe to you. On the other hand, when one is Heaven side, one realizes that all is perfect and that one is loved by the Heaven in an absolutely identical way. There is no separation. From this moment, the jealousy ceases. There still exists this vibration which perceives the difference. But it does not have any possibility of development and of seisine by the emotional system and to constitute a terribly destroying space for the one who is jealous. Because in fact, the one which is jealous harms himself. He is put in a fantastic field, he starts to animate and to nourish a monster inside him, a so enormous monster that he cannot breathe anymore, that he cannot see anymore the things such as they are, that he cannot circulate anymore freely.


Pay attention to the real mechanism, to the vibration of the difference. It is the seizure of a real fact, of a real feeling, of a real perception that one makes turn in a certain manner and which creates this mechanism of emotional lack, of terrible emotional lack and which involves, then, the person in a space of disturbance, in an enormous black hole so much that she does not arrive anymore, at a given moment, to see another thing than that. Look at well this mechanism.

When you perceive and that you know that you are loved by the Heaven, you have this double look and with, you have this humor towards yourself. In fact, you have this manner of looking at you, seen from above, and you perceive how your body starts to vibrate in a certain manner, at a given moment, and how an emotional system recovers this vibration to amplify it in its dimension and to bring it in a hole, a quite precise channel to obtain something from you, i.e. this energy which you have atrociously enlivened.


Then, pay attention to all that and you will be able to have a lot of humor on your forms of jealousy which will start but will not be developed. From this look, owing to the fact that there is no development, you will perceive that there is a fantastic energy mobilization, a fantastic cheerfulness. On the other hand, you can make the experiment to continue the vibration in the emotional and you will realize how much you will be tired, exhausted, that you will lose the joy of living, that you will always look at everything in black, that you will never have the feeling of a real recognition. And with this jealousy you can really be depressed, without counting all the violence that you can do on the other and especially on yourself because the jealous, it is especially to him that he does harm. » Christian


« And then, It is the gentleness which runs, it is the tenderness which runs. And the gentleness and the tenderness which run, it is a small milk on the suffering, it is a medicine on the gaps, on the the wounds organized by the jealousy. Everything disappears, then, quietly by this gentleness and this tenderness. You know for the one who knows he is loved, there is no more jealousy. It is when there is the doubt to be loved that the jealousy intervenes. The one who knows that he is served honourably, that he is at the right place and that he has the right thanks, he is never jealous, I say well jealousy appears when the doubt is there.» recording



« Seen like that, looked thus through the flow of Dignity, that does not pose any difficulty. Unicity, exclusive, is a fact, full stop.

But when it is the flow of pleasure which is looking at this unicity, the fact of being unique in the movement and the relation with the other, it positions the relation like an exclusive relation, i.e. no possibility of relations with other persons that him. Jealousy is included in the flow of pleasure .....


….The one who is in the flow of Dignity, the one who is in this Gentleness that you live, the one who treads the carpet of the Void, he, he does not know what it is to be exclusive. He has a constant and unquestionable exclusive with each one, because he carries to them an absolutely essential and unique interest with each one. But of each ones, there are a lot! …


….If I want to go still much further, jealousy is a negativity on which the Direct Way will lean to make advance still much more quickly the person submitted to this negative fluctuation. Because, a person wanting absolutely to be the first and unique, will work twice as hard to success. Well led she will arrive very quickly at a very intimate perception of Dignity and of the Reality of the life, but the initial engine has nevertheless been an engine of pride. And it is where the beauty of the working is. If that is well understood, one lets the transformation be done which will evacuate the pride at the same time, which will no more deal with it: there will remain only the fruit of the momentum of work, of the intimate union which has been done with somebody who has the internal chemistry allowing to modify her own internal chemistry.» Christian


« Fidelity, confidence is born because the other has the possibility of doing thousand other things and it is not born because one prevents the environment of the other from evolving as for example with the phenomenon of jealousy where one locks up somebody. Jealousy limits the space of the other so that one is the only one in this space. In fact, one is a communicating being, one has come to communicate and communication is something of indispensable. Thus, even if you are with your worst enemy but that he is the only one, you will speak to him. You will deal with him, you will exchange impressions, sensations, hopes. And yet, it is your worst enemy and you know it. But if you do not communicate you died. The phenomenon of jealousy is based on that. I make the void around the person that I want to possess and as she needs a theater, I am his only spectator and his only partner to play his play. And everything goes very well like that. And the other is obliged to communicate otherwise he is dead. He is energetically dead.» Christian