"So, in this importance she has for the others, in this conflict in which she is, sure of her, she can become deeply heavy in her certainty. When we help someone like that, we make her perceive all the quality, the beauty of what she is and the need she has to sbe ure of her. But we must bring her, also, to perceive that if she wants to progress, to go even more in intimacy with the Heaven, she must have humility because humility is what decondenses. Humility is not a decision of the brain, of the intelligence. This is not a decision at all. It is the heart that cries. Naturally, she asks God to come to help her. That is humility. This is something profoundly natural.

But if the person has fallen into the claim of all what she perceives: the recognition of others, the effectiveness of her work, she is not humble." Structures Mother-Heaven




"And that without this affection to the gesture, without the interest exclusively linked to the object created and on the result, you cannot understand and see "who" acts in the creation. And it is all that makes the difference between the humble of heart and the pretentious pride." Christian




"Then it will be necessary that with this perception of the absolute, you stay the most discrete possible… It is the humility which does not come to raise the flag as soon as an insight goes out, the discretion which will allow the development of all what is being perceived there, in the Flow of Dignity, in the secrecy of your heart, and it is there that there is an excessively fast and important modification of the internal chemistry, of the State of Being.


Because what the proud man does not want to understand, it is that the State of Being is an association of the Flow of Dignity and flow of pleasure. The proud man says : me, the Flow of Dignity, I am all alone, the flow of pleasure, I am all alone ; as if one rejects the other. It is impossible : both are linked like the two hands of the body.


To be humble with yourself: to say to yourself: there is something happening, I do not understand what happens, and even all the system of reasoning would be contrary and against what happens, but I have confidence…


When you have confidence thus, you wait for nothing, you have only confidence…. When somebody is in this movement of confidence, he is in the movement of Dignity."ICK 11