« As soon as you become human, you take pride with you, it is like the hair fixed on your skin. Pride is thus not a mental, or psychological, or cultural energetic element. It is strictly energetic, it is strictly physical! as soon as you come into the human world, you take pride like package under the arm.


And pride, what is it?


Pride, it is to be defined as center of the world, as center of space. It is the small child who says to his mother, “mom, the table is bad, it has hurt me”, because he bumps into this table. He has not yet defined the table as an outside in his space, as an outside to himself… the table hurts him thus it is bad…..


…Pride is to place oneself like center of the world, it is to define everything in term of advantage or in term of disadvantage for oneself, as a profit or a loss… You, you came in generosity, you came to give, to be fluid and suddenly: “certified proud”… and oops, you feel well narrowed suddenly, this fluidity starts to be lost inside you, this spontaneous love which had been established and which is established in the heart.» Christian




« This Presence has worked enormously to make you like small things. And you understand that to like small things is to pay attention to the gesture. To pay attention to the gesture and not to the goal. Not to the object which will be created, but to the movement of the gesture… yes to the hand… and it is It which has allowed you to walk on the ground so that you do not have the caress of the earth and that you feel the burning sensation of the earth… but that you accept it… that you become humble, because the earth burns… and that you accept that it is like that.


And it is as that that your own interest has never been developed. And this Presence has always worked to break a situation which would have developed your pride.


And there you perceive that to develop your pride,

it is the claim of the object created.


It is to give up the exclusive attention to the gesture and to the movement… to give up the exclusive affection to the movement and to the gesture.


It is not a question of the material gestures like knowing to peel a vegetable, or to pay attention to the manner of tying his shoes, it is the gesture of the participation.

Who acts? This attention to the gesture in the participation makes it possible to something in you to understand the “who acts”. And that without this affection to the gesture, without the interest exclusively linked to the object created and on the result, you cannot understand and see "who" acts in the creation. And it is all that makes the difference between the humble of heart and the pretentious pride.» Christian





« I let him to his rejuvenating experience. He is filled with enthusiasm of this possibility of action… He does not know yet that man preferes to tell the dark « I love you » because the Force of the dark gives them powers on the others and the knot of man is pride which wants to order and control everything.

Because if we say to this Force of Life « I love you » we are nothing by ourself...we are this Force in action and it directs everything…

But for the ordinary man, not to direct anything himself, is to be in jail... Even if life is full with gold !» Tiger Man 67