«.....All the work that we are going to do together is done in order for you to be led to this magnificent dimension where there is no disease of effort, but loving enthusiasm to participate in a movement. Because in this movement we feel good, we feel cheerful, we feel free.» walking 9 



«This enthusiasm belongs to the matter of the Heaven, the matter of Dignity. When this matter is moving, this enthusiasm is made more dynamic. It is a natural mobilization. There are no efforts to make. It is always as that that occurs. What do that when somebody lacks of enthusiasm, one knows very well that the Force of Dignity inside him is not in mobilization». flight 8 


«But do not shut yourself into the too skimpy garment of suffering, of disillusion. Do not shut yourself into this very space that plays with you, making you believe that you are escaping when you have understood its space.

On the contrary, you free it when you come out of its own space. So make this space burst. Put springs under the soles of your feet and jump. You have the means to do so.

Do not let yourself be caught by this lack of enthusiasm, because this is the very bond of suffering. It takes the enthusiasm away. It takes away the desire to do. It takes away the desire to create, it takes away the earth under ones feet. So, be very careful when the enthusiasm goes away: “Danger, danger”.


Above all, do not strive on this way. Call out for help. You have the means, the practices, to work. Very quickly all the inner chemistry changes, all the inner space changes and the problem does not exist anymore. Because a problem can only develop inside a precise space which welcomes it, and indeed, which creates it.» walking 11 


«That your excursion be beautiful with enthusiasm…

in the constant discovery of YOU…»

My Passion



« - It was incredible his capacity to get going again…

Not to accept the defeat… To find a solution…

And then he did it by giving again enthusiasm to the one who had failed !»

Tiger Man 64