« Knowing to be content,

it is having a treasure .» Christian



Contentment : to be with what IS here, in an extrem relaxed attention......without waiting, that the situation be pleasant or unpleasant... to be simply, naturally in the movement with a true attention to the space, to the event which is there.

Personal satisfaction is not there, it is soft, it is silent, it is is contentment quite simply!!!!!.....



« It is this commitment for the other, this attention to the movement, in this will to heal a situation, to help somebody which permits this meeting with this gentleness, which causes enormous contentment which is established in the body, the spirit.» Christian



In the space of separation, contentment becomes a subtle trap of lazyness, with a slowing-down or a stop of the movement which is called : « that enough for me !», it becomes a wall, as an obviousness which is built and which justifies the gestures and closes in its space of obviousness...At the beginning, the savour apparently looks the same....but the sleepiness settles.



« It is when I come back on foot to the monastery that I understand how to practice to break this wall of silence and of contentment:

I will mess things up!»

Tiger Man 71