« Without practice nobody can progress. The practice is not only to sit down on a cushion or a chair. The real practice is your daily life..»

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To sit on a chair, a cushion, or a small bench.

The chest is straight, souple, without rigidity, the fontanelle (point on top of the skull) being aligned with the perineum (point half way between the sex and the anus), verticality allows a good respiration and a good circulation of energy. The shoulders are relax. It is a Zero Point, an attitude that allows to enter another dimension, a silence.





The practice is a meeting with oneself, an intimacy with our original perfection in the space of the body. And this intimacy leads to the silence, to the peace. To take this time, it is to develop an extrem attention to the inner space, and with gentleness, to prepare it to its meeting with the Heaven.


It is important to know what we want when we sit down, who is our love, that gives a direction to the energy which will go where attention is. And then we will go in our day with this alignemnt.


Practices are different, development is not linear, everything is spatial. Each practice is new and it is what is happening now which is important, not a possible result. To see simply what IS, without judging, without preconception or waiting.


If tiredness is there, it is not worth to add an obligation for the body, or a coercion, we stay with gentleness without weakness. Determination can allow to go beyond this tiredness.


If there is a tension and that we do not feel the practice, it is better to stop, to do something else and to start again latter.

If a resistance to practice settles as soon as you sit, without lying to you, go back to the question: « what do I really want?....».




« Yet this is so easy! Trust your practice and you will be nourished continuously by this Strength of life which will recognize your “gestures” as those conceived by It.»

walking 1 




“Then, it is very simple. You must always ask the question: why are you there? Why did you sit, why do you sit down somewhere, in the morning to do the meditation?... There, when you sit down, when you practice, you have an appointment with you. That this be very clear. It is not only a practice. It is not only what you can call a meditation. It is an appointment with you because energy will go where your attention is. This is why you are sitting and you give, from the departure, the code of nourishment of the energetic system to enliven, exactly as in data processing. Therefore, the enlivened energy will really go to meet you. This wellbeing of the body, it is this wellbeing of the spirit and then it is also this communication with the Heaven for those which have succeeded in discovering it and to carry it. Be very clear in all that. Do never martyrize you and know why you get up in the morning and that you do a practice or when you do it in the evening. It is always an appointment with you, with the essential of you…

… An appointment with you it is a friendship with you. If you do not start to love you, you, how you will claim to love the others, to love the universe, to love the Heaven. It is an intimacy this meeting. You did many meetings with the others in the course of the day, now you do it with you, quietly. It is this meeting with you which will allow you, one day, to meet consciously the Heaven » Christian




« Practice is a nourishment to make growing what I call the energetic tools, to make growing the inner mobilization. Sometimes, when people ask me how many times per month one must do the practice, I ask them how many times per day do they eat. » Christian




"It is that the energetic compression: this work which carries along this work. It means a body-building which provokes still a space for another body-building. An activity which carries along the possibility of another activity.
Here, it is really: help you and the Heaven will help you. It is that the very essence of the progress of the techniques of the Direct Way. Each technique provokes a change of the inner chemistry allowing always going further in the use of the same means." Flight 2



"Without practice, nobody can progress but without practice, nobody can either be maintained, the body is the body, it gets tired, it gets used, it gets polluted, it is disturbed by the life, one must bring attention to it and a continual restoration." recording




« My friend, your daily Practice shows

what you are!.»

Tiger Man 13





Biologic brain


« In fact, when you practice, it is a meeting with you and in you there are these two movements( the one of the Grid, the one of the Heaven). Which one will have priority since you, you know that you are limited by the biological brain, which has the capacity to decode mechanically only one movement: the one which has priority. As well as the nervous system cannot decode two important pains at the same time. It is for that when you have an important toothache, you grip yourselves elsewhere very strongly and during the time when there is the stronger pain elsewhere, you do not have anymore toothache. By this knowledge, by this knowledge of the mechanical limitation of the biological brain, you know what the importance of the setting of mobility of a movement or of another is since it is with that one that you will live and decode the space....


Without practice, no one can progress because without practice, the Heaven side in you will not arrive at being sufficiently enlivened so that it can be usually decoded by the biological brain in the daily life.....


As you are installed in a reptilian world, this reptilian world will agitate and use the movement of the Grid, of the matrix, since in any case the reptilian brain is already made from the Grid and from the matrix. Consequently, when you use the means of the reptilian brain, you supply the matrix automatically. Hence the importance to perceive the Heaven side in you, to implement it, to enliven it finally so that its movement alone is priority for you. And consequently that there are no more difficulties in your life since the biological brain decodes the priority movement. The biological brain is only one simple tool. And there, the life is no more difficult, you enter the facility. You do not have any more efforts because in this movement, in this matter of the Heaven, there is not the fear, there is not the doubt, there is no exhaustion. On the contrary, there is enthusiasm, love which overflows etc. So, pay a great attention to that because without practice nobody can progress….


And to take our life in hand it is automatically to practice, it means to put in activity all the tools inside the body to make so that the movement of Dignity, that the movement of the Heaven is priority inside our body so that the biological brain can decode its movement and live with it…


Alas, all the great spiritual ones speak about God, about pretty birds, about universal love, but we are summarized quite simply to a mechanical tool which is called the biological brain which cannot decode two flows at the same time. So, that is useless to make dream. That is really useless. It is necessary to put in mobilization again tools that you have inside the body. It is for that which I do not like that you speak about meditation because there is always a connotation of spirituality. There, these are very technical practices which repair tools, which make possible to decode the life differently….» Christian