To embrace the tree

You stand up the body aligned, in a Zero Point with the feet rooted in the ground and the fontanelle towards the top as drawn up by a silk thread. You take your time to feel a relaxed attitude, attentive at the same time. This relaxation will always be present with the perception of the Zero Point, and with an inner smile hardly noticeable from outside, which radiates in the entire body and brings Gentleness to it.

You relax all the joints : ankles, knees, hips so that energy can freely flow. The spine is well positioned if the fontanelle is pushed up, the chin slightly back, without letting it down, what relieves the breathe.


Then you place the arms horizontally as to embrace a tree. The shoulders are relaxed, in a round shape which started from the rear heart and releases the energy to the nape of the neck. The elbows are placed as if they were making a resistance to a weight coming from above. The fingers are vis-à-vis, and you can feel or seen the energy flowing between them. You keep the position with a fluid breathing, without effort. When you are comfortable, you can practice the loop at the same time.




« And if you use a Taoist attitude, that you place your hands in front of you, you realize that there is energy going from fingers to the other fingers, this will also be increased if you increase the round shape of the shoulders, that makes function the rear heart and that you still improve as if you were resisting to a pressure on your elbows. Taoists call this attitude « to embrace the tree » and it is really something nice, that you can do also during the day, when you want. It makes a fantastic energy generation on the heart and the nape of the neck. » Christian