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If from the outside, the walking Christian proposes looks like that of the Japanese tradition, the setting up and the perception of the Zero Point among others, make of it a walk specific to the Direct Way by the quality of energy and the addressee of the attention.


From a recorded teaching.


"This is a walking that keeps you straight and keeps you in the same presence that when you are sitting for a practice.


When you work in energy, you place your full weight on one leg and then, you go on the other leg. Pass the entire weight from one leg to the other, it is what is called: « swaying of the elephants ». It is a passing of liquids which creates a very great intellectual peacefulness. What is peculiar to Direct Way, is that you realize that in the movement of transfer of liquids, there is a very particular moment where there is a silence that I call the « Zero Point ». And it is only in this Zero Point that the brain has the capacity to find a solution to implement, otherwise, it is still running behind something. Thus, every movements of Direct Way focus on this Zero Point. When we are in the Zero Point: everything is possible, nothing is predetermined.


So, you have the weight of the body on one extended leg. You walk a half step, you touch the ground with the big toe, you stretch out your leg, the heel is up and you come to transfer the weight on this leg and the other is strechted out to walk of a half step, it is its turn to be streched out and you come on the foot and place your entire weight on it.


When you come on the leg, you press well the foot on the ground and the fontanelle towards the top, but if you really pay attention to the energy system of the body, you realize that the alignment is not perfect and so that it be perfect, you must push the hip on the side and there, you have, down, the foot and, up, the fontanelle, and you are really on the same axis and then you start again, you stretch out a leg, you come, when you are well vertical, you push the hip, you push the foot, you push the head and you take your time.


So, now the breathing: when you move, you move in inspiration, you are still in the inspiration when you are streching out the leg in front, and you are in expiration when you carry the weight on the foot, a quiet and long expiration, and you are in natural inspiration after and you move. You always strech in inspiration and you translate the hip at the end of the movement, I insist because you will always forget it, and however, it is essential to come into another dimension. Because if you push the hip with your foot pushing down and the head pushing up, you will realize that something has changed in the breathing.

So, with the weight of the body on the front foot, your expiration becomes longer and you do not even want to move when inspiration is coming because you are so attentive, thus, you breathe in even lengthily and at the end of inspiration, there is a silence and it is there where it gives you the desire to move the other leg, thus, you are in apnoea, you stretch the leg in apnoea and you breathe out weight on the front foot, expiration going to the end, when inspiration comes, you stay motionless, it is after that you move and that comes. Except that you cannot force you to that, because you will suffocate at the breathing level. So I can only advise you to do the traditional practice : expiration you go, inspiration you move, expiration you come to put the foot, then the weight of the body, keeping in mind this movement of the hip when you arrive, because it is this movement of the hip that will gradually make you enter another respiratory intelligence, which makes that you no longer have the desire to move when the inspiration comes, which can be long, and it is at the end that the leg moves.


Then, when you walk very simply like that, you realize that there is a lot of things happenings in the hands. And if you use a Taoist attitude: « to embrace the tree », that you place your hands in front of you, you realize that there is energy going from fingers to the other fingers, this will also be increased if you increase the round shape of the shoulders, that makes function the rear heart and that you still improve as if you were resisting to a pressure on your elbows. It makes a fantastic energy generation on the heart and the nape of the neck.


So, let’s come back to the walking and the position of the arms, fists closed at plexus level :


The left thumb is closed in the hand, so that its bone is protruding to come to press on the plexus, or nearby so that the forearms are straight, parallel to the ground (photo 1). Thus, you communicate energy to the plexus, and you know well, in energy, that it is the control point between the liver and the spleen.

There is a very strong improvement of the system if you press the left little finger folded against the palm. There, you tighten on the little finger and there is another quality of energy, much more gentle which passes, but much more stronger. You help yourself with the other hand. You come to place the right hand on the closed fist. The right thumb comes from below, it is not on the other thumb because it would be in the way. Thus, you include naturally the left fist, you press the right little finger on the left fist where it is naturally placed. And it is another quality of energy.

First, it is only the little fingers of the two hands which press and then, when you use this round shape of the shoulders of the embracing the tree, you realize that quiet simply, when you move forwards the shoulders, that comes to press on the plexus without any effort of the fists. Thus, in the end, you round very strongly and if what is more, you make the effort of the elbows, as if the elbows resisted again a vertical pressure, you have a considerable energy that passes at the level of the plexus and that radiates in liver-spleen through the hands against the plexus, and at the same time, you have a considerable energy which goes on the rear heart and which radiates on the nape on the neck due to the fact you round very strongly, you make the bow thus, it is a very energetic position.

You release everything in the inspiration and you rebuild the bows in the expiration.


You can do that everywhere and in 5 minutes, you have found again all your alignment." Christian

"Behind, in her back, there was the hearth which heated with its glowing embers. The bowing being finished, two monks slipped behind her and they have brought back short logs on the embers. She has not moved. It seemed to her besides that she had heard “Leave!” It is a word of her brother when he did not want that she moves. “Leave!” Why these men there who are almost of his age have the same words? Curious. As their funny deep song in the middle of their meditation, before they rise a first time to walk with small paces ones behind the others. They have walked round the kitchen. During fifteen minutes. She has seen well! They progressed of a half foot at each time. Even not a pace! The ones behind the others. The look lowered. They looked at the waist of the one in front. Then there has been a sound of wood, like a log that one struck against a large plank. It came from the bottom of the kitchen. She did not see the one who had made this sound. Then the monks broke their walk and returned to their cushion. Then they again lowered the look and the silence came back."
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