Energetic Exercises



« So, you should well understand that these exercises which are from Chinese, are exercises of health. The energy systems are regularized, but they are forces of the Earth.... It is a very good balancing of the body....


Thus, I use these techniques to make the body supple again. And these are all techniques which are in stretching. One stretches the energy networks. It is a stretching which releases. By this stretching, one puts in vibration. I could take an example: it is like a violin cord, the more one will tighten it, the more one will be able to make it vibrate quickly. It is the same thing.....



In the LUNGS, the energy of courage is stored, but also the energy of the sadness, and how much this world is full of sadness, and how much difficulty there is with the life, and more there is sadness in the lungs, less there is courage to do...

...So, one cannot provoke courage but what one can remove sadness. It is rather astonishing when you make the Lungs: if you are sad half an hour before, you are no longer sad half an hour after, something happens.


In fact sadness comes when courage leaves. But, which courage is it?

This is not the courage to say: "I will fight, I am strong in the business, I am strong in the army and I do not fear of being attacked." No, it is not courage, it is simply physical courage.



to defend your life.


Very simply, to defend our Dignity, and it is to have courage, because it is not easy. Firstly, because, yes, there is the environment that is around, the others who have taken the habit that we function with them in a certain manner. You must have the courage not to let you be swamped by the habits of the others, the disruptions of the others... But you have another type of disturbance that is inside you, i.e. that you too, you have taken the habit of working in a certain manner, you have taken the habit of looking at you in a certain manner, it is almost the last obstacles to overcome: the look that you have on you. Well, all that too, when you know what you have to do, you realize that to do it quietly will create a set of disruptions of your personal internal mechanisms which are not external mechanisms at this moment, well, you need courage to say "ok, I am going, it is going to harm me here, it will disturb me there, but I go quietly," you need a lot of courage for that, and the one who is being observed: "Yes, now it does me this, yes, now it does me that" does not have courage, he is only observing himself, analysing himself, self-enjoying almost of his unhappiness... of all the stories ...


There is a pleasure to an enjoyment to do harm, to do oneself harm, and to self-enjoy of the unhappiness. This is one of the main obstacles of everyone, when they do something that is not good, they enjoy considerably the unhappiness that they cause, the unhappiness that they cause on them: "Yes, I am awful "... etc.

So, you must have the courage of your lungs, not only against the others, it is easy, but against your personal mechanisms and when you have only as a reference, your sensation, never, you will have the courage. This courage will never develop. If you have as only reference: "Yes, I have perceived that ..." never you will have this real courage which will grow, but never! It began to develop when you do something seriously and you say "whatever happens, I do not care!" From that moment, you are not violent with you or violent with the others. Otherwise you are continually in self-enjoyment of the self-destruction that you do on the others and on yourself.


So the lungs, it is very important. That's why, at the same time, I always do the kidneys after the lungs, because with what you will load the kidneys? If you do not have the courage of the life, the courage to defend the life, and to defend the life, it is not to defend your perceptions, your sensations, to defend what you know is just very simply, this is not provocation, you know what is just, and good, if you do not have that courage in the lungs, in the body, what you will going to do with your kidneys which are the power of action. ... So, I always do the lungs before the kidneys, and I make them follow, I never do the kidneys alone.


...the energy of the Kidneys is the fundamental energy which will make function the body, it is dependent with the secret Tan Tien, and having a problem there, one can completely be immobilized. Besides, when somebody wants to do someone else harm, he says to him: « I will break you the Kidneys », he does not say to him: « I will break you the Liver or the Spleen.»


The lungs are very difficult if there is attention. No need to make imagination: "You think you evacuate the evil, what is wrong with you, and that you breathe what is fine" ....:



This is already more than enough, do not make imagination on that.


The LIVER is important because there is an energy which can be less and less expressed freely because of the fear of the consequences and that blocks the Liver since the Liver is the General of the Armies, the one who must give working orders. And if one immobilizes oneself, the Liver has a problem, and when it has a problem, there is the development of a great internal anger which goes up spontaneously, sometimes without reason, one has the desire to make everything burst....

...Because there are two angers: an anger with a reason, because somebody does not act well, and an anger without reason, it is the biggest, the most important and most dangerous. It is the anger which is born from immobilization, when one is immobilized more and more, there is this anger which is there, because all the vitality cannot be expressed...

...Thus the person can make at a given time, an action of enormous violence against herself. Therefore, the Liver is very important to regularize...



The Liver is the General of the Armies. So, it is necessary that it gives orders, and the orders which must be developed will come from the Heart i.e the KING. The Heart, it is the King who decides the general movement of the life, and it gives its will to the General and it is this General who will examine how it can put this will in work, and, from there giving orders, so that things could be done. It is not for nothing that it is the Liver which is the maker of the blood… and that it is this liquid of the blood which passes everywhere and which gives information. Blood does not make only to give life, it gives information, it conveys information, and what it conveys like information, it is the will of the King. And I have always said: in the Direct Way, it is the Heart which orders because it is natural, it is the normal movement of fundamental energy: it is the Heart which orders, the energy center of the chest which gives the information, and which gives its will to the throat which is the center of the communication and when the communication is well established, that one knows what one wants to really do, how to do it, well, information arrives at the cerebral center which will seek the means of action.


Thus, there is a will, an enthusiasm for the life, for the action, which communicates its force to the center of communication because we are there to take part and when all that is quite solid, that all the communication network is well established, this force passes to the brain which seeks the means of details of the action. And all the practices of the Direct Way are very clear: the Heart orders, gives its will to the center of communication, which gives then the orientation to the brain to seek the solution, the solution of action.


We are in a society which functions conversely: it is the brain which takes the power, which organizes its own system, and then, energy goes in the center of the communication and the center of the communication must see how it can arrange this cerebral will, and then when all that arrives at the heart, one says to it: « He, do not cause hassle, do not mess things up, for the social good, the collective good, the good of a theory, in fact for the good of something which will be organized intellectually… well, do not move too much, but you must nevertheless give us your force because the energy which nourrishes us comes from you, so then, Heart-King, do not mess things up, do not disturb us, but continue to give us your will of action because it is you the generator, we, we are only radiators.» But the radiators became so important that it is now them which want to order and which orders the generator.» Christian




« I would like to increase the capacity of his lungs. He did not ask. He will not ask anything. Maybe one day he will know that it is the roof of the world, the coordinator and the regulator of all the viscera. Then he will know how to follow the movement of his body, to go canoeing on its energy, to see the direct relation between the lungs and the spleen, this famous earth; then the heart, this famous SHEN, the momentum of the life, the reason of being of the man on earth : to enjoy consciously GOD.

No SHEN, No God. Or only an unconscious God, the one of the animals. But the fate of this man will be lost for humanity. He will enter all gloomy in his coffin.» Tiger Man 34





« But his observations on the postures and the breathings, but also on the movements of fight testified to his deep knowledge of the bodies and their connections with the consciousness.» Tiger Man 25