"In the Direct Way, it is always clear, it is the relaxation and the suppleness which takes precedence. It is of delicacy, it is not of force.The means used determine immediately your relation with space, with life. They fixe the modes of your loving meeting with the life. I would even say that they determine the type of love that you want, and its profile. So, please, do not make anything." Flight 1


« Do not use the effort!...

All must come naturally, freely,

as the brook which runs quiet between the grasses of the meadow ».

 Tiger Man 65



«... all the work that we are going to do together is done in order for you to be led to this magnificent dimension where there is no disease of effort, but the loving enthusiasm to participate in a movement. Because in this movement we feel good, we feel cheerful, we feel free....


...Do not go into the disease of effort. Be very relaxed. Take yourself as you are.

....The danger is to go back into this dimension of the disease of effort, because we come from there.» walking 9 



«As you have tasted this matter of the gentleness and of happiness, when this matter goes away, you realize. When you realize that it goes away because you have entered in a disease of the effort and of suffering then YOU DO NOT GO THERE MORE!» Flight 5 





Direct way is a Way of non-effort, not of without effort......

For those who come in the Direct Way because they try to go out of their suffering, there can be an effort to make to be mobilized again, to practice. Internal space is so polluted that it is difficult to breathe, if one understands that one must move to go out of this prison, it is difficult to do it by lack of desire because the body is exhausted, there is a sloppiness, an inertia... effort of starting up is go out of the : « I do not have the desire », to release the body which feels stiff by its motionlessness, to start up. It is a determination, it is without brutality, it is to employ the means to reach the very heart of the target that we say we want to reach...


To begin with: to start from what we are, to accept what we are, that « it is like that », without judgement nor will that it is some other way, then, there is no more effort inside the body just one step then another...with gentleness.


Then, there is the walking: It is astonishing to observe how a walk, a walking pacifies the entire body, drains the head, takes away the concerns and brings back quite simply to what is there. There is the EFFORT of the body which as it progresses, becomes light....and does no longer perceive the EFFORT.....


Then, in this walk, one is not alone: there is  this Force, this Gentleness, this Light , so silent that one does not realize Its Presence at first,


« Hence the importance to perceive the Heaven Side in you, to implement it, to enliven it so that only its movement be the main for you....

...You have no more efforts to make because in this movement, in this matter of the Heaven, there is no fear, there is no doubt, there is no exhaustion. On the contrary, there is enthusiasm, love which overflow etc. So, pay great attention to that because without practice nobody can progress.» Christian




«He did not know what occurred in him. It was peace. No more the effort of the will which wants to look for itself and to find itself. No more the effort.

Here it is, the belief in the effort had just burst suddenly in his old skull of

Mongol of the steppes and he insulted himself with all the names

to have been so stupid during such a long time.» 

 Tiger Man 14